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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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"When Isaac Newton said "what goes up must come down" He didn't mean you. Once you up, ain't no other direction for you to go."

-- NaePappy

Aanvi Zenobia

"Nobi and Sin, I-" He stopped and sighed.

"Brah, what?" Sin yelled leaning up as we both saw tears in his eyes.

What he said next was not what I was prepared for, I covered my mouth letting the tears come out. I felt pain every where, I was getting hot, my throat was closing up, everything was just so wrong. His words played over and over until everything stopped as if I went paralyzed.

"Izzy dead."

"What?" Sin asked. "Sef stop playing, no he isn't."

"Tamia, Jace and Izzy got jumped, they shot Jace and Izzy." Sef said as his tears dropped.

"Where did Jace get shot at?"

"His back and leg."

"Is he okay?"

"They said he was alive when he got in the ambulance truck, he in surgery right now, he lost a lot of blood but it didn't hit his spine."

"He lost both of his brothers on the same day." Sin mumbled as she sniffled.

Nobody else said anything as we rode to the hospital, everything was blank. I couldn't think, I couldn't talk, I could barely see. Just yesterday I just I couldn't imagine losing a best friend and today my best friend since second grade is dead. My heart was broken.

I followed Sef and Sin to the waiting room to see Lee, Zarie, Zeph, Avi, Ava, their mom Janice, Nisha, Ginger, Tamia and a few more other people. They all looked up in hope to see the doctor, I sat in a chair that was far from everybody wanting to be by myself.

"What happened?" Sef asked looking at everybody.

"Izzy, Jace and I was walking out the store when some boys said something to them. Jace hit one of the boys then more boys started coming out of no where. They shot Izzy first and when Jace heard shots he stopped fighting and one of them shot him." Tamia said crying.

"So while they was getting shot, where the fuck was you? The fuck was you doing?" Sin asked.

"What do you mean? I was hiding, just like everybody else."

"Scratch all that, where the fuck was you at when Jace was getting jumped?"

"I tried to break it up and one of the boys punched me in my face so I stopped trying to help and I ran."

"Bitch so if I fucking hit you-" Sin didn't her finish because she punch her dead in her face making everybody gasp. "I fucking hit you, you gon run away with your bitch ass?"

"Sincere." Jace mother said trying to get her attention.

"I got stabbed for Jace and you can't take a fucking hit? You hiding from gun shots meanwhile I'm willing to get shot for him! This exactly what I was talking bout, every bitch gon fold."

"I'm folding because I wasn't willing to get beat up by a nigga? Name any bitch that's gon get jumped with her nigga."

"Cailee." Lee said rubbing Sef head.

"Let him die, watch you'll be getting buried too." Sin spoke.

"Who says you didn't set this up? Just yesterday you was waving guns in his face saying how you'll kill him and today he's getting shot." Ginger said.

"Bitch, I'm bout tired of you." Sin spoke rushing to her. Ginger stood up to be put right back in her seat as Sin started swinging.

"Chill Sin." Ant said grabbing Sin as she sat down trying to calm down.

I diverted my attention from them staring straight ahead as tears ran down my face, they were arguing about someone who's alive meanwhile my best friend took his last breath fighting. All that was coming to my mind was all the shit Izzy and I went through, I wished death on him so many times and now he was gone.

"I love you." Zeph said holding me tightly rubbing my hair.

I didn't even see him come over here, let alone feel him put me on his lap. He repeatedly told me how much he loved me while I cried in his chest.

"Why did they do this?" I asked barely audible.

"I don't know baby." Zeph answered.

"I just want to tell him I love him one last time."

Zeph shushed me and rocked us back and forth while I stopped talking still wanting answers, I wanted to ask the shooter why would they leave her with one son left? Did they know she lost her son on this day six years ago? Was beef really worth taking a loved one from their family?

"I'll be right back baby." Zeph said putting me in the seat next to him getting up. He was gone for almost ten minutes but when he came back he held out his hand for me to take it. I grabbed his hand following while him looking down at the floor thoughts still running a mile per second.

"This might make you feel better or worst but I'm prepared for both." Zeph spoke as we stopped outside a door. "Izzy is in there, go tell him you love him one last time. I'll be right outside the door."

I walked into the room looking at Izzy, the front of his head was covered with a bandage and he had tubes in his mouth. The machines beeped and I grew confused, if he was dead why was he heart still being monitored? I walked to him placing my hand on his cold face.

"I'm so sorry." I cried into his chest holding his face. "You don't deserve any of this, I'm so sorry Isiah."

I grabbed his hand apologizing over and over, I was crying loudly as realization set in. I would never be able to call him again, we wouldn't be able to argue, he wouldn't be able to give me any advice, I'll only be able to see him on pictures. All we had left was memories.

"I love you so much Izzy, you have to know that. I know we had our fights but I love you so much, you know that right?" I asked still holding my head in his chest a I felt him squeeze my hand.

I looked up at him to still be laying there, I knew I was imagining it but it felt so real. Just as I went to talk he squeezed my hand again and that time I knew it was real. I yelled Zeph name making him come in panicking.

"Zeph, he squeezed my hand. I know it sounds crazy because he's dead but he did it twice! He's alive Zeph, he squeezed my hand!" I smiled.

"Let me go get the doctor Nobi." He stated looking at Izzy then rushing out.

"Did they even try to save you best friend? You a fighter, I know it so let them know you can survive this." I stated just as Zeph, a nurse and the doctor walked in.

"He squeezed my hand twice!" I told him excitedly. "They told me he was dead but he's obviously not if he's moving."

"Isiah is brain dead which means there is no functioning of the brain, there's no way he could have possibly squeezed your hand. He can't hear you or even understand anything we're saying." The doctor tried to explain. "I know it's hard but-"

"When we were in third grade our teacher used to put us in time out and when we wanted to talk to each other we would use our hands, squeezing each other hands twice was our sign to say yes. I asked him a question and he squeezed it twice, that's not a coincidence."

"I'm sorry, who are you?" [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

"Does that really matter? I just told you my damn best friend not dead and you asking me questions that don't matter. Do your damn job and check on my fucking best friend."

"Ma'am his mom already agreed to pull the plug-" That's as far as the nurse got before I walked out going back to the waiting room.

"Why would you ever agree to end Izzy life? He has a chance and your cutting it off like it's nothing!" I said standing above her.

"This isn't your choice or your business, it's a family matter." His sister Nisha said.

"I'm talking to Janice! If anybody else say something to me when I'm not talking to them I'm going to fuck you up. I don't care who you are and I put that on my dead grandmother." I said looking around the room so they knew I was serious.

"Nobi, the doctor said he died in a lot of pain. Brain dead patients doesn't come back, nothing will function anymore." His mother said.

"But you're wrong. I've woken up from being brain dead, Izzy's a fighter, don't give up on him! I will pay his hospital bills myself please do not give up on him when he's trying to fight. He squeezed my hand, he wants to fight, please." I begged in tears as she looked at me.

"You lost a son already, you have a option to save another one, why not use everything you can?" Sin added.

"At least let him choose his own faith, if he wants to fight let him know you believe in him by fighting with him." Lee concluded as she looked at us three and sighed.

"I'll go talk to the doctor." She got up grabbing her purse.

"Say something so I could fuck you, give me a reason." Sin said to Tamia as Tamia just glared at her.

"Let's go outside then since you wanna keep talking." Tamia got up.

It's like Sin ran outside as everybody followed them, I didn't wanna see it, I couldn't focus on that. "Can you go make sure she don't get jumped or locked up?" I asked Zeph as he chuckled walking out. "Record it too, Imma wanna see it later."

"Of course you do." He laughed.

"We lost our best friends on the same day." Sef said walking to me. "Be grateful yours have a fighting chance."

"I have so much faith in him and God."

"Where Sin holy water when you need it?" He joked making me crack a smile.

"The girl in pajamas, you know she wasn't thinking bout that."

"I'm glad you smiling."

"Back at you."

"You the reason I'm smiling." He told me. "Without you sis, I would of got high as fuck and got lost somewhere until next week, thank you for helping me face my problem instead of running from them."

"You've been there for me since I met you, I'll always be there for you in return. Blood couldn't make us any closer."

"Vice versa, I love you." He put his arm around my shoulder making me lean on him.

"I love you too big bro."

"I spoke


"Okay thank you Algee." I smiled hanging up then texting Zeph.

"What's going on?" Zarie asked.

"As I said, Izzy wasn't dead the doctor just decided to be lazy and give up on him. I'mma sue the fuck out that doctor, looking for a lawyer right now."

"Zeph been in jail, he might know some."

"You smart." I snapped. "I gotta meet up with him later anyway, actually we bout to meet up now cause I'm hungry."

"Bring me back something, it's nothing to eat down there."

"I'll take us to get something Baby Ali." Sin said as we all got up.

I went in the bathroom to take a shower since I was sweating in the middle of the night, for some reason I was upset. Maybe it was because I'm hungry, I just hoped I don't take my frustration out on Zeph. I didn't wanna argue.

Getting out I saw Zeph sitting on my bed scrolling. "You got here fast." I mumbled going into my closet to find something to wear.

"Aye G Nobi, we out." Sin said.

"Kay Marie."

"Don't say that dumb shit to me again." She glared at me making me laugh.

"What's wrong with you?" Zeph asked.

"I don't know, I woke up not feeling it."

"You hungry?"

"I think that's what is too."

"What you feel like having?"

"Pizza, some cheesy ass pizza with hotwings."

"Aight, we could go to that pizza spot on 5th."

"No, they stink. I wanna go to Gino's."

"Aight, meet me in the car I gotta go warm it up."

"Okay." I mumbled rubbing some shea butter on my stomach to avoid stretch marks.

I finished getting dress then hurried down stairs, I made sure to grab my charger and wallet. I saw he had the Range Rover today making me smile, this was my favorite car he had. He was sitting in the passenger seat making me roll my eyes.

"You real lazy." I spoke as I got in the drivers seat adjusting the seat.

"Nah, I need you to practice driving more so you could be ready for your test."

"Oh shit, what's today's date?"

"The 15th."

"Oh okay, my test date is the 19th. I was going to cry, you know you gotta wait like two months before you could reschedule it again."

"You getting big."

"I love and hate it."

"What you love bout it?"

"I love that I'm getting so big as weird as it sounds." I smiled. "I just think the whole pregnancy process is beautiful and they always have me glowing."

"So what you hate?"

"I can't fit shit." I frowned rolling my eyes. "My titties big as fuck now, my shirts look like a fat bitch tryna wear a crop top and I can't button my pants."

"I'll give you some money to go shopping then."

"I was gon do it myself but who am I to turn down money?" I joked making him laugh.

"I really miss you."

"I never went no where to miss me."

"You did though, I couldn't just call you because I'm bored, shit I haven't even slept in the same bed as you in like a month unless you count our slip up but even then you still left me like I was a nigga you just use for dick."

"Let me ask you this, do you have feelings for Ginger?"

"If we talking bout us, why you bringing her up Nobi?"

"Because I need to know, if we getting back together and you got feelings for another bitch then that mean I'm not doing something right and she is."

"I don't have feelings for her." He said making me glance at him to see he was already looking at me. "We been friends too long for me to even look at shorty like that."

"You know she like you?"

"Yeah, she told me."

"And what did you say?"

"Exactly what I just said along with my heart already claimed for."

"I believe you because I trust you, even with the bullshit happening between us I know you didn't cheat on me."

"And I know you ain't cheat on me."

"Of course not."

"Well, you gotta break up with yo lil boyfriend."


"That lil ugly nigga."

"Boomer is not ugly." I laughed.

"If he wasn't ugly, you wouldn't know who I'm talking about."

"I know who you talking bout cause that's all you ever refer him to as if he don't have a name." I laughed. "But we're only friends, nothing more nothing less."

"So we back together right?"

"I mean was we ever single?" I joked making him laugh.

"You was always mine, you can't get rid of me."

"I know because your plan to trap me work."

"Word, now that I'm getting the babies you could go."

"Boy bye, your life would be so boring without me."

"Would it? I been so damn bored and lonely. It's work and home besides the time Jace wanna go out and shit."

"Ohhh I almost forgot, I found us a house."


"The house that we will own in a few days." I smiled.


"My mom is pregnant."

"Yeah B-rad." He said making me laugh. "But what that gotta do with anything?"

"Since she's pregnant, she decided to move in with Algee so they can have their family. You know that's my grandmother house so it was a no for me, Algee suggested that I just be the owner and boom."

"Alright, I fucks with it because it's cheaper than us buying a house." He said making me laugh.

"I was thinking you can remodel the entire house, I want the master bedroom to be bigger and I want you to have your own office along with me so you can add more rooms or whatever."

"Is Zarie staying or moving?"

"I didn't think about that, I'll ask her."

"Yeah, we gotta have a talk too, she broke my little brother heart." He laughed.

"Boy bye, Royal was fucking his best friend still tryna talk to her."

"I knew it was something he wasn't telling me, he said she talking bout we could probably be something in the future."

"Yeah, she did say that."

"This nigga gon say Imma call her in a few days and try again, that's the future." He repeated him as we both busted out laughing.

"I hate Royal yo." I laughed looking back so I could park. "Zarie not with it."

"Give me a kiss, I ain't kiss you in so long." He said after I parked making me laugh.

"Weirdo." I mumbled leaning over to kiss him.

"I really missed you."

"I missed you too baby."


Y'all mad dramatic lmaoo talking bout y'all crying and I ain't een say anything happened yet lmao

My feelings so hurt I didn't get anything for Christmas, my brother got my mom something but not me and my mother just don't gaf bout me. I'm really hurt, they both better not say anything to me.

Anybody live in Philly? I'll be there next week, I say Thursday? Yeah Next Week Thursday.

Excuse any mistakes.

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