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"All your life someone's going to try you but that doesn't mean you have to let them affect you."

-- NaePappy

Aanvi Henderson

"Zenobia, leave me alone." Zeph mumbled as I played with his face hair.

"Zeph, I'm so bored."

"It's four in the fucking morning, go to sleep."

"But why are you cursing?"

"Bye Nobi." He turned his back on me.

"I'm mad." I teased laughing. "Don't be mad, get glad. Glad trashbags-"

"All jokes to the left, I'm bout to deck the shit out of you."

"Grrr, someones an angry tiger or is it cat? Well a tiger is technically in the cat family so it's both. The expression is real stupid if you think about it like-"

"Aanvi!" He raised his voice making me jump.

"Ohhh, it's camper. Someones an angry camper." I smiled laughing.

"Imma break up with ya annoying ass for a week."

"Okay then you gon have to take your kids." I folded my arms. "I came into this relationship alone, I'm leaving that way."

"Nah, I can't pursue my new bitch with newborn twins, that's too much baggage."

"Baggage? My kids baggage? Wow. When they grow up Imma tell them this exact conversation and watch Imma make them hate you."

"They gon like me more than you scrap." He laughed.

"No they not, right mommy babies?" I asked rubbing my stomach waking one of them up. "Oh fuck."

Turning around he looked at me confused. "What? You good?"

"One of them woke and now it wanna play and shit."

"I know you ain't just refer my child as a it."

"I don't know what it is so I'm going to call them it."

"Did you think about having a gender reveal or no?"

"I used to want one but they too popular now and all my ideas keep getting stolen so we'll just have a regular degular shmegular baby shower."

"I gave you five minutes of my time, I'm going back to sleep."

"Oou matter fact, we should have a pamper party."

"Fuck is that?"

"It's like a baby shower but with a lot of diapers involved."

"So what the fuck is the difference?"

"Zeph stop cursing at me." I frowned at him.

"What's the difference Nobi?" He sighed.

"It's diapers involved." I smiled.

"Sin and Lee planning it, right?" He asked as I nodded. "Well, tell them what you want and I'm paying for it."

"I love this relationship we have." I smiled wide. "I want it, you buy it. Who relationship better than ours?"

"Cardi B and Offset." He joked making me laugh.

"Word cause he put half a mil on her finger."

"You throwing hints? Cause I'm getting your ring from Walmart."

"Walmart be having some cute rings, just make sure it doesn't turn my finger green."

"You would of really been satisfied with a Walmart ring too." He shook his head. "Fuck I look like?"

"A ring is a ring, it's the message behind it. You love me enough to want me in your life forever. Marriage is like a business deal to some people but not to me, I love the whole idea of being married."

"You throwing hints?" He repeated.

"You catching them?"

"Aanvi, will you marry me?" He asked making me laugh.

"Zeph, you're annoying."

"I'm dead ass serious." He stood up coming to my side of the bed, getting on his knee holding my hand. "Will you marry me?"

"I'm not playing with you Zephyr, stop before I cry." I told him feeling the tears coming.

"Will you marry me?"

"You been playing jokes on me lately and Zeph I'm not liking this one at all, this the crulest one." I told him with tears coming down my face.

"Will you marry me?"

"You know I'm going to say yes and then your going to say it's a joke and I'm going to be crying sad tears instead of happy tears and-"

"Aanvi, this floor hard as hell. I'm asking one last time before I get the fuck up and go to sleep, will you marry me?"

"Yes." I smiled as he groaned getting up.

"We engaged now leave me the fuck alone."

"I wanna get married tomorrow."

"Who the fuck planning a big ass wedding tomorrow?"

"It don't have to big, I want it to just be me and you."

"So you saying you wanna just go to a courthouse and get married?"

"Egg-zactly what I'm saying then when we have the twins, we can have the wedding we both dream of so they can be in it."

"Let's me get this straight." He leaned on his elbows looking at me. "So tomorrow, you wanna go get married in front of people we don't know?"

"Yes." I smiled.

"We don't even have a ring."

"I have my promise ring, we can use that."

"Lemme just understand this, you wanna get married tomorrow in front of people-"

"Zeph!" I cut him off laughing.

"It's not that easy, we gotta apply for a license and that take a while."

"Well whenever it come, we going to the courthouse."

"Fine, whatever you want." He held his hands up. "You can have what the fuck ever you want if you let me go to sleep."

"You may go to sleep." I kissed him.

"All I had to do was propose? Should of been did that shit." He mumbled turning the other way as I laid on my back smiling.

I'm getting married.


"Um, bitch and why aren't you at school?" Lee asked as soon as I answered the FaceTime call.

"Why the fuck would you let me come here without you? You know I don't like these people, I barely like Lee." Sin said making her look at her.

"Bitch, suck my dad dick."

"I been trying."

"You're disgusting." Lee and I said in unison as Zeph laughed.

"I have a doctor appointment." I lied eating my pizza. "How's school?"

"Why you got on white?" Sin asked. "You know you spill shit when you got on white, go change."

"Why would you jinx me?" I asked just as a pepperoni fell on my shirt. "It's always your dumb retarded ass."

"So where y'all at now?" Lee asked.

"We on the highway, I made him go across town to get some pizza."

"Your fat sloppy ass." Sin said making me stop eating.

"Sin stop, you know she sensitive about everything now."

"This bitch just called me dumb and retarded but you ain't say nothing then."

"Because you really are dumb and retarded." Lee laughed.

"Suck my dad dick."

"Fine ass Gerald could get this mouth any time, all he gotta do is ask."

"Yesssuh!" I agreed making Zeph look at me. "Anyways, I was thinking of a pamper party instead of a baby shower."

"How about a no? I planned most of the shit already." Sin glared at me.

"We can just have like a diaper raffle, put a raffle with the invitation so if they bring diapers, whoever got the winning raffle ticket get a prize." Lee said.

"That's smart." Zeph added his input.

"Nobi, you gotta finish your guest list."

"Y'all know everybody I fuck with and don't so the hell I'm making a list for?"

"Bitch, because you picky."

"Don't invite nobody I fought, nobody that's going to ruin my day, anybody Zeph had sex with, anybody I had sex with."

"Damn so Sin and Izzy not coming?" Lee joked as we laughed.

"Except Sin and Izzy of course."

"We here." Zeph said making me nod.

"Aight, I'll see y'all later. Bye." I told them hanging up then getting out.

Zeph and I walked into the courthouse hand and hand, he told me to hold on as he talked to some man. He came back after like five minutes then we had to wait another fifteen minutes before we stood in front of a judge. I smiled at the judge as she looked at us like she was bored marrying couples.

"Where's your witness?" She asked looking around the empty courtroom.

"I thought that only exist in movies, you really gotta have a witness?" I mumbled to Zeph making him laugh.

"He's coming in now." Zeph spoke up making me look at him in confusion.


Just as I said that Sef walked in making looking around like he was trying to confirm this was the right room. "This building big as hell, got lost and shit." His ghetto ass said.

"This is our witness, Yusef Jacobs, my older brother." Zeph spoke.

"Okay, well do y'all know the whole process and know what this is?" The judge asked as all three of us nodded. "I'm going to explain anyway, you filed for a marriage license four days ago which I'm grateful for because you saved me a lot of time. A marriage license is required before you even tie the knot and although it expires in two months, y'all chose to get married as soon as it was valid. Once y'all say the I dos, I will sign the marriage certificate and y'all will be married."

"Okay." Zeph nodded.

"Do you wish to keep your name, take his last name, hyphenate it, or make up a completely different one?" She asked looking at me.

"I could make up a last name?" I smiled as Zeph looked at me blankly. "I'll like to hyphenate it."

"Okay, do y'all wish to say vows?"

"No, we wanna save it for the actual wedding." Zeph said making me agree.

"How do you pronounce your names?" She asked both of us.



"Will you, Zephyr Brown, take her as your lawfully wedded wife to keep and to hold? To protect and honor? For better or for worse? Til death do you part?"

Looking at me, he smiled. "I do."

"Will you, Aanvi Henderson, take him as your lawfully wedded husband to keep and to hold? To protect and honor? For better or for worse? Til death do you part?"

"I do."

"You may kiss your bride." Zeph grabbed my face and connected our lips while I smiled seeing Sef record us.

"That's it?" I asked once we finished kissing. "No confetti, music or anything?"

"You can have all the confetti you want." The judge smiled making me smile. "As long as you clean up my courtroom."

My smile dropped as I looked at her while she got up. "I don't like her." I rolled my

Most people don't get out of abusive relationships so the fact that she not only got out but managed to hold that pain in means that she one strong ass person. You putting the blame on anybody but that nigga is wrong, it's not your fault or anyone else that he a bitch ass nigga, he ain't deserve her."

"I just want her to know I love her even when she don't think I do."

"Then go tell her." I nodded my head towards the bathroom. "All you gotta do is tell her."

He nodded wiping his face with his shirt then getting up as I grabbed his hand, he walked to the bathroom where she was struggling to do her makeup making me text Sin and tell her to come upstairs.

"I love you Mor Mor." Zeph said making her look up as she looked at him. She held her hands out and he went into them holding her tightly.

"I'm okay." She whispered. "It's okay."

"I love you so much."

"I love you too big brother." She said pulling back to dab his eyes with a napkin. "You saved me."

I had to grab a napkin because my heart was seriously hurting, I fanned my eyes seeing Sin walk up the stairs. She looked at me confused then looked at Zeph and Amour putting everything together.

"Do her makeup, she struggling." I told her.

"She gon pay me?" She asked making me hit her. "Sike nah, sit down Mor."

"Imma go downstairs." Zeph kissed my temple as I nodded watching Sin and Mor.


"Yerrrrrrrrd? Can we eat?" Sef yelled making Lee hit him.

"You always yelling, ghetto self."

"Aye pops, you see how she always hitting me right? I don't wanna hear shit when-"

"When what?" She asked.

"You got it big pimpin'." He said making us laugh.

"I'm so hungry." I frowned.

"Your fat ass always hungry." Zeph said making me hit.

"Don't call me fat."

"Word Mitch she ain't fat, she big boneded, well you big bellyded." Roddy said making everybody laugh.

"I fucking hate this nigga yo!" Sef yelled.

"Yusef your mouth is horrible, are you a sailor?" A older lady asked coming in the living room as everybody stopped talking. "We're inside, it's no reason to be yelling."

"Aw hell, I'm going upstairs." Royal mumbled standing up but Zariah pulled him back down.

"What are y'all?" She asked looking at Sin, Lee, Zarie and I.

"I'm Sincere." Sin pointed at herself.

"I'm not an animal or object, I'm a person, a human being. I'm Zarie, nice to meet you." She smiled as everybody looked at her.

"Yeah Baby Ali." Roddy laughed but stopped laughing once she looked at him. "I ain't say nothing gramma."

"Zarie, you say? You aren't related to any of us so which boy do you belong to?"

"None." She answered making Royal look at her. "I'm here for my sister."

"Gramma, she lying to you. We going through some trials and tribulations but this my girl." Royal spoke up making everybody look at him as Zarie started pinching him while glaring.

"Yeahh Royalll!" Roddy threw his head back laughing as she glared at him again. "Gramma, I did not say anything."

Zeph put his head down while everybody tried not to laugh, it was always Roddy, it never fails. You can't do shit without this nigga playing.

"Who you?" She pointed towards me.

"This my girlfriend, Zenobia." Zeph smiled touching my stomach.

"She's having twins mama." Zariah said.

"Is that so?"

"Yeah gramma, my baby having my baby." Zeph smiled kissing my cheek as I smiled.

"Hm, you look familiar who's your mom?"

"She's right there." I spoke pointing to her.

"Who invited that whore?" She said as Roddy busted out laughing.

"Nice to see you too Sonia." Becky smiled grabbing Algee hand. "Or should I say mom in law?"

"Like hell you should, Algee explain."

"I'm in love." He smiled kissing her on forehead.

"And crackheads are addicts, it doesn't mean they should get their next fix."

"Isn't that funny? She was a crackhead." Joelle laughed sipping her drink.

"Isn't it funny how far your wig is pushed back?" Zarie said making me choke on my water as Zeph started patting my back.

"Dinner's ready." Zeph mom said coming out the kitchen.

"Amour, this is a family dinner why is that mockery on your face?"

"Zeph, I don't like her." I said walking to the table.

"Nobody does." Royal mumbled.

"What's wrong with her? Why the fuck she so her?" Lee asked.

"She always been this way since we were born, I don't see how my grandpop put up with it." Sef answered.

"Well Baby Ali mouth worse than all of ours so y'all finally don't have to worry about my clapbacks today." Sin smiled as we sat down.

"Excuse me? How far along are you?" His grandmother asked.

"Five months."

"What are you bringing to the table besides the baby?"

"I'm a social worker in training, I'm graduating in a few weeks and I got accepted into many colleges all over. Zeph is the breadwinner but I do make my own money."

"Okurrrr." Sin dumb ass did her bird call.

"I don't like her." She told Zeph.

"The feelings mutual." I looked at her like she was dumb.

"Chill G Nobi." Sef laughed.

"She not invited to my baby shower." I crossed my arms looking at Sin.

"Her invitation getting lost in the mail." Zarie laughed.

"Little girl-"

"Old girl." Zarie cut her off.

"Baby Ali relax." Lee told her.

"Before we continue, I wanted to apologize to Zarie, Zenobia, Becky and Algee." Zeph mom spoke getting out attention. "I-"

"This is your house, what the hell are you apologizing to people who's sitting in your home eating the food you cooked? What the hell is wrong with y'all? Do I need to come around more?"

"No!" Everybody said in unison.

"As I was saying, I was judging everything based on the past. I know the old Becky, not this new you. If you make my brother happy then I wish y'all well and congratulations."

"It's okay." Becky smiled as Algee rubbed her arm.

"Apology accepted." I smiled as Zarie nodded agreeing.

"Now we could be one big happy family." Sin said making us laugh.

This all I needed to be around, a bunch of positive attitudes and people. I hoped everything stayed like this.


Yo, I got contacts in and THEY BLOWING MY SHITTT!!!!! But I'm grateful Ion gotta wear glasses so I ain't go complain.

Who read Overdose? Y'all like it? Dislike it? Could be better? Let me know wassuh.

I'm sleepy so excuse any mistakes.

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