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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take.

--Tiffany Williams

Aanvi Zenobia

I winced in pain accidentally hitting the cask that was on my hand on the dresser, I sighed still not used to this. I fractured my knuckles and sprained my wrist fighting and now I was paying the price. I got up seeing Becky in the living room quickly taking pills, she looked back at me and stood up.

"I'm fine and I don't need your help." I cut her off before she could even say anything.

"I'm just trying to make sure you're okay."

"Oh really?" I raised a eyebrow. "I wasn't okay for fifteen years of my life, where were you then?"

"We can't get passed this if all you do is throw the past up."

"I don't want to get passed it! I hate you, what don't you understand?" I raised my voice. "You will never be my mother, stop trying!"

"I'm sorry, I can't change the past and I can't take away all the bruises and pain we both caused you but I'm trying, can't you see that? I'm fucking trying Aanvi!"

"I don't want you to try! You should have been helped me when I needed it, keep that same energy!"

"Zenobia I-" She stopped and held her chest standing still. "I can't-"

"What's wrong with you?" I scrunched my face up. When she fell I unintentionally laughed then went to get my phone calling 911.

I wasn't stupid, I knew she was having a heart attack, I watched a lot of medical shows. I laid her on her side then going to the cabinet to get a aspirin telling her to chew it, she started chewing until it was gone. She continued holding her chest and blinking slowly with her watery eyes, I sighed wondering when this ambulance was going to hurry up.

I went to the door hearing the siren, I led them in watching as they hooked a oxygen mask to her trying to listen to her heart. Strapping her onto a gurney, I watched until it went to the truck. The lady turned to me with a confused face.

"Aren't you going to come?" She asked still looking confused.

"No, why would I?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"I thought this was your mother or something, I apologize." I nodded and watched her get in the drivers side.

The trunk went out of sight, I went back in the kitchen trying to find something to eat. I sighed seeing we had nothing, I looked at the time seeing it was one in the afternoon. I called Zeph phone hearing it ring then go to voicemail, I rolled my eyes calling Sef as it went straight to voicemail. I groaned out loud calling Jace and he answered on the second ring.

"Lady Mitch wassup?" He asked coughing.

"You saw or heard from Zephyr?"

"Yeah, he right here. Hold on, Mitch!" He yelled. "Lady Mitch looking for you, you in trouble cause she said the whole name."

"Shut up bitch, hey baby." Zeph said as I rolled my eyes.

"Why you not answering the phone?"

"It's dead, I didn't bring my charger and none of these dumb asses thought to bring theirs."

"Nigga you didn't bring yours either, we equally dumb." Sef coughed laughing.

"You good though? What happened?"

"I'm hungry."

"What you want?"

"Jamaican food."

"Get dress, I'll be there in like ten minutes."


Just as I hung up, I heard knocking on the door. I didn't even ask who it was when I opened the door because not everybody knew where I lived, it could only be a handful of people. When I opened the door there stood a pissed off looking Lee with Sin who was just neutral.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked Lee as she rolled her eyes looking through the refrigerator getting a water.

"Sef dirty ass not answering the phone, I was hungry and mommy or daddy not home."

"His phone dead, all their phones dead. Zeph coming so we can get Jamaican food, wanna ride?" I asked as she smiled.

"I knew I was right when something told me to walk my pregnant ass over here."

"I still can't get used to that, I thought it would be Nobi pregnant the way her and Zeph have sex." Sin said making us laugh.

"Girl bye, birth control got me." I smiled going up the stairs to get dress.

I put on a pair of Zeph Nike sweats and his bape hoodie leaving my hair in the bun it was in, I looked at my ringing phone seeing Jace name, I let it ring knowing he was just going to say they were outside. I grabbed my house keys, charger and phone turning off my bathroom and room lights.

"Come on, they outside" I said turning off the lights in the kitchen and living room then locking up.

"You did not say they were coming." Jace said as he got out the front seat going to the back.

"And why weren't you answering your phone?" Lee asked Sef as we all piled up in the car, I was grateful he had the range so they could all fit.

"My phone was dead baby." He said pressing the lock button so he could show her.

"So why don't you have your charger?"

"Because I wasn't thinking."

"You never thinking, what if I went into labor? Then what? I would of had the baby without you even knowing." She said making Zeph stop the car as we all looked at her.

"You not even four months yet." Sef furrowed his eyebrows up.

"You so dramatic." I said laughing, Lee kills me.

"Girls dramatic period but getting them pregnant is worse, my baby mother made my life a living hell." Jace said shaking his head.

"Shouldn't get hoes pregnant then." Sin shrugged looking down on her phone as she typed.

"Sin." Lee chuckled making her look up.

"Yeah? Oh, I said that out loud?" She looked at us. "Damn, my bad."

I shook my head then zoned them out as we rode to the Jamaican restaurant, when we pulled in I fixed the strings of my hoodie and got out the car leaving them to talk. I walked in finding a table that can fit all six of us, I took a menu and began looking through it. Zeph sat next to me leaning his head on me shoulder as he yawned.

"You tired?" I asked never taking my eyes off the menu, he nodded not saying anything. "Wouldn't be so tired if you wasn't outside late hours of the night."

He sat his head up about to say something until they all came to the table, I squinted my eyes daring him to say something I didn't like. Instead he just shook his head and laid it down on the table, the man came waiting to take our orders.

"Are y'all ready to order or do you need a few more minutes?" He asked as his accent went in and out.

"Can mi have Ziggy Marley wings with Callalo? Add a busta too and a side of jackass corn." Sin said as her accent came in and out too.

"What's that?" Lee asked.

"What's what?" Sin asked.

"Everything you just said." She remarked making all of us laugh, even the waiter.

"Ziggy Marley wings are wings that's marinated in jerk sauce, Callalo is something like collard greens I guess, a busta is a soda and jackass corn is basically like a biscuit made from coconut and sugar."

"Can I have everything she said but with a lemonade instead?" Lee said.

"Can I have jerk chicken with cabbage and mac and cheese instead of the rice? And he'll have curry goat with peas and rice. We both want ginger beer and coco bread." I ordered for Zeph and I.

I leaned back checking my notifications zoning them out as I watched people snaps, Zeph lifted his head off the table to look at me. I glanced his way then back to my phone, I laughed at a picture Sin put of me and her when we were younger, I screenshotted then locked my phone putting it down.

"I'm just saying your baby mother can't beat me." Sin laughed texting somebody.

"So? I'll beat whatever nigga you texting the fuck up."

"Damn." She shook her head and laughed. "You lucky your daughter cute cause I would of violated."

"Sincere." I called her telling her to chill.

"I don't care what comes out my mouth, you should know that." She shrugged. "But I will chill cause if somebody talk about my child they will be dead."

"You don't have a child." Sef laughed.

"Not yet because Lee carrying him or her but when she or he, hoping it's a girl, come she will be mine and y'all can visit."

"Issa surrogate." I chimed in making us laugh.

"Yeah aight, my baby is my baby." Sef shook his head.

"You told Niko or Amori yet?" Jace asked.

"Not yet."

"Thought they would be the first ones."

"Yeah but his mom don't like me so he haven't told her yet." Lee rolled her eyes.

"My mom do like you and I just haven't told them yet, I wanna do it together."

"Why you think ma don't like you?" Zeph asked.

"Because when I slapped Amour, she felt a type of way about it."

"Nah, if ma didn't like you she would damn sure make it known."

"You would know." Sef laughed. "She tortured the fuck out of Redd."

"She really did." Jace laughed. "Zeph couldn't even ask her for advice cause Mo would shut the shit down as soon as he tried."

"She love Nobi though, I can't even go over there without one of them saying something about her. If it's not mom or dad, it's Nova."

"That's cause they could see she the real deal." Jace said making me smile. "I need a her, you got any friends?"

"El oh el." Sin chuckled. "What you want a real one for if you ain't even real yourself my nigga?"

"I'm as real as it comes, you? Not so much. Real recognize real baby girl."

"And that's why I ain't fucking with you cause I ain't recognize you."

"Dayummmm!" Sef instigated laughing. "Nah, she got that one."

"Issa L." Zeph said making us laugh.

"You recognize me when my dick down your throat, I was real enough for that though."

"And you ate my ass so does it matter?"

"Waiittttt." I dragged out laughing.

"Bro you ate her ass?" Zeph asked laughing.

"Nah, not Jace." Sef threw his head back laughing.

"His face son, I'm fucking crying." Lee stomped her foot against the floor.

"Ate my ass while eating the pussy at the same time, that boy is a beast." Sin smirked.

"You going for the most." Jace waved her off.

"Jace but you not denying this." Sef said still instigating.

"Stop instigating like you don't eat ass either." I said making him snap his head towards Lee.

"You told them I ate your ass? You said you was gon keep that between us brah." He glared at her as we all busted out laughing.

"Ayooo!" Zeph pulled his chair back and hunched over laughing. "Nah, y'all going out bad."

"I can't believe y'all." I laughed.

"Yo, I needed that laugh." Sin cleared her throat. "Y'all are hilarious."

"You a dick rider." Jace said.

"Let me ride your dick." Sin bluntly said making me gasp.

"I am shooketh." Sef said as we all stared at Jace waiting for his response.

"Y'all ain't know that's why she acting up? She want some dick." He laughed.

"Give it to her then." I jumped in.

"No, Imma make her wait."

"I'll just fuck somebody else." She shrugged.

"They won't fuck you like I can."

"They'll still get the job done."

"Bet you I'll beat both y'all asses."

"As long as you fuck

I stated rolling the dough flat with the rolling pin.

"I don't like when we beefing, what do I have to do?"

"Nothing, I'm not mad, we just not cool."

"Huh boy, I just miss you can I-"

"No." I laughed.

He walked to me hugging me despite me being covered in flour, I laughed as he picked me up spinning me. I yelled for him to stop but he wouldn't making me laugh harder he kissed all over my face all while keeping this big ass smile on his face. I rolled my eyes knowing I was about to give in and we weren't about to have beef no more.

"Alright Zeph, we good." I laughed getting dizzy.

"I didn't know that was gon work, glad it did. Got flour all over me and shit." He laughed dusting it off.

I rolled my eyes going to wash my hand so I can start the chicken, I washed them off then sat them in a clean bowl patting them down with a napkin. I seasoned them then sat there debating what I wanted to do.

"Should I bake them or fry them?"

"You making regular chicken or hot wings?"

"Hot wings."

"Bake em."

"Yeah, that's why I was thinking." I nodded starting to make the hot wing sauce.

"How was her appointment? You went with her right?"

"Yeah, they said she need a heart transplant or she's going to die." I said focused on my sauce.

"How you feeling bout that?"

"I don't know." I answered honestly. "I mean these past three days been okay with her but I don't forgive her for the past, I just can't find it in me to forgive her."

"But you giving it a chance so you obviously want to No, if you forgive her it would be so much better on her, you and your heart."

"Yeah maybe." I shrugged. "I know I can forgive her though because when they told her the news her face did something to my heart."

"Stop trying to fight it, you can't change the past baby. She didn't handle it the best way she could of but you're still here and she's trying to make everything better."

"Yeah." I nodded. "Maybe one day."

"I gotta get out of here though baby, my dad wanna have a damn men day with all of us. His old ass just lonely cause mom going out with her sorority sisters."

"Leave Niko alone." I laughed.

"I'm unblocked right?" He asked.

"Yeah, we back cool." I laughed.

"Okay, lemme go say bye to Nova real quick."

I nodded washing my hands as I sat the hot wings in the oven, I went to my room to go get my Bluetooth speaker so I can listen to music. As I was about to walk out my room Zeph walked in, he locked the door and smirked making me raise a eyebrow. He picked me up making me squeal as I wrapped my hands around his neck. He laid me down kissing me passionately showing how much he missed me making me smile since I missed him too.

He slid my pants off and slid my panties to the side, before I could even protest his mouth was already on my vagina. I grabbed his head on instinct and grinded against his face trying to keep my moans in since Becky was sleep down the hall. Zeph showed no mercy as I pushed his head away trying to stop this intense ass orgasm, not stopping the moans I let them out freely. Once I came in his mouth, he moved and sat up smiling. He kissed me and I grinded against him wanting the real deal nut he shook his head.

"No." He shook his head making me pout. "They already blowing my phone up, I got you tomorrow baby."

I rolled my eyes standing up putting on some Victoria secret cheeky shorts, I walked him to the door after he brushed his teeth. Kissing him I watched him get in the car and take off down the street, I walked in the living room seeing Nova knocked out with her Olaf in her hand making me smile and take a picture. Hooking up my phone to the speaker I went to Apple music going to my song list choosing a song then went back to making my pizza.

"Today's so hard, so much stress. Life won't let up, boy just rest. Lay down and let me cover you in all these kisses." I sung loudly along to Tammy Rivera.

I put my pizza in the oven along with the wings and set a timer. To kill time, I cleaned up everything I messed up. As soon as I finished Becky walked in the kitchen getting a water out the fridge, I looked at her take her pills then sit down at the table.

"What's in the oven?" She asked.

"Pizza and hot wings." I spoke making her smile.

"That was our safe haven." She smiled. "Whenever something bad happen we would make pizza and hot wings with a side of green tea."

"It was like the pizza healed us for a short period of time until reality kicked back in." I slightly smiled.

"Everything was perfect when it was just us two."

"I think I'm ready to forgive you." I spoke the words I been wanting to. "I just don't know how to."

"I want nothing more in the world for you to forgive me and I can have my daughter back but if you aren't ready don't push yourself, I would rather you forgive me on your own terms so you can get all the animosity out."

"Why did you let him do that to me?" I asked fighting back tears. "How could you sit there and let him hit me repeatedly without saying anything? How can you send Jah to jail but not him? How can you put him above your only daughter?"

"Hakeem wasn't right in the head, he was a sociopath, the cocaine and heroine made him ten times worse. You think you were the only one getting beat? You think I wanted to do all the damn drugs while I was pregnant? I tried to leave countless of times, I went to the police, I tried everything. He would threaten to kill both of us, he was cool with the police officers, everything I tried he was always ahead by ten steps."

"He hit you?" I asked not knowing that.

"Everyday, right after he come beat you I was next. He would force me to do drugs, rape me, let his friends do shit to me and he was just a evil ass person. I sent you off with your grand-mom because I was going to kill him but he caught me in action, he beat me until I wasn't recognizable. Every night was worse than the night before because now I was taking the beatings for two people."

"I didn't know that."

"I know I failed you as a mom but I tried Aanvi, I tried everything. I tried to send you with Jah but he sent his police friends to report you kidnapped, I tried with your grandmother but sadly the cancer failed us, the last option was sending him to jail and I succeeded that one. I would of rather you hated me with all your guts then for that man to keep beating on you everyday."

"I forgive you." She came to me wiping my tears while I wiped hers, she leaned in for a hug and I embraced her. It was a feeling I never felt before, I haven't hugged her since I was eight. Ten years later we couldn't stop this hug as we both felt each other pain.

My timer went off making me pull away from her, I checked on the hot wings making sure they were done before I pulled them out the oven. The pizza took ten more minutes but when that was done I woke up Nova so she can eat. My mom, Nova and I sat in the living room watching Moana while eating our food and occasionally starting conversation.

I hoped everything stayed like this for a while but you never know with me it was like I was destined for bad luck.


I was high as fuck typing this so excuse any mistakes.

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