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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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"Cause you'll say you love me and I'll end up lying, saying I love you too."

-- Aubrey Graham

Aanvi Zenobia

"Y'all know Jace got a bitch?" Sin asked making me look up.

"Who?" I asked.

"How you know?" Lee asked.

"Because I called his phone last week and she answered talking bout he sleep so I was like aight but then I called back because I ain't recognize the voice. As soon as I call back, Jace wanna answer like no put that bitch back on."

"I thought y'all was together?" Zarie asked.

"Nah, we friends." She smiled.

"I don't believe you." I chuckled.

"We decided to be friends the day before we fought." Sin said.

"I just don't believe this."

"For real, we haven't had sex in so long, haven't kissed him or nothing. We're friends."

"So why you wanna know about his bitch?" Lee asked.

"Because I tell him bout my niggas, he talking bout Imma bully his bitch."

"Well, are you?" I asked as we all looked at her.

"Yes." She mumbled lowly making us laugh.

"Nobi, can you come out with Royal and I?" Zarie asked making me squint my eyes.

"For what? I don't wanna third wheel."

"Neither of us drive."

"I'll give you my Lyft account."

"I want you to come." She glared at me.

"I wanted to lay up with my baby." I frowned.

"He can come too, double date." She smiled.

"It's food involved?"

"It can be."

"Fine but if I don't get fed, Imma be one mad ass person." I said calling Zeph for him not to answer. "Zeph isn't answering so I might be third wheeling."

"Royal said he agreed to go." Zarie said making me scrunch my face up calling him again.

"His phone going straight o voicemail, maybe his phone dead but we meeting them there or they coming to get us?"

"I said I wanted to meet them there."


I put my phone down and washed my hands so I can touch my baby hand, she was in the hospital bed with a frown on her face but when I came in her sight she started smiling making me laugh.

"Hi mommys baby, you missed me? I had a cold so I had to be a deadbeat for a couple days, I'm back though baby."

"You so annoying." Lee laughed. "Then she nodding her head like she understand what you talking bout."

"She know mommy voice, right baby?" I asked making her kick her legs. "I know Maisn, I can't wait until you get out the hospital."

"She get out tomorrow." Lee said making me look at her.

"Why wasn't I notified? Everything about my baby goes through me." I glared at the nurse. "This is her surrogate, I'm her real mother. Thank you."

"Nobi, please stop." Sin laughed.

"After work, mommy will be home and loving you all up." I smiled touching her stomach as she gave me a smile showing her gums. "I'm going to cry."

"Nobi please don't be that pregnant bitch who cry over everything, I swear to God I will not talk to you for 10 months." Sin glared.

"Maisn just so pretty and she look like me." I smiled.

"You gotta leave, go get ready for your double date." Lee waved me off pushing me as I laughed.

"Visiting hours almost up anyway, I'll see y'all hoes tomorrow. Y'all better go to school, Lee the only one who gets an excuse on why she not in school." I glared at Sin.

"I'll be there damn mommy dearest." Sin rolled her eyes.

"First of all, Sin you drove us here so?" Zarie said as we all laughed.

"Oh yeah, Lee you coming?" Sin got up getting her keys.

"No, Sef on his way up. I'll get a ride from him."

"Okay, see you sissy." I smiled as we all took turns hugging her.


"You couldn't dress up?" Zarie asked making me look over my outfit.

"This your date, not mine. I don't have to get dressed up for Zeph no more, we pass the trying to impress each other phase in our relationship."

"So that mean y'all comfortable around each other?"

"We too comfortable around each other sometimes." I laughed.

"I can't be fully comfortable around any boys." She said quietly. "I've been raped by my own father, I just can't."

"You looked comfortable around Babyjoe, or should I say Joseph." I laughed making her smile.

"I was comfortable around him, I freaked out when he touched my leg and when I explained to him I don't like to be touched he understood that without asking questions." She stated texting Royal back. "That's why I was comfortable."

"So, what's going on with y'all?"

"With Babyjoe? Nothing. He has a girlfriend, he seem to really love her. I talked to him about Royal and he talked to me about her."

"You mature, probably more mature than me. I love it." I smiled making her laugh.

"Babyjoe just texted me." She laughed showing me the pictures he sent her.

"When did we take these pictures?" I laughed looking at all the group pictures we took. "Send me these, I'm putting those up."

"This was after we played hide and seek in the hotel, when Jania dumb self almost drowned." She said making me remember.

"Oh yeah." I laughed. "I be looking so pretty holding guns, is it a such thing as a gun model because sis listen."

"Let me see." I showed her the picture holding Youngboy teflon. "Yeah, that is a cute picture."

"Google always showing me irrelevant shit, I just wanna know can I be a gun model and they telling me about guns." I rolled my eyes just as Boomer was calling.

"My hoodie look better on you." He smirked making me smile as I showed him my whole body. "Damn, whole outfit look good on you."

"Thank you zaddy, this weekend was mad fun with y'all."

"It was something." He laughed. "Between Sin throwing holy water on everybody and KD and Lee, I don't know which one more crazier."

"Nah, the funniest thing that happened this week was most definitely Jania and Sin jumping the shit out of Youngboy." I laughed.

"Seriously." Zarie agreed laughing as we both pictured the shit.

"That ain't even funny slat." I heard Youngboy say in the back.

"I just sent you something, shouldn't I be a gun model?"

"Baby a savage." 3Three said.

"Fake ass savage." KD said.

"It's always you, your fucking Eeyore looking ass." I glared at him while Boomer put his phone down as I heard them laughing.

"Eeyore that grey donkey from Winnie the Pooh right?" Zarie asked yelling then started to yell while laughing as the Lyft driver laughed too.

"It ain't even that funny." I heard KD say as they still was laughing.

"Your destination ladies." The Lyft driver said making us smile and thank him as we got out.

"Where y'all going?" Boomer asked.

"Double date."

"Sister goals." He joked making us laugh as we walked towards them.

Zeph and Royal was standing outside the restaurant laughing at something, I walked over to them smiling. Royal looked so cute and nervous as Zarie looked the same making me laugh, they were so ugly.

"I'm here so Imma text you zaddy." I told him.


"Royal, this is my sister Zarie. Zarie this is technically your brother in law Royal." I joked making them laugh.

"Really Nobi?" Zarie asked.

"Y'all looking all nervous and shit, there's only two ways this date can

't settling down."

"For the right girl, I will." He smirked.

"I hope so, Eazy E."

"Chill chill, I strap up." We laughed.

We talked for the remaining of the ride but when he pulled up to Lee house, he said bye and pulled off. I walked in to see Jah and Kellz in the living room watching t.v, I hugged them then proceeded in Lee room where Zarie and Maisn was sleep making me roll my eyes.

"Why would you let her go to sleep knowing I was coming?" I glared at her.

"Bitch, she was sleepy." Lee said.

"It be ya own niggas."

"Bitch shut up." Lee laughed.

"Sin, how was therapy?"

"My therapist look so damn good, you know Kofi? The nigga in Girls Trip that had the big dick? He look exactly just like him. I swear to God, I was ready to give it all up." Sin closed her eyes smiling.

"He accepting new patients? I think I'm going through postpartum." Lee asked making us laugh.

"Bitchhh!" Sin yelled laughing.

"Bitch, I said how the session go not how trying to fuck your therapist go."

"Oh, it's good. I came into realization that I might be retarded."

"Seriously? Who would've guessed?" I asked sarcastically.

"I know, it's really sad." She laughed. "But bitch what you had to tell us?"

"So Zeph and I broke up yesterday." I told them as Lee turned around and Sin dramatically dropped. "Y'all dragging it."

"Broke up as in I'll see you in a few hours cause we can't stay mad at each other broke up? Or the stay the fuck away from me before I stab you broke up?" Sin asked.

"The I wanna beat you the fuck up broke up."

"Why?" Lee asked.

"He found out about Detroit."

"You was wrong so why didn't you just apologize?"

"I did, I apologized and admitted to being wrong but check this." I said handing them my phone.

"Who this bitch?" Sin asked as they both went through the girl pictures.

"That's the bitch Ginger that Zeph fuck with." Just as I imagined they dramatic asses yelled making Zarie pop up in her sleep and Maisn cry.

"Shh mommies baby." I patted her back as she fell back to sleep.

"Why y'all yelling?" Zarie asked yawning.

"Look at this bitch." Lee threw her my phone so she can look.

"Who this?"

"The bitch we bout to jump." Sin added making me laugh.

"That's Zeph lil secret." Lee laughed.

"So that bitch Ginger was sending him screenshots of us on live and shit, so Zeph just trying to find different shit to argue and I put two and two together but that ain't even the best part." I said playing a video. "Sin, you recognize this voice?"

"That sound like Jace, Zeph and that bitch that answered his phone!" She snatched my phone.

"I went on Zeph Instagram in his DM and found the bitch Ginger, I lurked on her page finding Tamia who Jace talk to. Check this though, a few weeks ago they went on a double date or whatever so even before we even fought, Jace was talking to this bitch and Zeph was entertaining that bitch."

"They have us fucked up, they have me fucked up." Sin said still looking through shit.

"So, who we fighting?" Zarie asked making us laugh.

"Baby sis always ready like bitch relax." Lee laughed.

"Nah, what we gon do is play stupid." I said making them look confused. "They call me lady Mitch right? Imma reflection of him and we both bout to play this game."

"Watch I fuck with the opps, Imma make Jace wanna kill me." Sin said making me laugh.

"I got pregnant at the wrong time." I shook my head. "Ain't much I could do but just watch how everything play out."

"Wait, Sef part of this plan too? Because I mean it is step daddy season." Lee stuck out her tongue making us laugh.

"I'll just watch from the sidelines because Royal and I doing pretty good but I'll fight anybody." Zarie said making us laugh.

"Chill baby Ali, no fighting." I said still laughing.

"That's because you can't fight, we taking all hits for you bitch." Lee laughed.

"Let's get ready to rumbleeee!" Sin yelled beating on the bed making us laugh again.

My sisters could make anything better and that's why they were all I had, I couldn't wait until all of this played out. There was going to be tears and anger but it wouldn't be from any of us. Let the games begin.


Zarie is 15, not 13 or 14! Y'all talking bout she not acting her age but what she doing? Since when can't you wear shorts around people?

Y'all ever saw that episode of the Boondocks when Usher was up there? The part when Tom was singing Let It Burn kills me every time LMAOOOO y'all gotta see it yo

I really fuck with some of y'all like if I ever met y'all in person y'all could be gang lmao I wished some of y'all lived in Jersey.

Excuse any mistakes.

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