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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.



Aanvi Zenobia

Grabbing Zeph hand, I smiled from ear to ear as he led the way. He walked fast but slow enough so I wouldn't fall in these red bottoms. Pushing the door open for me he led me onto a roof as I looked in fascination.

The roof was decorated white with lights hanging all over and as soon as we stepped on the platform it started to spin slowly. I gasped holding on to him as he did a cute little chuckle.

"You really outdid yourself." I complimented still looking around.

"Only the best for my baby." He kissed my temple then let me go pulling out my chair so I can sit.

"Thank you." I smiled watching him sit down. "How'd you find out about this?"

"Don't get mad but Redd took me here once but it was in the day time so none of this existed. They did all this for me because I fucks with them."

"You always say don't get mad before you say something about Ms.Nikki baby." I rolled my eyes as he laughed. "That was your girlfriend for three years, why wouldn't you reminisce? I'm pretty sure y'all had good times."

"We did but we not about to talk about her, this all about you."

Changing the subject I looked at him. "Where's the menus?"

"You can order anything. Steak, lobster, pizza, anything you want?"

"Baked mac and cheese?" I asked making him laugh.

"Anything baby." He shook his head. "I want crab legs as a appetizer, what you want?"

"Oou the same with hot wings."

After ordering our drinks and appetizers we sat in silence looking at each other. Usually I would hate eye contact but with Zephyr it came so naturally. He was the first to break it as I smiled.

"Stop being weird." He smirked then leaned back. "Tell me something about you, something I don't know."

"My real name is Aanvi."

I watched him scrunch his face up as he looked at me. "So who the hell is Zenobia?"

"That's my middle name, I don't like my first name, hate it actually so I go by Zenobia."

"Why do you hate it? It's different."

"It is but it's just more complicated than that."

He went to say something but the waiter came out with our food and drinks cutting him short. He thanked the man and started eating without another word said.

During the rest of the date Zeph was acting standoffish. He would give me dry reactions or answer with one word answers. Instead of getting mad I would just try to talk to him but I'll get the same reaction. After trying a few more times, I gave up talking and wanted to leave all together.

Asking for a to go box, I stuffed my food in both boxes then walked away leaving him there. I rolled my eyes as the car pulled up, getting in I texted Lee a rolling eye emoji then locked my phone back seeing him get in the car.

Throughout the car ride, he would glance at me or ask me questions just to get ignored. Finally getting the hint he left me alone and got on his phone. Thinking we were going to the house I was confused when we pulled into a beach.

He got out then opened my side holding his hand out, he took off my shoes then held them in his hands as we started walking the beach. Just as I was about to ask why we were on the beach I saw a blanket with a basket and candles lit. I smiled at him and sat down watching as he did the same thing.

"I know I was just a asshole at dinner but I just- I don't know. We been dealing with each other for more than three months and I'm just learning your first name. It made me feel like I don't really know you."

Understanding, I nodded. "I'm not an open book. I don't like to tell people about myself, not everybody is trustworthy and I learned that the hard way."

"Yeah but I'm not everybody, why do I have to keep proving myself to you? When are you going to get it through ya head that I'm actually trying to stay in your life?"

"What do you want to know Zephyr?" I sighed.

"Why do you hate your name?"

"Because my sperm donor gave me that name and I hate him."

"I understand some things are too personal and I don't want you to be uncomfortable telling me shit or feel like I'm forcing you to open up so we don't have to finish this conversation. I'm sorry I asked."

"It's okay, I'm going to tell you anything you want to know." I shrugged honestly. "Ask anything you want."

"Why do you hate your father?"

"I don't just hate my dad, I hate my mom too. Both of them are equally responsible, she just played victim and got away with it while he got caught and rotting his miserable ass in jail."

Zephyr looked at me with a look I couldn't read, after I told him what I was going to tell him I expected him to take me home. It was a lot to take in and only four people knew this in total, Zeph would be the fifth.

"My mom and dad were the crackhead couple that everybody knew, they were the Bobby and Whitney just without money. I was a crack baby, I was a mistake and I wasn't suppose to be here. My mom did every type of drug while pregnant but luckily I only came out two weeks early but when I did come out, I couldn't breathe on my own for three months. You would think that my mom would get the hint to stop doing drugs but she still didn't."

"That's a miracle though, if she was doing every drug you really ain't suppose to be here."

"I guess you could say that." I shrugged. "When I turned six months I finally got out the hospital, she would starve me and when I cried that trifflin ass man would whoop my ass. At six months I had so many bruises on me. Since she did so many hardcore drugs during the pregnancy I couldn't talk so I couldn't tell anyone what I was going through. When I was four, my grandma came to visit from Virginia unexpectedly and she saw all the bruises and the environment I was in. She took me and we never looked back, that's my heart"

"Where is she now?"

"She died from lung cancer four years ago but the funny thing is, I've never saw her smoke during all of my years of living with her. She left the house in my mom name so once she died, my mom and dad moved in. I still had hatred for them so I didn't want them near me but nobody cared what I wanted. My father and mother still was the same, still getting high, still whooping my ass.

Two weeks after I moved in with them my father and I got into a bad argument because Lee and I stayed out a little bit after my curfew. He beat me to death, literally. I stopped breathing and was in a coma for a week, they sent my dad to jail and my mom acted as if she wasn't there but she watched that man beat on me without saying a word or even trying to stop him."

"Is your mom still taking drugs or she's clean?"

"Two years clean but that doesn't stop the hate in my heart I have for her. I would never in my life forgive her, I don't want to."

Zephyr pulled me into his arms and wiped my face making me know I was crying. Surprising myself since I never cry when I think back to my past, I leaned my head into his chest as he held me.

"Thank you for telling me that, you didn't have to. I'm sorry if I made you bring back memories you didn't want to."

Sitting up so I can face him, I wiped his face laughing a little. "What you dropping tears for?"

"Because you really went through a lot, that shit hurt me hearing everything you went through. I didn't understand why you the way you are but I understand a little better now."

"Thank you for understanding." I smiled.

"So when you meet Lee?"

"I've literally known Lee all my life, her dad was my dad supplier. When I was like 2 months, my dad tried to trade me in for drugs. Since I'm three months older than Lee, her mom was still pregnant and they saw the bruises on me so they took me in until my mom reported me kidnapped. Jah went to jail for a eight months but even when he got out he got me almost everyday. He's basically my dad, he taught me how to talk, bought me clothes, paid for my education. Everything I have is because of Lee and her family, I owe them my life."

"I didn't even know it was like that, I thought my life was hard but damn." He shook his head.

"I know but all I could do is keep my head up. I used to be real depressed, cutting myself, taking pills, always high or drunk, basically following in my parents path."

"You don't do none of that now right?"

"I haven't cut myself in almost seven months, been stopped popping pills, I get drunk and high occasionally."

"Okay this sad shit gotta go, ruining our date and shit." He grabbed a napkin making me laugh. "I gotta give you something though."

"You always spending money on me." I playfully rolled my eyes.

"I want to, I wanna spoil my girlfriend." He said as he went through the basket making me pause.

"Girlfriend?" He looked at me opening the jewelry box.

"I know you don't like putting titles to shit but I'm too grown to be saying you my lil friend as my mom says." I rolled my eyes as we laughed. "We have sex every damn time we see each other, I spoil you even if you don't want it, I just all around wanna be with you. I mean we basically together anyway, so will you be my girlfriend?"

I didn't even have to think twice about it before I answered. "Yeah."

"Thought ya mean ass was bout to say no." He chuckled taking the bracelet out the box. It was a rose gold knot bracelet as I smiled. "I know you don't like me spending money on you but I just had to but it so just take this damn bracelet."

He placed the bracelet on my wrist making me laugh, I held my arm up looking at it. It made me feel like all of this was suppose to happen just so I can meet Zeph and finally become that happy I crave.

"This why you got my nails done?" I smiled as he smirked.

"I actually was going to buy you a ring but knowing you, I went against it. You like it though?"

"Love it."

He didn't reply, he pulled me between his legs and wrapped his arm around my waist. We looked at the water in silence falling into our own thoughts until I smirked.

"You ever had sex on a beach?" I asked turning my head to look at him.

He hesitantly looked at me scrunching up his face. "No."

"That's why it's good to try new things." I held my smirk turning all the way around to kiss him before he could say anything.

"You really-"

"Shut up." I cut him off unzipping his pants as he laid back letting me do what I want.


I sighed in annoyance as Lee, Jah, Kelly and I waited for this meeting. We had to have a meeting with Izzy, the unknown boy and their parents. Honestly all of this was pointless to me because it wasn't going to solve anything, Zeph and Sef still want to fight whether we stop the beef or not.

"Why do they schedule a time if they aren't going to be ready? People do have to be at work." Ma said annoyed looking at the time for the fifth time in the last five minutes.

"I told you I could handle this by myself, go to work babe."

"No because I see how they keep looking at Zenobia, I don't have no problem smacking anyone for my kids." She said referring to Izzy mother and sister.

"They done made Kellz from the hood come out." Lee mumbled making us laugh.

Principal Ellis came out along with the social worker motioning for us to follow them to the conference room. I sat in the middle of Lee and Jah as Kelly sat next to Jah. Izzy sat directly in front of me with his sister on the left and his mo

it on Zeph. Jah wasn't used to sharing me with another male so he was super jealous, we all knew.

"You could be just getting out the shower and forget to put the food up, he'll be like it's because you texting Zeph or you always ona phone with Zeph." He said making me laugh.

"For real, he gon ask me the other day like why ya boyfriend getting more attention than me? I was just laughing like you so jealous."

He shook his head following me to his room, I got my bag putting my charger and flat ironers in there. I went in Zeph closet getting out a outfit to wear that he bought for me.

"Why are you packing clothes like you leaving me?" He asked standing in the doorway.

Laughing I walked over to him grabbing his chin to peck his lips. "I just needed a outfit."

"What time you want me to come get you?"

"Come get Lee and I after school, please have my curry or you will be buying me some."

"Always tryna spend my money." He smirked picking me up making me squeal in laughter as he threw me on the bed.

He got between my legs and looked me in my eyes as I smiled wrapping my legs around him. We didn't say anything to each other just looking in each other face both smiling like idiots.

"When we was in this position, I wanted to cry. Especially when you lifted my leg up to your shoulder, it was just too much." I reminisced making him laugh.

"That's why you did that stupid ass screech?" He continued laughing making me laugh.

"Yeah, it was too much for me but Jah and Kelly didn't raise no bitch, I had to stick it out."

"You really aggravating, I be trying to make you tap out but you be trying to prove yaself but I'mma try something new and you gon be going crazy."

"You hard?" I asked reaching my hand down in his basketball shorts. "Quickie?"

"What's a quickie? You don't know when to stop." He groaned as I ran my hand up and down his shaft.

"I do." I mumbled pulling down my pants to my ankles.

"Lemme close the door baby." He groaned as I took my hand out his basketball shorts. He slammed the door and rushed back to me making me laugh.

He pushed his basketball shorts to his ankles and lifted both of my legs up holding my ankle. I furrowed my eyebrows then moaned as I felt him slowly enter me, I clutched the sheets and bit my lip as he started going in and out of me.

"Zephyr!" I whined when he kept pulling out then going back in slowly teasing me.


"Please baby." I moaned as I watched him smirk.

"As you wish baby." He pushed my legs toward my face and started pounding into me as I whimpered arching my back and curling my toes.

After a few more minutes Zeph quickly pulled out nutting on the sheet next to me out of breath. He dropped my legs as I laid there unsure what to do, my vagina was distraught and hurting. He wiped me off and pulled my pants up just as my phone rung, he passed it to me then went into the bathroom.

"We outside." Lee said then hung up.

"Zeph, they outside." I stood up standing still for a minute then picked up my bag.

"You good?" He chuckled.

"Peachy." I tight lip smiled. "Can you walk me out?"

"Of course."

He grabbed my hand as we walked up front, I hugged Roddy as Sef and Zeph walked behind me. I was confused on why Sef was walking out until I remembered he was giving Lee money.

"Wassup Jah?" Zeph and Sef said in unison.

"Wassgood lil niggas, treating my princesses how they need to be?"

"Zeph is." Lee said before anybody could making me snort.

"I don't treat you how you deserve to be treated?" Sef asked.

"I deserve to be cheated on?"

"That's why you acting like this? Sound so dumb, who I'm cheating on you with?"

"Nisha dirty ass."

"I know you not talking bout my deceased best friend little sister? I don't see that girl like that Lee, that's crossing a line I would never cross." He scrunched up his face.

"We'll talk about it later, thank you and bye." She took the money from his hand then raised the window up as I laughed. Sef shook his head and walked in the house.

"I'll see you tomorrow baby." I kissed him not wanting to pull back but I had to.

"Text me when you get in."

As soon as I got in the car, Jah made sure I was good before he pulled off. I pulled out my phone checking the time to see it was six o clock.

"Where we going?" I asked.

"To pick up Kellz then we going to a restaurant of y'all choice, we all need to have a talk." Jah answered.

"About today?" Lee asked.

"That's part of it." I nodded my head then zoned out looking out the window thinking.


"Your food aight?" Jah asked as I picked around my pasta.

"Yeah, I guess I can't eat with all this tension. I can handle anything y'all say, y'all don't have to beat around the bush." I shrugged.

"Aanvi, you know we love you right? Like we're not doing this because we feel bad or because we looking down on you, we have genuine love for you. You were my daughter before I actually had one so technically you're my first born." Kellz said.

"When have you ever needed anything and one of us didn't come through for you? That boy may know your past but he don't know us and everything we do for you. I didn't take that charge for nothing, I love you Aanvi, we love you and without you our family is missing a piece."

"We need you just as much as you need us." Lee said wrapping her arm over my shoulder.

"I love y'all more." I wiped my face sniffling. "I never doubted that y'all loved me, his words just got to me for a minute. I will and could never question y'all love for me."

"All y'all sensitive asses crying." Jah scoffed as we rolled our eyes wiping our face.

"We haven't talked about the future in a minute, Lee what you want to go to college for?" Kellz said eating her bread stick.

"I want to major in biology, I still have a love for water animals. I want to be a marine biologist and I will become one." She smiled.

"You can't live with us when you become one, you gon stink everyday when you come home so you gotta have ya own shit." Jah said making us laugh.

"Shut up Jahiem!" Kellz smacked his arm. "What bout you No?"

"I want to be a social worker because I felt like nobody cared after I got beaten, I was still put in that lady care even after I begged not to be."

"You gotta have ya own shit too cause you ain't bout to be coming home taking out ya frustration out on us cause you couldn't beat a certain case, it just won't work." Jah said making me roll my eyes.

"I think daddy just want us out." Lee looked at me.

"He'll miss us, he can't even go two days without us in the house. He be calling like can y'all come home?" I said.

"Right, he's trying to act hard but he sure nuff be like babe call the girls and tell them they got to come home." Kellz said making us laugh.

"I don't be missing y'all, I just got to make sure y'all in my presence because then I know y'all not in no trouble." He tried to excuse as we laughed.

"Okay dad, we believe you." I rolled my eyes as Jah and Kelly paused from laughing.

"I been trying to get you to call me that since you were one and you finally did." Jah said still staring at me.

"You always had the title, just never said it to you. You are my dad." I shrugged. "You're my mom and you're my sister, y'all are the only family I have."

"And we'll never let you down."


Early morning update

This chapter was deep asf but this actually happens to people without others knowledge. This is really why I'm becoming a social worker.

Excuse any mistakes.

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