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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Silent tears, hold the loudest pain.

--Becca Lowe

Aanvi Zenobia

I sat up watching Lee lay straight on her back singing her heart out to love songs. I almost laughed making her open her eyes, she rolled her eyes at me. I grabbed her phone checking my social media accounts ignoring her looks.

"Why Izzy liking my stuff and gon have the nerve to put heart eyes to one of my snaps?"

"Girl bye, you know you love you some Izzy."

"I did before but now every time I see him or think of him I wanna stomp his head in."

"I wish Sef would of beat them up before I cut him off." She rolled her eyes.

"So it's over for good?" I looked at her.

"Yeah, I would never put him in the predicament to choose between his sister or me because if he asked, I would choose you no second thought."

"I like- no actually love, y'all relationship, you can't just end it like that. What y'all been dealing with each other for a year now?"

"A year, ten months and four days but who counting yaknow?" She shrugged making me laugh.

"You kill me, just call him."

"Bitch you talking? Just call Zeph."

Rolling my eyes, I murmured. "I'm good on that."

"Let that man love you." She laughed.

"Anyways, what we doing tonight?"

"Alea wanted to go to some party, I know how you feel bout them but I really wanna go to this party."

"I feel no type of way about them, I could careless. They just stupid and they not really gon ride for you but you have to learn that for yourself."

Rolling her eyes she sighed. "You coming or no?"

"I would say no but I highkey wanna get drunk as fuck so yeah."

"Good, I'm picking out your outfit." She squealed running off in the closet.

I picked up her phone that was ringing, the contact name said brobro making me roll my eyes. It was Zeph, calling her name she ran back out the closet.

"Bitch you know he's not calling for me, answer." Lee looked at me blankly.

"No you answer." I pushed her phone in her face.

"Hello?" She answered putting it on speaker.

"Wassup sis? What you doing?"

"Nothing getting ready for tonight, why it sound like you outside? Where you going?"

"Actually, I'm outside ya house."

Lee and I looked at each other with our eyebrows furrowed. "What?"

"Tell Nobi dirty ass to come outside."

"I'm not with her." She lied.

"Aight either she come out or I'm coming in."

I hung up on him slipping into the grey fur slides from Charlotte Rousse. I walked down the stairs and hesitantly opened the door. He was leaned against his car as music played loudly, I stood on Lee porch avoiding eye contact.

"Why you here?" I asked not moving.

"I came to collect what's mine." He smirked.

"Boy bye, I was serious when I walked out. I never played the back for no one and I'm not about to start."

"Come take a ride with me."

"No, I have to get ready to go out with Lee and the Diddy bops."

"It won't take long." He opened the passenger door as I continued to stand there. "I'll buy you food."

"Don't gotta tell me twice." I mumbled getting in the car.

I sat back as he turned the music down, I relaxed watching the scenery. Two minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of T-Mobile and he motioned for me to get out.

I followed him into T-Mobile watching as he hugged the man. They talked for a few minutes then they both looked my way, Zeph motioned for me to come towards them and I did.

"Nobi this is my brother, Kaleb but he like to be called Kay. Kay this is Nobi, my girl." He smirked.

"I never met one of Zeph girls." The boy smiled extending his hand. "Nice to meet you."

"You still haven't but nice to meet you too." I smiled.

"You funny." Zeph raised a eyebrow. "I wanna update my phone though, I want that 7+ and I need you to transfer everything."

They started to discuss while I tuned them out playing with the iPhone that was on display. Zeph called my name to get my attention but I was barely paying attention.


"6s plus or 7 plus?"

"The 7 doesn't have a button so the 6s would be better."

"Add another line to my plan, give her that 6 plus."

"No, wait backup." I said with wide eyes.

"What color you want?" Kay asked.

"No color, Zeph you aren't buying me a phone. I don't want you to do that for real."

"It's a gift, you need one so what color do you want?"

"Zeph, really don't-"

"We're not leaving without you getting a phone so pick a color or I'm going to."

"Gold." I sighed.

"And give her a screen protector along with a case, she the reason I'm getting a new phone."

"No I am not." I laughed. "I told you I couldn't catch and you threw it at me anyway."

"Yeah, yeah." He waved me off. "So add her to my line, unlimited everything, insurance, allat."

"Gimme seven minutes." Kaleb mumbled as I looked at him in disbelief.

"You want it just as bad as I wanna give it to you. It's a phone, not a engagement ring calm down."

"And I'm grateful but this is a phone that's in your name that you can take back any time or-"

"Oh you want it in ya name? I just added you on my line so I could just pay for it all together."

"I didn't want it at all."

"Zenobia, I'm grown as hell once I give you this phone it's yours. It don't matter if we stop talking, it's yours and I'm not going to be petty or some shit about it. I just want to make you happy."

"And you do, just being you makes me happy." I rolled my eyes confessing.

He did a dumb ass smile and leaned closer to me. "After we get our food we gon talk."

"You gonna be honest like all the way honest?"

"I have not lied to you since I met you, you're just always assuming shit then make yourself believe the shit you say."

I didn't say anything just walking away to look at phones. Maybe he was right and I'm just trying to force myself to not believe him so I can give this up. I sighed looking at him talking to Kay, he glanced at me and smiled.

"Alright, here is your gold 6s plus and your gold 7 plus. These are the cases for the 6 plus and over here is the cases for the 7."

"Nobi, pick three and two for Lee." Zeph said looking at the cases.

"She don't have a 6 plus."

"Yeah she do, Sef bought her it like he promised."

"He gave it to her?"

"No, she don't wanna talk to him so he put it in the mailbox. You giving it to her then."

"Lee so stubborn."

"Look at the pot." He smirked making me laugh.

"Whatever, I want these and I know Lee so I'm done."

"Aight, this all." Zeph said.

"$278.90." Kay said. Zeph handed him three hundreds.

"Keep the change and take this." He counted out four hundred. "I'll hit your line later, love you bro."

"Thanks Zeph, love you too." They hugged then he turned his attention to me. "Nice meeting you."

"You too." I smiled hugging him back.

Taking the bag from him, I walked ahead of Zeph holding the door open for him. He opened my side of the car then walked to his side getting in.

"What you want to eat?"

"You don't have to get me anything to eat, you literally just spent two hundred dollars on me."

"I'm in the mood for pizza and hot wings, Domino's?" He ignored me.

Rolling my eyes I just looked at him, he flicked my lip and pressed the button to start the car.

"I know you hungry, you always fucking hungry. What do you want to eat?"

"Dominos is fine Zeph."

He nodded calling Domino's ordering for pickup, I took the time to start setting up my phone. I downloaded all my apps and added Lee number as my first contact.

"I was wrong." Zeph spoke up after a few minutes making me look at him. "I was wrong and I apologise. I get what you mean when you say stress and drama comes with relationships and I don't want to add on no stress but I really don't want this to end more."

"I don't either Zeph, it's been a month and I've never felt like this with no one. I'm learning how to trust you and I'm used to you now, I don't want to let you go."

"So listen to me when I say this, you will never have to worry about Redd, Amour, or any other female. It don't matter what they say Redd will never have a chance with me again, I don't want her at all. The faster you get this in your head, the faster we can start doing us."

"It's hard to believe because she always popping up. Our first date, basketball games, events, after we have sex for the first freaking time. Her last four digits is your freaking password Zeph! Can you honestly tell me that you're done with her?"

He grabbed my chin forcing me to look directly in his eyes. "Giving me a chance isn't a waste of time, I don't want weeks with you, I wants years. I'm done with Redd and any other female, it's just you baby girl."

Feeling the butterflies in my stomach, I bit my lip sighing. He still had my chin in his fingers waiting for me to speak but I had nothing to say. For the first time ever, I was speechless.


"Imma go get the food then bring you back to Lee house, I gotta go pick up Royal."

"Imma stay in the car."

"Do me a favor and text Royal and tell him to be ready because I'm not waiting on him."


Entering his password, I went to his messages texting Royal. I saw the unknown number and bit my lip. Hovering over the number, I decided to not go through their messages, I was just going to have to trust him.

Instead of going through his phone, I just decided to go to his Instagram. I went through his TL and his pictures. This boy was so damn handsome it makes no sense, I get horny just by looking at his chocolate ass.

"You going through my phone?" He asked scaring me since I didn't even hear the door open.

"I was going to but I'm learning to trust." I told him honestly. "I'm just going through your Instagram, you really so damn fine."

"You so aggravating." He laughed. "I bought Lee some food too."

"NaughtyRedd just tagged you in a post." I read his notification.

"She really do pop up every time we doing good." He laughed. "Click on it."

It was a picture of them at their graduation, he had her lifted in the air as they both had on wide ass smiles. It really was a cute picture, I rolled my eyes feeling jealous.

"From then to now, break or no break, he's still mine. The mistakes we both made throughout the years just made us stronger, I forgive you. I love you baby, forever and always." I read the caption out loud.

"Fuck she mean she forgive me?" He scrunched his face up. "I ain't do shit to her delusional ass."

"You sure know how to pick em Zeph." I laughed as he commented on the picture.

"Petty not cute on you." He mocked.

"I'm cute period."

He smiled at me and pecked my lips. "You gorgeous."

"Stay gassing me." I smiled.

"I'm suppose to." He leaned back then turned towards me. "What you doing later?"

"Going to a party with Lee and the Diddy bops."

"You don't even like them."

"I really don't but I'm going for Lee."

"Understandable, when you get off suspension?"

"Tuesday or Wednesday."

"Oh alright, lemme go get this annoying ass boy I'mma hit you up later."

"Alright baby." I leaned over pecking his lips multiple times then getting everything and walking up to Lee house.

I opened her mailbox getting the iPhone box then opening the door. While walking to her room, Jah was coming out his room.

"Where you coming from?"

"Getting food with Zeph."

"That's your boyfriend?"

"Not yet." I spoke with a smile.

"I like him but I'll still kill him if he hurt you." He kissed my forehead going down stairs as I laughed rolling my eyes.

Jah was the only father figure I had, I've known him all my life and I didn't look at him as anything less.

I walked more towards the back hearing laughing, I furrowed my eyebrows. I opened the door seeing the diddy bops and Lee laughing, I rolled my eyes as all their attention went to me.

"Where you been?" Lee asked as I sat on her bed.

"Went to clear the air with Zeph, he bought you food." I handed her the bread bowl.

"I so love my big bro, lemme tell him thank you." She grabbed her phone making me give her the new one along with the cases. "What's this?"

"The phone Sef promised and Zeph bought you cases."

"I'll tell both of them thank you, he ain't- bitch Zeph bought you a phone?" She smiled grabbing it.

"Yeah, I didn't want him to though."

"You must have fucked him then." Malone stated making me look at her blankly.

"You must-" I got cut off from a knock at the door as it opened. Jah opened the door with bags in his hand.

"What's the point of knocking if you gon come in anyway?" Lee asked playfully.

"Stop playing with me before I take your door."

"Again." I added as we started laughing.

"Whatever." Lee waved him off glaring at us.

"Here Nobi." He handed me bags making me squint my eyes in confusion.

I opened one bag seeing a ugg box, it was black ugg slippers. Another bag had a maroon bomber, army bomber and a jean jacket with patches on them. I opened another shoe box seeing the purple human race shoes making me gasp.

"Don't open that Victoria Secret bag right now." Jah spoke up as I reached for it making us laugh.

I jumped up going to hug him as he laughed. "Thank you so much, I love you so much."

"You know if you need anything, it's yours. I love you more." He said making me smile.

"Currently jealous." Lee rolled her eyes standing up and pushing us apart.

"Grow up." I laughed sitting back on the bed.


"I'll let y'all get dress, let me see y'all before y'all leave."

We nodded then watched him leave out as Lee turned to me with a smile. "Go through the VS bag now."

I laughed doing as said as I saw some cute ass thongs, sport bras, boy shorts and push up bras. I just know she picked out everything.

"When did y'all even go to the mall?"

"Like two days ago, we spent like $2000 in one damn day. Dad didn't even get nothing for his self talking about seeing all three of my girls happy is the best gift I can have."

"I love him so much." I smiled.

"Honestly." She smiled. "It's like 7:30, what time we leaving?"

"The party start now, y'all could start getting dress now."

I took all the new things I had in the room I had here, answering the FaceTime call I waited for Zeph face to come. Instead it was Royal and Nova making me smile as Nova squealed.

"Nofia!" She yelled loudly.

"Hi my baby."

"I come to you?"

"Not today stink."



"Alright." She said starting to babble as I ate my food listening to her every word.

"Say bye to Nobi." Zeph said yawning.

"Bye bye Nofia, love you."

"Love you too my baby." I smiled seeing her laugh.

"What you doing?" Zeph asked.

"About to shower then get dress." I stood up stretching. "Oou babe you have to see all the cute ass thongs and panties I got from Victoria Secret."

"I will." He smirked making me roll my eyes.

"I hope soon."

"It could of been tonight but you going out." He pettily shrugged.

"There's always tomorrow and the day after that."

"We got all the time in the world." He yawned again.

"You sleepy?"

"Yeah, I worked on three houses today. I'm tired as hell."

"Take a nap while I'm gone, I'll call you when I'm leaving the party."

"Alright baby girl, don't forget."

"I won't, I promise daddy."

"Funny as hell." He laughed as I hung up getting my towel and rag.

I walked across the hall going into the bathroom, turning the water to the hottest it can go I let the hot water hit me getting relaxed. Staying in the shower for almost thirty minutes, I got out carrying my dirty clothes and rag in one hand with my towel wrapped around me. I hurried to my room seeing Lee laid out my outfit on the bed

I locked the door then dropped my towel grabbing the lotion and deoderant. Putting them on, I picked through the panties and bras deciding which ones to wear.

Lee picked out a military green tie dye thrasher shirt with ripped overalls and the same color green sk8 hi vans. Throwing on the outfit I looked down liking it in approval.

Going in the bathroom, I took my hair out the ponytail brushing it into a messy but perfect bun. Brushing down my baby hairs I made sure I was satisfied before I walked into Lee room.

"Okay sis." Lee gassed as I twirled and dropped down for her.

"Y'all ready?" I asked.

"We was waiting on you." Malone rolled her eyes.

"Well she here now so let's go." Lee said before I could say anything.

I gave Lee a look over and smirked liking how she looked. She had on a maroon Victoria Secret bodysuit that said PINK with a jean skirt and customized hurraches. Usually I hate when girls wore sneakers with skirts but she somehow made it work.

"Wait Lee lemme sweat you." I smiled recording her for Snapchat as she did a little dance.

After getting everything we walked downstairs, I walked in the kitchen seeing Jah and Kelly cooking together. Their attention went to us as Kellz smiled but Jah was mugging.

"Where the fuck is ya bra Cailee?" Jah asked.

"You can't wear a bra with this." Kellz and Lee said at the same time.

"Go put on a jacket or something then, what the hell?"

"Dad, it's going to get hot in the party. It wouldn't make sense and this is long sleeved, no thank you."

"I always wanted a boy." He mumbled going to the refrigerator.

"Well we leaving, I have my keys but I'll text y'all if I stay out longer than my curfew."

I hugged both of them after she did then walked out going to Alea car. Getting in the backseat, I watched Lee light the blunt then past it to me. I smiled and inhaled too hard making me cough as Lee laughed at me.

Two and a half blunts later, we pulled up at the party seeing hella cars and some people outside. I was feeling nice as I got out the car, Lee grabbed my hand leading us in the party as Moneybagg Yo x Doin 2 Much played loudly.

"All on my Instagram tryna spaz out, you be doin 2 much. Wanna screenshot while we FaceTime, you be doin 2 much. Got me on speaker phone around ya friends, hoe you really doin 2 much." Lee and I yelled along with the music.

I went straight to the bar pouring myself and Lee a big cup of Paul Masson Pineapple. We began turning up rapping along to every damn song that came on, I was even turned up to the songs I didn't know.

Two hours into the party, I was hot as hell drunk and high as hell. I was sitting down for the first time since I got here but got right back as they started playing twerk songs.

Vybz Kartel x Fever came on as I danced on Lee so no nigga would come behind me. I started tick-tocking to the song with my tongue out then got down lower letting the ratchet side come out.

Some boy came behind me as the song changed to Kranium x Nobody Has To Know. He grabbed my waist as our bodies went together perfectly, I gripped my knees yikin while he caught everything I threw at him. I saw flashes everywhere all in my face making me show out even more knowing they were recording.

Once the song went off I stood up fixing my clothes, I turned around to the boy and smiled at him as he thanked me for the dance. Feeling eyes on me, I looked around the room my eyes landing directly on Izzy. He was glaring at me as I returned it. He started coming my way but I walked in the kitchen to Lee instead watching her talk to some boy smiling all in his face as he did the same.

"How bout ya pretty ass come to my shit?" He asked as she drunkly laughed nodding. "Come on."

Grabbing Lee arm, I pulled her to me. "She not going no where with you, do you even know my sister name? Go find another bitch!"

"Big sis to the rescue." Lee laughed leaning her head on me.

"Drink some water."

"No, I wanna shake my ass some more." She walked out the kitchen going to do just as she said.

I made myself a drink mixing Henny, Paul Masson, Tequila and Grey Goose. It was strong as hell making me

pause a minute as I felt it in my chest, I opened my eyes downing the rest. Making another cup then another, I could barely walk and everything felt so heavy.

"I just feel like my pussy better than all them bitches you been with." Damn near all of us girls yelled.

"That's bitches favorite part." Some boy yelled making us all laugh.

As Blac Youngsta x On Sight came on a fight between boys broke out then multiple fights broke out as I looked for Lee. Finding her I went to look for Alea and Malone so we could leave. Not having no luck, I went outside to call Zeph.

"You home?" He asked with his voice raspy as hell.

"No, fights broke out and I can't find them two bitches. Can you come get Lee and I please?"

"Send me ya location and stay on the phone til I get there. Y'all still in the house?"

"No, we standing outside. We both drunk as hell but Lee drunker than me, she could barely stand up."

"Y'all got any weapons on y'all?"

"I have my taser and Lee has pepper spray."

"Y'all twenty minutes away from me, I'll be there in ten though."

"Just hurry up, I don't want nobody to start shooting. I could barely hold Lee up so we gon be assed out cause I'm not leaving her."

"I wouldn't expect you too, I wouldn't either."

"You good Nobi?" Izzy asked coming out the house with four girls and his friend I fought.

"Izzy get the fuck out of my face."

"What happened to your boyfriend beating me up? I been waiting for three days now." The boy said smiling at Lee.

"Zenobia, if he touch you or Lee, you will be seeing a side you never want to." Zeph spoke as I sighed.

"Can y'all go away?"

"Not understanding why you in my fucking face, you just wanna fuck me and you mad I don't want your dirty musty ass. Izzy not even your friend because if he was he would tell you you be musty as hell." Lee laughed as I laughed too.

"Lee stop."

"Smelling like a straight onion sandwich, I bet you he musty now. Lift your arms up, lemme smell you."

She laughed as I tried to hold my laughter, I even heard Zeph laugh. I stopped laughing once he pushed her making both of us fall since I was holding her up.

"You just keep putting your hands on me cause I can't beat you. Get one of these bitches to beat me up, wassup fight me!" Lee yelled as she got up.

"He just hit her?"

"He pushed her."

"Zenobia, I'm bout to click over real quick."

"Alright Zeph."

"Oh your boyfriend on the phone? Tell him I said wassup, why he ain't smack me like he said?" Izzy asked.

"Izzy I know the real you cupcake, stop trying to act tough you look stupid."

"So which one of y'all bitches fighting me?" Lee asked throwing the water bottle down. "I'm sobering up now, ain't you his sister? Wassup?"

"Girl, I'm not fighting at no party. I'm too cute for that, I see why you would though. You not a pretty girl."

"Who Lee arguing with?" Zeph asked clicking over.

"The boy sister."

"Please don't let Lee hit that girl, walk away and stand on the curb I'm-"

He couldn't finish his sentence because I dropped my phone seeing Lee hit this girl. I automatically jumped in her fight as a crowd started to form, the girl friends was watching her get jumped but her brother hit Lee making me pull my taser out.

I tased him as he dropped, I tased Izzy too just for the fun of it. I dared anybody to say anything, I was going to tase them too. Going to pick my phone up so nobody won't take it I put it to my ear.

"Why aren't you here yet?"

"I'm two minutes away."

I watched as Izzy and them went to a car, they got in as the car quickly pulled away. Fifteen seconds later Zeph pulled up making everybody look. Sef got out the passenger seat getting in the back as I replaced him.

"What the hell took you so long?" I asked as he pulled off.

"When I clicked over I called Sef so I could pick him up."

"And what bitch house he picking you up from?" Lee asked.

"You broke up with me, that's not your concern."

"Oh so you was really at a bitch house? It's only been three fucking days! You been had this bitch if you fucking after only three days." She said with her voice shaking making me look back to see she was crying.

"Sef, she still drunk so-"

"I'm not! I gotta be drunk to cry? I should punch you in your fucking face so be lucky I'm not!"

"You being childish, you broke up with me."

"It's cool, you must forgot who I was. Don't worry, the Mack is back and I'm bout to get all my niggas back." She pulled out her phone.

"You sound stupid, shut your drunk ass up. I bet you won't live another day to even go chill with another nigga."

"Already making plans." She mumbled typing.

I don't know what Sef said but Lee lounged on him throwing punches as he blocked his face. Zeph was trying to look back and break them up from fighting but it wasn't much he could do.

"Cailee stop!" Sef yelled choking her as she kicked him in his chest making him fly into the window which cracked as I gasped unbuckling my seatbelt.

Sef quickly got on his knees and punched her in her face. "Zeph pull over!" I yelled trying to break them up.

"We on a damn highway, ain't no where to pull over at."

"Zeph your brother hitting her too hard! I'm bout to hit his ass!"

"Nobi, what the fuck can I do? I can't park and I can't fucking break it up! Let they stupid asses fight, they'll decide when to stop."

"No, she fucking crying." I punched Sef in his face and then pushed Lee. "Cut it the fuck out! Y'all cracked the window, y'all stretching out each other clothes and y'all both are fucking bleeding! Stop!"

"And you paying for my fucking window Sef!" Zeph glanced back.

They didn't say anything else as I turned back around turning on the radio. We rode in silence with the tension thick in the air, I sighed then looked back at Lee seeing she was still crying.

"Wipe your face sissy." I handed her a napkin from the console.

"Zeph, can you take me home please?" She asked softly.

"Nah Zeph." Sef said snatching the napkin out her hand wiping her face.

I decided to just let them be them as I started replying to people. Zeph ugly self grabbed my hand making me smile, I took a picture of our hands then locked my phone leaning back.


"Can you go get ice cream?" I asked getting in the bed.

After coming in the house and having multiple rounds of sex all over Zeph room and in the shower, I was worn out. He nodded his head as I grabbed his phone sending myself the pictures we took then went on his Instagram making him follow me.

While on his profile I saw his notifications was going crazy, I clicked on the picture that was getting all the attention. It was one of the pictures we took after the first time we had sex. I had a towel around my body and head as he just had one around his waist, I was bent over with him behind me while I stuck my tongue out and he was smiling from ear to ear making his eyes chinky.

"She the reason my smile this big." I read the simple but cute ass caption.

"Why my phone always in your hand? Might as well be our phone." He said coming in the room with Peanut Butter Chocolate Gelato ice cream.

"I was on Instagram, why you ain't tell me you posted this? This picture so cute."

"I kept getting tagged in that picture with Redd so I had to show them who really got my heart."

"Ain't you cute?" I smirked taking the ice cream out his hand. He turned on music and laid down.

"I look good." He smirked taking my spoon and feeding me.

"You really do, looking at you gets me wet."

"What the fuck?" He asked as we laughed.

"Honestly, you could be driving or just walking and I'll look at you and next thing you know I be needing to wipe myself." I shrugged feeding him.

"Nice to know." He smirked.

"I'm going to check on Lee, I'll be right back."

He nodded as I put on his sweatpants going to Sef room, she was sleep in the swinging chair while he slept next to her on the couch. I shook my head about to walk out but I tripped over something making a loud noise as both of them woke up.

"My bad, I just wanted-" I got cut off with Lee throwing up as I covered my nose scrunching my face up.

Sef held her hair back and rubbed her back as she continued throwing up. I walked in the kitchen getting her a water and some crackers. The shower water was running as Lee sat on the toilet seat looking miserable, I didn't like her like this. I handed her the water and made her eat two crackers.

"Did you eat before you started drinking?" Sef asked coming in the bathroom.

"I stuffed myself, that's the problem." She spoke lowly.

"You got this?" I asked Sef.


"I'll come find you in the morning babe, I love you."

I kissed her forehead after she replied.

I went back in the room seeing Zeph looking for a movie while music played. I stood in the doorway just admiring him, all the tattoos and scars he has make him look like a walking meal. He glanced at the door then back to to the t.v.

"What you doing weirdo?"

"Looking at you, can we watch a movie that's going to make us cry?"

"Yeah." He shrugged.

"Ooh this my song." I grabbed my phone going to sing for Snapchat.

"I don't believe you wanna leave like this, I can't believe I just had my last real kiss." Zeph rapped to me on snap as I smiled.

"How you know I even wanted you to be in my snap?" I smirked.

"People make mistakes to make up, to break up, to wake up cold and lonely, chill, baby, you know me." He ignored me rapping as I recorded him.

"This video so cute." I mumbled posting it.

"Can I take you out tomorrow?"

"You always trying to take me somewhere to spend money, why can't we ever just stay in the house and cook?"

"Because you deserve to be treated like the princess you are."

Rolling my eyes I smiled. "Where?"

"Me to know, you to enjoy." He winked pinching my cheek.

Slapping his hands I turned to the t.v to pick a movie. "We're watching Me Before You."

He grabbed the other remote turning off the light as I leaned into his chest getting comfortable. He tangled his fingers in my hair playing with it while the movie began to play.


"Sissy." I heard Lee calling me as I turned the other way trying to block her out. "Nobi."

"What Lee?" I groaned.

"You have to get up and get dress, Zeph sent someone here for you." Sitting up I scrunched my face up.

"He did what?"

"He sent somebody for you."

Unplugging my phone from the charger I dialed his number waiting for him to answer. "Hello?"

"Wassup baby girl?" He asked.

"You sent somebody for me?"

"Yeah, she like ya personal driver for the day. She's taking you wherever I told her too, bring Lee with you."


"I'm at work, I'll see you later princess."

Yawning I looked over at Lee. "Go get dress, you coming too."

She nodded as I stood up going to take care of my hygiene, afterwards I kept on Zeph sweatpants putting on a black tee and the fenty slides he bought me.

Lee was waiting for me in the front as I walked out getting a Arizona. "You ate?" I asked.

"Zeph said he told the driver to stop somewhere so our food in the car."

"Okay, let's go then."

Walking out we saw the white Jeep truck in the driveway, the girl opened the door for us as we got in. I entered the code to the gate making sure it closed behind us.

"Hey, I'm Jade. I'll be your driver slash makeup artist slash stylist. Basically I'm everything." She smiled. "Which one is Zeph girlfriend?"

"I'm not his girlfriend but that's me, Nobi and this my sister Lee. Can you tell me where we going?"

"To get your hair and nails done."

"He know damn well I'm a boy, why would he do that?" I rolled my eyes making them laugh.

"Bitch get cute for the day, you need it."

"Girl you talking?" I laughed opening the platter of food.

Zeph and Von are really gon have me fat as hell eating all this soul food. I'm still going to enjoy this like this my last meal.

Pulling up to a salon, Jade opened the door and led up inside with a bunch of ladies gossiping. The talking ceased as everyone looked at up, I frowned not understanding the problem.

"Leeee!" I heard some girl yell as Lee and her excitedly hugged.

"Hey sis." She smiled then they both turned to me. "This is Zeph eldest sister Zariah, Zurich twin. This is Zeph, well I don't fucking know, Nobi."

"I heard a little background about you, I'm a hugger give me a hug." She squealed.

"Same." I hugged her.

"Do you know how you want your hair?"

"Uh, no."

"Okay, well what do you think you want? Inches? Short hair? Braids? I do it all." She smiled.

"Inches but not that long."

"16, 18, 20?" Lee asked making me nod.

"Side part? Middle part? Vixen? Frontal?" Zariah asked making me think.

"I always wanted to try a frontal but I want a vixen right now."

"Okay okay, Lee you getting ya hair done too?"

"I ain't bring no money, I'mma pass on this one."

"Keep my brother happy and you can get ya hair done free whenever and I'm glad you here, I could try to new weave on you."

"You love me." Lee smiled.

"I do but alright, Vicky gon wash your hair and Dre gon wash ya hair Lee."

"Okay." I smiled walking to the girl Vicky.

After washing my hair, I got in Zariah seat as she looked at my head. I was impressed that she was working so fast, they were gossiping while I listened and added my input in some things.

"Oh Lee I meant to hit you up, you hit my sister?" Zariah asked as I groaned.

"Sure nuff did, you already know Amour and me like oil and water. She kept talking bout my sister and overall talking shit I got tired and hit her." She shrugged.

"I already know how Amour is, she irks my damn soul." She rolled her eyes. "But you know she's saying a different story and now mom is looking at you in a different light."

"Your mom has my number, she could call and we could talk about it. It don't even matter, Sef not my boyfriend anyway."

"Yeah and the sky green."

"No one believes me." Lee rolled her eyes as we laughed.

"I've been hearing this for over a year now, I will never believe you. My dumb little brother loves you and you know you do too."

"Eh." Lee pettily said typing on her phone.

"Can I ask what type of hair is this?" I asked feeling how soft it was.

"Malaysian, you feel how soft that shit is? Feel my hair, I had it in for almost two months and this shit still look like I got it yesterday."

"It does." I nodded in agreement.

"Can she get a color? Let her try something different." Lee said making Zariah stop to think.

"I have some bundles I dyed myself, green, red, blue, purple, orange and strawberry pink."

"Lemme see the orange and green."

I felt in love with the slime green at first sight and picked that, she quickly braided my hair. She was almost done my hair when Sef, Zurich, some other man and Amour or Mazori walked through the door.

"My loves." Zariah smiled going to hug them then kissing the man. "Babe, this is Mitch girlfriend Nobi."

"Nice meeting you, I'm Urban."

"Urban?" I repeated unintenially scrunching my face up. "That's unique as hell, I like it."

Chuckling he nodded. "Thank you."

"I could never tell y'all apart until she open her mouth." I told Amour or Mazori.

"It's Mazori, you'll always see her around the boys. Just look at how she dress, she more Tom boyish." Lee said making me nod.

"Hey then Zor." I smiled.

"Hey Zo." She smirked.

Finishing the final touches to my hair she smiled and let me look in the mirror. I smiled at how the green made me look, I started swinging the long weave making Lee laugh.

"They done fucked up giving sissy inches." Lee said recording me.

"I'm feeling myself omg." I smiled taking a picture.

"Sef ya dirty self not going to speak to Lee?" Zariah asked.

"She just left me, what I'm greeting her again for?" He looked up from his phone to look at Zariah.

"My brothers are idiots." Zariah mumbled making all three of them look at her.

"The hell I do?" Royal asked.

"Nothing babycakes, you're my fave." She kissed his cheek.

"You would think the person you literally shared a heart with would be ya favorite but whatever." Zurich raised a eyebrow.

"Y'all all are my favorite except for Zeph black ass."

"It's okay, he's my favorite." I smiled as they instigated and laughed.

"Okay sissy." Lee laughed.

"Y'all aggravating, Nobi how you want ya nails?"

"Coffin shape and matte, I don't know what color."

"I know what color." She said leading me to a door that led me to another part of the shop. It was a nail salon making me grow shocked.

"This all yours?"

"Yeah, Zeph build this for me from the ground up but this whole thing mine." She smiled as I looked around.

"This is goals." I said nodding.

She laughed and sat down while I sat in from of her, she pulled out a box and started matching nails with my nails.

"Can I ask how you feel about my brother or is that overstepping?"

"You're fine." I waved her off. "Zeph is- Zeph. He's something new, something I never experienced, he always leave me wanting more. I'm almost scared to continue this relationship with him because I'm falling way too quick and hard but then I think he'll be there falling with me."

"I love it." She smiled. "I like you, I really do. You know what he said when he called to set this up?"


"He's like "sis, I know you never like the girls for me but this one is going to change your mind. Please meet her and fall in love in with her like I plan too.""

I covered my face with one of my hands. "Aw, stop."

"I'm so serious, I immediately agreed. I'm the oldest out of all of them and having four brothers to look after I have seen so many girls come in and out their life that when their serious about one I'm hard on them. They aren't average boys, their men so not everyone deserves my brothers."

"You're right." I nodded. "Just by having little conversations with them I could tell their the best."

"They are so when he said that I automatically had to meet the girl making my brother sound like a high schooler in love."

I just smiled and changed the subject, once Lee and I nails were done we were on our way out. Jade took us to the mall to pick some outfit and shoes and then we had to come back to Zeph house so I can get dress.

"You look so beautiful sissy, I'm going to cry." Lee said being her dramatic self as I came out of Zeph closet.

I wore a black pants romper with a deep v line stopping right above my navel and back open, gold linking was around my neck holding it up. Sporting gold and black red bottoms that I could barely walk in, Lee handed me the handbag with everything I needed still being dramatic.

"You rea- you look so beautiful sis." Sef stopped mid sentence making me smile.

"Thank you Sef." I smiled walking towards the door.

Getting in the car I expected Zeph to be sitting here but I was wrong. I got in the car and enjoyed the thirty minute car ride, pulling up to another part of the city I smiled knowing he went all out for this date.

Jade stopped the car as I got my stuff ready to leave, once she opened the door I saw Zephyr standing there with tulips in his hands.

He was wearing a simple black and gold suit, I could tell he got a fresh haircut making me damn near drool. He was looking so damn handsome.

He pushed his head back a little as his mouth went ajar, he stared at me as if he never saw me before. I felt my stomach going crazy and I looked down then back up seeing him smile from ear to ear as some man took pictures.

"You look so damn beautiful man."

"Says the walking thanksgiving meal." I smirked as he laughed.

"You ready?" He held his hand out.

I smiled taking his hand letting him lead the way. "As I'll ever be."


Excuse any mistakes.

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