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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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"You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."

-- Buddha

Aanvi Zenobia

"I'm greedy so Imma let her order first." Sef said making me and the waiter laugh.

"I would like the toffee apple cheesecake french toast-"

"That sound good as hell." Sef cut me off making me roll my eyes.

"Scrambled eggs, sausage links and with two hash browns."

"I'm eating for two so-"

"Boy!" I busted out laughing.

"For real." He laughed. "I want the cupcake pancakes, the t-bone steak and eggs but I don't want them like this." He showed the man the picture. "I want them scrambled."

"You so difficult." I mugged him.

"Is that all?" The man asked eyeing me.

"Nah, I want hash browns too and some ham."


"I want a hot chocolate with whipped cream on top." I smiled.

"I'll just take a orange juice, you might as well give her one too, she'll be asking for one soon enough."

"You don't know me." I rolled my eyes handing the man our menus.

"Be right out with your drinks." He smiled as I nodded.

"That nigga ain't getting no tip, he ain't look me in my face not once but all in yours." He shook his head.

"I look better than you."

"Girl, stop lying on this Tuesday morning." He scoffed.

"I be having that effect on people, they be like "damn, who that?" Be making me feel like I'm Beyonce or some shit." I laughed.

"You tried it." He yelled making me laugh. "What if you was my girl and his disrespectful ass just keep looking? I would of beat his ass up. He lucky, I'm not Mitch."

"Niggas can't even spare a glance at me before he cursing them out, I thought I was bad but he really worst."

Which was true, Zeph possessive ass get so mad if someone stare at me. Don't even get me started if he catch me looking back, we'll be skipping world war three, four and five going straight to six.

"Y'all equal each other out." He laughed.

"So how you and Lee?" I asked as the man bought out our drinks.

"We're..." He trailed off for a word. "Adjusting I guess? Yeah, you could say that."

"What does that mean?"

"We not explainable, it'll hurt my head trying to get someone to understand us. We're not together but we can't do whatever we want."

"Y'all together." I rolled my eyes.

"Nah, she asked for space and I'm giving it to her. I think she feels suffocated and I don't want her to resent me or have unneeded hatred towards me so I'm giving her what she want. She don't want me texting her everyday? Cool. She hit me up for dick? Cool. She entertaining another nigga? Not cool."

"I love how selfless y'all are towards each other but stupid at the same time."

"What you mean?"

"When she hit Amour, she broke up with you so she wouldn't put you in a predicament to choose between her or your sister. Now, y'all not together because you don't want to seem like you her dad or something. Y'all don't think about y'all feelings, y'all think about each other feelings. It's stupid but selfless at the same time."

"That's because we know each other, she know me like the back of her hand and vice versa. She'll never love another nigga like me and that's stamped."

"No matter how much shit Lee talk, that girl will never leave you alone and everybody know that."

"Of course and now that she's having my child, she's going to stay in my life forever. I refuse to have multiple baby mothers so she have no choice but to get used to me." He shrugged.

"I still can't believe I'm having a baby." I smiled making him laugh.

"I don't know when you and Sin gon get it through your head but Lee not pregnant for y'all. Our daughter is not y'all daughter."

"Y'all were surrogates, it's okay." I reached over to touch his shoulder.

"Fuck outta here." He laughed. "So you gon put me on?"

Raising an eyebrow confused I asked, "Put you on about?"

"Y'all night with Youngboy and em."

"Aww man." I threw my head back laughing.

"It's been a week, I wanna know who cheated or not."

"We were all single so nobody cheated." I joked.

"Yeah okay, I know damn well Jace or Zeph was going for that."

"Zeph told me to have my fun." I shrugged making him raise a eyebrow. "As long as when Kash Doll come, I better be understanding."

"Oh, that's why." He laughed. "So you had sex with Boomer?"

"I was this close-" I pinched my index finger and thumb together. "But I couldn't. I respect him too much, the most I did was sit on his lap and kiss em. I told him bout the kiss and like he said he wasn't mad."

"I knew you wasn't gon do it anyway." He laughed.

"Shit, let it have been Algee Smith. The panties would have been off as soon as he asked me my name."

"Hoe." He coughed making me laugh. "So what about Avi and Sin?"

"Pinky promise you not gon tell or discuss this to nobody." I held out my pinky.

"Nobi." He groaned.

"We take our pinky promises serious, this the only way I'll know if you'll tell Jace or Izzy or even Roddy."

"I pinky promise I won't tell or discuss this with anyone." He latched our pinky's.

"Avi and Sin had a orgy." I said making him spit up his juice.

"Wait, back up, what?!" He yelled making attention go to us as I glared at him.

"Shut up!" I laughed.

"So who Avi fuck? Cause I already know Sin fucked Youngboy. Don't Youngboy got a girl? Fuck that, don't Sin go with Jace? HuhmyGod." He put his hand on his head shaking it.

"You so dramatic." I laughed.

"I just wanna know what happened." He shrugged as our food came out.

"Thank you." I smiled seeing how good my food looked. "Let me taste your pancakes."

"Let me taste your french toast." We traded plates then traded back. "Now tell me how this shit happened."

"So when I walked in the hotel room, Beenie was on live, Youngboy was standing on a chair with a gun in his hand smoking, Ben and Boomer had a bottle each rapping and dancing so I lit my blunt jumping in Beenie live. When Sin and Avi walked in, they immediately went for the Hennessy. I smoked like four blunts with the guys before I tapped out, going to get some Hennessy."

"Beenie 3Three right?" He asked as I took some of his steak.


"So y'all drunk and high as fuck then what?"

"At like four in the morning, we start playing I never getting more drunk, next we played drunk uno and lastly was truth or dare. So Ben dares Youngboy to give Sin head-"

"I know Sin hoe ass was all down for that." He said making me laugh.

"You already know the shit." I laughed thinking back to the night. "But he had to give her head in front of us."

"So what if he didn't wanna do it?"

"If you ain't do a dare, you would of had to run outside ass naked."

"So he gave her head in front of y'all?"

"The boy devoured her shit in front of us!" I threw my head back. "He took her soul, he called dibs on her soul."

"Damn, he snatched her soul from Jace." We laughed.

"After he gave her head, we was just sitting there cause I don't think nobody really expected him to do it but then Sin grabbed him and took him to the adjoining room."

"She got head for that dick." He laughed make me smile since I tried not to laugh.

"So we let them do them turning the music up, drinking and smoking on Instagram live, taking pictures and recording videos. I gotta show you the pictures I took with Youngboy guns cause honestly, I look good as fuck and I should be eve

n. That lady can scare anybody, I once saw her make a man cry for not doing his job right. When she come around, I shut the hell up until she leave again." She laughed making me laugh.

"I don't scare easily but we shouldn't have no problems because I didn't come here to mess up, I came to learn more about the career I want to pursue. Ain't nobody damn sure making me cry." I laughed.

"Keep that same energy b." She said as we laughed. "So what case are you on?"

"I'm finished, I'm a fast reader and I type super fast."

"That's impressive but this only day one girl, tomorrow won't be this easy."

"I'm up for the challenge." I shrugged. "Can I ask how old are you?"

"I am 28." She said making me furrow my eyebrows.

"I really thought you was 19 or at least in your early twenties, oh wow."

"Oop, don't gas me." She smiled.

"Are you single?"

"Yes but I am straighter than a line."

"Wait, I wasn't asking for me." I laughed holding my hand out. "I have a boyfriend, I'm straight too."

"Oh okay." She laughed. "I am single, just having fun before I hit the big 3 0."

"I have a brother named Roddy, I think you'll like him."

"Got a picture?"

"Yes." I laughed pulling out my phone for the first time seeing a few missed calls and texted messages, I ignored them going to Roddy Instagram passing her my phone. "This boy so fine looking like a young Idris Elba, how old is he?"

"Roddy is 26."

"I think you might have just did something." She said making me laugh.

"This my boyfriend cousin, the whole family is blessed especially my boyfriend sister husband. Urban is the finest man, I have ever seen in my life." I shook my head and closed my eyes.

Leah walked back in with a brown bag. "Sorry, it was traffic. Is this green tea alright?"

"Yes, thank you." I smiled.

"Good afternoon, Ms.Gregory." Leah stood in front of her with her hands folded behind her back making me furrow my eyebrows.

"Good afternoon Leah." She smiled.

"You're Ms.Gregory?" I asked shocked.

"Eve Gregory, nice to meet you."

"So I just been cursing, crying and playing matchmaker like this blackpeoplemeet with my boss and it's my first day? Wow." I shook my head making her laugh.

"I'm all for the games when your work is completed and you're focused. As I said no matter how cool I am, there is money to be made and kids to be saved. You don't waste my time, I don't play with your money."

"Money? I get paid for this too?"

"Who did you talk to?" She scrunched up her face. "They need to be fired."

"Some lady named Vira."

"Of course." She rolled her eyes. "But you get paid $18 dollars an hour and since you're still in school, you make your own schedule. You do not always have to come to the office in heels, I do allow casual days, you can take your iPad and laptop home to work on cases, sometimes I allow my employee to bring their friends or family members to work. I think that basically covers everything."

"I think I love you." I stated making her laugh. "No for real, I'm so used to everything going wrong but recently I've been getting great things coming my way. I don't know if it was you specifically who hired me but I wanna thank whoever for giving me this chance."

"I handpicked you because I believed in you, as I said today was easy because it was your first day but the days get more harder as it pass but continue proving me why I chose you and I'll help you achieve everything you want to."

"Thank you." I nodded shaking her hand as she turned to walk out but I called her. "Wait, are you really 28 orr?"

"Yes girl and yes, I need you to put that word in." She said making me laugh.

"Okay, I got you." I laughed.

"Oh Zenobia? You can go since you finish." I nodded just as I checked Zeph messages. "Your key to the office is here, don't lose this."

"I won't, see you tomorrow." I smiled gathering my stuff.

"See you tomorrow."

I grabbed my bag and phone, I put the iPad and the laptop on the charger turning them both off then locked my office door. I said bye to Leah as I walked down, there wasn't anyone in the waiting room no more as I assumed since I came in at 12 and leaving at 5. I walked to Zeph BMW and got in kissing him.

"I can't wait to tell you about my day." I smiled.

"New Edition and chill?" He offered making my smile widen.

"Most definitely."


A filler chapter but ehhh.

So I've been working on my last book on this app and I think this will be the best thing I've ever wrote. It has to be, I got to leave with a bang lol it's called Transitioning. It's based on four girls going through different things in life just learning how to get through shit. Y'all know I'm bad with descriptions but it's gon be different and dope for real. I just don't know when I'm going to publish it but I'm not rushing because it has to be perfect.

Lightly edited, excuse any mistakes.

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