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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Sometimes you have to let it go, you will feel so much better.

--Tasia Logoff

Aanvi Zenobia

Sitting up abruptly, I panicked looking around. It felt like I couldn't breathe, I grabbed my chest trying to calm myself down. The nightmare I just had bought up so many unwanted memories, I felt myself dropping tears as I calmed down.

I sighed grabbing my phone hearing Zeph snores through our FaceTime call. I went to call his name but stopped deciding to let him sleep, although I knew he would of made me feel a lot better right now.

Going down the stairs, I saw that the kitchen light was on. I peeped around the corner seeing my mom pop some pills, I shook my head and walked further in the kitchen. She looked up kinda embarrassed, I simply ignored her and walked to the fridge.

I don't know why I expected more from her, people like her will never change.

"I bought green tea, do you still like those?" She asked.

"Yeah." I stated blankly then grabbed a bottle from the fridge looking for something to snack on.

"I remember when you were just three years old in love with them, every time you cried I would give you one and you would be the happiest baby in the world."

"You mean you would give me one after that man whooped my ass for doing shit I couldn't control."


"Don't call me that."

"I can't tell you how much I love you or apologize but I'm trying Zenobia, don't I get credit for that?"

"Credit? You want credit cause ya crackhead ass- you know what, nevermind. You aren't waste the words, energy or time."

"What do I have to do for you to forgive me?" She whispered.

"You really wanna know?" I smiled getting a little closer to her as her eyes lit up in joy.

"Yes, I want you to love me like I am your mom. Just tell me what I have to do to earn ya forgiveness."

"Die." I spat coldheartedly walking out the kitchen leaving her there.

I heard her sob as I made it to the stairs, it's too bad the man she loved wasn't here to hear that. Maybe she would of finally felt what I felt getting beat on like I was a punching bag for crying.

I walked back into my room closing and locking my door to make sure she wouldn't come in my room. I laid back down as memories flooded my head, every time I closed my eyes I felt every punch, smack, kick or the objects he would hit me with.

Looking at the time it was only one o clock in the morning making me sigh, I had to be up by seven and I knew I just wasn't going to sleep sleeping alone. Texting Sef since he's always up at this time, I wondered would he come get me.

Instead of texting back, he called. I answered putting it on speaker as I picked out my school clothes.

"Wassgood lady Mitch?" He asked all loud making me laugh.

"Why you so damn loud? And what you doing?"

"I'm ina car rolling up, bouta go to this 24 hour Chinese store."

"Oou, can you come get me?"

"Nah, you school ina morning lil sis."

"And I'm still going but right now, I really need to get out my thoughts."

"Text me what you want from the Chinese store and I'll tell you when I'm outside."


I didn't have to pack much considering most of my clothes was at Zeph house. Deciding not to pack anything cause I had clothes there, I called Zeph back hoping he'll answer.

"Hello?" His raspy ass voice said. "When you hang up?"

"A few minutes ago, Sef called."

"What his high depressed ass want?"

"Why you say he depressed?" I laughed.

"Cause him and Lee not talking I guess."

"Huh boy but he's coming to get me."

"You have school in a few hours, I'm bout to call him and tell him to leave you where the fuck you at."

"Too late, he's outside." I smiled seeing Sef text. "See you in a few babe."

"Zenobia-" I hung up getting my charger and leaving the room.

My egg donor was sitting on the couch watching TV, I didn't say anything to her as I walked out the door locking it behind me. I heard the loud ass music before I saw Sef car, I rolled my eyes looking around.

As soon as I opened the door, the smell of weed smacked me in my face. "Mitch, I'm grown stop fucking calling me like I'm ya bitch."

I laughed getting in the car as he hung up, he passed me the blunt and I gladly accepted it. I inhaled holding it in then let it go having a coughing fit for a minute instantly feeling high.

"What is this?" I asked referring to the weed.

"Haze." He smirked as I laughed. "You spoke to Lee?"

"No, I don't fuck with Lee." I stated making him squint in confusion.

"That's impossible, that's like saying I don't fuck with Mitch."

"It's very possible because I don't fuck with her, I haven't spoken to her in a week now." I shrugged.


"Because she fuck with the Diddy bops." I stated blankly. "I can't tell her who to be friends with but she's acting so stupid trying to impress them, she want to be their friend bad as hell."

"She shoulda knew they wasn't her friends when shawty Melody tried to suck me off at a party."

"What?" I scrunched my face up. "You talking bout Malone, dickhead? Lee knew she tried this?"

"Whatever that bitch name is but yeah, cause I smacked that bitch. I explained why I smacked her ass and that bitch talking bout she was drunk."

"See, that's the shit I'm talking bout. Lee don't take shit from nobody but when it comes to them two bitches she the dumbest bitch in the world."

"You just gotta let her make her own decisions, she gon learn."

"She is because something is going to happen and I promise you, I won't answer her call once they do her wrong. I'mma tell her I told her so then when I wanna talk to her again, I will."

"As you should." He stopped at a red light eating some of his food. "What's going on in ya head?"

"My mom, she's been trying to talk to me lately and I just want her to be out my life for good. She always seem to wanna come back when I'm doing good and she's popping pills again."

"I can't tell you how to feel but I think you should have a talk with her, get some closure. I promise you if you forgive her or at least have a civil conversation with her, your heart would feel so much lighter."

"I don't know how, when I see her all I wanna do is hurt her as much as she hurt me. Her and that man are the reason I'm like this, I'm angry all the time and I second guess everything because they fucked up my happiness. That's all I wanna do, I just wanna be happy."

"That's all we ever wanna be but you are happy. When you around us, you all smiles. When you with Mitch, you all smiles. When we giving you food, you all smiles. It's okay to let down your guard, we got you Nobi."

I smiled and let his words linger. "Thank you Sef, I can't wait to tell Zeph how you just preached."

"I got my days." He laughed.

"Y'all look who came to scoop me because I was in a bad mood?" I recorded us for snap as he stuck his tongue out. "My brother loves me."

"Mitch gon fuck you up." He laughed.

"What you gon do about Lee?"

"I don't know anymore, maybe our relationship ran it's course. I love Lee so much that my heart be hurting when we go through shit but she don't trust me and I don't know how to keep proving to her I'm faithful, it's starting to become annoying."

"She be letting her friends get in her head because they want her to be single with them but if you love her talk to her about it before you decide it's officially over."

"I'll just pop up on her tomorrow and if it don't go how I want then I guess I'll be single."

"I hope y'all work it out, I love y'all together."

"We'll see." He entered the driveway as I entered the code so the gate can closed.

Once we got in the house, we went our separate ways. Walking into Zeph room he was knocked the fuck out, snoring, mouth all open and everything. I took a picture then stripped getting in bed, his snoring ceased then went back as I laid on the side of him.

As I was dosing off, I felt Zeph pull me closer to him. He kissed my temple as we both fell right back to sleep.


"Zenobia!" I heard yelling making me jump.

"Huh?" I groaned sleepily.

"Wake up, you gotta get up for school."

Reaching over to look at the time, I smacked my teeth. "Zeph, it's six in the fucking morning. Get the fuck out of my face."

"It's a thirty minute ride from here to ya school and you still have to get dress, get the fuck up for I throw some water on you."

"I promise you won't ever be able to use ya hands ever again."

"You think I'm playing? Bet." He walked out.

I sat up going to take a shower cause I wasn't playing with him, I wrapped my hair and turned on the steaming hot water. I got in letting all my worries go for right now, after showering for a whole twenty minutes I got out going to the closet.

"Why you in a suit?" I asked Zeph as he put on his red bottom dress shoes.

"I have a meeting then Jace parol meeting."

"For real?" I asked shocked. "I forgot about that."

"Yeah, I been praying every night. I need this, we need this."

I put on my crossover bra then slid on my PINK thong as he shook his head. "What?"

"Put on a different pair of panties."

"Really Zeph?"

"I'm so serious right now." I rolled my eyes putting on some boy shorts.

"Happy?" I rolled my eyes. Deciding to put on a tank top with his Polo hoodie on top and some ripped jeans I was ready.

"I'm ready daddy."

"Go warm the car up for me."

"Which one?"

"The range."

"The white or black one?"


"I was hoping you picked that one."

I walked out the room grabbing my bookbag along with my charger and headphones. I walked in the kitchen to see Roddy and Sef cooking breakfast.

"Anything for me?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'mma bring ya plate to the car." Roddy said.

"I love how y'all treat me." I smiled grabbing a green tea and taking the

ell Zeph.

"Is she okay? What happened?" I asked.

"She was fighting and hit her head on something and passed out."

"Fighting who?!" I damn near screamed.

"I'm waiting on the video to see did she get jumped or was it a fair fade."

"Who was she with?" I asked.

"Diddy bops, they was walking to the store."

I nodded as his phone dinged, I grabbed it going to the video. I saw some girl say something to Lee as Lee laughed and waved her off, the girl swung on Lee beginning their fight. Lee was winning and when somebody went to jump in, a boy pushed her back. I saw Malone and Alea say something to the girl and a girl got in their face telling them to mind their business. Alea and Malone punk asses shut right up.

"Who this boy?" I asked Sef.

"My homie Derrick, he saw the whole shit. He the one who took her to the hospital."

"You know any girl in this?"

"Redd friend Cassie."

"Now, I'mma find Redd and whoop her ass." I said angrily.

"Relax and finish watching the video." Sin said.

I pressed play watching Lee on top of the girl, another girl pushed Lee making her go forward and hit her head on the step making me wince. Lee fell straight and stopped moving as the girl took advantage and kicked Lee all in her face while throwing punches. All four of them bitches jumped Lee taking advantage of her being knocked out while Malone and Alea just stood there. Derrick hooked one of the girls as her and her friends ran out the store. I started shaking as I felt tears come to my face.

"Sef find everybody in this video! I mean the nigga recording, the people who stood there while my sister got jumped, the store owners, EVERYBODY! I'm going to kill everybody!" I punched the window twice cracking it as I felt a piece of glass in my fist making it bleed.

"Nobi chill son, we don't need you reacting off impulse." Sef said looking at me hurrying to the hospital.

"That's her sister, you crazy as hell. Sis I got you, we bout to kill bitches. I know where my dad keep his guns." Sin said as we walked to the hospital entrance.

"What the fuck happened to your hand?" Zeph grabbed it making me snatch it. "It got glass in it, let me see."

"Stop fucking touching me." I spoke walking in the hospital. I checked her name and they told us what room she was in.

I walked in seeing her head in a bandage, she looked our way as she gave a weak smile. I was about to say something until I saw Malone and Alea, I walked to them glaring.

"Step outside." I told them calmly not bothering to tie my hair up or nothing.

"Nobi, stop. They was there, they helped me." Lee said.

"That's what they told you?" I asked. "I just watched the video, they fucking stood there letting bitches punk them! Step the fuck outside before I hit you now!"

"Is everything okay here? Do you need security?" A doctor asked stepping in.

"Yeah, can you escort them out?" Lee said pointing at Alea and Malone.

Security did as asked as I looked at them picturing how I was going to stomp their head in. I looked at Lee and lifted up her bandage seeing stitches on her head.

"You called ma and dad?" I asked.

"Yeah, they on their way. Nobi I'm sorry-"

"Save it, I'mma say I told you so and we gon forget today happened but you do owe a apology to Sin."

"You right, Sincere I'm sorry. I don't know what been up with me these past few days."

"You good, you lil sis I ain't tripping. Worry about recovering so we could stomp these bitches face in."

"Y'all gon have to do that without me or wait seven months." She mumbled the last part as Sef head went to her fast as hell.

"You pregnant?" He asked looking at her.

"Yeah, pullout game wasn't as strong as we thought." She joked giving him the paper.

Just as she handed it to her, Jah and Kellz walked in. Her eyes widened as Kellz took the paper thinking it was something else, she tilted her head to the side and looked at Lee.

"What?" Jah asked.

"She's pregnant." Kelly mumbled as Jah neck snapped towards me.

"What?" I asked in confusion. "I'm just finding out like you are."

"What happened to your hand Nobi? It's dripping blood." Lee said as I held it up.

"She punched my window-- which you paying for Mitch, after seeing the video."

"It's a video? Let me see." Jah said as Sef handed him his phone.

"These damn bitches lucky I'm too old to put my hands on them, I'mma smack their mother instead." Kellz said releasing Kellz from the hood as she watched the video. "Nobi beat them bitches up!"

"I never had permission to fight, oh hell yeah I'm bout to show out." I smirked.

"I wish." Lee said.

"Yeah, we gon talk about that when we get home." Kellz looked at her then Sef. "All four of us."

"I need to know who everybody in this video is, the store owners, whoever touched Lee, the nigga recording, everybody!" Jah said looking at the video.

"That's exactly what I said before I punched the window, you my damn dad for real." I shook my head.

"Why my lil sis looking like the emoji with the bandage?" Sin said as she recorded Lee making us laugh.

"Hey Sinny, I ain't even see you." Kellz hugged her as did Jah.

"Hey Kellz from the hood." Sin smiled.

"Nobi come here." Zeph peeked his head in making me confused since I didn't even know he left out.

I followed him into another room where his aunt Joelle standing there in scrubs. "You remember my aunt? Well she a surgeon, let her see ya hand."

I sat down as she looked at it. "What happened?"

"Punched Sef window because I was mad."

"Been there." She laughed getting tweezers to get the glass out.

After she gave me three stitches I was on my way out, before we walked in Lee room Zeph stopped me.

"I know this ya sister and you have to do what you have to do but just make sure I'm there is all I ask."

"I'm going to beat ya ex bitch up, I'mma beat her so bad that allat surgery she had gon seem useless."

"Why Redd?"

"Her friend Cassie was the one who popped first but Lee said before anything happened Redd was on the phone saying to beat her up."

"Do what you gotta do, just make sure I'm there as I stated."

"Bonnie and Clyde." I smiled making him laugh.

"And you not doing nothing for a week."

"I'll listen to you cause my fist hurt like hell." I mumbled.

"I bet." He laughed.


This was basically a filler cause these next chapters bout to be emotional as hell.

I love Sin lmao she's my whole personality, just with money??

Who in Alabama?

Unedited, excuse any mistakes.

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