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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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"Don't live life for someone else. Make your decisions and stand by them, even if they're the wrong ones. You were meant to make mistakes. You're human."

-- NaePappy

Aanvi Zenobia

Zarie and I walked into the small diner where Lee and Sin was sitting. They were laughing at something as we walked towards them, Lee stopped laughing as she saw us but Sin continued on.

"Hey sister or should I say sisters?" Lee smiled at Zarie and I.

"Hey sissy." I sat down next to her while Zarie sat next to Sin. "What was so funny?"

"Sin just stupid." She shook her head making Sin chuckle.

"So you liking school lil bit?" Sin asked Zarie.

"It's cool, I stay by myself and mind my business."

"Imma show you the best places to skip." She joked making us laugh.

"Hey Sin." I decided to speak knowing I wasn't going to get no response and just as I suspected she just nodded at me.

"I heard you fought Youngboy." Zarie said making Lee look confused.

"Bitch, that's why you came back early? You fucking liar." Lee glared at her.

"No, I came back early cause he ruined my mini vacation." She rolled her eyes. "I went to Cali so I can get away from the bullshit here but more bullshit happened there."

"So why aren't you talking to me? I apologized to you." I stated making her look at me.

"You know what's funny? The day before I went to Cali I came to apologize to you right? But guess what I heard instead? You sitting there dogging me out on the phone with Zeph." She chuckled making me scrunch my face up.

"I wasn't dogging you out to Zeph."

"You talking about I got to grow up, I'm always getting you in something along with some other personal shit that I only told you, Izzy or Lee. I fucks with Zeph but for you to tell him my business was out of line so I was gon hit you again but instead I walked away."

"Sin you-"

"Then you talking bout I'm always getting you in something when it's the other way, every fight I have been in was to defend you or revolving around you. We became friends in second grade because you was getting jumped by bitches and Lee bitch ass was just standing there."

"You ain't have to say allat." Lee rolled her eyes.

"Bitch you know it's true." Sin laughed.

It was true, Lee was the biggest punk when we were young. She used to let people hit her, talk to her any kind of way, people would just be bullying her but once she finally had enough of us fighting her battles she started beating people kids up.

"But back to what I was saying, I was the third grader getting charges because I knew how your father was so I always took the blame no matter what. So for you to say I'm a contradiction to your life is astonishing. Imma just leave you alone and that's that."

"You not even letting me explain." I told her getting annoyed.

"I don't care for an explanation to be honest." She shrugged. "I would have understood if you was talking to Lee or Izzy about me because besides you, they're the only ones who know me best but you was telling Zeph shit no one knows. That's like me telling Jace shit that you never want anyone to know."

"I was talking to Izzy." I rolled my eyes. "Why would I be telling Zeph shit about you? You didn't even hear the full conversation because if you did, you wouldn't of been mad. I never said you're a contradiction or always getting me into something, I said that's what other people say not knowing how we are. I also said I was wrong but you only heard that part and went with it."

"Welp, good thing I ain't bust in your room and hit you right?" She chuckled. "Then my bad for ignoring you and I apologize for hitting you."

"I also apologize for not having you like I should have at the mall and for not letting you leave when you told me to." I told her drinking my milkshake. "So we good?"

"We sisters. That ain't our first argument or fight and I doubt it's going to be the last, we cool."

"Now what the fuck happened with Youngboy? They said you fought bitches, Youngboy, Jania and other people."

"You fought Jania? It better not been over Youngboy." Lee looked at her sternly.

"Only nigga I'm fighting over is my nigga and Jace wouldn't even let me fight over him so I ain't fighting over no nigga."

"So what happened?" Zarie asked.

"We all on stage rapping and Youngboy pull me to the front so I'm rapping with him, Babyjoe and 3Three, we turned the fuck up. I decided I wanted to go in the crowd so as I bout to get down some bitch started pulling my leg so I kicked her dumb ass in her face then got in the crowd and we started fighting. I was whooping her ass." She busted out laughing making me shake my head.

"So sad." Lee laughed.

"Babyjoe broke up the fight then grabbed me laughing and shit so I forgot about the bitch and I start turning up with him. Some lil ugly darkskin nigga with dreads gripped my ass so I start bugging on him, before I could hit him Babyjoe did. Babyjoe was fighting the lil ugly nigga but his friend ran up so I hit the boy and I was fighting him til 3Three and DaDon jumped in. Jania jumped down to see what's going on while Youngboy dumb ass still performing war with us."

"I saw this video." Zarie laughed. "Babyjoe started dancing in the middle of fighting and shit, he mad funny."

"I was laughing at that too." I chuckled.

"While I'm watching their fight the bitch who was pulling my leg snuck me. Her and her big ass friends was jumping the shit out of me." Sin laughed. "I was mad as hell at the moment but this shit funny now. Them bitches was big as hell, in height and weight but they still ain't do shit to G Sinny."

"You really retarded." Lee laughed.

"Security tryna break up Babyjoe and them fight while also trying to break up my fight. So next thing you know cops was coming and I got pulled out the building. Dumb ass Cali cops tryna arrest me but gon let them bitches who was jumping me go so I got mad and hit the lady cop. She shouldn't even been a cop cause I was whooping her ass." Sin laughed.

"Tell me she ain't just say she fought a cop." I touched my head shaking it.

"I fought two, they the reason I got a black eye." She took her glasses off laughing.

"You ain't get arrested?" Zarie asked.

"Bitch, I was flash once more police officers came!" She exclaimed getting louder. "I was out, I didn't even know where the fuck I was going but I was hauling ass not looking back. They thought they was catching me bitch I'm Jamaican, I wasn't going."

"This is so sad." Lee repeated laughing.

"I lost them and ducked into some restaurant. I pulled my phone out seeing I had hella missed calls from all of them but I called a Lyft deciding I'll just see em at the hotel. When I got in the hotel, I went to my room and took a shower then went to Youngboy room seeing all them in there. They was asking questions but I went straight to Jania and started beating her up."

"Why Sin?" I sighed.

"Because while I was getting jumped by them big ass bitches she was standing there like the dumb bitch she is."

"Why would you expect her to jump in? You don't know her and you fucking her nigga." Lee said making me agree.

"Ever since I got in Cali, she was in my face and I was starting to like her cause she really is cool. I would have jumped in if she was getting jumped whether I knew her or not because them bitches was really big as hell."

"So after you beat Jania up?" Zarie asked.

"Babyjoe and Boomer had to pull me off her, they took me to my room and started being on joke time. We was in the room laughing our asses off because the whole night just been a mess yo so while we playing Youngboy come in the room thinking he was talking to a average bitch so I hit him too. We was fighting for a good minute before they finally separated us."

"What he was saying?"

"He was talking bout how Jania got a black eye and shit but I ain't give her a damn black eye because I only punched her tw

go home don't tell me." I told him making him sigh. "I'm glad you're okay though, I was so scared."

"Just wait until I tell you the story." He shook his head as he limped back to the waiting room.

"What's wrong with ya leg?"

"Stupid ass cop hit me with they baton."

"I don't even wanna know yet." I shook my head as Sef came in telling us we could see her.

I washed my hands as soon as I got in the room as Lee handed her over without me having to ask making me smile. "I'm your mommy G Nobi." I smiled making them laugh. "I'm going to make sure you have everything you ever wanted princess."

"You better stop before you confuse my damn daughter." Sef said as I ignored him continuing to talk to her.

"So what we naming her?" I asked them.

"Maisn Auri Jacobs." Sef smiled.

"I'm going to cry." I said since they picked my name. I pulled out my phone taking selfies with her as she opened her eyes. "She's opening her eyes, omg!!"

Her eyes were grey making me almost drop her from excited I was, I regained myself and held her continuing to talk to her. I know everybody was mad because I was being selfish but I didn't care, I been waiting on my baby for so long now.

"You can hold her for five minutes." I told Jah making him wave me off as I looked at Sef making him nod.

I walked out telling everyone I'll be back, I walked down two hallways then went into a empty room. I sat on the bed waiting for Dr.Ucil to walk in, she smiled at me turning on the monitor then grabbing some gloves. She gave me a gown so I can change and I did just as she said.

"Bitch, you done got me in enough shit today. Who room is this?" I heard Zeph say outside the door.

"Brah, shut the fuck up." Sef opened the door pushing Zeph in then leaving back out.

Zeph turned around and smiled coming to my side just as Dr.Ucil was putting my legs up. She stuck a little wand in my vaginamaking me a little uncomfortable as she said it would. I grabbed Zeph hand as he looked down at me then at the screen.

"Okay, so there's your baby. You're 8 weeks and your baby is looking healthy and I'm going to get the heartbeat goinggg now." She said as I heard a strong heartbeat making us smile but I stopped smiling seeing her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked her as she looked up at me then back at the monitor.

"There are two heartbeats." She said making my eyes go wide.

"Huh?" I asked as she positioned the wand differently.

"There are two heartbeats but I only see- oh there it go, the other embryo was hiding. It seems as though you're having twins, congratulations." She smiled as Zeph and I looked at each other.

"Huh?" I asked again making her laugh.

"Are twins common in either family?" She asked looking at us.

"My mom is a sextulape and she had two sets of twins but I'm not a twin." Zeph spoke up.

"Well, sometimes it can skip genes and it's now passed to you."

"Wow." Zeph and I said in unison.

"Do you want pictures?"

"Can you print out two?"

"Yeah sure." She nodded. "I have to give you a prescription for some prenatal vitamins and I'll give you pamphlets on preparing your body for the birth of twins."

"Okay, thank you." I nodded.

"Be right back." She smiled walking out.

"Twins?" Zeph asked still in shock making me laugh and roll my eyes.


"We're having a baby, well babies." I told Zeph as we laid in the dark while he rubbed my stomach sleepily. "Like I have two human beings inside of me."



"Shut up." He mumbled making me laugh.

"No, tell me why you went to jail."

"Me, Sef, Roddy and Jace coming from the gym bout to get something to eat and some nigga say something to Roddy and you know he play too much so he started getting the nigga mad. Comes to find out these those lil niggas we been beefing with big brahs. So one of em recognize me and he sneak me off the bat. Mind you these niggas thirty and older Nobi but they still wasn't doing nothing."

"How many of them was it?"

"It was like ten of em, it took four of em to put me down but once I got down I started fighting for my life. Even when I heard the cops I was still beating up niggas, I even made a mistake and knocked the cop out because I thought I was still getting jumped." He laughed making me shake my head.

"So do you have charges against you?"

"No, Zurich made them drop it against all of us."

"You need to call a truce or something before our baby come. I can't have you getting locked up or even putting me in danger because they know I'm your girl. I was all down for the trap queen shit but now I'm pregnant Mitch, it's bigger than us."

"I know Nobi, I got this. I promise I do."

"As long as you have us like I know you do then I believe you."

"I love you." He kissed me then wincing because of his lip.

"I love you more stupid."


One of my new friends up here name is Maisn and I really like it so I used it, it's pronounced Mason. Hey girlllll.

Y'all I cut off my nigga who had a girlfriend but I lowkey miss him because we used to be laid up all night just talking about shit. He used to buy me so much shit and Christmas coming up... I cut him off too soon with my dumb ass.

My wifi acting stupid so I ain't feel like editing, excuse any mistakes.

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