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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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"You gotta walk by faith, not by sight."

--Monica Brown

Aanvi Zenobia

Waking up I looked around and mentally slapped myself, I had to be the dumbest bitch ever. I sighed unwrapping his arm from around my waist slowly so he wouldn't wake up. I stood up naked as the day I came into this world looking for my stuff. I couldn't find my bra making me roll my eyes.

Forgetting the bra, I hurriedly put on the rest of my clothes and rushed out the house, not looking back once. I stood on the curb waiting for my Lyft, I really needed a car because this wasn't going to work. Waiting for almost three minutes the car pulled up, I spoke then leaned my head back thinking of the stupid shit I just did.

When the Lyft pulled outside the house, I thanked him then went in wanting to take a shower. I walked in my room seeing Sin laying there scrolling on her phone, she looked up and tilted her head.

"It's currently-" She stopped to look at her wrist that didn't have shit there. "-8:34. I've been here since 7:03 and you clocked out of work at 6:46 so I'm not understanding why you're walking in almost two hours later."

"Are you my bitch? Are we in a relationship?" I asked looking at her like she was retarded.

"Then you don't even call-"

"First of all, how do you know what time I clocked out?" I cut her off still giving her the same face.

"Because I called Eve but that doesn't matter, where were you?"

"Are you my bitch?" I repeated. "Why are you even here? You always popping up."

"You trying to change the subject and you got on that dumb ass face when you do something you wasn't suppose to so where were you?"

"What face?" I asked.

"That dumb ass face you making right now, bitch I know every face you make is dumb because you look like that but-"

"Bitch, fuck you." I laughed.

"So where were you and what was you doing? Or should I say who you was doing?"

"We spend too much time together, Imma get a restraining order because it's no way you should know I'm feeling guilty about something just by a face."

"And now you stalling so Imma guess, you had sex with Mitch? Never mind, don't even answer that because I know you ain't trifling enough to fuck anybody else while you pregnant."

"It shouldn't have happened." I sighed sitting in the chair in my room.

"How it happened?"

"I went over there to get some of my shit and next thing you know I'm getting fucked." I shook my head.

"Been there, done that." She laughed.

"Hey sissys tell me if I'm tripping or not." Zarie asked looking down at her phone. "Royal put a picture up of him and I on Instagram so I started reading the comments. It was people telling him I was pretty, to keep me and just saying we look cute together."

"So what's the problem?" I asked.

"After those comments, a few girls comment laughing emojis and tagging their friends. One girl and her friends had a whole conversation under the picture basically saying I wasn't gon last, only if I knew bullshit. So I go to one of the girls page and the first picture is of her and Royal." She showed us the picture.

Royal was smiling in the picture and the girl was grabbing his face kissing him on his cheek real close to his mouth.

"This says a few minutes after he posted our picture so I'm like maybe she posted it to make it seem like something it's not but then Royal deleted the picture of us. I asked him why and he said it was too much negative attention and I understood so I asked him about the girl and he talking bout that's his best friend."

"How old is the picture she posted?" Sin asked.

"He said a few days ago but he had on the same exact outfit today so unless he a dirty ass nigga, he lying."

"First of all, Royal has too many clothes to be wearing the same shit. He don't even wear hoodies more than two times so he's lying." I told her.

"He probably fucking that girl, she ain't gon be talking bout only if you knew or tryna be funny unless she think she got one up on you." Sin concluded making me agree.

"So I'm not tripping right? Okay thanks that's all I wanted to know." She nodded then looked at me. "What you do?"

"What you mean?" I asked.

"You got on this face like you did something you not supposed to."

"Told you!" Sin laughed.

"I don't make a damn face."

"She had sex with Zeph." Sin covered her mouth as if I couldn't hear her retarded ass.

"Well, was it worth it?" Zarie asked as they both looked at me.

"Out of all the times we've had sex, trust me we've had sex so many times, this had to be the best. I'm still in awe."

"Then I see no reason to be guilty." Zarie shrugged. "You can't have sex with anyone else, neither of y'all are in an relationship, and y'all love each other so I see no problem. I'm here for it."

"Preach on baby Ali." Sin said making her laugh.

"I'm going to take a shower, can you cook? Mom not feeling good."

"What's wrong with her?" I asked.

"She said she was having chest problems."

"Did she call her doctor? You made sure she took her medicine?"

"I asked her she said she will when she wake up."

"She got a habit of not taking them." I rolled my eyes calling her doctor.

I walked in her room going to her bathroom looking at the pill bottles, I listened to the doctor telling me everything. I grabbed the bottle of water that was on her dresser then woke her up as she looked up confused.

"Take these." I told her as she sighed taking them without the water. "Open your mouth so I could make sure you swallowed them."

"Nobi, I am not your child." She said opening her mouth.

"How bad was your chest pain today?" I asked repeating her doctor.


"When the last time you took your medication?"

"A week ago."

"Yes, okay thank you." I hung up then looked at her. "You get too excited and forget about taking your pills as if you don't have an heart disease."

"I know, Imma do better."

"Did you at least eat today?"


"Becky, who's the child here?" I rolled my eyes getting up from the bed. "Go back to sleep, Imma go cook."

"Okay." She smiled.

"Nah, don't smile at me like we cool fam." I shut her down walking out the room.

I sat out the two

d you know I play too much, that's what balanced us out." He smiled. "Sometimes it got annoying because he would always give speeches and shit but they always made sense, he was always talking bout some real shit."

"What's the funniest memory you have with him?"

"Man I got so many." He chuckled. "I remember in the fifth grade it was snowing, me, him and Roddy was walking and we saw our elementary school doors was open but nobody was there so we decided to go in. The janitor started chasing us so we all ran out the building but as we running out Roddy retarded ass slipped on a piece of ice and the janitor grabbed him so we started jumping the shit out of him."

"Y'all jumped the janitor?" I laughed.

"Yeah." He laughed. "Arty threw the first punch and I knew I had to follow up, we fucked that janitor up yo."

"Do you go to his grave?"

"Nah, I haven't been there in a while."

"Where is it?"

"Off of Grove."

"My grandma buried there." I smiled. "Let's go, we gon go visit our love ones."


"Sef, I promise you'll feel so better after talking to him."

"Okay." He sighed. He called for the check paying as we walked out.

He handed me the keys and I got in the driver seat, I drove to the closest flower shop getting flowers for my grandmother and Arty then getting back to the car starting the thirty minute drive to the graveyard. When we got there Sef and I went our separate ways but we still could see each other since their graves wasn't that far apart.

I moved the dead flowers from my grandma grave and smiled sitting in the grass. "Hey mawmaw, it's me."

We had to be sitting there for almost an hour before Sef finally walked over to me with a tear stained face and watery eyes, I hugged him as I felt tears fall on me. I rubbed his back letting him silently cry on me. We were hugging for almost ten minutes but I would of let him hug me forever as long as he knew I was there for him.

"You right, I honestly do feel better." He stated as I drove making me smile.

"I used to think it was stupid but it helps so much, it's like even though they gone they still the person you can depend on."

"Oh shit." He stated making me glance at him. "No no no, fuck son."

"What?" I asked as he didn't say anything. "Sef what?"

"Nobi pull over." He said making my heart drop. "Let me drive."

"Sef, what?" I asked still driving. "Tell me please, I can handle it."

"Nobi, switch seats with me and I'll tell you." He said looking at me.

Pulling over, I climbed over as he got out the car running to the drivers side. I waited for him to tell me but he didn't, instead he pressed some buttons on his car as I heard a number dialing.

"Hello?" Sin answered like she was sleepy.

"Where you at?"

"I'm at my father house, I was sleep though. This important?" She asked as I heard her yawning.

"Be outside in two minutes."

"Why? What's wrong? I hear it in your voice."

"Sin, please just be outside."

"Okay." She hung up.

"Sef, please tell me." I said only to be ignored.

I saw Sin already on the sidewalk once we pulled up, she had on pajamas and her hair was wrapped up. She hopped in the car without saying anything, I looked back at her as she looked at me both wondering what the fuck was up.

"Sef, what's wrong?" I asked as he sped. "Where we going?"

"Nobi and Sin, I-" He stopped and sighed.

"Brah, what?" Sin yelled leaning up as we both saw tears in his eyes.

What he said next was not what I was prepared for, I covered my mouth letting the tears come out. I felt pain every where, I was getting hot, my throat was closing up, everything was just so wrong. His words played over and over until everything stopped as if I went paralyzed.


I teared up writing this because y'all just don't know what happened, shit is craaaazy! I would of made this longer but the next one gon be real long so I dropped a cliffhanger. BOOM!

When God keep giving you blessing after blessing and you cried so much this year that now the only thing you know how to do is smile???? (I was laughing as I took the picture lmao)

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