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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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"Fool me one time, shame on you. Fool me two times, can't put the blame on you. Fool me three times, fuck the peace signs and let it rain on you."

-- Jermaine Lamarr Cole.

Aanvi Zenobia

I was calling out of work today because I wanted to spend the whole day with Sincere, she didn't come to school and no one have spoken to her in almost twelve hours. I felt so bad because I been so wrapped up in my life forgetting Sin go through shit too.

"Hey, Mr.Bailey do you know which house Sincere is?" I asked her dad. "I'm worried about her."

"She's at the Dunes one, the code is 1998. Let me know if she's okay and if y'all need anything." He stated making me nod.

"Okay, thank you." I said hanging up.

I was already outside his Dunes house because I knew out of all his houses this was her favorite, I didn't see her car but I knew she was here. Entering the code, the front door opened. This house was big as hell and I knew by time I searched the second bedroom I'll be tired.

I heard a phone ringing so I walked towards that direction, I opened the door to a bedroom seeing Sin chugging a bottle of Hennessy. I sighed as she silently cried watching her phone ring but what really caught my attention was the open pill bottle. I rushed in grabbing the bottle seeing what kind of pills they were.

"Alprazolam? Sin, what is this? Did you take any?" I asked trying not to panic. She just looked at me not saying anything.

I pulled out my phone to search to pills up seeing that they were Xanax pills, I yanked her face seeing her looking all dropsy.

"Sin did you take any of these?!" I raised my voice holding her face tighter.

"No." She mumbled.

"So why are they open?"

"I was considering it." She spoke quietly making me take off my shoes to get in the bed with her.

"How many were you going to take?"

"The whole bottle."

"You know you would have overdosed?"

"That's kind of the plan." She laughed as I pulled her into me holding her tightly while she clenched my shirt full blown out crying. "I don't wanna be alive no more Nobi, I don't want to be here anymore."

I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn't because I was crying with her. I continued holding her tightly not knowing what to say because this honestly was hurting my heart, I couldn't see her like this.

"She told me I was a mistake Nobi, she said the only reason she had me was because it was too late to get an abortion. My own mother doesn't love me, I was a mistake." She cried some more.

"You are not a mistake Sincere." I grabbed her face looking her in her eyes so she could know I was being serious. "You're going to get pass all these hard times and you're going to be something in life. It hurts to not be able to depend on your mom for the love you crave but I love you, Lee loves you, Jace loves you. You have a support system, fuck her."

"I'm going to jail." She spoke. "My life will be over."

"Jah got your assault charges on the police dropped, I'm going to talk to Jania and she's going to drop them. You will have no charges against you anymore, you're not going to jail Sincere."

"Maybe I deserve it." She sat up wiping her face. "I keep finding my way out of trouble because of the people I know but maybe I deserve it."

"You act like you killed somebody." I frowned. "Everybody fight."

"But not like me."

"If you go to jail, I'm coming with you." I shrugged. "I'm going to beat up a cop so we can have the same charges and get admitted to the same prison and get the same time."

"That's stupid Nobi."

"So? We always been stupid together." I smiled making her laugh.

"Yeah, we have." She nodded.

"It's time for us to be smart, to grow up. We gotta rise above this and you gotta live another day to be a godmother and aunt to your nieces or nephews." I smiled grabbing her hand so she can touch my stomach, she looked down and gave me a genuine smile.

"You having a baby? You're pregnant?"

"I'm having twins."

"I would of hated myself if I did this and missed out on you having my niece and nephew." She chuckled making me laugh.

"You so ignorant."

"I don't think I was going to do it anyway, I don't think I really want to die. I just-"

"Want a break." I finished for her. "Been there."

"How you got through it?"

"I met Zeph I got back close to you, I started working, I got more into my school work, I just changed." I smiled. "I started seeing all the possibilities of things instead of focusing on the negative. You can't want change if you're the same."

"Being angry and fighting is all I know Nobi."

"But it's not, you can do so much. I know the potential you have, you just got to believe in yourself."

"You right." She nodded drinking some Hennessy. "Bet you wish you could get some."

"Do I." I laughed touching my stomach. "Do you know where Youngboy and them at?"

She picked her phone up going to their messages. "Sin, please tell me his location isn't shared with you."

"It is and he's in Detroit."

"Good thing, your father has a private jet and loves us." I smiled FaceTiming Lee.

"I'm not at the hospital Nobi." She said as it was black.

"You was sleep?"

"Yes." She mumbled.

"Well get up and get dress, we're going to Detroit." I smiled as she hung up one me making me laugh as I called her back.

"You said some dumb shit, leave me alone I'm tired."

"Seriously, we're going to Detroit."

"For what?"

"To get Sin charges dropped." I smiled.

"It's 26 degrees in Detroit." She glared.

"We'll go shopping in Detroit but right now you have to get up and meet us."

"I'm only going because I'm the smartest and radical thinker." She sighed as I heard her getting up. "You lucky Maisn still in the hospital because it would be a different story."

"My dad said we can get the jet and he'll book a hotel room for us."

"Tell Gerald fine ass I said hey." Lee smirked making me laugh as Sin looked at her in disgust.

"We'll text you where to meet us, bitch get dress now!" I glared at her knowing she'll take forever.

"NEOWWW!" Sin yelled making both of us laugh.

"I'm already dress, hurry up so I could request a Lyft."

"Okay, see you in a few boo." I smiled hanging up.


"I wanna go the fuck back home now!" Lee stomped her feet like a child as we stood in the freezing cold waiting for our Lyft.

"We been in Detroit for five minutes." Sin glared at her.

"Five minutes too long, my fingers feel like they wanna come off. Imma get frost bite."

"It is not that cold." I spoke through my teeth chattering.

"Here go the Lyft, shut up." Sin said as we walked in getting in.

We didn't have no bags, just us. The only thing I bought was my charger and wallet. "They still at the show?"

"They moving so I guess they coming back." Sin said looking at their location.

"We'll be there before them and we'll have time to check in and shit."

"There's a little mini mall right there, can we go get some clothes?" Lee asked making me agree as told the Lyft man we wanted to get out.

He let us out as we walked in some unknown store, their clothes was real cute and cheap. We bought little things as in pajamas, sweats and sweaters. We ordered another Lyft as we were standing in line with a bunch of clothes.

"I'm not paying for y'all stuff, I'm a mother now can't be wasting money that could go to my child." She joked standing behind us.

"I was paying for everything." Sin laughed.

"This why we sistas for life." Lee smiled as they rung up everything.

"$205.68." The cashier said.

"Oh, that's good." Sin spoke making me agree. For the amount of clothes we had, it really was. Especially considering the fact none of us was looking at the price as we picked up things.

We walked outside seeing our car waiting, getting in he pulled off. "Y'all wanna plug y'all phone to the aux cord?"

"We can't, we don't got the aux part on our phone." Sin spoke since we all had the 8.

"Do y'all want a water?" He asked as we declined.

He was giving me weird vibes, I had my mace and I wouldn't hesitate to use it. He pulled up to the hotel in ten minutes, we thanked him then walked in. It was warm as hell in there making us smile, we checked in as they gave us two hotel cards. We got into the elevator and as soon as we got into our hotel room we were amazed.

Sin father choose a suite with a kitchen and living room, Lee fat ass walked to the refrigerator seeing it was food in there making her smile. I walked around seeing two bathrooms, the room was big but had two beds but that was cool cause we was going to sleep together anyway.

"Imma take a shower." I announced.

"I'm getting in with you." Lee said making me laugh. We always showered together, the shower was big enough for us anyway. "Sin it's big enough for you too!"

"Nah, I need my space. I can't do it with y'all fat bitches." She said making Lee and I stick out middle finger up.

I undressed turning on the water, Lee wasn't in the bathroom yet so I took a picture in the bathroom mirror since you could see my bump in this angle. Sending it to Zeph I got in the shower as Lee walked in getting in the shower.

"Nobi, you pregnant." Lee whispered as soon as we got out.

"Are you asking or telling?"

"Telling, bitch I was just pregnant, I know pregnancy when I see one." She said making me laugh.

"With twins." I smiled as s

iled like a idiot and just stared at him. I started laughing because she really looked like a idiot smiling while he scrolled on his phone eating his pizza.

Boomer looked at me then followed my eyes and started laughing while I continued, Babyjoe looked up to see why everybody was laughing. His face showed confusion until KD pointed at Zarie making him look at her, he chuckled about to say something but she jumped off the couch going into the room.

"I hope I was not like this." I told them laughing as I stood up to go get her dumb ass. "Can you relax?"

"Nobi, he look so good." She frowned.

"He do but you making yourself look retarded, nobody ain't gon wanna fuck with no retarded girl."

"I'll try to act normal." She nodded as we both walked out. She went in the kitchen to get a soda then took her seat next to Babyjoe making all of us look at them.

"You talk?" He asked her making her just stare at him. I smacked my forehead and shook my head laughing, this bitch.

"Yeah." She finally answered.

"What's your name?"

"Zarie." She smiled. "But you don't have to introduce yourself."

"Ain't that rude not to?"

"I know who you are already though."

"But I don't know who you are and I wanna introduce myself." He smiled. "I'm Joseph."

"Hold on because when you introduced yourself to me, you said I'm Babyjoe, why I get that ghetto ass name and she get the real one?" Sin asked making us laugh.

"Because he not tryna fuck with you, shut up." Lee glared at her while they got into conversation.

"Sin you talking to Youngboy now? My nap was only for like two hours." I said watching him lay on her lap while she fed both of them.

"He's saved now." She said as we all scrunched our face up. "I threw the holy water on him to repel him from evil, he's saved."

"Bitch!" I yelled laughing dropping my pizza and all.

"She so serious too." Lee laughed.

"Right Kentrell?"

"Yeah, I'm saved." He mumbled twisting his dry ass hair.

"So basically y'all fucked and y'all back cool? Oh okay." I nodded coming to the conclusion.

"Yb agreeing to anything, you know he fucked." Boomer laughed.

"No we didn't." Sin laughed as we all gave them the same look.

"Girl, who you fooling?" Zarie asked.

"Uh uh retarded bitch, don't start with me." Sin held up her finger as Zarie started laughing. "Matter fact, I got something for all y'all." She dug in her bag.

"I swear for God, if you put that on my food Imma fuck you up." KD said as she pulled out another tube of holy water.

"All jokes to the left." I told her seriously, this pizza was too good for allat.

"God waits for no one." She said making me bust out laughing. "You're going to hell."

"I'll see you there." I shrugged.

"What's this scar?" 3Three asked Zarie as we all looked at the long scar from her belly button going up her shirt.

"I got stabbed when I was 10." She said.

"Oh my bad."

"It's okay." She chuckled. "I got a lot of scars, I'm used to explaining them."

"What's this one?" Babyjoe asked touching her back.

"One of my foster mothers poured alcohol on me and lit me on fire."

"I never saw these." I told her looking at the ones on her thighs. "Are those bullet wounds?"

"Yeah, I got shot twice when I was 8."

"What the hell? How the fuck people doing this shit to you while you so young?" KD asked.

"I thought I been through shit but damn." Youngboy said as we all looked at her.

"Y'all wanna watch a movie?" I asked sensing how uncomfortable and emotional she was getting since I knew she still had nightmares about it.

"Let me pick it." Sin said as Zarie excused herself making us look at her. I put my pizza on the table standing up.

"Let me talk to her." Babyjoe said making me look at him cautiously. "We'll be out in a minute."

I sat back down texting Zeph then arguing with Sin and the rest of them because we couldn't agree on a movie. We were all yelling and I stopped cause they was making me mad, KD took the remote out of her hand making her pour the holy water on him as I started rolling. She was yelling bible verses making me laugh even harder.

"1 Peter 1:15 "But just as he who called you holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: "Be holy, I am holy."" She yelled throwing all of it on him as I was in tears.

"Nobi, it is not that fucking funny." Lee laughed while I stopped breathing for a minute.

During my laughing fit, I noticed Babyjoe and Zarie come out the room both smiling, Zarie smiled dropped in confusion watching Sin throw holy water on him still yelling bible verses.

"Is that holy water?" She laughed. "Oh no baby, what are you doing?"

"Aight, I'm picking Love Jones. End of discussion." Lee said picking the movie but as it was playing KD tackled Sin making all of us stop in shock.

"Oh you're bugging." I jumped up hitting him while he hit her.

"Ain't no jumping." 3Three yelled hitting me.

"You tripping tripping." Lee jumped on him making them fall while I continued trying to get KD off of Sin.

"You stay right here and mind your business." Zarie spoke standing in between Babyjoe legs looking down at him as he smirked.

"You got it." He continued smirking making me raise a eyebrow smirking.

"So y'all just gon let them jump me?" KD asked Youngboy and Boomer.

"Nah, Dumbo they gon let you get ya ass beat." Sin pulled him by his hair.

"Yeah sissy!" I laughed laying my head on Boomer lap while he played in my hair. I took my attention off of them and watched Love Jones.

This weekend was about to be so fun and annoying at the same time.


Y'all I got my hair braided earlier and MY HEAD IS ON FIRE, do you hear me?! My shit really metro booming.

I was scared to get these box braids lmao every time I get cute somebody daughter wanna fight. Last time I had braids I got jumped and I had like five bald spots. My hair is growing so perfectly, I will cry if I have to fight with these in.

Y'all ever saw Love and Basketball? Y'all know the part where they was at the dance and they was dancing to just got paid? I really wanna go to a party where all they play is oldies and dance like that but Jersey act too ghetto for shit like that. HuhmyGod.

My head hurt so excuse any mistakes.

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