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   Chapter 17 NO.17

Let Down By Xannny Characters: 36510

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"Sometimes silence is more powerful than having the last word."

-- David Run

Aanvi Zenobia

I got out the Lyft making sure I had everything, I thanked the man then walked up to my house locking the door. I grabbed a water out the refrigerator then walked upstairs stopping mid way seeing my mom standing in front of me.

"Which one?" She asked holding up a red jumpsuit and a black dress.

"Red. Where you going?"

"Algee is taking me to the new museum that just opened." She smiled making me raise a eyebrow.

"This like the third time this week and it's only Thursday."

"We got a lot of catching up to do. Four years to be exact." She smirked walking away.

"Go on with ya bad self." I smirked walking in my room to see Sin laying down on FaceTime.

"You finally off work." She smiled looking at me.

"Why you ain't tell me we got a bug problem?" I asked my mom making her come out the room confused.

"What you talking about? We don't." She walked closer to me.

"It's a big ass water bug on my bed." I opened the door so she could see Sin.

She hit me laughing. "Girl, leave me alone."

I ignored Sin as she talked on FaceTime, I went to take a shower then got out putting some shorts and a tank top to see she was still on FaceTime. I laid in my bed next to her seeing it was Youngboy making me smile.

"Youngboy say it!" I laughed making his attention come to me.

"I'm not bout to say this every time, I talk to you."

"This the last time." I smiled.

"You said that last time." KD said making me roll my eyes.

"Youngboy please." I pouted.

"Man the probation officer, I'm tryna see when he gon let me leave na." He said making me and Sin laugh as I recorded him for Snap.

"I don't get what's so funny bout that to y'all." KD laughed.

"Cause his accent just kills me with y'all country ass." I laughed.

"You wished you had a accent, booty ass city." Kd said.

"At least we got sidewalks." I clapped back making everybody laugh.

"No for real, why Baton Rouge don't got sidewalks?" Sin asked laughing.

"We do, the streets our sidewalk."

"Where my baedaddy?" I asked referring to Boomer.

"Food run with Montana."

"When y'all coming back?"

"I think in like two weeks, maybe."

I was about to say something when Youngboy girlfriend looked into his phone but didn't say anything making me raise a eyebrow. "Oh no, shawty dumb and Kentrell you bold as fuck."

"Same shit I said, I would of bust his fucking head." Sin shook her head.

"You even talking like Youngboy now." KD laughed.

"Swear, all she fucking do is talk like his ass. Next thing you know, she gon have the accent." I laughed.

"Youngboy talk like me, I been busting people heads." Sin rolled her eyes.

"She know she lil yb." Youngboy smiled making her laugh.

"My name ain't dumb ass Jania." She said as we laughed.

"Youngboy go record." I heard Montana voice as he sighed.

"Just text me later." Sin said as he nodded.

"And tell Boomer to text me!" I said as he nodded then hung up.

"Let's watch a movie." Sin said as I nodded.

"You spending a night?"


"Pick a movie, I don't feel like it." She grabbed the firestick going through movies. "I just wanna know why Zeph haven't texted me back."

"He probably in the hospital, you know they service be ass in the hospital."

"Why would he be in the hospital?" I looked at her blankly.

"I stabbed Jace around a hour ago." She said looking at her nails.

"Wait, what?"

"His dumb ass thought we were having sex and let me tie him up then I stabbed him."

"Where and how many times?"

"In his shoulder twice."

"Sincere." I sighed. "Why?"

"I told y'all I was going to stab him, he threw a fucking remote at my head."

"But why did you tie him up?"

"He would have knocked me the fuck out." She laughed. "He said he was gon kill me when he catch me so I'm ducking off here."

"Wait, so that mean you stabbed him then left while he was still tied up?"

"Yeah." She nodded, "Sincere." I sighed FaceTiming Zeph.

"Wassup?" He answered driving.

"Why haven't you texted me back?"

"I had to pick Jace up and take him to the hospital."

"Why?" I asked like I didn't know.

"Sin stabbed Jace in both of his shoulders." He said making me look at her.

"Wait, in both? As in left and right?" I asked her as she nodded.

"Yeah." He said making me bust out laughing.

"Nobi, that's not funny." Zeph said as I continued laughing.

"I'm sorry, is he okay?"

Jace face appeared making me tuck in my lips so I wouldn't laugh anymore. "I'm going to kill your friend."

"Sister." I corrected. "Are you okay?"

"She ain't hit nothing so I'm cool but tell her this when I see her, I'm going to kill her. I know I say it a lot but I've never been more serious right now."

"I mean you did throw a remote at her."

"How does that equal? She should of threw a damn remote back, not stab me with no fucking fork."

"Wait, huh?" I asked looking over at her.

"A fucking fork! I'm going to kill her, no one can save her." He shrugged.

"Damn, not even me?"

"Nah." He shook his head then passed it back to Zeph.

"I'm still coming with you to work tomorrow?"

"Yes then Saturday, I need you to take me to get my hair done."

"You just got your hair done for your birthday." He looked at me.

"That was like a month and some days ago. Lee photo shoot that she want Sin and I on Saturday."

"Bitch, that's tomorrow?" Sin asked then smacked herself on her head knowing she was supposed to be quiet. "Oh fuck."

"Imma kill you bitch!" Jace face appeared as he yelled making me bust out laughing.

Sin quickly hung up the phone as I continued laughing, I looked at her face to see her real life scared. I couldn't even talk because the way Jace said it just had me crying, he better not come over here.

"You done got yaself in some shit now." I laughed some more.

"That's not funny, he better not come here."

"If he does I have a hiding spot for you." I shrugged.

"Let's watch Something Borrowed, I haven't seen it in so long." Sin suggested as I agreed, this was our favorite movie.

"You want something off of Ubereats?"

"Yeah, I want some pasta or something."

"Oou, yeahhh." I agreed looking at restaurants.


"That was good." Sin smiled as we finished our food and the movie at the same time.

"I'm glad we were never in this situation." I spoke getting her attention. "I would want us to be honest to each other at all cost."

"We lowkey was in this situation." She said making me squint in confusion. "With Isiah."

"Isiah? You never told me you liked Izzy." I remarked confusion all in my face.

"Nobi, you knew I liked Izzy as I knew you liked him too. He was both our best friends and we both had crushes on him."

"Why you never told me you felt a type of way about it then?" I asked as she shrugged.

"It was never me he wanted so what was I supposed to say? I especially couldn't say anything once you lost your virginity to him." She looked at me. "I mean it was never no hating shit either, I was salty for like a day then it was like whatever. Niggas come and go, I wouldn't dare put a nigga before you."

"And yaknow it's vice versa." I smiled as she laughed. "You should of took your chance, we could of had some lit ass threesomes."

"Seriously." She laughed. "I heard his dick bomb."

"It really is and he big, it was a point of time he had me addickted."

"Bitchhh!" She laughed.

"I'm so serious, boy used to call me all types of shit then give me dick later to make up for everything. That was our love."

"I don't do the disrespect thing so I know we would of never worked out, I got a hand problem."

"And that's why you in this situation now." I laughed.

"Jace not gon kill me." She waved me off. "He'll be miserable without me."

"He sounded serious."

"Watch this." She said pulling out her iPhone X, I watched her FaceTime Jace. He answered on the third ring, he was out the car in the house now.

"Why the fuck you calling me Sincere?" He asked.

"Because you keep telling people you gon kill me."

"Because I am." He stated blankly. "When I see you imma stab you too but Imma make sure it's fatal."

"Jason, I'm sorry but you hurt my feelings and made me look dumb. You keep threatening my life and it's hurting my feelings more."

"You won't be able to feel shit when you dead." He shrugged.

"You know you aren't killing me." She laughed. "Can we go out tomorrow though? I wanna go to Rebounders. I'll make up for today."

"Sincere, you out ya-"

"What time you coming to get me baeJason?" She smiled as he sighed.

"Around 9."

"Okay daddy, see you tomorrow. I love you." She smiled.

"I love you more Sin." He shook his head hanging up.

"As I said he wasn't killing me, I got him wrapped around my finger." She smiled.

"How you know he not lying?"

"This not the first time I stabbed him." She laughed.

"But why did you stab him with a fork?"

"Because it's not as sharp as a knife so it wasn't as quick and more painful."

"You sound like a fucking sociopath." I shook my head.

"I am."

"Do you actually love Jace?" I asked curious.

"More than I've ever loved a boy." She answered. "Don't let me make it seem like it's one sided, just how I got him wrapped around my finger, it's vice versa. We just gotta get our shit together so we could become one."

"I got faith in y'all." I smiled.

"I do too but bitch, let's play Just Dance." She smiled grabbing one of my Wii remotes.

"Ooou yes bitch!" I smiled.


"I'm dressed alright or too casual?" Zeph asked as I looked over his outfit which contained a black Ralph Lauren shirt, true religion jeans and gold metallic foams.

"You good babe." I kissed him then grabbed his hand walking in the building.

I spoke to the people I normally do as I passed them going into my office, he was looking around at everything in fascination making me chuckle. I stopped in front of my office smiling then walked in showing him as he smiled.

"This all yours?"

"Yes." I smiled.

"This almost as nice as my shit." He laughed sitting on the love seat. "So what you doing today while I observe?"

"I get to meet the little girl I was telling you about. The one who was raped at three months and passed around the foster system."

Zeph was about to say something but my boss, Eve, came in looking down at the iPad. "Zenobia, she's here. Remember- Oh, I didn't know you had someone here. Is this Zeph?"

Standing up, Zeph held his hand out to shake hers. "Yes, I'm her boyfriend Zeph."

"Nice to meet you Zeph, I'm Eve." She smiled shaking his hand then looking at me. "So this girl will be the most difficult case you had so far. She's been tortured since she was born so she doesn't trust easily, she has a horrible attitude, and she's just mean but once you gain her trust,

admit coming to brag was childish but I wanted to let you know so you can give him some space. Every time you call he gets up running because he feels as if he have to. We do have pictures together and he spent a night with me yesterday but he had to leave because y'all have a shoot, right?"

"Can I see the pictures?" Lee asked. The girl went on her Snapchat and showed her the videos and pictures together. I was looking at the dates and times of the pictures making me shake my head, Sef had a whole other life outchea.

"He's all yours." Lee spoke with tears in her eyes making me frown.

"He been mine but-"

"See I wasn't gon say shit but bitch you getting too-"

"Sincere." I glared at her.

"No Nobi because we all know what she came over here for not knowing she look stupid! She knew about Lee but Lee had to find out about her like if Sef really wanted this bitch we would of fucking knew! That just got me mad, Lee do you want me to smack her and her ugly ass friend?"

"Girl, who ugly?" Her friend asked.

"Bitch you, you're ugly! Lee, what you want me to do?"

"Sin, let's just leave it." Lee wiped her face. "I have a shoot to get to."

Sin sighed but picked up her bags, she glared at both of the girls then walked away. I shook my head, I'm going to air Sef the fuck out. I heard Lee sniffle as she got in the car, Sef ain't shit for this to be honest.


We walked into the hotel ballroom area where the photo shoot was going to be taken, there was backdrops, cameras, people walking around with cameras, a table with a bunch of food and just hella other stuff. I saw Jace, Sef and Zeph laughing as Sef was shirtless in some jeans.

"Cailee, you're late. Come on." The stylist Lee hired said pulling all of us.

Sin was going to do our makeup so the stylist just put out our outfits then left us to do us. I turned on some music to kill the silence as Sin did my face, after me was Lee then she did her self. I put on the ripped jeans and the black and white crossover bra, there wasn't any shirts or shoes so I guess this was the outfit.

Lee was doing different kind of shots so she would be changing outfits, Sin and I was just going to be in some pictures. Lee was in a white sheet two piece which had her stomach out making me smile, my sister looked so beautiful. We walked out together getting Jace, Sef, and Zeph attention stopping them from talking to Zarie.

Lee didn't even spare anyone a glance as they set up for her shoot. I walked over to the boys going to kiss Zeph. "This all they got you wearing?"

"Don't start." I rolled my eyes.

"You guys look beautiful." Zarie said making us smile.

"Thank you babes." Sin smiled.

"This is cold." Lee complained as she sat in the tub filled with some kind liquid and flowers.

She started posing for pictures and I almost cried seeing how beautiful she looked. You can something was wrong with her but she didn't let that effect the smile she had posing. I took some pictures of my own seeing how good she looked.

She got out then went into the room changing out that outfit going in another one, they called Sef over so he can stand at the backdrop and test the lights. I rolled my eyes seeing him, he a stupid little boy. Lee came out in some jeans and a robe. I figured she was going to be shirtless for this one, she walked over to Sef smiling as they posed for different pictures.

"Can y'all move in? Y'all are in love having a baby." The photographer said snapping more pictures. "Sef can you hold her stomach with her and kiss her?"

"Actually, can we not kiss? I don't feel comfortable kissing him." Lee said making him furrow his eyebrows.

"Whatever you want Cailee." The photographer said taking some more pictures. "Okay, your sisters can come in now."

"Y'all need to be shirtless." The stylist said. "This isn't the one with the bras."

"Nah." Zeph said. "Why she gotta naked?"

"Zeph, relax." I told him taking off the bra then covering my chest as we walked towards Lee. "You okay babe?"

"I'm not going to let him ruin my photo shoot, I'm perfect." She answered.

"You want me to stab him?" Sin asked making us laugh.

"No Sincere." She laughed.

We took a few pictures doing different poses and acting natural. After a few we were told to put the bras on and they bought out paint for Sin and I. I dipped my hands in the purple paint as Sin dipped hers in the pink. We touched Lee stomach making hand prints as we took pictures, I felt the pictures was so cute.

Sin and I was done so we changed back into our clothes and cleaned up then went back out seeing Zeph play with Zarie. I smiled letting them do them as I went to go eat some fruit from the table, Sin came next to me eating mango.

"Wassup y'all?" Jace asked coming up with Sef.

"Hey Jace." I spoke as Sin kissed him.

"Damn, y'all only see Jace?" Sef asked as I looked at him blankly.

"Cheater." Sin coughed making me laugh.

"Sincere please grow up." I laughed.

"I'm gone." She threw her hands up in surrender grabbing Jace leaving Sef and I. I ignored his presence continuing to eat.

"I'm not feeling y'all vibe." He scrunched his face up. "Why y'all acting like I'm the weird ass kid in back of the classroom?"

I ignored him walking to Zeph and Zarie. "Let's take a picture."

Zarie agreed as we took plenty of pictures, even did videos playing with the filters. I was laughing talking to Zeph as Lee walked over. They complimented her making her smile but I knew that smile was just so fake.

"So it's just me y'all not fucking with?" Sef asked looking at us.

"What you talking bout?" Zeph asked.

"They not ignoring me and shit like I did something to do."

"I'm just giving you your space." Lee shrugged.

"Who the fuck said I wanted space?"

"Gilllyyy!" Sin dragged out her name making me laugh.

"Gilly?" He mugged. "How y'all know her?"

"We don't know her but she obviously knew us, me specifically. You want other bitches? That's cool but keep them in line and make sure they know you the one who wouldn't let this relationship go. Next time, I'm going to let Sin-"

"Bust they fucking head." Sin jumped in.

"Everybody know who you are to me-"

"I'm nothing but a baby mother, we gon co-parent and that's it. Don't hit me up unless it's about your daughter and that's that."

"Cailee, we ready for you!" The photographer yelled as she walked over there before he could even say anything.

"When a woman's fed up it ain't nothing you could do about it-"

"Sincere!" I glared at her as she laughed.

"I hurt you too too many times now I can't come around." She continued singing.

"Sin, suck my dick." Sef threw his shirt at her walking away.

"La la la lalala!" She sung louder.

"You really annoying." Zeph laughed.

This just made things complicated.


Thanksgiving taking too long to get here.

Y'all saw that Live with Youngboy? On my mother his bitch and baby mother both some dumb bitches, some dumb ass birds. I used to like Jania too but now she kills me, stupid weak ass blonde wigs dumb bitch. Ion like Youngboy rude ass either!

A lot of y'all want this "Overdose" and I started thinking about it... Maybe, y'all maybeee!

Lightly edited, excuse any mistakes.

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