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"Actually, I just woke up one day and decided I didn't wanna feel like that anymore, or ever again. So I changed. Just like that."

--Veronica Martin

Mitch Zephyr

"Royal bring your ass on!" I yelled seeing him talk to some girl.

"You know you not even allowed to date yet!" Sef yelled as he glanced back to glare at us but turned back around.

"You don't even know how to wipe your ass properly! He broke and smell like ass shorty!" I yelled as everybody started laughing.

"Y'all niggas some cockblockers yo." Jace laughed.

"Yo Royal, that's the bitch who got caught topping you yesterday?" Sef yelled as he was walking towards the car.

"Wait, he got caught getting head?" I looked back at Sef.

"Yeah his dumb ass." Sef laughed.

"Y'all niggas irritating yo." He said as he got in the car.

"How ya dumb ass get caught getting head?" I asked as he laughed.

"Chill." He laughed as we all looked at him.

"Bitch explain." I said making them laugh.

"Basically, I was supposed to have the house to myself and shorty wanted to come over so I said cool. We was talking bout shit we wanted to do and she was like she wanna give head while under water so I'm like shit we got a pool. This nasty bitch made me nut and continued sucking my shit, right when I'm bout to nut a second time here come ma big headed ass yelling and shit."

"What she say?" I laughed.

"Talking bout I just turned 17, I'm disrespectful, she gon put me out to live with grandpa, just a whole bunch of bullshit."

"Nah, that ain't even the funniest part though." Sef laughed. "Tell him."

"While she was yelling, shorty was still sucking my dick cause she couldn't hear underwater." He said as we all busted out laughing.

"Izzy got kicked out when he got caught having sex on the couch." Jace laughed.

"I was like 13, stop bringing up old shit." Izzy said as we laughed.

"What dad say?" I asked.

"Nigga didn't even care, he was just mad it was in his pool. He walked out like that's my damn son. That got her bobbled head ass mad as hell."

"You gon stop coming for my mother head bitch." I said making them laugh.

"You going home or riding with us?" Sef asked.

"Hell no I ain't going home yet."

I laughed turning the volume up to the radio as Sef lit up a blunt. The radio was playing some bullshit so I plugged my phone to the aux, I waited til we got to the red light to type in a song as everybody nodded and rapped.

"Homicide, you gon die if you stunting like you with it. Caught em slipping, blow his brains out, nobody said who did it. Now word around town, niggas said Imma get it!" We all rapped.

"Rep ya bitch nigga." Royal said looking at Jace making me spit up my water.

"A fucking yo!!!" I yelled.

"He just fucked my video all up." Sef said in between laughs as Jace was just looking at him.

"If I punch you, Imma knock ya front row teeth out." Jace said making me laugh because I knew he was dead ass.

"Bitch, don't threaten my little brother." Sef laughed. "He'll knock dog shit down ya legs but I got you Ro, he can't beat me."

Turning around so he could look at Sef. "Who can't beat you?"

"Nobody in this car could beat me." Sef shrugged.

"I was with you til you said that dumb ass comment." I scoffed.

"Y'all my little brothers, you really think I'm finna let y'all beat me up? Y'all know y'all can't beat me, cut it out." He waved us off.

"Age ain't got shit to do with this, I'll fuck you up." Jace said making me laugh.

"Straight tag team the shit out of him." I cosigned as he laughed.

"Probably the only way, y'all can beat me lil bros."

"Whatever, one of y'all call Roddy and tell him to bring his ass outside." I said parking outside the gym where he worked.

"Where my wife?" Royal asked.

"Who ya wife?" Jace asked.

"Nobi." He laughed making me look at him.

"You can't afford my girl." I laughed.

"I provide her with dick and food." He shrugged.

"I'll make her slap you."

"You needa be slapping that NBA nigga. How y'all letting these lil ugly niggas take y'all bitches?" He said making Izzy and Sef laugh.

"Why we laughing?" Roddy asked getting in the car. "Damn, we packed in this shit like a bunch of Mexicans."

"We laughing cause Zeph, Jace and Sef bout to be heart broken." Royal laughed making Sef stop laughing.

"Nigga what?" Sef asked him. "Where Lee going?"

"To NBA KD, nigga gon be at ya bitch house telling ya daughter aht aht."

"Ayo!" Roddy yelled as we busted out laughing.

"Nah, chill." Izzy laughed.

"Yeah alright, Cailee ain't stupid."

"Nigga said the government, you got under his skin." Roddy laughed.

"The only nigga that should be threatened is Jace." Royal laughed.

"Fuck I'm threatened for?"

"Didn't Sin fuck Youngboy?" Roddy asked.

"I ain't ask but I don't think so."

"She fucked Youngboy." Roddy, Izzy, and Royal said.

"And how y'all know?"

"Sin my best friend." Izzy shrugged.

"You ain't see they snaps?" Royal asked.

"Damn, how y'all gon snitch on sis like that? Fuck y'all cockblocking ass niggas." Roddy laughed.

"Y'all really annoying." I laughed.

"We not together so I don't give a fuck what she did or do." Jace said making me look over, this nigga cared.

"And I been fucking Oprah." Sef had his lips twisted to the side.

"Nah dead ass, we haven't been talking like that. I been doing me and she been doing her, I ain't tripping over it." He shrugged.

"Nigga you miserable." Izzy laughed.

"You know what's y'all problem? Y'all don't communicate." I shook my head. "Every time it's a problem either y'all have sex, fighting or you putting guns in her face."

"Wait, you really be putting guns to her head and shit? I thought she was lying when she told ma that." Izzy laughed.

"She snitched on me?" Jace raised his eyebrows. "Woww, she real grimy."

"As I was saying, if you wanna be with her then you gotta learn how to talk to her."

"Ain't no talking to Sin, y'all don't get it she fucking retarded."

"Oh, we get it." We all said laughing.

"I be trying for real but next thing you know I'm giving her head." He shook his head.

"Even when she wrong?" Roddy laughed.

"Yeah." He said making us laugh. "Y'all would think I was the one who didn't want a relationship or the one bullshitting seeming as though I just got out of jail but it's her son."

"It's not Sin fault that she like that though." Izzy defended. "She watched her father cheat on her mother throughout their whole marriage then when her mother finally got enough she became bitter as hell. She talk down on niggas all the time to Sin basically telling her to be a hoe all her life. Some kids want their parents together and she was one of em so when they divorced she said she'll never give nobody her heart."

"I mean it make sense." I shrugged. "Pops and ma marriage is what I look up to and if they broke up, I'm giving up on relationships so maybe that's how Sin was looking at it."

"If she wanna be a hoe then that's what she could be." Jace shrugged. "I ain't chasing no bitch when I could have any bitch I want."

"But Sin the bitch you love." Izzy said.

"I mean you knew she was a hoe before you even met her." Roddy said making me look back.

"No searsly. You literally fucked her the day you released and ain't even know her middle name, you knew her type." Royal added laughing.

"She really told you on a jail call, she give the best head and you still caught feelings. You love her hoe ass, she ain't going no where." Sef joined in.

"Facts, this nigga tryna act like he gon let her be happy. He ain't even gon allow her to look at another nigga." Izzy remarked.

"I'll kill her." He said.

"I won't snitch." I shrugged knowing he was serious.

"I mean they all hoes so." Sef laughed.

"Who they all?" I asked.

"Lee, Sin and Nobi." Sef answered making them laugh. "What the fuck they used to call their selves?"

"Triple threat." Izzy said as they laughed. "They used to be snatching nigga bitches, fucking them then leaving em alone just to get under the bitch skin."

"Lee cut that shit out when we got serious, Nobi cut the shit out when her and Mitch got serious and Sin could cut the shit out too."

"Sef always preaching." Roddy said making us laugh.

"Y'all really think she fucked Youngboy?"

"Yeah." We all said.

"That's sad this nigga came from the bottom just for me to end his life, I fucks with his music too, damn." He shook his head making me laugh.

"Let him put out another mixtape first." Royal said making us laugh as I punched in the gate code parking my car in the driveway.

We got out laughing, I grabbed my work bag then pressed the lock button on the key fob so my doors was locked. We walked in the house hearing music playing and rapping, I scrunched my eyebrows seeing they was doing the same.

"I fuck like I'm fucking for a check, pussy can't be still it caught tourettes! Kissing his dick in slow motion, I use his nut as face lotion! Fuck a skype, come over give me pipe!" Sin, Avi and Lee yelled along to the music bobbing and dancing.

I was about to say something until I heard the door open behind me, I saw Nobi dressed up looking tired. She was bout to say something to me then smiled running over to the girls.

"I done drank so much nut, I think my throat stopped up! Real dirty on the dick, I ain't talking bout filth! Got cum up on my lip looking like got milk! Give me dead presidents and I'll give you a good show!" She yelled jumping with them.

"Ayeee!" Lee yelled as they started twerking.

"If that's ya man, don't let him suffer! Do it and don't hide under the covers, show that nigga you the best dick sucker! I'm the best best best best best dick sucker!" They yelled twerking.

"Wot in tarnation!" Roddy yelled making us laugh as he recorded them.

"Aye, lemme get behind that." Royal danced his way to get behind Nobi.

"You really wanna die." I pulled him by his hoodie making him trip and fall.

"I have so many questions but Imma start with one." Sef raised his finger. "Cailee, did you take your vitamins?"

Lee didn't say anything, going towards the back. "Next question, how and why the fuck are y'all here?"

"Movie night duh." Sin looked at him like he was dumb.

"But how did y'all get in?" He asked again.

"I stole Jace key." She held it up.

"Give me my fucking key." He pulled her shirt snatching it from her.

"Next question, who the fuck said we was having a movie night?" Sef asked.

"I did." Nobi raised her hand.

"Your name isn't on this damn lease so who the hell are you?"

"Who you talking to?" She scrunched her face up.

"I sounded mean right? I'm practicing parenting." He smiled. "But dead ass, who the fuck approved of this?"

"Zeph." She answered making them all look at me.

"She asked while giving head, she could have anything at that point." I raised my hands in surrender.

"Before we do that, we gon do couple counseling." Roddy smiled making Royal laugh.

"And we the counselors." Royal stood by him.

"What couples though?" Nobi asked. "Cause me and mine are happy. We sexually happy, financially happy, mentally happy and did I say sexual happy because his dick is sensational."

"Aight now." Sef laughed. "We ain't even have to know allat."

"I'm just saying he know what to do." She smiled looking at me as I laughed. "He do this thing when he lean to the side while-"

"Aight Nobi." Sin cut her off.

"We not even gon mention the head." She bowed her head and put her hand in the air. "Mine too though, I love sucking his dick. Every time I look at him I just be wanting to give him head, I don't get tired. He be bout to punch me in my head and shit because I be-"

"Alright Nobi!" I covered her mouth making her hit me.

"I'm just saying." She shrugged then looked towards me. "You not happy?"

"Of course I am, you would know if I'm not."

"So once again, who this a couple therapy for? Zeph and I are the only ones together in this room unless I'm missing something." She looked around.

"All of y'all participating so sit down." Roddy said as Lee

irl gon come out beautiful and healthy, y'all niggas not on shit, you wanna fight? Who the fuck father are you?" Sef stepped up.

"Your ugly old ass not scaring me, Imma have my baby and Imma leave this park untouched." Lee said putting the phone to her ear. "Now I'm calling my father and I want you to repeat the same shit when he here."

"She look like that meme with the man on the phone." Royal laughed.

"You touch my girl, I'm telling you ya mother gon bury you." I told some nigga as he was walking towards Nobi and that girl fight.

"These the niggas you beefing with right?" Royal asked me.

"I'm not beefing with them, I just keep killing em. How many y'all had to bury so far?" I laughed.

"I seen Quil die, that was y'all young nigga. Dray was laid in the ally with them slugs in em." Sef mocked my rap making me laugh.

"Earlier that day, y'all was just talking. How the fuck y'all let me catch y'all brother walkingg? Why Gee ain't have that shit up and sparkingg? How I beat him to death right in front of Burlington Coat Factoryyy?" I rapped making us laugh while they glared at us.

"When I look at y'all, it look like y'all lost it. I look at this old nigga, he really lost it." Jace joined as we all laughed while Lee recorded us.

Nobi, Avi and Lee stood next to us out of breath. Nobi eye was bleeding and puffy, she grabbed her hoodie wiping her eye. That shit had me mad now Imma knock out whatever nigga who told her to fight Nobi.

"Aye little stupid bitch, which one of these niggas told you bout Nobi?"

"He said aye little stupid bitch, I'm rolling yo." Royal busted out laughing with Roddy.

"We really can't take these niggas no where." Sef laughed.

"Why Jah walking up?" Nobi asked making me turn around to see Jah walking to the court by his self.

"I called him." Lee said as he walked up.

"Who you was fighting? Why ya eye look like that?" He gripped Nobi face looking at it. "Lee you was fighting again?"

"Hell no." Sef answered for her.

"I wasn't listening on the phone, who said something to you?"

"Him." Lee pointed. "He said he was-"

"Nah, I wanna hear him say it to me." Jah stepped closer as some of them backed up. "I need you to speak loud and clear."

"How y'all start beefing with these goofies? Who the fuck are they? Where ever they from, they making they hood look so damn bad." Royal spoke shaking they head. "Take them the fuck back."

"You wasn't even there when Sef smacked ole boy blunt out his hand and dragged it with his foot and it was a whole new ass blunt." Roddy said making us laugh.

"He always bringing that shit up yo." Jace laughed.

"I ain't get up for nothing, what you say to my daughter?" Jah asked again.

"If she wanted to have a safe delivery, she should-" The man couldn't finished his sentence before he got knocked out cold. You could literally hear the man snoring making me scrunch my face up.

"What gym you go to?" Jace asked making me wonder the same shit.

"I done knocked plenty niggas out before but I have never made nobody snore, the fuck type steroids you take?" Sef asked.

"You gon die soon." One of the niggas said to me.

"Do it now." I walked up to them. "I don't got nothing, I ain't strapped. Kill me now."

"Zeph!" Nobi yelled.

"You see all these people, ain't nobody bout to get locked up being a dummy."

"I will." I laughed punching him in his jaw but I had a pocket knife between my ring finger and middle finger making him yell out as blood poured out.

"Yo, you're bugging." Jace pulled me making me snatch out his grip.

"Imma kill all y'all and that's stamped." I said as I watched them pick both of their mans up.

"Mitch, you just did some dumb shit." Sef shook his head as I walked back to them.

"I don't care." I said grabbing Nobi face to see her eye still bleeding. "We gotta go to the hospital."

"It's a scratch, I'm good."

"Your eye is bleeding, not the area. Inside of your eye is bleeding, we going to the fucking hospital."

"Sin, you aight?" Avi asked seeing she was bent over breathing hard.

"She got asthma, did you bring your pump?" Nobi asked as she shook her head no. "You a big dummy."

"She got one in her room at the house." Lee said.

"Imma take Nobi to the hospital, y'all go there."


I walked away with Nobi as I walked her to the car, I got in pulling off immediately. I stopped at a red light looking at her hold a napkin she found in the car to her eye. "It hurt?"

"No, it just feel like I'm crying." She said. "That bitch who jumped in and kicked me did this, she probably damaged my eye vessel."

"Can you see?"

"Yeah, there's nothing wrong with me. On google it says it heals by itself and will stop bleeding on it's own so it's no point in going to the hospital."

"You can't trust everything on google, we going to make sure you aight. If you wake up blind then you gon be wishing we went."

"You always dragging it."

"Oh well."

"You better hope nobody recorded you stabbing that boy."

"Even if they did, you can't see the knife, I just punched him real hard." I smiled.

"Who believing that?"

"Anybody I pay off." I shrugged.

"I didn't expect Avi to jump in." She spoke watching the video Lee recorded.

"Why not?"

"Because we just starting to get close, I wasn't expecting it but she just gained my loyalty and respect for it." She nodded.

"You need to stop fighting, shit getting irritating. It's time for you to ignore shit."

"You're a hypocrite but you want me to be a punk?"

"Just because you ignore shit don't make you a punk."

"If you stop fighting then I will." She folded her arms.

"Alright, if you stop fighting. I'll take you to Miami after graduation to meet New Edition."

"Stop playing." She jumped up smiling. "The cast from the movie or the band? All of em? Zeph, stop!"

"How about the cast and the band? From today on, unless somebody physically put their hands on you, you will not fight."

"Okay." She agreed smiling.

"You still going to the hospital." I said making her smile drop.

"I figured." She rolled her eyes getting her phone smiling for Snapchat.

"Why Zenobia?"

"What? I did a before and after picture."

"You annoying." I laughed.

We went to the hospital and like Nobi said we didn't have to because they said they same thing as google. Around two hours later, we were back in the house meeting everybody else. We ordered Domino's as they argued about what movie to watch, Nobi was icing her eye which wasn't bleeding no more.

"Jace, I'm sorry for earlier I shouldn't have bought up ya father. We aren't our parents and that was a booty move of me. You're a better man than he was so I apologize." Nobi spoke looking at him as he nodded.

"You good G Nobi, I still love you."

"I love you too." She smiled jumping on him.

"Group hug!" Lee smiled as all the girls hugged Jace.

"I'm not doing this gay shit." Sef said making me laugh.

"I'm down." Royal smirked hugging Nobi from behind.

"Imma really make you swallow ya teeth." I grabbed him by his hoodie making him fall straight back.

"You ain't see Nobi tell me to move." He smirked from the ground.

"She ain't paying you no mind." I laughed seeing Nobi sit back down.

"So ATL it is." Sin smiled.

"I still wanna know why the fuck we having a movie night." Sef said.

"Seriously I don't like y'all." Roddy added.

"You love us." Lee smiled.

"And your going to loooveee mee." Royal sang.

"Omg, we should have watched Dreamgirls." Nobi pouted.

"Yes, Dreamgirls." Sef said making us all look at him. "Fuck outta here dick heads, that's my shit."

"He a dreamgirl." Roddy said making all of us laugh.

These niggas annoying.


Y'all ever hurt a nigga feelings and you became all types of bitches and hoes? Like I know what I am, you don't gotta remind me babyboy LMAOOO

When should I drop my new book? Gimme a date. Not too far but not too close.

Going back to binge watching episodes of Girlfriends.

Lightly edited, excuse any mistakes.

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