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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.

--Winston Churchill

Mitch Zephyr

I groaned at the millionth text from Nobi and locked my phone without even reading it, she was annoying my soul. I moved up in line placing in my order then moved to lean on the wall looking out the window to see Jace mean mugging a group of niggas. I squinted my eyes then walked out the restaurant leaning on somebody car wanting to know what's happening.

"Your girl is my girl and my girl is my only girl. Ain't that's how the song go?" Jace taunted in one of their face making me laugh.

"Niggas always tryna be funny until they missing one of their teeth, that smile ain't gon be so big then, huh?" One of the boys said making Jace turn his head towards him.

"Ya mouth gon be open wide as hell the way you sucking his dick." Jace chuckled making me smile and shake my head.

"Chill." One of the quiet ones said pushing him back since he got hyped over that comment.

"I used to torture little niggas like y'all in jail." He laughed. "If I smack you, I bet you he get smacked off impact."

"Test your theory." The hyped one said.

"Aight, walk out the camera. Follow me." Jace said nodding his head in another direction.

"Y'all niggas doing too much, you mad over a bitch and letting this nigga get under y'all skin. It's more important shit we could be doing right now and y'all wanna entertain some old head." The quiet one said looking at his group of three friends.

"Damn, you had to call me a old head? I'm only twenty-one." Jace shook his head. "I like you though lil nigga, what's ya name?"


"Excuse me?" Jace squinted his eyes making me laugh off his face.

"Ruga." The little nigga repeated.

"Like a gun? I fucks with it. You cool lil homie but you gotta drop ya niggas, they lame as fuck b." He said making me nod in agreement.

I saw one of them shift and he sneakily slid his hand down into his hoodie pocket making me get off the car and walk over to them. I kicked the back of his knee then grabbed his arm making the .22 handgun he was gripping drop. Everybody looked at me wondering where I came from as I kicked the gun away and let the boy go.

"Damn, you was gon shoot me over a bitch? That's how you coming son?" Jace asked laughing looking down at him.

"Nigga, that's Mitch." One of them whispered said as the boy on the ground stood up and they stood together looking like they bout to piss their pants.

"Y'all niggas acting scary as hell right now, he a regular nigga, calm down the fuck." The boy, Ruga, sucked his teeth glaring at them.

"I'm not understanding how y'all scared of this black ass nigga, I'm his big brah and he can't beat me." Jace smirked making me laugh.

"Yeah aight bitch, I ain't no slouch."

"Of course not, you just can't beat me."

"We could put on the gloves when we get in the crib." I looked at him making him laugh.

"You got it big bruh." He held his hands in surrender.

"Now, why you arguing with these little niggas?" I asked shaking my head.

"Lil nigga was arguing with his bitch, embarrassing her and shit in front of his niggas so I told shawty come fuck with a real nigga and you already know she ain't need no convincing as I put the mack down. So after I get her number, he started showing off again for his friends, these niggas ain't know who the fuck I am."

"They don't know who you are?" I instigated making him shake his head.

"They ain't know my name rings bells, they ain't know I just did a five year bid and I'm an angry black man who could end their life with one punch."

"Talk to em." I recorded him.

"Yeah so I call shawty back over right, making her smile, laughing do that little cute ass blush shit females be doing. I'm doing all this in his face so I could make it known his bitch mine now and you know what this nigga said?"

"What he say?" I asked still recording as I laughed.

"He could take my bitch so I had to correct him like who taking my baby girl from me? Where the fuck Sin going Mitch? I'll make her smack this nigga for me and she'll do it."

"Damn, here go my baby girl calling me." I laughed as I declined the call. I walked back in the pizza parlor getting our food then walking back out.

"Say, how old are you?" I asked Ruga getting in the car.

"Seventeen." He answered.

"You go to school lil nigga?" Jace asked with one foot in the car and one out.

"Yeah, I go to school with Lee and Nobi. We know them." He said

"Y'all know my lil brother Izzy?" Jace asked.

"Oh shit, you that nigga Jace and Arty ya big brother." The nigga with the gun said. "Oh my bad big brah, you could have my bitch."

I tilted my head and started rolling, these niggas some lames yo.

"Y'all niggas some bitches but I fucks with y'all." Jace laughed finally getting in the car.

"You got a job?" I asked looking at Ruga again.


"You ever want to get with the money team, you know how to find us." Jace said before I pulled off.

I rolled my window up turning on the AC and leaning my chair back driving with one hand. I yawned feeling sleepy as Jace mocked my actions, I looked over at him and shook my head then smirked.

"Sin ya babygirl huh?" I asked making him smack his teeth and laugh.

"I knew you was recording me nigga I had to say something like that so she could fuck with me." He said making me laugh.

"You ain't shit."

"Nah, something wrong her for real Mitch. The other day we sleep and this bitch started having a tantrum throwing knives, lamps and other shit at me brah. I woke up out my sleep right as the lamp connected to my face, my bitch ass ran to the closet thinking somebody finally caught me lacking."

He stared at me blankly making me start laughing, I swerved the car before stopping at the red light as I couldn't stop myself from laughing. "What the fuck was in the closet?"

"Nigga, I don't know. I was just waking up, I was confused as hell yo." He shook his head.

"Why she do allat?"

"Cause I was texting other bitches but tell me why she ain't even go through my messages with the bitches. She went through messages with y'all brah, that bitch smart as hell."

"Oh shit." I laughed.

"She dropped my phone in the pool so I ain't say shit cause you know the seven waterproof but I guess she remembered. Zeph why did her crazy ass dive in the pool then throw my phone against my car door son?" He shook his head.

"I was wondering why you had that little ass iPhone 5." I laughed harder.

"Since then she ain't been talking to me." He shook his head. "I miss her though, she the only female who could put up with me or ain't scared to knock my ass out. We be real life squaring up, she be whooping my ass some days, no lie."

"How you be letting her beat your big ass up?"

"Don't underestimate her, she little as hell but evil as hell brah. I could push her ass across the room and she'll do some matrix shit and next thing you know she done knocked my big ass out."

"Nah, Zenobia know better." I shook my head.

"Yeah aight lady Mitch know how to fight."

"I know she do." I shook my head. "She just not beating me."

"Nah, one day she gon whoop your ass and you not gon see it coming. My first day out, I'm bout to hug her but she done ran up on my sister beating her all types of crazy. I ain't even know what the fuck to say to Nisha, I still don't even know why Nobi beat her up like that."

"You know Lee pregnant so Lee more sensitive and shit now. One day, Nisha was blowing up her phone and calling her off of block numbers saying bullshit to her so Lee came in the house crying and shit and Nobi said it was on sight when she saw her."

"I ain't even know what to say to Nish son, I signed her up for boxing classes." He shook his head making me chuckle. "I fucks with Nobi though, she a gutta girl."

"Nah, that's the only thing I hate bout Nobi, she really think she could beat everybody. She get mad so damn quick to the point she don't even exchange words, she just want to fight then her mouth disrespectful and she think somebody supposed to just sit there and let her talk crazy."

"I fucks with it, some bitch talking crazy she the first person I'm calling."

"You gon be wasting ya time, she not fighting no more." I shook my head.

"Imma be mad as hell if you ever lose her, I know she the one bro. Ain't nobody else in your life gon ever make you happy the way she do or ride for you like she is."

"When we first started this out, I didn't think it'll last cause she didn't even want it but once she start letting her guard down and really let me love her, I knew I had to keep her."

"I could tell." He nodded in approval. "You ever thought about going back to Redd?"

"Never." I answered immediately. "In the beginning I compared Redd and Nobi and I came to conclusion Redd ain't never love me, she loved what I did for her. She loved that I paid for her surgeries, her shoes, clothes, her house. I was dumb for her but I loved shawty. I ignored everything y'all would tell me cause I felt like she was my soulmate."

"Thank God, you finally dropped that bitch. I really hated her, we all did, even Arty." He shook his head.

"I'm grateful for Redd though, she led me to Nobi, the love of my love. I'm really in love with her bro."

"I ain't never love deep like that, only love I felt that strong was from you, Sef or Arty, not even on no gay shit. I got more love for you than my own mother and as sad as that shit sound, it's true. I'll die for my brother."

I looked at him as he was typing a message. "If it comes down to it, I'll die for my brother too."

"Believe that." He nodded. "I told you how I had to beat Izzy ass the other day?"

"What?" I laughed. "Why?"

"I was holding Ava and he came in there on some tough shit like you said I ain't ya brother right? So you ain't no uncle to her, just talking out his ass. I looked at him then hooked his ass putting em to sleep, I guess that five year bid made him forget who the fuck I was."

"He know who Jason Alizé Fields is now." I instigated making him laugh.

"Chill Zephyr Taylor Brown." He called me by my full name getting out the car grabbing his food as I glared at his back getting out.

When we walked in the house, we went our separate ways. I grabbed a green tea out the fridge then walked towards my room hearing Zenobia loud ass laugh. I opened my door seeing her and Sin laying down having a conversation.

"Zenobia, you know better then to be letting animals on my damn bed." I glared at her.

"Suck ass Zeph, always starting with me. Goof ass little boy." Sin rolled her eyes never taking her eyes off her phone.

"Oh your phone work?" I asked making both of them look at me weird.

"Yeah, why wouldn't it?"

"Since Jace been calling over and over, I'm not understanding why you not answering."

"Zeph, business." Nobi said making me look at her.

"Nobi, come the fuck on man." I snapped getting mad.


"Your shoes touching my sheets, that's nasty as hell son. Move so I could take my sheets off."

"Zeph, it's barely touching." She rolled her eyes.

"Aanvi, take your shoes off my bed." She rolled her eyes again but did as what I said as I handed her food.

"Say little bitch-" Sin yelled making me jump as I glared at her. "You can't fuck with me if you wanted too!"

"Why you jump like that?" Nobi asked laughing.

"Her dumb ass said that bitch hard as hell, retarded ass." I said sitting on my bed.

"If you a pussy, you get popped. You a groupie, you a opp." Sin looked at me making me smack my teeth.

"She bout to get out." I looked at Nobi.

"Why it take you so long?" Nobi asked eating her food.

"Jace stupid ass started arguing with some lil niggas."

"Should have whooped his ass." Sin mumbled.

"Why?" Nobi ignored her.

"Over some girl." I shook my head. "Oh yeah, you know some lil nigga named Ruga?"

"He tall and caramel with dreads?" She asked as I nodded. "Yeah, he's in my AP literature class."

"That boy so damn smart, got a good head on his shoulders but he just hang around dumb asses." Sin added.

"Word, tenth grade year his friends said something disrespectful to me but he was telling them to chill but you already know my mouth." She laughed. "One of them put their hands on me so I got Izzy to beat them up."

"He trained both of them, he ain't touch Ruga though cause they were cool." Sin added.

"Aight, well that nigga Ruga might hit you up or something wanting to talk to me. If he do, give him my business number." I told Nobi.


"He wanna get with the money team."

"hE wAnnA gEt wiTh thE moNey tEam- get ya Mayweather wanna be ass out of here." Sin mocked making me stare at her blankly as Nobi laughed like it was the funniest thing ever.

"It's funny?" I asked making her laugh harder.

"No daddy." She sa

d? You calling my name like we got beef baby brother." He laughed after hugging em.

"Milly and May over there with all these niggas."

"Word? Thanks baby bro, you strapped?"

"Nah, that's why I came to get you. Them niggas got it on em."

"Hold this for me." Jace handed him a strap from his shoe then put his food on the hood of the car.

"Stay right here real quick." I told Nobi.

"Watch my food for me, I'll be right back babygirl." Jace told Sin.

"Nah, you're bugging I'm coming with you. Imma smack ya ugly ass baby moms." Sin said putting her hair in a pony tail.


"No matter what you say, I'm coming so let's go."

"And if my best friend going, I'm going." Nobi said.

"Imma support from a distance." Lee said making us laugh as Sef bought a chair for her. "Be safe."

I ain't feel like arguing with Nobi so I just put my arm over her shoulder following Jace. Sef, Roddy, Boog and a few of our niggas was on the side of us along with Izzy and his friends. I laughed at how deep we was knowing shit wasn't gon pop off.

"Wassup No?" Izzy spoke as she looked at me.

"Go head."

"Hey Izzy." I moved my arm so she could hug him then put it back.

Jace stopped as we saw a half dressed Milly who was matching with May making me mad. May was only six and Milly had her dressing like she was eighteen. I saw Jace ball his fist up and I let go Nobi stepping in front of him knowing I gotta do all the talking.

"Yo Milly? Fuck is you doing with her out here like that?" I asked getting her and all them bitches and niggas attention she was with.

"Mitch did I fuck you? Mind your business, I pushed my baby out I could do what I want with her. She not in no harm."

"Do you even fucking know these niggas? She fucking six and you got her out here looking like this. This my fucking niece, you dead ass bugging."

"Once again mind ya fucking business, not your child." She laughed. "Keep talking crazy and-"

"And what? Bitch finish ya sentence so I could smack you." Nobi cut her off.

"Yo, y'all making shit hot." One of the niggas laughed inhaling from the blunt.

"Boy shut up." Sef smacked the blunt out his hand then dragged it with his foot ina dirt.

"Yo, you had to drag it though? That's petty as hell." Roddy said making us laugh since I was thinking the same shit.

"Y'all niggas really play too much." Sin laughed.

"Give me my damn daughter with ya stupid ass." Jace walked over to her but Milly pushed him and Sin got serious really fast.

"You missed out on her life, you don't get to claim her as your daughter. This is my daughter and she's not going no where."

"Imma knock ya teeth out ya mouth." Jace looked down at her snatching Malayan out some girl hand.

"Jace give me my damn child!" She clung on his arm punching him.

"Bitch touch em again." Sin stated as she bent over tucking her laces.

"Girl this between her and her baby father, somebody-"

"Bitch, was she talking to you?!" Nobi cut some girl off.

"I'll smack all y'all bitches, y'all could all line up." Sin shrugged standing directly in front of Jace in Milly face.

"Baby girl, leave it alone. Come on." Jace shook his head putting his arm over her shoulder.

"Nah, hold up." Roddy said making us stop walking. "My dude, you just gon let him drag ya blunt out?"

"Roddy!" Nobi laughed loudly as I shook my head chucking.

"Niggas really play all day son." Sef laughed as we all walked away.

"Yo, I'm going home. Want me to take her?" Izzy asked as Jace nodded giving her to him.

"Call me when y'all get in and tell ma, I'll come get her tomorrow morning. Love you boy." He hugged him.

"Love you too."

I threw my food container away then leaned on the car rubbing Lee stomach as she leaned on my shoulder. Her pregnant ass be so nice now, I love pregnant Lee.

"You want kids?" She asked.

"Yeah, a lot of em."

"That's good cause Nobi want a whole house full, that's her dream."

"And whatever she want, she get." I smirked.

"The way y'all have sex I'm surprised she not."

"We be having scares but nah, no babies yet. Maybe her second year of college."

"At least you considerate, Sef trapped me." She rolled her eyes. "My baby get to see me graduation though, so it's not that bad."

"When y'all telling ma?"

"You know our two year anniversary on ya birthday so I think he wants to tell her sometime after that."

"Something tell me she already know."

"Probably." She shrugged then walked off to Nobi and Sin because they were calling her.

I watched as all three of them danced along to the music letting Nobi have her fun, I watched my surroundings out of habit. Jace was on the side of me talking to the bros as I started rolling up bobbing my head to the music. After smoking two blunts with Jace, I was high as hell just cooling.

Konshen x Bruk off Yuh Back and I looked to Nobi dancing on Sin until she moved and bent down twerking, she was definitely feeling herself. I walked over to her and gripped her weave pulling her stupid ass to where we was standing.

"Zeph, get off my hair." She whined holding my hand that was on her hair. I looked at Sef who was recording us as they all laughed.

"That's embarrassing." Sin laughed as I let go.

"Didn't even have to do allat." She rolled her eyes.

"Mhm, gimme kiss." I gripped her chin and she connected our lips.

She wrapped her arms around my exist as I rocked us back and forth, we was vibing to the music. "Don't take no offense but you my bitch." I rapped to her looking down as she laughed.

"You gon fall thru every time a nigga call, that's why I ball how I ball when I spoil you." We rapped together as I grabbed her hands. "Fucking on you good got you bussing like you Rambo, you keep it hood so you really understand though. You was there through my ups and downs like a camel."

"When he asked me bout you, I just told him that I want you but now it's quiet for you cause I told him that I love you." I grabbed her waist bringing her closer to me.

"Y'all really cute." Sin smiled recording us making me remember we wasn't by ourselves.

"I need a bitch." Boog shook his head making us laugh.

"Can we leave?" Lee asked yawning.

"Word, I'm tired." Nobi agreed.

"Y'all heard them, we out." I peaced Boog and them telling them to be safe.

Nobi, Lee, Mazori, Jade, Sin and another girl was walking ahead of us as we laughed at Roddy. This nigga play so much it made no sense, him and Royal together was worse than anything though.

"Yo! Say excuse me, my fucking phone bro." I heard Nobi yell as we all stopped laughing.

"You bumped into me beautiful but I apologize." He bent down to pick up her phone.

"I don't need you to touch anything." She snatched her phone and that's when I saw it was them niggas that was with Milly.

"Y'all beauties shouldn't be out here by yallselves anyway, it's dangerous out here." He grabbed her face smiling.

"Hold on Mitch." Sef tried to grab me but I snatched out his grip pulling my pants up.

"Brah, fuck is you doing? Stop touching my girl." I smacked his hands down.

"Aye fam, I don't know you. Don't be putting ya hands on me."

"I don't give a fuck bout none of that, you heard what I said."

"Come on baby."

"If you know what was best for you, you'll listen to ya beautiful ass girl."

"And if you put ya ear to these streets, you know I'm not with this talking shit. Wassup?"

"Mitch, not here." Jace said but I wasn't tryna hear none of that.

"Come on baby, he not worth it."

"Yeah Mitch." The nigga taunted.

"She tryna save you nigga, he gon fuck you up." Sin said in a dull tone.

"That's the problem with you bit-" He couldn't even finish his sentence before I hit him putting him straight on his ass.

"Stand up pussy!" I yelled kicking him in his face.

"Damn Mitch come on!" Sef pulled my arm as cops started coming our way.

"I'll see you again!" The nigga yelled getting held back.

"I'm local, I ain't hiding." I laughed walking backwards as Sef continued pulling me.

"Stupid ass." Nobi mumbled as we walked to the car.

"Shut ya ass up."


My bad for the slow update but Wattpad keep deleting my chapters.

How y'all feeling bout Zeph POV?

My boyfriend is a mixture of Sef, Jace, Roddy and Zeph, it's annoying as fuck????? Well we broken up right now buttttt that's still my baby??

My heart go out to everyone in Houston, that shit is so terrifying and heartbreaking???? If I have any readers in Houston, be safe???? #Pray4Houston

I'm sleepy so excuse any mistakes.

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