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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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"How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours."

--Wayne Dyer

Mitch Zephyr

"Yooo, where y'all at?" I spoke looking in the living room and kitchen seeing my parents wasn't in there.

"Patio!" I heard my mom yell making me go towards the backyard.

"Look at y'all looking like one of those rich couples on magazine covers." I joked kissing my mom cheek and dapping my father up.

"It's called being happy boy." My dad joked making me sit down.

"So I came over here to tell y'all Nobi pregnant." I said looking specifically at my mom. "With twins."

"You the first one to keep the tradition going and you ain't even a twin." My dad laughed. "Congrats son."

"Thanks pops." I smiled.

" Congratulations to you both, I know you're going to be a great father." My mom said smiling.

"You actually happy?"

"I like Zenobia although we had a heated moment I'm not going to like that effect us. She was defending her mother, as she supposed to."

"Why couldn't you be like this with Sef and Lee?"

"Because I was defending my daughter, Amour told me she didn't feel safe around her and some more stuff about her. I'm going to be on my kids side before anything because all I ever want for y'all is to be happy and safe."

"Everybody know Amour be dragging shit though, she a big ass liar."

"I know, now I'm regretting everything I said because he cut me completely from his life. I only get to see my grandbaby in pictures, she's a doll."

"Her name Maisn." I smiled.

"He went with my name." She smiled.

"Just apologize to him and Lee, you know he not the type to hold grudges."

"She owe a lot of apologies." My dad said sideeyeing her.

"Besides Sef, Lee and Nobi, who else do I owe a apology to?" She asked like she was offended.

"How about your brother and his fiance?" My dad glared at her. "I don't know bout you but I ain't see that man happy in a long ass time and the first time he seem to be so happy, you and Joelle tried to stop it."

"Y'all don't know Becky or the shit she used to get him in, she's a bad influence. She's the reason he had a juvenile record. You know when she was using he put her in a rehab that costed thousands just for her to waste his money. Algee is her meal ticket."

"That was the Becky you knew, she's different now." I spoke up. "B-rad don't ask Algee for money, not at all and if you around them then you could feel the love. She probably love that man more than he love her."

"Algee your favorite brother, you think Sef cutting you off hurt imagine your favorite brother." Dad added.

"I'll think about it." She said flipping through magazine pages.

"Another reason I came was I need help picking out a car."

"Another one? You have like six, what you need another one for?" My mom asked.

"I have seven." I corrected making my father laugh. "But this for Nobi, a graduation gift."

"What type of car she like? Trucks? Small cars? Two seaters?"

"She like my jeep and range rovers so she like big cars, most def four seaters but she also like the press to start shit, they fascinate her."

"Aight well I'll call Jerry and see wassup, I'll hit you."

"How's Jace adjusting?" My mom asked.

"He frustrated cause he can't walk right but he aight, we ain't really cool right now?"

"Why?" My dad asked.

"At the hospital, he disrespected the shit out of Sin because he let his new girl get in his ear talking bout she set him up so I took Sin home and aired the fuck out of him and now he mad."

"He believed that dumb shit?" My dad scrunched his face up.

"I don't even know Sin that well and I know she loves him too much to do that." My mom shhok her head.

"He gon learn but who here?" I asked wanting to speak to my siblings.

"Amour the only one here, Royal and Nova at school and Mazori got a lil girlfriend now so she always there." My mom spoke up.

"Y'all notice something different about her?" I asked. "Nobi said at the hospital she was acting a lil off."

"She been distant but I ain't notice nothing major." Dad said.

"Imma go up and see for myself." I told them getting up.

I walked in my parents house going up the stairs, I stopped at my room smiling. I ain't been in my old room in forever, ain't shit change in here. I looked at all the old pictures smiling as memories came to my head. I put the picture back down going to Amour room seeing her laying in bed.

"You sleep?" I asked coming in her room, she looked at me then sat up.


"Wassup? I ain't talk to you in a while." I said sitting on her bed.

"Nothing, I been going to school then come back home. I heard you having twins, congrats."

"Thanks, you still in cosmetology school?"

"Yes, I graduate next week."

"Why you ain't tell me so I could come?"

"Mitch, you do your own thing." She shrugged. "When I call, you don't answer. When I text, you don't reply so I gave it up."

I put my head down feeling bad. "I'm sorry baby sis, Imma do better." I wrapped my arm around her shoulder kissing her on her forehead making her smile.

"It's okay, I understand." She said as her phone rung, I saw it was a bunch of emojis letting me know it was her boyfriend.

"Answer that when I leave, I'm tryna catch up with you." I told her as she gave me a look I couldn't read.

"Mitch, I should answer that to at least tell him I'm-"

"Text him and tell him."

"He don't like-"

"Amour, I don't give a fuck." I told her as her phone stopped ringing to ring again.

"It says five missed calls already, he's going to think-" I cut her off grabbing her phone answering it.

"Bitch, what nigga you with that you ignoring my calls? Amour this is exactly why I do the shit I do, you make me." He yelled as soon as I answered it.

"Run that by me again." I stated.

"Then this bitch got a nigga answering the phone, tell that bitch just wait til I see her."

"You dying so it don't even matter." I hung up looking at her. "So when I asked was he hitting you, why you lie to me Mour?"

"Zeph, it's complicated."

"Amour, Imma snap the fuck out if you make excuses for this nigga. Why the fuck you allowing yaself to get hit?"

"We have a child together." She mumbled making me pull my head back confused.

"When the fuck were you pregnant?" I asked.

"I wasn't." She mumbled. "He already had him when I met him but his mother died so the boy see me as his mother. He beats the boy saying it's tough love and it's going to teach him how to be a man but he has so many bruises on him. That's my child Mitch, I can't leave him with him."

"I'm killing him so you could have your child."

"Zeph, it's not that simple. You kill him then there's going to be questions and people gon notice he missing when he don't show up for work."

"Amour, I don't care what you say. He's dying." I repeated slowly. "Report him missing then you'll be in the clear."

"Zeph please don't."

"Since you wanna be dumb, Imma tell pops." I stood up going downstairs as she kept pulling me and yelling trying to get me to stop.

"Allat damn yelling Amour." My mom said as we walked outside to the patio.

"Aye pops, Amour letting this nigga beat on her." I snitched as he looked up confused.

"I know you not talking bout the nigga that be smiling in my face and you bring here every Sunday for dinner." Pops said standing up looking at her while she looked down.

"Amour baby." My mom sighed. "Why would you allow this?"

"They have a son, Amour not his mother but she the only motherly figure he has. She took the son ass whoopings." I told them since she wasn't answering.

"That's not a good excuse for me, you could of took his son and ran here." My father said.

"Then she would of had a kidnapping charge." My mom told him.

"Well, shit I could of did something. Wipe off your face Amour." He handed her a napkin and she still stood there making him madder. "Wipe off your fucking makeup."

She jumped from the base of his voice and wet the napkin wiping off her face. Her eye was purple and yellow with a busted lip and she had a bruise on her nose. My father eyes started watering and I knew this shit was making him mad.

"I got this pops." I told him pulling out my phone. "Go get dress so you could get your son."

"He's in school." She mumbled.

"That nigga home?"

"He should be."

"It's taken care of." I told her putting a hit out.

"People are going to ask questions about-"

"Amour defend that nigga and watch I smack ya ass." My dad said.

"I'm not defending him, I'm just thinking of Mitch, I don't want him to go to jail for this. People will start to ask questions."

"Do they have you as in emergency contact at the school?" I asked.

"Yes, they know I'm his mom."

"Don't pick him up today so they can call you and at like 11 at night, report that nigga missing." My dad told her.

"I gotta go pick up Sin but Amour Imma call you, we ain't done."

I kissed her and my mom on the forehead and gave my father a head nod since he was still mad. I had to rush to go the high school to pick Sin up knowing if I was late her retarded ass wouldn't let me live it down.

When I got there I parked outside seeing people running out lettin

es with everybody, I was getting tired of smiling, my face hurt. I looked at the time knowing we had to get going, Sef was doing the same shit. I helped Nobi in the car as she waved at everybody telling them bye.

"Big B from the Rouge that rapping nigga." Nobi smiled as the FaceTime connected.

"G Nobi from the way that be clapping niggas." He said making us laugh.

"Ain't it's like 6 in the morning where y'all at? My bad." Nobi said as they all appeared.

"Damn sis, you killing em." One of them said.

"Thank ya, thank ya 3Three."

"You look pretty."

"Thanks KD."

"Pretty ugly!" He yelled making me bust out laughing as her smile dropped.

"I ain't even call for y'all." She rolled her eyes as everybody else laughed, she was real salty. "I'll call you later or tomorrow zaddy."

"Aight, be safe." They hung up as I reached over to rub her stomach making her smile as she recorded it.

"I'm ready to turn up with my apple cider." She smiled making me laugh.


"Can I have all the nominees up?" Their principal said in the mic as Nobi, Lee, Sin, and Alea got on the stage. Ruga and three other niggas lined up on the opposite while another teacher held a pillow with two crowns on it.

"Yo if Alea win, Nobi and them gon jump the shit out of her." Sef said making me laugh. I pulled out my phone taking pictures of all three of them but then just Nobi as she looked nervous.

"Your prom queen is-" He stopped to read the card then smiled. "Aanvi Henderson."

Nobi stepped up as everybody cheered while they put the crown on her head, she smiled waving as I recorded yelling. The principal handed her the mic as she glared at him then cleared her throat.

"Well, thank y'all because I didn't even know I was nominated but y'all the real-"

"I'm happy for you and all but Imma just say I, Sincere Bailey, should of won this because I look fucking good." Sin cut her off snatching the mic then handing it back to her as we all started rolling.

"Bitch." Nobi looked back at her laughing. "Thank y'all."

"I fucking hate Sin yo, it never fails." Sef laughed as I put that on Snap.

"Our life would be so damn boring without her." I laughed.

"And our prom king is-" He stopped to open it. "Isiah Fields!" He yelled as Nobi covered her mouth. "As everyone knows, Isiah couldn't be here but we're praying for him."

"Moment of silence for my best friend." Nobi yelled as we all stopped to be quiet.

"I'll just accept his crown for him, thank you." Sin said putting the crown on her head making us laugh.

"It's time for the king and queen dance but since the king isn't here, you could dance with your-"

"Nah, we gon get our dance. Let's go girl." Sin cut him off.

Sin held her hand out for Nobi as she smiled taking it, everybody parted for them as they walked in the middle dancing. Sin put her hands on Nobi waist while she put her arms around her neck making me smile as they slow danced to the music. I recorded them as Sin spun Nobi then dipping her.

"If you drop my girl, Imma beat you up!" I yelled making everybody laugh.

I decided to cut in holding my hand out while Ruga walked to Sin, I looked down at her as she laid her head on my chest. We swayed slowly while I smiled, I imagined our wedding was going to be like this, I couldn't wait for our first dance.

We spent another thirty minutes there until prom was over, we all had hotel rooms but we had to make a stop before we went there. Ryan went home so Ruga replaced him being with Sin and Lee and Sef followed behind us driving.

"Hey best friend, we royalty." Nobi smiled holding Izzy hand. "We won prom king and queen. You looking better than niggas and you wasn't even there."

"Take a picture with him." I said as Sin put the crown on his head while Nobi posed with him.

"Izzy Imma just let you know now I'm keeping your crown." Sin said making us laugh as she put it back on her head. "I look fucking good with it, well I look good periodt."

"We miss you Iz." Lee smiled rubbing his hand.

"You know I'll be here tomorrow but we leaving, you know my pregnant ass gotta eat." Nobi smiled then leaned down kissing his forehead. She stood right there letting it linger as his hand reached up to touch her face.

"Wake up Izzy." She smiled while his hand stayed on her face but his eyes was still close. "Just open them, I promise you I'll be right here."

His eyes opened slowly fluttering making her smile as she jumped up and down. He blinked slowly looking around confused, he looked at Nobi then Sin. "I'm keeping my crown." His voice was hoarse as Nobi started crying hugging him tightly.

"Yeeeerrrrddd!" I heard Sef yell as he stood at the door. "Yeah you, he woke up! We need a nurse!"

"Yusef." Lee hit him making us laugh. "You could of just pressed the damn nurse button."

"Hey best friend." He smiled weakly as Nobi continued smiling in his face crying.

"Hey best friend." She mocked him sniffling.

"Y'all look beautiful." He said looking at all them. "I know they ain't got Ruga in a tux." He smiled coughing.

"Chill brah." Ruga laughed making us laugh.

"This cute and all but I know your breath rocking." Sin said as I yelled running out the room.

"AYOOOO!" Sef yelled leaning on the wall falling.

"I'm really crying son." Lee said as we all continued laughing.

"He ain't brush his teeth in two weeks." Sin laughed.

"Fuck you Sin." He chuckled laying back.

"I'm just saying."

"Jace made it?" He asked once we stopped laughing.

"Yeah, Imma go get em now."

"Sleepover at the hospitallll." Sin smiled as we laughed.

"This is the best night ever." Nobi smiled as I kissed her then walking out with Sef.

I hope she have that smile on her face forever.


I know it's the next day but Merry Bhristmas y'all????

I'm so over this nose ring?? my fucking hole closed and it keep coming up, this shit BLOWING MEEE!!! ??

This would have been up earlier but Wattpad deleted the whole chapter and I had to write everything ALL OVERR!! Let down got like four more chapters left then it's done with??

Excuse any mistakes.

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