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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."


Mitch / Zephyr

"Sometimes I just feel like everything is going too perfect, any moment something is going to ruin what we have and I'm going to be heartbroken." Nobi told me as she laid on my chest while 90s music played lowly.

"Why though?"

"I've never been this happy in my life, I be thinking it's a dream but then I wake up and it's still the same. Every day gets better between us, I'm just scared."

"It's my job to make you feel this way, when we argue I be miserable. I don't ever want you to go through shit alone, you won't want for nothing and you won't ever search for happiness elsewhere."

"And then you say shit like that, you're going to make my gangster ass cry." I smiled kissing her forehead.

"I'm just being honest though, I was just telling Jace before we went to the block party like I'm really in love bro."

"At least you know the feeling is mutual, I'm in love with you."

"I know because you show and tell me."

We fell into a silence, a comforting silence. We were in our own thoughts as I continued to dwell on our relationship. To think, a few months ago she wasn't even trying to fuck with me but now look at us. I promise, this was the last relationship I was going to be in because can't nothing or anyone make this feeling go away.

"Do you wanna go to prom with me?" She asked after a few minutes looking up at me.

"I think I want a prom proposal." I joked making her roll her eyes.

"I mean I can ask Izzy and he'll say yes without even thinking about it."

"I mean I can whoop both of y'all ass without feeling bad about it." I shrugged.

"You always so violent."

"You more violent than anybody."

"Whaaat?" She dragged out. "I am against all that, fighting? What is that?"

"Righttt." I dragged out laughing.

"What do you want for your birthday? I've been trying to think of something but you have everything so why not ask you."

"I don't want nothing." I told her honestly. "As long as I'm with you, I'll be alright."

"But I want to get you something, you spend money on me everyday. I wanna spend money on you for once to make you happy."

"I spend money on you because I got it, I could afford to waste money cause however much I spend I could make it back in the next hour. Don't spend your money on me when it can go to something useful."

"I want to though Zeph, I wanna make you happy." She repeated.

"Material shit don't make me happy though baby." I looked at her. "I would be okay without all my cars and designer shit, I buy shit just because I can sometimes. You are what makes me happy."

I pulled her on me as she smiled putting her hands on my chest, she looked at the time making me look. It was 7:30 and we should already been getting ready but we were still cuddled up, knowing what I was thinking she laid down on my chest.

"Can we stay home today? I'm not doing anything in my classes and I can ask someone for the work."

"Nah, you been suspended too many times to keep missing days."

"I been suspended two times and still made up my work, I can show you all my grades. None of them are bad."

"So what? Your attendance still important."

"My grades are more important and their good."

"If you have less than a C in anything, you going." I sighed knowing she wasn't going to give up.

"Okay." She smiled. She reached over to the nightstand and squinted at the bright light. I watched her log into her school page and look at her grades.

She didn't even have any C's, she had all A's and B's making me smile. My girl was bad as fuck but she was still smart as hell, doing what she needed to.

"Aight, just because you passing everything. I'll call out of work since I really don't have the energy to get up."

I pulled out my phone going to my assistant number and telling her I wasn't going to be in and to tell her to hold all messages until I came in and to send urgent messages to me. Just as I was about to put my phone down, my mother was calling making me sigh but I answered anyway putting the phone on speaker.

"Zephyr!" She yelled making me roll my eyes.

"It's seven in the morning, what you yelling for yo?"

"Who you talking to?"

"How can I help you?"

"I was calling to remind you that tonight is the family dinner we throw every month, you're coming and that isn't a request."

"I already got plans with No-"

"I already invited Nobi and she told me yesterday y'all were coming so stop playing with me Mitch." She said making me glare at Nobi as she held her hands in surrender.

"Everybody else coming?"

"Yeah, including Jace and his lil girlfriend he claim he have, You know her?"

"Yeah, that's Nobi best friend."

"Where is my daughter in law? When the last time you saw her? You better not fuck that up."

"She right next to me, she hear your annoying self."

"Hey daughtaa!" She yelled making Nobi laugh.

"Hey ma!" She smiled.

"FaceTime me later."

"Okay, text me when."

"Bye Zeph, you better be here 7 o' clock sharp or I will deflate ya big ass head." She hung up before I could say anything.

"Why would you say yes?" I glared at Nobi.

"Because Lee and Sef are telling the family, she pregnant and I can't say no to your mother."

"They doing that today? I thought they was going to talk to her in private, wow." I laughed. "I'm definitely going."

"That's sad, only going to see the drama unfold."

"You be FaceTiming my mother?"

"Your sisters, brothers, father, uncles, aunts and cousins too." She said making me raise a eyebrow. "They love them some Nobi."

"They all annoying, after Sef give his announcement watch I leave."

"We can."

I didn't say anything back scrolling through Instagram then texting Jace and Sef letting them know about dinner then checking some emails. I saw a unknown number text me but I deleted it without even reading the message.

"Would you be mad if I referred you as my bitch?" I asked seeing a post.

"No." She answered looking up from her phone. "I refer to you as my nigga sometimes so I don't see the difference."

"I don't call you my bitch but I just saw a post and wanted to ask."

"Maybe other girls care but I don't."

"This why you my bitch." I grasped her hand making her laugh.

"Can we take a nap?"

"No, I'm not-" I got cut off by a yawn.

"Nope, come on. Nappy nap time."

She took my phone and laid on my chest running her nails through my head making me more tired than I was, this felt so good, I needed to get her nails done more often.


"Who are you getting cute for?" I rolled my eyes. "You could go there in sweats and a damn tee shirt."

"No, you can go there with sweats and a tee shirt because this is your family."

"Whatever, you better be ready by time I come back in here." I told her walking out the room.

I went into the kitchen seeing Sin and Jace play fighting on the couch, he had her pinned down by her hands while she was biting him on his cheek. I laughed leaving them be walking in the kitchen to get some soda, I grabbed the Dr.Pepper and leaned over going through Instagram.

"Zeph, can you pass me the pickles?" Lee asked walking in the kitchen rubbing her stomach.

"Which ones?"

"None." Sef walked in.

"Why?" I asked.

"She ate enough in the last hour, she good."

"She pregnant."

"So? That don't mean she gotta eat everything in sight. We bout to go to a dinner then she gon be smelling like pickles, no." He said then walked towards the back.

"Sis, which ones you want? Not bout to deprive my niece cause you think she ate too much."

"The whole ones." Lee answered.

I grabbed the plastic bags then went to get a fork and picked a pickle for her putting it in a plastic bag then handing it to her. She said thank you then walked away smiling while eating her pickle making me laugh. I wish Nobi was pregnant.

"Aanvi! Come the fuck on!" I yelled annoyed, ma been blowing up my phone for the last fifteen minutes like damn I'm coming.

"Stop fucking yelling at me bitch!" She said walking in the living room.

"Like you dressed basic as hell just to take all that time, you shouldn't have told her we was coming at a certain time if you was gon take your time!"

"I told her we was coming at 7:30, it's 7 fucking 15 like relax with your mad ass."

"Ain't nobody mad, she not blowing up your phone being annoying!"

"Issa maddie!" She yelled laughing.

"We gon see who gon be real mad." I told her walking in the garage going to the jeep wrangler.

Jace, Sin and Nobi walked off getting in the car as the garage door opened, I didn't lock the gate since Sef was right behind me. Nobi hooked her phone up to the aux as her and Sin started rapping, I looked at her and rolled my eyes, I just don't like her annoying ass right now.

"Y'all hoes kill me, always wanting the next chick issues bitch you want her life but don't even know what she been through. I mean for all you know my nigga could be a headache." She rapped recording herself.

"Before we go in here, let me tell you I used to mess with Zeph cousin Mils." Jace said as I pulled into my parents neighborhood. "It was nothing serious but a few people might be shady since I am introducing you as my girl."

"Your girl?" Sin smirked. "When we agree on this?"

"Bitch stop playing with me." He said making me snort since he caught me off guard.

"Nah but for real, my family is shady and might throw shots. I'm not telling you to chill cause I know whatever come to mind you gon say but just don't do the most." I told her.

"What he said."

"I've never held my tongue for anyone, not going to start today but I will lower it to a minimum." Sin said getting out the car.

I put my keys in my back pocket waiting for Sef and Lee to come on, three more minutes passed and Sef car was parking behind mine. I looked at him as he glared at me making me furrow my eyebrows, I watched him and Lee walk towards me.

"Fuck you looking at me like that for?" I asked.

"Cause I specifically told you not to give her the pickle and you gave it to her anyway."


"She spilled it on herself so I had to watch her pick another damn outfit out."

"Well, it happened already, shut up."

"I don't even wanna be here." He mumbled as we walked to the front door.

"Who you telling?" I rolled my eyes opening the door walking in.

"Ooh they playing that work." Nobi said two stepping to the house music.

"Ayee." Sin joined her making me laugh, they annoying.

I followed laughter going into the living room seeing scattered people, I spoke then went into the kitchen where I knew my mother and aunts would be. I held the low of Nobi back guiding her to the kitchen as my aunts, sisters and a few cousins was there.

"My favorite nephews." Von said hugging me and Sef then hugging Jace. "Look at my lil boyfriend."

"Uh uh sis." Sin said making us laugh.

"Jace, how you gon bring ya foreign side chick knowing I was going to be here?" Von said making us laugh.

"You bought ya Jimmy John nigga." He looked over at a white man sitting next to my father laughing making me laugh.

"Jimmy John though?" Sef asked laughing.

"Hey ma!" Nobi said going to kiss her on her cheek hugging her then hugging the rest of my aunts while I all spoke to them.

"Ma, this my girl Sin. Sin, this my second mom Mo. My aunt Jo, you know Von and Zori. This Amour and Zeph cousins Mils, Shelly and Cray."

"How y'all doing?" Sin smiled.

"You're gorgeous." My aunt Joelle said.

"Aw, thank you. Y'all are all beautiful too."

"Thank you."

"How do I tell y'all apart?" Sin asked looking at the twins then my aunts.

"Von will always be the ghetto ass one, yelling and shit." My mom said making us laugh.

"Mo will always be the one trying to be in everybody business and annoying." Aunt Joelle said.

"And Joelle the quiet as hell one, always observing shit. She think she a detective." Von said making us laugh.

"With the twins it's easy." I told her.

"Zori, the gay one so she always around the boys, always tryna play fight and she dress more tomboyish." Sef said.

"And Amour think she too cute for everybody so she always wearing skirts, dresses or something. She just girly as hell." I told them.

"I am too cute." Amour rolled her eyes typing on her phone.

"When the food gon be ready? I just came here to eat." I said honestly. After I ate and Sef did his announcement, we were leaving.

"We're just waiting on the meats, go back there and speak

a keep getting her pregnant, back to back."

"I want Nobi to get pregnant so bad." I shook my head.

"I think Nobi will be a angry pregnant person." Jace said making Sef laugh.

"She gon be fucking Mitch up, making his life a living hell." Sef laughed.

"Imma just keep fucking her, duh." I told them.

Before we could finish our conversation, we heard yelling and a bunch of people crowding. I looked at them as they looked back at me. I then noticed the crowd was surrounding my car and where we left Nobi and them. Fuck the food I pushed hella people going in the middle of crowd.

It was a bunch of fights, I looked for Nobi and saw her fighting two females while Sin was next to her fighting, even Lee was fighting. Nobi dropped one of the girls she was fighting then tripped over her making her fall on the girl still swinging though. Sin was sitting on some girl back while giving her face shots and Lee had a girl by her hair swinging with the other hand.

"What the fuck happened that fast?" I asked confused. "Who the fuck are they even fighting?"

Lee fell on her stomach and Sef rushed over and punched the girl she was fighting pushing her, some boy came out of no where and snuck him making me run over there and put his ass to sleep. More niggas ran up, we was outnumbered as fuck making me laugh. Three girls was now fighting Nobi, two on Sim and two was trying to get to Lee but Sef kept pushing them.

"Man get off my girl and sis, you bugging." Jace said hitting bitches until Sin and Nobi was fighting one on one.

"Jace!" I yelled since a nigga was bout to sneak him.

He turned around just in time as he ducked then started fighting the boy, I was standing there watching making sure Sef and Lee was good. She was holding her stomach while he was still pushing bitches back. I got mad and punched both of them bitches making them lay flat out.

Niggas started running towards me and I got ready to fight, the first nigga ran to me tried to grab my shirt but I decked him in his temple and watched him fall then moved on to the net nigga. Nobi jumped in the fight and another nigga hit her making Sef hit him. It had to be at least 15 niggas, we was outnumbered but we wasn't going down without a fight.

I saw Izzy and a few of his friends run up and start helping, I nodded my head. Izzy walked towards Nobi who back to fighting a girl but he knocked her out for her then some nigga. My dumb ass got snuck making me fall, I looked up at the nigga trying to remember where I know his face from.

It was the nigga from the block party, he looked down at me smirking. He dug in his waistline grabbing his gun but Izzy ran over punching him in his temple making him fall as I stood up punching his ass. I saw blood but still wasn't stopping until he was dead. I heard gunshots then cop sirens, I looked up seeing everybody running but I looked for my family.

"Come on Zeph!!" Nobi said grabbing me as Sef and them was in the car already.

I got up following her but not before looking back at the nigga, Izzy nodded at us then ran to the car he came in. I shook my head laying my head on the window but sat back up hearing Sef yell.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" He yelled at Lee. "Are you fucking stupid?!"

"Your mad because I wasn't watching my sisters get jumped? Okay." She scoffed.

"You did not have to jump in the fight Cailee, you are fucking pregnant! Are you fucking retarded? You fell on your stomach Cailee! Do you know what that could mean?!"

"Yes, I do."

"And you saying it like you don't care about the outcome! I was just defending you to my mother, I was speaking from the damn heart just for you to prove her words right! You don't fucking do shit like this Cailee!"

"Sincere and Aanvi are my sisters! These are two people who took charges for me, took the blame for me, will kill for me! In no way, shape or form was I going to watch them get jumped and outnumbered! You can be mad all you want, these are my fucking sisters!"

"I wasn't far away! All you had to do was come get us or yell! You did not have to fucking jump in, you don't think outside the box with your mentally challenged ass! Your stomach hurt right? You know why? Cause you fucking stupid!"

"Sef relax." I told him seeing veins was popping out his head and he was swerving.

"As I said, be mad all you want. I take responsibility 100 percent but if it happened all over again tomorrow, I'm still jumping in because I know they would do the same. You right, I had enough time to go get y'all but if anybody saw six or seven girls jumping their sisters or the only females they be around, they would have done the same."

"Lee quit talking to me."

"Don't make me no never mind." She shrugged rubbing her stomach as he pulled into the parking lot of the hospital as we all go out.

He tried to touch her but she moved from by him and walked into the hospital going to the receptionist desk. The older lady looked up as she was on the phone scheduling an appointment, she told us to hold on a second.

"How may I help you beauties?" She asked smiling.

"My girlfriend is four months pregnant and she was just fighting. She's having stomach pains from falling on it."

"Fill this out please, by time you fill it out. A doctor should be coming out to check on her, I pray everything is well." She shook her head handing Sef a number then a clipboard.

We sat down in the waiting room as Sef looked at the paperwork, Lee tried to get it from him but he just snatched it back filling it out his self as she rolled her eyes. I hope they wasn't going to keep beefing and I hoped nothing happened to my niece or nephew.

"So what the fuck happened?" Jace asked making me look at Nobi and Sin.

"We was waiting for y'all laughing and shit, I pushed Lee and she bumped into one of the girls but she apologized. The girl started showing out for her friends and Lee told her she wasn't finna entertain her. Then one of the boys, the girls was with, grabbed Lee tryna put the mack down and you already know Lee wasn't going for that." Sin said.

"I told him to let my sister go and he did but one of the girls started talking bout we acting like we too good for her brother. We ignored them because I really wanted my food but shawty mushed Lee so I punched her. We started fighting, the nigga hit me which made Sin hit him then they just started jumping us." Nobi finished.

"It was the same niggas and bitches from the block party." I told them.

"I knew they looked familiar." Sin snapped shaking her head.

"It wasn't beef before but now it is." I told Jace pulling out my phone.

The nurse came in as Sef and Lee followed them we sat there for almost an hour until they came back, Lee was neutral as Sef was still mad. We stood up waiting for one of them to say anything as my heart was pounding against my chest.

"Heartbeat strong, she still moving and active, my baby girl okay." Lee smiled.

"Baby girl? We having a girl?" Sin squealed.

"Yes." Lee nodded.

"I always wanted a daughter first." Nobi smiled.

I smiled then told them I was hungry, we went to Chick-Fil-A getting something quick then going in the house. We all sat in the living room having fun, laughing and talking about the fight. Shit is never a boring day with us, all I knew niggas was dying soon.

"Aye Jace, tell Izzy good looking." I told him eating my waffle fries.

"Why?" Nobi asked.

"One of them niggas pulled a gun out on me and before he could fully pull it out, Izzy knocked his ass out."

"When ya side nigga and main nigga finally getting along." Sin said making us laugh.

I looked at Jace as he looked back at me. Niggas wasn't made for this street life but they wanted to be in it so bad. I put myself in a predicament where it could of ended badly but it didn't due to somebody else hands. I tried so hard to change but niggas don't want that, they want me to be a menace and now they got they wish.

Mitch was back and now lives was going to be in my hands.


Well then...

Who was wrong? Lee or Sef? Neither? Both? I wanna know.

Let Down is the only book I'm working on, since Remedy is done with, so more updates should be coming. I have a new book coming out but that ain't gon be coming out until Let Down is almost finish. After that last book, I will be done with Wattpad.

Excuse any mistakes.

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