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"Sometimes being silent is better than telling others how you feel. Knowing that you are being heard but not understood could be more painful than expressing your feelings."

--- C. Tang

Aanvi Zenobia

Today was my first day off of work in forever and I was grateful, I needed a break. I watched my mom walk back and forth cleaning things while I laid on the couch as she played music and cleaned the same shit almost five times making me laugh. She was making dinner for Algee and I so she needed everything to be "perfect".

"I literally watched you clean this six times in the last ten minutes." I told her making her look up.

"I'm just tryna make sure everything-"

"Perfect." I mocked her making her throw the rag she was cleaning with at me as I laughed. "You need to be cooking because I'm hungry."

"The Alfredo in the oven then I'm putting the shrimp scampi in."

"What about the meat pies?" I asked making her touch her head.

"I knew I was forgetting something."

"You wanna keep cleaning that ugly ass vase and forgot my meat pies." I glared at her.

"Then go make the shits yo got damn self."

"I don't wanna." I whined throwing my body all over the couch.

"Grow up." She laughed making me roll my eyes.

I got up going in the kitchen to go get the ingredients out then went to the speaker changing the song because she was blowing my shit with this song. The doorbell rung making me look in the living room to see her still cleaning the same damn table, I rolled my eyes going to open the door. Sef was standing there as I tilted my head confused.

"What you doing here?" I asked.

"Damn, it's still like that Nobi?"

"Come in." I rolled my eyes going back to the kitchen to wash my hands.

"What you bout to make?"

"Meat pies."

"With chicken or beef?"


"Oh aight." He nodded watching me as I chopped up onions. "Since you here, you can help. Get that pan and pour a tablespoon of olive oil in it."

Getting up, he washed his hands then did as I said. I shook my head watching as he turned the heat down. "So, why are you here?"

"You ain't been texting or calling me back."

"I never got anything from you though." I grabbed my phone showing him.

"You got me on do not disturb." He looked at me blankly.

"Oh shit, my bad." I laughed putting it back down then washing my hands again. "Why you been texting and calling?"

"You saying it like I can't."

"You could but if it's about the Lee situation, you talking to the wrong person. I was mad but then again it ain't that much of my business." I shrugged.

"She won't talk to me, unless I talk about the baby, she ignore me."

"Why wouldn't she? A bitch had to come up to her and tell her wassup, you know how embarrassing that is?"

"It wasn't-"

"Nah fuck being embarrassed, do you know how much that hurt? Hearing another bitch come tell you ya nigga living a double life? I would get it if Lee was just ya babymother but you treating her like y'all together then going to fuck another bitch."

"I never fucked Gilly." He spoke. "It ain't even nothing serious with Gilly, I barely talk to her or see her."

"It's the fact that you should have told Lee instead of letting her find out from some unknown ass bitch."

"You right and I cursed Gilly out bout that shit, she got too comfortable talking bout I'm her boyfriend and shit. Everybody know Lee the only girl I love and if they don't, they should."

"If I didn't promise Zeph I was done fighting I would of smacked the shit out of that girl the way her bold ass came up to Lee."

"Hey Becs." Sef smiled as she came in the kitchen, she looked at him then me.

"We talking to him now?" She asked making me laugh.

"Damn, y'all had Bacs in it too?"

"That's called loyalty!" I joked. "But yeah we back talking to him."

"Well then hey Yusef, are you staying for dinner?"

"Shit, I could." He rubbed his hands together laughing.

"Okay, I'll go set the table then. Algee should be here in no time." She smiled as I stirred the onions and ground beef.

"Did you talk to her about Zarie?"

"She's either out with Algee or sleep or I'm not here." I sighed. "And I don't want to get my hopes up and she's not my sister."

"But what if she is?"

"Then she's coming home with me that day." I told him seriously. "She's been through some much already that I'm going to make her life damn near perfect, sister or not."

"Something off about you." He squinted his eyes making me tilt my head to the side.

"What you mean?"

"I don't know what it is but I know something off."

"Well then I don't know."

Another ten minutes passed as I finished making my meat pies, my mom took out the food placing everything on the table. I grabbed the bottle of Green tea and put it by my plate as the doorbell rung. I stood up to hug Algee as Sef hugged him too, I saw him kiss my mom making me smirk.

"We'll talk about that later." I pointed winking at her as she laughed and waved me off.

He pulled out a bottle of Pinot Noir Rosé making me raise a eyebrow. "Unc got that money." Sef joked making us laugh.

"What's the celebration?" I asked.

"Just celebrating life." Algee smiled.

"Mhmmmm." I dragged out looking between the two of them.

Throughout the rest of the dinner, we laughed at the memories my mom and Algee told us or talked about new things. I drunk my green tea watching the way Algee was staring at her while she talked, it was like she was everything she ever wanted making me smile. It was so cute.

"Imma get some water." I said getting up. I walked in the kitchen checking my phone to see Zeph and Sin texted me. After texting them back, Algee walked in the kitchen getting the wine out the fridge.

"Are you enjoying dinner?" He asked.

"Yeah, it's cool. You?"

"Yeah." He nodded then rubbed his hands on his pants. "I want to ask your mother to marry me."

"Okay?" I said slowly confused.

"And I'm asking for your blessing."

"My blessing?" I asked more confused.

"Since you're the only family she has, I want to know can I have your blessing to propose."

"Y'all only been reunited for two months, don't you think that's still early?"

"I've known your mother since I was in grade school, I watched her pick so many wrong dudes over me and still helped her get through the heartbreaks not knowing I was going through my own. Every time we find our way back something steps in the way knocking us back five feet, I'm ready for it all and I want her smile to stay on permanently."

"And what if I say no?"

"Then I'll have no other choice but to respect your decision." He shrugged. "You're the most important person in her life and I'm not just asking to be in her life forever, I'm asking to be in yours too."

"Go get your wife." I smiled making him laugh nervously and sigh in relief.

"Thank you Zenobia." He hugged me then grabbed the wine walking out as I grabbed my phone bringing it to the dining room with me.

I sat back down as Algee stood behind the chair she was sitting in, he got on one knee making me stand on the side of her. "Let me take a picture of you." I told her starting to record with the flash on.

"Nobi, this not no damn picture." She covered her face laughing. "Where is-" She gasped covering her mouth as she turned around seeing him on one knee.

"Yeah unc!" Sef clapped cheering making me laugh.

"I pictured this moment differently but right now everything is perfect, will you-"

"YES!" She got on her knees hugging him making me laugh as my eyes started watering.

"Ain't even let the man finish his sentence." I joked making them laugh. "He ain't even ask but let me see the ring."

I recorded him sliding the ring on her finger as he kissed her while she wrapped her arm around his neck, I smiled real hard as tears dropped out of my eyes.

"Hold on." I put my phone down making them look at me weirdly. "This ring big as fuck, how many carats is this?"

"20." Algee answered.

"Unc got fucking money." Sef recorded making me laugh. "Wait this mean Nobi my cousin now?"

"No the hell it doesn't because then Zeph will be my cousin." I snapped at him.

"It's cool cuzzo." He put his arm around my neck making me roll my eyes.

"So desert?" My mom asked smiling as her and Algee went into the kitchen.

"Can I tell you something without you telling anybody else?" I asked Sef.

"You know you could." He looked at me weirdly then held out his pinky so I could latch it.

"I'm pregnant." I smiled making his eyes go wide then he smiled and spun me around making me laugh.

"Yo, Zeph bout to be happy as shit!" He yelled making me hit him to be quiet. "Damn, my bad but you making him dreams come true. How many months?"

"I didn't go to the doctor yet but I took five damn test. My calculations say I should be seven or eight weeks."

"Now you could have ya own damn baby and stop claiming mine." He said making me laugh.

"They're both my babies." I smiled as he touched my stomach. "Sef, it ain't gon be a bump yet."

"I'm really just happy as shit, I knew something was different about you." He laughed making me smile and roll my eyes.


"You happy?" I asked my mom making her look up from looking at her ring.

"Yes." She answered nodding then patting her bed so I could lay with her. "Algee told me he asked for your blessing, thank you."

"It was nothing, where is he?"

"He got work in the morning and I wanted to stay with you tonight, I feel like I never see you anymore. I don't want you to feel like I'm replacing you or forgetting you."

"Yeah cause I was getting jealous." I told her cuddling with her. "I'm happy you're happy."

"I want you to be my maid of honor."

"I was already in my head so I accept." I smiled as she laughed. "Can I ask a question and you be honest with me? No matter if I get mad at you or you hurt my feelings, I really want the truth."

Shifting, she nodded her head slowl

t still got you mad enough to make you wanna fight and now you just walking away?"

"Sin relax." Jace told her.

"No because she let that bitch spit at her."

"Spit?" Mitch asked coming from the back.

"It didn't land on me."

"Exactly, it fucking landed on me. I got spit on for you and you just stood there like a fucking dummy." She raised her voice. "I done hit three bitches and you still standing there like a fucking dummy."

"I don't see why you so mad anyway." I shrugged. "They never said anything about your parents, they ain't say nothing to you at all so you didn't have to say anything to them."

"Are you serious?" She asked squinting. "Yeah, let me leave so I could calm down."

I walked towards her making her look up from her phone. "You're mad for no reason and it's childish as hell. I just-"

"Aanvi, all jokes to the left get out my face." She backed up.

"No because you're mad like I wasn't mad either but it's not that simple. I can't just be going around and beating people up-"

"You used to punch on bitches just for looking at you, they crossed a line and now you wanna walk away? You don't wanna fight because of that stupid ass Miami trip when I could take you to Miami, the fuck!"

"Imma just stop talking cause you too hyped and you making me mad."

"You wasn't getting mad in them bitches face though."

"What the fuck I'm fighting bitches for when I know I can beat them?!" I yelled getting in her face. "You knew they wasn't on shit either but you-"

"Bitch, once I swung you was supposed to follow up because it's what I would of did for you!"

"Alright y'all, chill." Zeph said.

"For real, it's getting too heated." Roddy shook his head.

"Mind y'all business and let them get what they gotta say out." Lee told them. "I know both of them better than any of y'all, let them do them."

"Sin, I'm not arguing with you cause you just sound dumb. You making it seem like I let you get jumped or something, go on with ya stupid ass."

"It's funny how ya lil sister who don't even know me followed up before you." She laughed. "We sisters but at that moment, I ain't know who you was. Let's not forget that bitch threw food at you too."

Grabbing her arm, I made her look at me. "Now I'm getting pissed off. Sin I can not get locked up, I can not fight, I told you multiple times to walk away and-"

"Bitch, I walked away with you and still got spit on while you sat there looking at me like a stupid ass bitch."

"Bitch, you didn't have to defend me at all."

"Nobi, let go of me before I hit you. Stop grabbing me." She snatched out my grip.

"Bitch, hit me for what? You wanna be mad and I don't care cause you honestly sound stupid."

"Cool, I want defend you no more else. You don't ever gotta worry about me coming to ya defense." She nodded trying to turn away but I grabbed her again.

"Nobi, stop touching her." Lee said struggling to get up.

"I don't care about shit she saying, she wanna hit me because she mad she got spit on. Everybody know I'm not a bitch and I'll fight anyone, win or lose and she making it seem like I'm a punk ass bitch. I never been considered as one."

"Until today!" Sin said. "You ain't have me like I would have had you but that's my fault, it's cool though."

"Bitch, were you getting jumped? Milly or Redd didn't even hit you back! Shut the fuck up, nobody touched you-"

"Somebody spit on me, let me fucking spit on you so you can feel my anger."

"You stupid as hell if you spitting on me."

"But where was this energy in the mall? You really a weird ass bitch." She laughed. "I'm over it, I'm bout to call my Uber."

I grabbed her again making her reflexes kick in and hit me stumble back a little. She looked a little shocked and I know she ain't mean to do it but it still got me mad as hell. I stepped towards her and punched her ass back as she dropped her phone swinging on me.

"YO! Relax!" Zeph said as I fell while Sin got on top of me sending direct face shots.

"Sin, stop!" Jace told her as I felt my nose start bleeding. He finally got her off me as Zeph helped me up wiping my nose.

She hit the wall twice creating a big ass hole then picking up her phone and walking out the house making sure to slam the door. They all looked at me while I wiped my nose shaking my head.

"She told ya dumb ass to stop touching her." Lee shook her head rubbing her stomach. "Both of y'all dumb asses dumb."

"I don't care." I shrugged. "I hope she got all her anger out."

"First of all, this wall is made out of metal." Roddy said looking at the hole. "That mean she hit hard as shit."

"For real." Zeph agreed looking at the wall. "Her hand probably broke cause ain't no way."

"Now y'all see why I always gotta use guns or weapons, she fucking retarded." Jace said.

"We been knew Sin hit hard, she once broke a girl nose and knocked her teeth out with one punch." Lee said making me nod.

"So I don't want to hear shit else when y'all hear about me knocking her out cause now y'all know." Jace said making us laugh.

"And you paying for that." Zeph told him.

"I ain't do the damn hole, you better talk to her."

"Nah, ya girl ya problems brah." Sef told him.

"Imma go lay down." I shook my head feeling tired.

I walked in the room checking my phone to text Sin telling her to let me know when she was in the house, though I doubt she texted back. Zeph came in in the room and pouted making me laugh as he got in the bed holding me.

"Aw, my baby got beat up." He joked making me laugh.

"I got beat up by my big sister, I don't think this counts." I joked.

"Nah baby it count." He laughed.

"Hey, I can't win everything." I shrugged.

"It look like ya nose bruising."

"It probably is." I touched it. "I shouldn't of grabbed her."

"You think?" He laughed. "No funny shit but she hit you with some hard shit."

"She really did but I know she ain't mean the first hit."

"I saw the regret in her face afterwards, you should of walked away then too."

"Was I wrong baby?" I asked looking at him.

"You know the answer to that if you asking me." He told me making me sigh.

"Yeah, I know." I told him playing with his chain.

It's always something.


Lemme ask y'all a question.. Y'all ever had sex with somebody who had a girlfriend? Or just fucked with somebody heavy with a girlfriend? Be honest too lmaoo

Sooooo y'all I started writing overdose and it's honestly lit asf, not even on no gassing shit LMAOO like I have four chapters written already and it's just so lit.

I didn't feel like editing, excuse any mistakes.

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