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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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"I've found out that growing up means that being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am."

-- Epiphany

Aanvi Zenobia

"Zeph come on damn!" I yelled getting irritated.

"I'm right here, the fuck are you yelling for?"

"Because I told you to be ready and you always wait til the last minute to do shit, I told you a time for a reason."

"I'm ready right? Stop fucking yelling at me like I'm your child."

"No that's irritating, whenever you tell me to be ready by a time I always am! Like who are you trying to impress?"

"I ain't arguing with you." He laughed walking pass me going out the room.

"This isn't a argument."

"I know it ain't cause I'm not arguing with you, drop it or you gon be talking to yourself."

"Talking to myself how Zephyr? Let me know."

He didn't say anything turning away from me again making me roll my eyes, he said hey to Zarie as they both walked out the house. I grabbed a water then stopped feeling a little nauseated, I started walking again drinking my water.

"Rushing me but you the last one out the house." He scoffed.

"Zephyr, stop fucking talking to me."

"Have the same energy you had in the house Nobi, argue with yourself now Nobi." He teased with a big ass smile on his face.

"Why you smiling? What's the joke? Put me on." I turned in my seat as he backed out the driveway.

"You. You the biggest joke."

"And I'll be wrong if I smack that stupid ass kool-aid smile off ya face right?"

"As long as you know Imma smack your mad ass back."

"Then we gon be fighting."

"Why you wanna get beat up twice in the same week?" He joked making me look at him.


"Sike nah baby, I'm only fucking with you." He stopped at a red light looking at me. "Gimme a kiss."


"I promise you ya mad ass better remember this because when you make me mad your feelings gon be hurt."

"Then hurt my feelings then Zeph." I rolled my eyes making him bust out laughing.

"You really mad dramatic."

"I don't get y'all." Zarie said from the backseat.

"She just going through one of her moods, she'll be aight with her mad ass."

"Stop talking to my mad ass then."

"Wasn't talking to you, was talking to Zarie."

"You so immature."

"And you still mad." He licked his finger then touched my ear.

"I'm dead ass not playing now." I said getting mad turning towards him. "Watch, I get another boyfriend."

"Zarie, you see how she be treating me right?"

"Yeah, she's so grouchy." Zarie agreed making me look back at her as she threw her hands up in surrender.

"You did me wrong, I thought you were true. You ran out of my life and now I'm through with you!" Zeph sung looking directly at me.

I ignored him pulling out my phone, I was mad as hell and I didn't know why. I got on Snapchat clicking on Sin name seeing she was with Youngboy at one of his concerts making me laugh at how turned up they was, I snapped her knowing she wasn't going to respond. It's been a week since our fight and she still wasn't talking to me, I missed my sister.

"Who's supposed to be here again?" Zarie asked making me look up from my phone.

"Our brother Amil, our mom and her fiance Algee."

"Okay." She nodded.

Today was the day we take Zarie home and we were all nervous because we didn't know how she would adjust but I hoped it was fine because she seemed to really trust me. Amil even flew from Los Angeles so he can meet our "long lost sister", as he calls her.

"I meant to ask you, what kind of phone do you want? iPhone? Android?"

"Whichever is cheaper, I don't want you to keep spending money on me. I understand I'm your sister but I don't like accepting things from people."

"Girl bye, what phone you want?" I ignored her.

"Whatever you wanna give me."

"You want the X or 8?" Zeph asked.

"What do y'all have?"

"8plus." We said in unison.

"Then the regular 8, I don't like big phones."

"You should have it by tomorrow or tonight depending how long this dinner take." Zeph told her.


Zeph pulled into the restaurant we were all eating at, I saw Algee car letting me know they were already here. I got out the car slowly still making sure I wasn't feeling like I was going to throw up then grabbed Zeph hand that he was extending to me. We walked in spotting Amil, my mom and Algee.

"Brotherrr!" I yelled louder than I intended to getting people attention as he stood up coming to hug me. "I miss you so much!"

"I missed you more beloved, it's like you just keep growing on me." He looked me over then Zarie. "You look more like me than Nobi, you my twin."

"She looks like me more because we look better than you." I told him sitting down.

"Nobi come on now, stop playing with ya life." He sat down then looking over at her. "So how you pronounce ya difficult ass name?"


"Where you get our difficult ass names from?" He asked our mom making us all look at her.

"I don't know, I made them up."

"Why I couldn't be Jefferey or Rashad, yeah Rashad because all Rashads look good and I looks good." He smirked making me laugh.

"And I could of been a Brittany, Janae-" I joined in his antics.

"Venus." Amil, Acacia and I said in unison.

"Oh, that's weird as fuck." I laughed looking at them. "I always wanted to have siblings for this reason."

"So how old are you?" Amil asked.

"I could of sworn I told you all of this." I looked at him.

"Y'all didn't even introduce me." Algee sipped his water making us laugh.

"Once they start talking, ain't no stopping them." My mom said.

"I'm Algee, your mom fiance."

"Acacia but I go by Zarie."

"You and Zenobia with this middle name shit." Amil said. "I might as well start using my middle name."

"Zayel is just as difficult as your first name, more if that."

"You right." He pointed his drink looking at me. "Wait, you just said fiance?"

"They ain't tell you?" I asked.

"Ma, I thought I was ya favorite child. How you don't tell me?"

"I'm her favorite child." I looked at him.

"I have no favorite, I love y'all equally."

"That's a lie because you love me more, we barely even know Amil, who is he?" I asked.

"I almost forgot to laugh."

"Now y'all understand why we can't take both out in public." My mom said.

"Hi, I'm your waiter Felix. May I get y'all drinks and if y'all are ready to order then I'll get that too."

As we all ordered, they talked to Zarie trying to get to know her. I already knew most of the things she was telling them so I didn't really care to listen to the conversation. I was actually feeling type sick like I was going to throw up and I hoped I didn't cause I wanted my food.

"You good baby?" Zeph asked quietly.

"Yeah, my stomach hurts." I told him.

"You wanna leave?"

"No, I could stick it out until we done."

"Don't force yourself to eat either."


"Did Nobi tell you you're enrolled in school?" Algee asked Zaria making her stop eating her food.

"Am I in my right grade?" She asked.

"Yeah, you might have to do some online classes or summer school though." My mom told her.

"I'm not complaining as long as I don't get held back."

"You start tomorrow with me, I'll come get you in the morning."

"Get her from where? Where ya grown ass going?" Amil asked.

"You heard what you said right? Grown. Say it with me, grown. Let's spell it now g r o-"

"Alright Nobi." Zeph laughed.

"I need my little sister back cause I don't like you." Amil scrunched his face up. "Zarie, you my favorite little sister now. You ever been to LA?"


"If you don't have summer school, you gon replace Nobi."

"I see how it is." I nodded.

"Mhm." He pulled out

p and your stomach is hard as fuck."

"I didn't think you'll notice, you tryna say I'm fat now?"

"That's another thing, everything I say you get offended or get in your feelings about. We not even gon mention how much shit you be eating." He looked at all the food on my bed. "Then the whole Sin thing, you yelled you couldn't do anything and I knew it wasn't because of Miami."

"You know me so well." I smiled.

"So when you was gon tell me?"

"I wanted to tell you in a cute ass way." I frowned. "I had everything planned out already, now I gotta cancel."

"What you had planned?"

"I was gon tell Sef to bring you to the hospital for Lee because you know they ain't really cool but I was gon be in the room on the table with the sonogram up and shit. It was really going to be an emotional cute moment and you just ruined everything."

"You can do that with everything else then baby." He kissed my stomach making me smile. "Wassup little man? I been tryna trap yo mother for almost four months now, thank you for coming through for me. You the real MVP." He joked speaking to my stomach making me laugh.

"I been told you to stop nutting in me."

"You said birth control had you so?"

"Birth control played me like a damn fool." I mumbled making him laugh.

"You went to the doctor?"

"I wanted us to go together."

"We can go Saturday, we both off."

"Okay." I said getting up so I can go take the leftover food to the fridge. I walked down there seeing Amil on FaceTime with Draya Mitchell making me furrow my eyes.

"You know Draya? What the fuck, hey I'm Nobi. You so pretty." I smiled snatching his phone before he could say something.

"You his sister right? Thank you, you're beautiful."

"Oh stop." I smiled waving her off as she giggled.

"She's one of the celebrities I style."

"I'm coming back to LA with you." I whispered putting the food in the fridge then kissing his cheek. "Goodnight babes."

"Night No."

I walked back upstairs going to Zarie room seeing her sitting down scrolling on her phone, she looked up and locked her phone. "I just came to say goodnight sissy. Don't stay up too late, can't be late tomorrow."

"I won't, goodnight sissy." She hugged me making me smile.

I walked out knocking on my mom door, I heard Algee yell come in so I did seeing them laid up watching a movie. My mom paused the movie as they both looked at me. "I just wanted to say goodnight before I go to sleep."

"Night baby." My mom said as I walked over to her kissing her on her cheek.

"Night Nobi." Algee kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight, remember these walls are thin." I pointed making them both laugh.

"Bye Zenobia, get out my room." She threw a cup at me while I laughed running out.

I finally walked back to my room turning the light off while Zeph was on the phone with Sef or Jace, I heard Sef making me know it was him. I laid down on my back then yawned while Zeph laid on my chest touching my stomach while he was still on the phone.

"Aight bitch, bye." He hung up making me laugh then going on Snapchat. He recorded him rubbing my stomach then kissed it. He saved it but didn't post it. "We ain't gon tell nobody until we have to."

"I agree." I nodded.

"I really wanna tell you I love you because I feel like I don't tell you enough." He said rubbing circles on my stomach. "I appreciate you so much and the fact that you're having my first child just makes my love grow for you more when I didn't even know that was possible. We really in this forever and I don't care what we go through because we gon get over it. You mine forever and it's vice versa. You have my heart."

"I didn't know I could love you like this but I love you so much Zephyr that it scares me." I felt my eyes getting watery and I guessed he sensed it because he looked up and kissed under both of my eyes. "I'm so grateful for you but as you said it's vice versa, you been had my heart since you told me you was 6'5."

We both laughed as I grabbed his face wiping under his eyes since his were watery too, I smiled bringing his face to me as we kissed passionately and slow. He got in between legs putting one of them on the crook of his arm, he stopped kissing me and looked deep into my eyes while I did the same. I gasped feeling him enter me as my mouth went ajar since I was caught off guard, I didn't even know he took off his basketball shorts.

He started moving slowly grabbing my hand putting it above my head while our fingers were connected. We were still staring into each other eyes as he held my hand while my other hand was gripping the sheets. I touched the back of his neck pulling him down so I can kiss him and contain my moans that was coming out so effortlessly.

He was trying to tell me he loved me through sex and the way this was feeling, I loved him more.


I broke my phone like two months ago and I'm still phoneless. I get the 8plus in January but I can't keep doing this phoneless shit, it's so annoying.

Anybody wanna be friends with me? lmao I be needing new people to talk to, I be so boreddd.

Excuse any mistakes.

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