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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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"Be patient. Everything is coming together."

- J.T

Aanvi Zenobia

"And I told you when you left me there's nothing to forgive!" I sung laying down on the couch. "It's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the way you're happy without me!"

"Zenobia, shush I'm on the phone." Kellz said glaring at me.

"As I sink in the sand watch you slip through my hands. Ohhh as I die here another day cause all I do is cry behind this smile!"

"I'm sorry, can I call you back in ten minutes?" I heard Kellz say as I continued singing until the song changed.

"Hey hey family!" Jah said as he walked in the house.

"I'm never gonna let you close to me, even though you mean the most to me because every time I open up it hurts. So I'm never gonna get to close to you even when I mean the most to you in case you go and leave me in the dirt!"

"Okay then." He looked at me weirdly going to Kellz.

"Get ya daughter before I hurt her."


"Not that damn daughter, that one." She pointed at me.

"But every time you hurt me, the less that I cry. And every time you leave me the quicker these tears dry. And every time you walk out, the less that I love you. Baby, we don't stand a chance, it's sad that it's true. I'm way too good at goodbyes!"

"What she do?" Jah asked.

"Really Jaheim?"

"Okay, okay." He laughed throwing his hands in surrender.

"Yeah dad?" Lee asked coming down the stairs.

"What's wrong with ya sister?"

"Her and Zeph going through something, I think. She haven't spoken to him in like four days."

"That explain the sad music." Kellz shook her head as they all looked at me.

"I know you think that I'm heartless, I know you think that I'm cold. I'm just protecting my innocence, I'm just protecting my sooooul!"

"So what we do?" Jah asked.

"What y'all gon do because I got a doctor appointment." Lee said.

"Take her with you."

"So she could blow my eardrums out?"

"I know it hurts sometimes but you'll get over it! You'll find another life to live, I swear that you'll get over it! I know you're sad and tired, you've got nothing left to give! You'll find another life to live, I know that you'll get over it!"

"She gotta get out my house." Kellz said making them laugh. "I'm serious, I'll even drive you to ya appointment as long as she gets out."

"Maybe her seeing the baby would get her back happy, just take her Lee." Jah said.

"I already requested a Lyft, it's a minute away sooo?"

"Zenobia, up and out! Let's go!" Kellz demanded pulling my phone out the Aux that was connected to the speaker.

"Where we going?" I asked sitting up.

"With me to my appointment."

"Okay, I guess." I shrugged putting on my UGG slippers.

I grabbed my headphones, portable charger and my wallet following Lee out the door. As soon as we got outside the Lyft was pulling up, I looked at the girl while she glared at me. I ignored her looks then put one headphone in my ear and turned my music up.

"Can you please stop at taco bell? I'll give you twenty dollars." Lee spoke to the girl, she looked up at me then at Lee.

"If you wanted to go to Taco Bell then that should have been your destination, your destination is the hospital so I'm taking you to the hospital. I have other people to pick up."

"You getting smart for what? You ain't even have to explain yourself, just say no. Doing way too much."

"You could get out my car if you feel that way."

"This already charger my card, I'm not getting out of shit. You unprofessional as hell, bout to report you, you'll be fired by time you pick up ya next client."

"I'm unprofessional because I don't wanna take you to get food? You don't need no more food, you looking a lil heavy."

"Why you even exchanging words Lee? You pregnant." I took out my headphone. "I'm not pregnant and I don't argue so you wanna fight?"

"Nobi, relax."

"No cause now I'm mad, it's not like you asked for her to go all the way across town, we were passing taco bell but she wanna be a bitter ass bitch."

"Bitter over what though?"

"Bitch, you been mean mugging since I got in the damn car so you tell me? Why you a mad ass bitch baby?"

"Ya nigga was just all over me yesterday so who really the mad ass bitch? Ain't nobody mugging you, be lucky I ain't play for keeps."

"That's why ya ugly ass was mugging cause you want my life." I laughed. "You don't like me bet you know my name though."

"Mitch, know my name too."

"You can't make me mad over a nigga who will put hands on you if you tried putting hands on me. My name all over that sis, that's my shit."

"You look like the type to keep going back to a nigga after he cheat, you talking bout I want ya life but you still in school and not doing shit. Get ya funds up boo."

"Girl, you drive people around for gas money. You get ya funds up lil sis."

"You don't even got a car."

"You barely have a car though, ya car peeling and shit." Lee said pulling some of the seat up. "You talking bout my brother was just over you so why you mean mugging her over him? Seem too mad for me."

"Imma take a picture of ya ugly ass and show him because even if what you said is true, I can not allow him to disrespect his self like that. You way too ugly."

"Zenobia!" Lee yelled laughing as I took pictures of her.

"She just got me mad." I laughed. "Allat talking and still don't wanna fight, she lucky we here or I would of made her cry."

I got out the car slamming the door as hard as I could as Lee did the same making me laugh. As soon as we walked in Mitch and Sef was in the waiting room making me roll my eyes. I walked with Lee to the receptionist desk as she signed in while Lee went to the waiting room I went to the vending machine getting two bags of Takis.

"I'm so hungry." Lee whined.

"Why didn't you eat before you got here?" Sef asked looking up from his phone.

"The Lyft driver wouldn't stop at Taco Bell."

"You want me to go real quick?" Mitch asked.

"Please? I won't go in without you." Lee looked at him.

"Bet." He stood up, he looked at me then walked passed me making me roll my eyes.

"Be right back." I told Lee as I followed him.

He walked to the parking lot as I sped walked, boys be walking so damn fast for no reason. He got in the car before me and I heard it start making me rush to the passenger side. I got in the car then mugged him as he looked at me confused.

"I know you saw me behind you."

"I ain't even see you walk out." He said looking back so he could pull out.

I rolled my eyes again, going to my bluetooth on my phone so I could play music. Taco Bell wasn't far maybe like five minutes away so we wouldn't be in the car that long. I pressed the volume making it go as loud as it can.

"Let me ask you first, what did you think when you saw me? Was I something that you wanted? Or only just another cure for the week?" I sung, Mitch looked at me then continued driving.

"Another you don't plan on catching after throwing. Spent a lot of time fixing my heart, gathering my peace of mind and I worked so Goddamn hard! Now I love the girl I become, I deserve better-"

I was cut off from Mitch turning down the radio, I looked at him blankly. He would have been mad if I did that to him so I'm not understanding.

"Why would you do that?" He ignored me turning into Taco Bell.

"What you want?" He asked after ordering Sef, Lee and his food.

"Taco salad, two soft steak tacos and a pink lemonade." He repeated my order to the man then drove up to the first window.

"Here." I handed him a $10. He looked at my hand then handed the man his card.

"Stop playing with me." He said smacking my hand down.

"You didn't even have to push my fucking hand." I punched him in shoulder.

"Imma knock ya head off ya shoulders if you touch me again."

"Shaking in my damn boots." I said blankly then going to my phone looking for the pictures of the ugly ass girl.

"Thank you." He told the man getting the drinks and food. I grabbed one of the bags going through it as he pulled off.

"You know her?" I asked holding my phone in his face. He stopped at a red light and grabbed my hand pushing it away from his face then looked at the picture and laughed. "What's funny? Why you laughing?"

"She ugly as shit."

"Well apparently, you like ugly bitches because she was all over you yesterday."

"Why you ain't punch her ass for disrespecting me like that?"

"I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt because she seemed too confident."

"Never saw that girl a day in my life."

"I figured she talking bout she could of played for keeps, Lee and I was just laughing like the girl really ugly."

"Should've FaceTime'd me or something cause that's unacceptable."

"The type of girls you like."

"Funny." He pointed at me.


He didn't say anything as I turned on Beyonce x Sandcastles, he turned my music down again making me turn it back on and he glared at me pressing a button so my phone wasn't connected to bluetooth no more.

"I'm dead bout to punch you in ya neck."

"You keep playing these dumb ass songs like I did something to you, you walked out on me."

"I know what I did."

"So stop tryna act so heartbroken when my feelings are hurt. I shared something with you and you walked out on me."

"I came back."

"Barely Aanvi! You didn't talk to me, let me touch you or nothing! You didn't even wanna be in the

edd she don't mean shit to me? Come on, we could go right now." He pulled me forcing me to walk.

"Roddy, get your cousin off of me." I said trying to stand my ground but he was strong as hell.

"Zeph, she don't wanna go, let her go."

"If I let her get in that car, I'm going to lose her."

"What he off? Did he drink anything?" I asked knowing something was off.

"We smoke a lil and when I left to go on the porch, he was drinking with Redd." Jace answered.

"He could barely keep his eyes open, I've been high and drunk with him. Zeph, did you watch her make ya drinks?"

"No, why?"

"Come on, let's go to the hospital. Give me ya car keys." He handed them to me as I handed them to Jace. "Sin's going to take us to the hospital, Imma stay with him."

He nodded as I helped Zeph in the backseat sitting next to him, his eyes were red and barely opening. If I didn't know him so well, I would of just thought he was high but he's acting too irrational.

We were in the hospital for almost three hours just for them to take some damn blood and send us home. I requested a Lyft to my house since I was tired and didn't feel like going to Zeph house or Lee house. My house was the closest anyway.

I opened the door expecting my mom to be in the living room but she wasn't but then remembered she was staying out with one of her friends. I led him up stairs as he sluggishly walked, I laid him down taking off his shoes and all his jewelry.

"You wanna take a shower?" I asked but he was already sleep. "Guess that's a no."

I continued taking off the rest of his clothes knowing he won't be comfortable unless he was fully naked or just have his boxers on. I stripped too leaving just my shirt and panties on, I turned the light off then slid in bed next to him. I grabbed my phone telling Sin we were okay then putting my phone on the charger.

Zeph pulled me closer to him laying on my chest, I was going to move him but decided to let him stay. I found myself rubbing his back slowly while trying to put myself to sleep, I shook my head kissing his forehead then closing my eyes going to sleep.


I woke up seeing Zeph still sleep, I yawned going to take a shower. After my twenty minutes shower, I was type hot so I put on my robe then grabbed my phone going in the kitchen. I checked the fridge since I was starving. I grabbed the eggs, bread, bacon and other ingredients for breakfast.

"We don't talk no more, it feels better when I'm alone. Sometimes I feel like there's no getting through to you like you don't appreciate all that I do, you gotta show me that you want me to stay, don't turn and walk away! Baby, I'm slowly falling out of love with you, I don't know what to do."

"That's how you feel?" Zeph asked making me jump. I rolled my eyes turning off the stove and dividing the now done bacon on plates for both of us.

"You would know if I felt like this." I said blankly noticing he took a shower since he was shirtless in his Bape sweats that I stole. "Your dick print showing."

"And ya nipples hard." He smartly remarked making me look down.

"Yeah, whatever. You remember yesterday?"

"Last thing is seeing Redd at that dumb ass party Jace took me to."

"So you don't remember me beating her up then beating you up so bad you went to the hospital?" He scrunched his eyebrows then looked at his wrist seeing the hospital band.

"That's why my head hurt? Why you beat me up? The fuck I do? I know I ain't cheat with that bitch so what you beat me up for?"

"I was lying, I ain't put hands on you although I was tempted to."

"So what I go to the hospital for?"

"Redd drugged you, I walked in on her rubbing ya face and shit so I beat that ass then I broke up with you but you started crying and shit and just acting weird so I knew something was wrong. I took you the hospital so we could see what she gave you."

"How did you even know about the party?"

"Sin wanted to pop up on Jace so when they made up, I noticed ya car and Jace knew you were with Redd so he tried to lie to me but I'm not stupid so I walked in ready to beat ya ass."

"But why would she drug me?"

"Her desperate ass was gon rape you."

"Men can't get raped."

"I hate when people say that, you sound so damn stupid. If it's against your will or without your consent, it's rape. Age, gender, race doesn't matter, rape is rape."

"You said you broke up with me?"


"You tried it." He laughed

"I was serious until I noticed you being drugged up."

"Drunk or sober, I know my girl."

"I know."

"Where my phone? I been looking for it."

"Don't know but you had it because you was denying all my calls."

"No I wasn't." He scrunched his face up. "Track it for me."

I did as said as he walked to my side of the table looking at my phone. "That's Redd house, this bitch took my phone? Imma gon kill this bitch."

"I'm coming." I said as he shook his head.

"I'm not even going, Imma send Jace over there. Fuck is she taking my phone for? She nutty as fuck yo."

"The girls you like." I laughed. "After I beat that ass, I told her Imma stalk and torture her so she might be pressing charges on me."

"I'll get those charges dropped if she do."

"I was just talking about the torturing part but if she mess up my record anymore than it is, I'll do it."

"No need."

"For her sake, I hope."

"We good?" He asked reaching across the table to grab my hand.

"I can't go too long without my daddy." I poked my lip out.

"Seriously, I be so miserable without you. It be work then home where I don't do shit but sleep and I can't sleep cause you ain't next to me."

"Same, I have to sleep with Lee or my mom."

"I missed you so much." He walked towards me wrapping his arms around me as I melted in them.

"I missed you more, way more."

"Lemme show you how much I missed you." He smirked putting me on the counter.

"Kitchen sex? I'm here for it."

"You get on my nerves." He laughed opening my robe as he pushed me back. "My favorite meal."

Yeah, where was he going?


As I said, updates would be more frequent since this is the only book I'm working on well besides my new book but I ain't gon drop that yet lol

Tired as fuck so unedited, excuse any mistakes.

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