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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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"As long as you stay positive, you can't ever make a mistake."

--Ralph E. Tresvant

Mitch Zephyr

"Brah, what is you doing?!" I yelled smacking Royal on the back of his head, he always doing some dumb shit.

"Brah, stop fucking hitting me." He punched me in my shoulder making me look at him.

"You got me fucked up." I told him before I two pieced his dumb ass.

"Y'all gon stop bullying my little brother." Zurich punched me making me hold my arm in pain, this nigga hit hard as fuck.

"You got me fucked up too." I told him hitting him back my hardest.

"Zeph, come on." Sef pulled up with Jace and Izzy in the car.

"Royal, Imma fuck you up when I see you again." I pointed in his face getting in the passenger seat.

"What he do?" Sef laughed.

"He had Zurich fighting his battle knowing that nigga punches feel like he got metal in his fist."

"On my daughter, Rich really hit hard as fuck for no reason." Jace shook his head.

"Why I haven't seen you in like three days?" I asked looking back so I could see him.

"Are you my bitch?" He asked making them laugh.

"I'll beat you up like ya bitch be doing."

"He got a new bitch." Izzy said laughing.

"You finally got rid of Sin?" Sef asked.

"We friends."

"I don't believe you." I laughed.

"Believe it, we decided we was gon be friends a day before she fought Nobi."

"I just don't believe it."

"So who this new bitch? Sin know about her?" Sef asked.

"Sin know about her but I'm not finna tell her who she is."

"She gon kill that girl." Izzy laughed.

"That's exactly why she getting sued now." Jace laughed.

"Who suing her?" I asked.

"NBA Youngboy girlfriend."


"You ain't see the videos?" Izzy asked laughing.

"Nah, what happened?"

"Sum everything up, Sin was at his concert beating everybody the fuck up. She even trained two cops." Sef smirked.

"Cops? She big bold." I chuckled as Izzy showed me the videos.

"In one of those videos these big bitches was fucking her up." Jace laughed as I was watching it.

"Yo, they big as shit." I said watching Sin beat up two out of four until they all started ragging her. "I don't see his girl in any of these videos though."

"That's because she fought her in the hotel but Janay or whatever that bitch name is pressing charges on her. The papers came in yesterday." Sef informed.

"She gon have more charges because she hired a private investigator to find out where Janay mother live. She said she finna go to Houston and beat that lady up." Jace added.

"Her mother don't got shit to do with that." I laughed. "Sin really retarded."

"I knew she was retarded when she fought that dog." Izzy laughed.

"Word that- wait, what?" I asked turning around to look at him.

"We was walking home from school and a loose pit was running towards our way, all of us was out until we noticed Sin wasn't behind us so Nobi stopped making us stop. When we looked back, Sin was fucking that dog up." Izzy said making me bust out laughing.

"Never did she ever fight a dog." Sef threw his head back laughing.

"She talking bout she not bout to run from no dog when she know she can't outrun it."

"This exactly why I'm not telling her who my new bitch is, we gon be real lowkey. I ain't even gon take that bitch out in public, she ain't bout to bully her." Jace laughed.

"She gon bully you into telling her." I joked.

"Nah, we friends." He repeated smiling.

"That's why I fuck with Sin though." Sef concluded. "She really about everything she say and she ain't scared of nobody."

"Word though." I agreed. "You know how people only talk to certain people a certain way? She talk to everybody the same."

"Even her mother." Izzy added. "You gotta hear their arguments, they talk to each other like strangers on the street. Especially when they fight, shit be crazy."

"Nah for real, I walked in on them fighting once. I was confused as fuck." Jace shook his head.

"So you done with Sin?" I asked.

"Doubt it, I love that bitch." He shook his head making us laugh.

"You sure you ain't just pussy whipped?" Sef asked.

"Nah, I knew I loved that bitch when my dick stop getting hard for other bitches." He spoke making all of us look at him. "Word, imagine trying to cheat and you can't get it up."

"I don't cheat so I can't relate." I laughed.

"Well that shit made me so mad but as soon as I got with Sin, shit wanna get hard. That's when I knew I really loved that bitch."

"You keep calling her a bitch." Sef laughed.

"Cause that's my bitch."

"Mitch, you still tryna go to Miami?" Sef asked.

"I don't know, I told her I'll take her to see New Edition and the cast but I think Imma have to bring them to her instead."

"You know you gon make her life right?" Izzy asked. "She really love them like on some stalkerish shit."

"Why she like them so much?" Jace asked.

"When she lived with her grandmother she used to blast New Edition every Saturday and Sunday so Nobi grew to love them. When her grandmother passed, she'll listen to New Edition for a reminder of her."

"And like is an understatement. Nobi is a damn stalker, she has all their post notifications on, got all their albums, got the movie on DVD and know all the dances to every song." I added.

"So who she like?" Jace asked.

"Out the movie or band?"


"She got a crush on Ralph and Ronnie and some feelings for Johnny Gil." I mocked her exact words. "Then from the movie she like all of them but Algee is the main one, that's the nigga who played Ralph."

"She been liking Algee since he was on that Disney movie though so her crush been there." Izzy said making me agree.

"I don't know why she like that nigga like that, I look better than him." I smirked.

"You said that to Nobi?" Jace laughed.

"Yeah, she talking bout "Babe I love you but you ain't no Algee, maybe you up there with Woody."" I mocked her voice making them laugh. "I almost punched her."

"Woody not ugly though." Sef said making us all look at him. "I wasn't saying it like that but-"

"Nah, nigga you gay." Jace said making us laugh.

"I don't look at niggas but Alge

she was holding on the counter rolling. "Fuck is funny? You not going no where Nobi."

"It was this challenge on Instagram." She laughed. "One of them song shits."

"What fucking song is this?"

"When Gabrielle left Troy in the summer she sung this."

"I know you ain't talking bout High School Musical." I laughed.

"Disney really knew what they way doing with this song."

"You got me mad and shit, you always fucking playing." I sat back down as she sent the video to Zarie.

"Why Royal text you telling you it's different."

"You know he fuck with Zarie?"

"My little sister?" She raised a eyebrow pointing at herself. "Fuck no baby, he not bout to play my baby sister."

"That's why he was texting to tell me it's different meaning he actually like her."

"I don't care, Royal too much for her. I don't support."

"It ain't really ya bidness." I shrugged.

"I can do what I want!" Nobi yelled dancing to the song. "Everybody talking all this stuff about me, why don't they just let me live?"

"Get it bae." I gassed her as she danced.

"They say I'm crazy, I really don't care, that's my prerogative." She stopped to drop. "They say I'm nasty but I don't give a damn, getting guys is how I live."

"Hey now!" I cheered her on making her laugh.

"Tell me why, why can't I live my lifeeee? Without alll the things people sayy?" She sung doing the dance from the dance.

"Oh they ain't ready for you." I laughed ending the video.

"I'm out of breath now." She said breathing hard then got back excited because New Edition Hit Me Off came on. "Why Pandora know me so well?"

"I can only imagine how it's going to be when you meet them." I shook my head.

"About that, can we hold that off until I give birth?"


"I was reading articles and going to concerts and shit can damage the baby hearing while they still in the womb. I'll rather my babies not come out deaf."

"Whatever you want but I was thinking, I want us to live together." I told her making her look up from her phone. "When they come it's going to be annoying going back and forth to houses. I mean we basically live together already but I want to do it officially."

"I don't want to move right now."

"I'm not saying now, I'm saying when they come."

"Okay." She nodded. "I wanna pick the house though, gimme a budget and I'll find it."

"No budget, just don't get no over the top as house with seven bedrooms and shit, we don't need allat right now. They can share a room until they get older."

"We need a room for your office though, you like bringing work home." She spoke.

"Yeah, so maybe three or four bedrooms with a big ass backyard."

"Okay, I'll start looking." She smiled coming to kiss me.

"That's all I ask." I smiled pecking her lips.

Finding a house then getting married would complete everything but we going to take one step at a time. Time was on our side and so was God with all the blessings he continues to give us.


Y'all ever been obsessed with a celebrity(s)? That's how I am with New Edition. I know ALL the songs, ALL the dances to the songs, all about their life, I listen to them everyday. I got the CD's and the biopic on DVD. Like I'm so obsessed with them and the cast, Algee specifically. I always liked Algee since I saw him in Let it Shine though, y'all know what that is? He was Da Boss lmaoo New Edition going on tour and I'm going to cry if they don't come to Jersey, shit idc if they come to New York. That's close enough.

I wanted to drop Overdose and Transitioning on New Years Eve but Imma be so fucked up, I probably can't so most likely the first chapter for Overdose will be up on January 1st. I'm kind of conflicted on how to drop Transitioning though.

Since Transitioning is based on four different girls, each girl will have a chapter but I don't know how I'll update that. 4 chapters a day? Nah that's too much. So I was thinking of a different girl everyday. Since January 1st is Monday, I figured I'll update everyday of the week. Monday through Thursday, how that sound?

Excuse any mistakes.

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