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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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Sometimes you have to walk through the darkness to see the light.

-- Tamia Thomas.

Aanvi Zenobia

I rolled my eyes seeing the nasty ass pizza, I was hungry and school lunch wasn't going to work. Lee sat down with a mug on her face but I saw the tears in her eyes making me more aggravated.

Nothing was wrong with Lee, she just so dramatic and I honestly didn't have time for her right now. The Diddy bops sat down and looked at her then back at me acting like they care about Lee.

"Why you crying best friend?" Alea asked.

"My stomach hurt so bad." Lee whined wiping her face.

"You on your period?"

"First day."

"Aw baby, you want me to get you some food?" Malone asked.

Laughing I opened the snap from Zeph as he sent me a picture of him, Royal and Sef all sticking their tongue out. I went to take a picture of Lee but my flash was on making all of them look my way as I tucked in my lips trying not to laugh since I got caught.

"Why you taking pictures of us?" Alea asked.

"Girl your face will never be in my phone, I was taking a picture of my sister. Mind ya business."

"Seem mad to me."

"Why am I mad? I'm happy as shit today, well besides being hungry." I shrugged.

"Wassup Lea." Izzy walked past our table as Alea smiled then stood up to hug him and kiss him on his neck.

I raised a eyebrow then gave Lee the same look she was giving me. I laughed watching them converse, I couldn't wait to tell Zeph this bullshit.

"Alright, y'all gotta move. I don't know why you this close anyway." Lee said looking at Izzy and Quinn.

"You always got something to say, annoying as hell." Quinn looked at her.

"I said what I said." She folded her arms making me laugh.

"And you just keep laughing like you-"

"Girl say something I don't like so I could have a reason. I dare you." I looked directly at Alea.

"You so tough now Nobi." Izzy chuckled. "I saw ya mom the other day ona corner, I see the resemblance."

The first time he bought her up I was in tears so he think he know how to get to me. He thought that bringing up my mom was my soft spot but it wasn't. I could careless.

"I'm going to get up and walk away before I kill all three of y'all."

I stood up walking out the cafeteria, on the way out I bumped into somebody. I was already annoyed and ready to fight so I closed my eyes and slowly counted to three. Opening my eyes I saw Sincere standing there.

"Oh hey Zenobia, that was my fault." Her voice spoke.

"You good."

"Are you?"

"Nah, niggas love testing me but I'll be cool once I make this phonecall."

"You never changed, still that same ass hothead." She chuckled making me smirk. "I miss you."

"I miss you too Sin." I spoke honestly.

"I see you got a phone now, lemme enter my number."

Handing her my phone, I watched her enter her number along with her name. When she was done, she handed me back my phone then hugged me and went her way.

I called Zeph as he answered on the first ring making me laugh. "Babe?"

"Why you sound like that?"

"I'm hungry "

"And what else?"

"Aggravated as hell."


"Ready to kill."


"Alea, Izzy, Quinn, Lee, everybody."

"What Lee do?"

"For not realizing the Diddy bops not her fucking friends and putting them in my life."

"I'm bout to bring you a Snickers, you aren't you when you're hungry." He stated making me laugh.

"I really am hungry baby."

"What you want?"

"Dave and Buster's."

"Nobi." He sighed. "I'mma just come pick y'all up after school."

"Can my friend come?"

"You have no friends."

"Zeph." I rolled my eyes.

"I'mma just have to get the truck then cause Sef and Ro coming too."

"Okay." I smiled. "See you in a few daddy."

"Alright baby girl."

I hung up then asked Sincere did she have plans and when she said no I invited her along. I walked into my fourth period class and sat there as my teacher looked confused.

"Why are you here twenty minutes early?" Mr.Robinson asked looking at his watch.

"I hate these kids."

"I feel that vibe." He nodded making me laugh. "You hungry?"

"What you got?"

"Chicken and shrimp stuffed shells with cheesy garlic bread."

"Mr.Robinson I love you." I stated leaving my phone on the desk and getting a plate and fork from the closet in the class.

He put three shells on my plate along with a piece of garlic bread, I thanked him going back to my seat. I needed Mr.Robinson to start being a chef cause this was amazing.

"You cooked this yourself?"

"Yeah, I bought extra cause somebody always hungry." He said making me laugh.

"It's real good."

"Yeah, I cook while my wife handle the kids. It's better that way cause I hate my kids, I hate all kids."

"Mr.Robinson." I gasped laughing.

"I'm kidding, I love my kids, sometimes."

"I think if I had kids, they would be my world because I couldn't get the love I wanted from my parents." I shrugged.

"That's why I make sure my kids have everything they ask for, they could ask for the Moon and I'm already suiting up to go get it."

I smiled, he seemed like a good father. "How many you have?"

"Two girls and one boy, my boy Nyck 12, Natalie 9 and Natasha 5."

"That's wonderful."

"You want kids?"

"Yeah, I want so many. I want at least 6-8." I said making his eyes widen. "I know but I love big families."

"Each as it's own but I'm good with my three."


"Zeph get in the car." I rolled my eyes as he watched everybody leave out.

"Nah, this nigga keep disrespecting you thinking he tough, I'mma smack his ass like I been suppose to."

"Why did I even tell you?" I rolled my eyes. "Baby, I'm hungry can we please leave?"

He looked at me and sucked his teeth, he opened my door for me as Sincere and Lee got in. While he was driving his jaw was clenched and he didn't talk to nobody.

"He got a bad ass temper, it takes him a minute to calm down. Give him a few minutes." Royal said as I was getting out the car.

Nodding I did as he said and stayed away from him, I didn't like when people took their anger out on me. When we got in Dave and Buster's, I sat in between Sincere and Lee as I talked to both of them.

Nobody was in the mood to play games so after we ate, we just decided to leave. As we were walking to the car I spotted Izzy and hoped Zeph didn't.

"There go Izzy!" Lee messy self said making me roll my eyes.

"Really Lee?"

"Why you keep tryna save this nigga?" Zeph stopped walking making me squint my eyes in confusion.

"Who you talking to Zephyr? I don't give a fuck how mad you are, stop playing with me."

"I know exactly who I'm talking to."

"Yeah alright, knuck if you buck."

"Chill." Sef said pushing us apart.

"He's with his mother, y'all know her y'all look at her as another mother, you can't just-"

"He wanted to talk shit, I said I'mma smack his ass on sight. He in my sight right? Aight cool, hold this for me Sef."

He took off his chain and watch handing it to Sef as I sighed. I hope Izzy just get smacked and leave it at that but I know him, this was going to escalate.

"It's just an nice ass day for some people to get smacked, right Mitch?" Lee smiled as she recorded them for Snapchat.

"Record him smacking his ass." Sef laughed. "Any of these boys he with hit you Lee?"

"You'll smell him as soon as we step in front of him." She said making me laugh.

"Yerrrdddd?" Zeph yelled making all their attention go to us as I looked to see Sef recording.

"Niggas done bought Mitch back out, why y'all hate y'all lives like this?" Sef laughed.

"You could take Dashiki out the hood but you can't take the hood out of Dashiki." Royal said making all of us laugh.

"My son's, how y'all been?" Izzy mother spoke hugging Royal, Sef and Zeph.

"We been good but ma, you know what I came over for." Zeph said looking directly at Izzy and she sighed.

"Jace already told me, I don't need to see this. I'll go get our table." She sighed walking away with Izzy daughter, Ava.

It was Izzy, Quinn, Izzy sister Nisha and another friend of Izzy named Ant. I looked at Izzy seeing him look directly at me and I smirked.

"So wassup?" Nisha asked looking between Zeph, Izzy and I.

"Mind your business and if you don't watch how I punch ya ass in ya head for thinking too much!" Lee said as I laughed.

"Girl you not-"

"Wasn't Sef suppose to take you out? You gon take my nigga right? Ain't that's what you said? He right here, have em."

"If she ain't you then I don't want her, fuck you mean?"

I saw Zeph shift and he raised his hand and smacked the shit out of Izzy. Izzy stumbled back falling and sat on the floor holding his face as Zeph looked down at him.

"You talked all that shit and thought I was gonna let you walk past me? Fuck you mean? Stand up!" Zeph balled both his fist up still looking down at him. "You pussy! You can't be no damn kin to my brothers with yo bitch ass."

"Alright Zephyr." I moved him back some.

"When you see Cailee or Zenobia act like they don't exist cause next time I'm knocking you out. This not ya girl, she mine. Y'all don't exist and never will."

"Yeah Mitch!" Lee laughed zooming in on Izzy face.

"Sooooo who touched my girl?" Sef asked looking at both niggas.

"Use ya nose and you gon know which one I'm talking bout baby, I could smell him now." Lee said making me laugh, it never gets old yo.

"To make this quicker, he did." I rolled my eyes pointing at Quinn.

"Aight, I wanna fight. Not no I smack you and you think it's over because you surrender, I wanna fight!" Sef handed Zeph back his shit.

Sef pulled his pants up and put one foot in front of the other leaning back. Quinn threw a punch and Se

Zeph following, I locked the door after him. I went to our playlist on his iPad as the first song came on which happened to be In Those Jeans by Ginuwine making us both laugh. I turned it up then took off my pants and panties as Zeph stood there not sure what to do.

"Dummy, lay down." I spoke pushing him back, I took off his sweats and laughed. "You never got on no damn boxers."

"Cause my girlfriend nasty as fuck, I never know when I need to just slide in her."

"Smart man." I smirked licking his shaft all over.

I made it wet enough then slid it in my mouth starting to bob my head up and down. I sucked my cheeks together while licking it at the same time. Reaching up I started playing with his balls as I heard him grunt, I smirked in satisfaction going faster. I looked into his eyes and at that moment he nutted in my mouth. Deciding to swallow, I continued sucking until he got back hard. I got on top of him putting my hands on his chest.

I stood on my feet and squatted down bouncing up and down as he gripped my ass. I threw my head back in satisfaction biting my lip, he grabbed my neck making me lean down and kiss him. Putting his tongue in my mouth he caught me off guard flipping us around as he pounded in and out of me.

That lasted for almost five minutes until I felt him nut in me, he pulled out as we both looked down. I stood up slowly going to pee as he wiped his self.

"You nutted in me." I sighed.

"I know, I thought about the consequences and I was aight with it. I think I'm responsible enough for a baby, I got enough money, time and patience."

"Zeph!" I smacked his back.

"You on birth control and I'll buy a plan b, if you want calm down." He laughed pulling my arm and wrapping his arms around me.

"Plan b has too many side effects, I think birth control could handle this one." I laughed.

"Mhm." He nodded kissing me then my neck and cheek.

"Stooop!" I whined pushing him.

"You know you bout to be in my life forever after you just took my soul like that." He said as I brushed my teeth.

"You annoying." I mumbled.

"I even kissed ya ass right after you swallowed my kids, I gotta love you. I ain't never kiss no damn body after they gave me head, yeah I love ya ass."

"I gotta love ya black ass too cause I've never wanted to give someone head before, nobody."

"So we just gon act like we not telling each other we love each other?"

"Guess so." I shrugged leaving out the bathroom. "Get dress and pass me my panties."

After we got dress, he walked out before me as I saw a call coming from Izzy. I furrowed my eyes in confusion then declined only for him to call back. I answered waiting for him to say something.

"Aanvi?" He said lowly.

"What you want?"

"I'm a fucked up ass person, this not me Aanvi. I never meant to hurt you, I hate myself for making you cry over me. You was my best friend and I fucked allat over cause you wasn't feeling me back. I just really love you and I did some bitch shit."

"You know I'm not the one for grudges Izzy, I forgive you and I'll always love you too."

Just as I finished my sentence Zeph walked in raising a eyebrow, I looked away and waited for Izzy to say bye so I could hang up.

"I'm only telling you this because I'm leaving, I'm finishing the school year in Florida. I just wanted to say sorry for putting you through all this shit since we started having sex."

"As I said I hold no grudges Izzy, you good."

"See you Nobi, I love you."

"Back to you, bye Izzy." I said then hung up looking at Zeph put on a shirt.


"Before you start, he called to apologise, he leaving out of state and I'll never see him again so don't start unneeded drama between us."

"I don't create unneeded drama." He laughed. "Come get ya tacos though before they high asses do."

"I'll kill them." I glared hurrying to the kitchen.

"Nobi!" All their high asses yelled making me laugh.

"They aggravating." Zeph walked behind me.

"Mitch!" They yelled making me laugh again.

"Put on ya red dress and slip on ya high heels and some of that sweet perfume, it sure smell good on you." Zeph wrapped his arms around my waist from behind singing to me rocking us side to side. "Tonight will be a special night, no matter go. I'm so proud to be with you."

I smiled throwing my head back singing along lowly not trying to take his shine. He leaned down so he could put his head in the crook of his neck. He turned me around and grabbed my hand as I laughed.

"Y'all really so cute." Lee said making us forget we were even in front of them.

"Y'all annoying." I blushed going to make my taco.

"I wanna go to this party." Lee said showing me the flyer.

"This tomorrow? We can go." I said after swallowing.

"I wanna wear them jeans that's cut in the back with-"

"No." Sef and Zeph said in unison.

"Ooh sis you can wear that and I'll wear them shorts that's ripped." I ignored them.

"Ooh bitch we gon be fine as fuck." Lee hyped ass yelled slapping my hand. "What you wearing Sin?"

"Shit cause y'all not going no more." Zeph looked at me.

"I got this dress with crossover in the front."

"Oh my God, gang pop out!" I twerked sticking my tongue out.

Zeph slapped me in my face making me jump on him putting him in the headlock. He stood up as I was on his back and flipped me over slamming me on the couch. I kicked him in his chest and jumped back on him but he held my hands over head holding me down.

"You done?" He asked as I was out of breath.

"Yeah, let me go pussy."

"Nah, you gonna hit me."

"I promise I'm not."

He let me go and I sat down checking my phone then looking at them as they were in their phones too.

"Zeph said he love me y'all." I smiled getting their attention.

"So?" Roddy asked.

"You want a cookie?" Sef asked.

"Awww." Sin and Lee smiled.

"Y'all annoy me." Mazori and Milly said.

"He told Redd he loved her too." Royal said as everybody laughed but me.

"hE toLd rEed hE loVed hEr toO." I mocked him scrunching my face up making them laugh harder.

"I haven't laughed like this in a minute yo, y'all are seriously hilarious." Milly said still laughing.

"No, they so stupid." I rolled my eyes still feeling salty.

"It's okay, fuck them baby."

"Fuck you too." I moved his arm from around me.

I hate them.


Early morning update cause Tamia keep stalking me for it.

I'm still sleepy, excuse any mistakes.

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