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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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"They see you doing good, now it's kind of hard to diss you."

-- Onika Maraj

Mitch Zephyr

"I'm tired as fuck." I said out of breath laying on the ground. "Man, I'm getting out of shape."

"Nigga who you telling?" Sef said leaning over.

"Y'all niggas some bitches." Jace laughed pulling his phone out as Roddy was smiling all into his.

"Bitch, why you smiling like that?" I asked making him look up.

"Grown folks business."

"He fuck with Nobi boss." Royal informed.

"Eve? That bitch bad." I nodded.

"Bad ain't the word." Sef agreed. "How you pull that?"

"How she look?" Royal asked.

"Like Eva Marcille mixed with Keri Hilson, she fucking beautiful." Jace said smiling.

"Aight, y'all keep smiling and shit like relax." Roddy said making us laugh.

"So Zeph, how serious this break up?" Royal asked.

"We ain't talk in a week so it's pretty serious." I shrugged.

"Why y'all break up anyway?" Roddy asked wiping his face.

"She lied to me to be laid up with some lil ugly nigga."

"I thought she never did shit with him." Izzy said.

"That's what she told me." I shrugged. "It ain't even about her being with him, it's the fact she lied to me."

"I understand that but that's something that could have been talked out, did she apologize?" Sef asked.

"Yeah." I nodded.

"So why the fuck y'all break up?" Jace asked.

"I just told you." I looked at them blankly. "We had a big argument then she started talking about Ginger and shit. I don't even know how she found out about Ginger."

"Bitches find out everything." Royal laughed.

"I told her bout Ginger." Sef said making all of us look at him.

"You disloyal as hell." Jace laughed.

"I ain't never introducing you to my bitch." Izzy chuckled.

"It be ya own niggas." Royal laughed.

"Why you tell her bout Ginger?" I asked.

"Cause that's my sister." She shrugged. "She asked and I answered, I ain't bout to lie to her."

"Wait, so you cheating on Nobi?" Izzy asked.

"Nah, never cheated on that girl." I drunk some of my water. "Ginger a old friend from high school, we lost contact when she moved but I saw her bout a month ago and we started talking just catching up, I chill with her a few times but she just a friend."

"Ain't what Nobi told me." Sef laughed. "She said you left her to go fuck Ginger."

"I did leave to be with Ginger but I ain't fuck."

"So what you doing with Ginger? You like her or something?" Jace asked. "What Nobi gon say?"

"Imma single man." I smirked.

"And Nobi a single woman." Royal laughed turning his phone so I could see a picture.

"That stupid ass smile off ya face now." Roddy laughed as I went through my gym bag finding my phone.

I got it going on Snapchat and finding Nobi name, it was taking a minute to load since this gym service was bad but I went through all of em. It was a few pictures of herself, pictures of Maisn then the last snap she posted was a picture of her kissing somebody. I knew it was that lil ugly nigga from Youngboy gang, I screenshotted it and locked my phone back.

"Y'all we single and we need something new in our life." I heard Nobi voice making me look at Jace phone. "Where all those niggas who was on dick while I was in a relationship? Come back."

"Word, niggas always want you when you in a relationship. We single now baby, hit us up!" Lee smiled.

"I'm tryna sprinkle some pussy parmesan on y'all niggas." Sin said making them laugh and end the video.

"Sin funny as hell!" Roddy laughed. "She ruin every fucking thing."

"What season is it Lee?" Sin yelled.

"Step daddddyy seasonnnnn!" She yelled back.

"Do you hear us?" Nobi yelled. "I need a Russell Wilson in my life, I'm tired of these Futures!"

"Y'all are annoying." Zarie laughed.

"Every time Nobi or Sin mad at y'all, Lee always gotta find a reason to be mad at me. I ain't even do shit." Sef smacked his teeth making us laugh.

It was a picture of Nobi and Sin in a hospital room, Jace skipping past another video of them then another picture. "Wait, go back." Going back I saw a sonogram with the caption, twin boys getting me mad.

"Big B, you love G Nobi?" Sin asked as Nobi was on FaceTime with that lil ugly nigga.

"G Nobi know I luh ha, she my li'baby." He smiled.

"I love you too but if you really loved me, you'll let everybody know who you belong to."

"And you'll do the same."

"You already on my snap." She laughed getting me hot.

"Skip this bullshit." I said making them laugh.

"Wait, ain't that's that nigga who jumped us?" Roddy asked as Jace went back seeing Sin and the nigga smiling in a picture.

"Imma kill this bitch." Jace said watching the video of him and Sin playing with filters.

"They chilling with opps now?" Royal laughed. "Bitches is devious."

"They outta pocket." Roddy laughed hitting Royal arm.

"Fred, how you feel about kids?" Nobi asked one of the opps as Sin started laughing.

"This bitch blows me!" Sin yelled. "Aye Nobi, how that shit go?"

"We laugh, we joke cause all the opps funny!" Nobi yelled as them niggas laughed.

"Fuck the opps." The nigga Fred said.

"Do y'all hear him?" Nobi yelled again.

"Y'all opps some bitches, right?" Sin said as Nobi started dying.

"All the opps bitches." The other nigga said as both Sin and Nobi was laughing.

"These opps ain't on on shit. Fuck you little bitty whores and and I'm still flexing on these niggas." Sin said sounding like Blac Youngsta making them laugh.

"Heard that." Jace laughed. "Watch these niggas face be on the news in a couple of days."

"Y'all Fred and Melo talking bout they new boyfriend material, y'all think so?" Sin asked while I saw Fred in the back rubbing Nobi stomach while they looked at each other smiling.

I stood up getting my keys out the bag, not even picking up the bag. I I heard them calling my name but I ain't give a fuck what they was talking about. I pressed the unlock button on the key fob then hopped in, Sef, Royal and Jace quickly got in while I sped down the street. They kept trying to calm me down but I wasn't listening to shit they was talking bout.

When I got in front of Nobi house, I didn't even park right. I got out walking straight in the house since the front door was unlocked, I heard voices in the kitchen so that's where I went. Algee, Zarie, Sin and Nobi was in the kitchen laughing as Sin recorded Algee and Nobi playing around cooking. Nobi stopped seeing me growing confused.

She was about to say something when I sped walked to her wrapping my hand around her throat tightly squeezing her neck as everybody yelled for me to stop. "Bitch, you got me fucked up. I told you to stop playing with me!" I said squeezing tighter.

"Zephyr!" Algee said pushing me as he got my hands from around her throat.

"Nah, you got me fucked up." I heard before Sin started swinging on me, I felt multiple people hitting me as my mouth started bleeding.

"Yo, relax!" Jace pulled Sin from me while Royal held back Zarie and Sef was checking on Nobi as she coughed holding her neck.

"I never in my life put my hands on a female until today, you got me fucked up Aanvi! All the shit I did to get you, all the shit I did for you and yet you still a deceiving as bitch." I yelled as Algee held me back.

"Mitch, walk away." He said trying to calm me down.

"How you gon go to the doctor without telling me? Then you got niggas rubbing on your stomach and shit. Man Algee let me go."

"Zeph, that's the mother of your child. Look at her, it's not worth it, none of this is worth it."

"Jace let me go damn, I wanna check on my sister." I heard Sin say.

"I'm not stupid." He glared at her. "She right there, go that way if you wanna check on her."

"You just let him choke her out but won't let me hit him some more? That busted lip not doing shit for me, let me give him a black eye."

"Sin." Zarie laughed.

I watched Nobi stand up, she grabbed a cup and turned on the water, she ran her hands threw it then grabbed the hose that was connected to it and sprayed me with the hot ass water making me wince in pain moving. Sef snatched it out her hand as she tried to make her way towards me.

"You talking bout how I go to the doctor without you but you got my number blocked! I been trying to call the whole day and couldn't, I wasn't about to chase your black ass then you mad at videos and shit! You're single right? Get the fuck out my face, go be with Ginger!"

"I don't want Ginger, I want your stupid ass."

"Well, I don't want you so get out of my house. I'll hit you up in a few weeks for the next appointment you either ans

I'm surprised she ignored them this long."

"Therapy really been helping her, I'm loving it." I smiled.

"I wouldn't even be mad if she hit one of em."

"Me either but she too drunk to be fighting so I pray they leave her alone. The party almost over anyway, just let it go."

"Nah, something gon happen. I could feel it." He laughed.

"How long you staying?" I asked.

"Two days, you gon show me around your city?"

"Yeah, we bout to have a bomb ass time. Oou this my song." I smiled as Angel of Mine came on.

"Dance with me." He smiled as I stood up taking his hand going to the dance floor.

We walked next to Sin as Ruga spun her making me laugh, Boomer put his hands on my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck swaying side to side singing the lyrics to him. I really loved this song.

"I look at you, looking at me now I know why they say the best things are free." I sung my favorite part as the song went off.

"You could sing." He complimented.

"I'm bad and you mad but it ain't my fault!" I heard Sin say laughing in Ginger and Tamia face. I was confused because she was just next to me.

"What's the problem?" I asked walking towards them.

"Tomboy and Crushed Red Pepper won't leave me alone G Nobi." She stated making me laugh.

"She said Tomboy!" Zarie yelled laughing.

"Ahhhh!" Lee drunk ass yelled.

"Ain't nobody mad, you been throwing shots since we walked in here and now when we confront you it's time to play victim." Ginger said.

"Bitch, you talking bout throwing shots. Do you wanna get shot? You gon be the victim bitch."

"Pew pew." Lee added making me bust out laughing.

"You know what? Where my holy water because y'all bitches here need to be saved."

"Bitch you-"

"You stepping too close to my sister, back up." I stepped in front of Sin blocking her from Tamia, "G Nobi, Thunder just mad."

"Mad for what?" Tamia said as Jace, Sef and Zeph walked up.

"I gotcha man, I I gotcha man." Sin stuck her tongue out twerking. "You better be glad cause this was the best piece of pussy he ever had."

"Bitch, you ain't got shit."

"Imma make Jace take you home then reroute to my house and get my pussy ate." She laughed. "Imma remind him why his relationships don't go nowhere. Wait, why you said you won't love nobody else?"


"Put ya bitch in her place, let that bitch know you gon fall through every time I call. This bitch been fucking you for a month and still questioning her relationship with you." She laughed. "I fucked you the first day I saw you and you wifed me the next hour! Let this bitch know she part time, she a night shift."

"Sis said she a night shift." I repeated laughing.

"You talking bout you fucked him the first day you saw him like that's something to be proud of, he only see you as a ho. You ain't shit but a cum rag."

"Since we speaking Kash Doll, ring finger got his ring on it." She laughed showing off her big ass ring. "This ain't a promise ring bitch, it's a engagement. I'm this and I'm that but don't forget I'm that bitch who got Jason heart in her pocket."

Tamia looked at Jace but Jace didn't say anything letting us know everything she said was true, I busted out laughing because this girl really been starting with Sin all night and now she just hurt her own feelings. She should of just left it alone.

"These other niggas might be for everybody but I'm who Jason belong to! I'm wife bitch, can't none of y'all hoes replace me." She stuck her tongue out taking a shot.

"G Sinny, why you crushing bitches heart?" Lee asked laughing.

"I was here for their relationship until Tailgate and Oregano wanna start with me when I been chilling all night. I'm going back to turning up though, you could have fun with my nigga until I want him back sis."

Sin walked away grabbing Ruga as I looked at everybody then busted out laughing, this shit has to be the funniest. I would be so hurt right now. Everybody looked at me, I saw Ginger about to say something but I held my hand up.

"Girl, do not start with me."

"It's cute how you bought the nigga you cheated on Zeph with."

"Don't bring me up in shit, this y'all drama." Boomer said.

"When you and Zeph discussing me, make sure he tell you the facts." I smiled. "Ain't no point in exchanging words with you though because I can't fight you."

"I can." Zarie smiled making me and Lee laugh.

"Baby Ali stay ready yo." Lee laughed.

"Girl, you look 7." Tamia said.

"And you look 70."

"I ain't bout to argue with no minor."

"I would think you wouldn't wanna argue with anybody after you just got ya heart broken like that." Zarie laughed.


"No bitch, that's my little sister and you have life all fucked up. I'll get your back dirty for her." I cut Ginger off as Boomer grabbed me.

"G Nobi, why you in her face?" Sin asked coming back. "Oh they wanna fight now? My dress too short but hold on."

She walked away coming back with a black duffle bag, she took off her heels putting on some black sweatpants then a regular tee shirt and black huraches. I was just confused as to when she bring a bag because she didn't walk in carrying anything.

"You always gotta come prepared." She wrapped her hair. "Oou, I bought my holy water too."

"Let me move." Boomer pulled us as she took the top off the holy water. Zarie and Lee laughed moving too while Jace and Zeph dumbasses looked confused.

"Psalm 23, the Lord is my Sheppard I shall not want-"

"Yo what is you doing?" Jace asked as she threw holy water on all four of them making us yell.

"I'm so fucking done, goodnight time for everybody to go home!" I yelled laughing.


It hurt to get your nose pierced?

Excuse any mistakes.

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