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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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?Time doesn't heal anything, it just teaches us how to deal with pain.?

- Francine S.

Aanvi Zenobia

I sat in deep thought laying on my back looking at the ceiling, this was always my problem. I always thought myself into a bad mood, maybe I was the problem. Maybe I was the one thing holding me back from being happy.

Actually it wasn't a maybe to that, I am the reason I'm not happy. I over think everything. I can never give myself the benefit of the doubt, I'm my own worse critic and now I understood the meaning of the saying. I sighed rolling my eyes, getting frustrated with myself.

"Nobi, you heard us?" Lee asked making me snap back into reality.

"What did you say?" I asked looking at her friend slickly roll her eyes.

"You wanna go to the court down the street? We tired of sitting in the house." Lee stated.

"Right, I didn't get this cute and waste a outfit just for y'all to see." Her friend, Alea, stated. (Ah-Lay-Ah)

"Seriously, I'm fine as hell." Malone agreed.

"Yeah, we can go." I shrugged not really caring, I needed some fresh air anyway.

I hopped off the bed pulling my jeans up and tying my royal blue air Jordan 1's. I walked ahead of them since they started fixing their hair and doing extra shit, if anything I know where the court at.

"Hey ma." I spoke to Lee mom as she came through the door just getting off work.

"Hey daughter, where y'all bout to go?"

"The court down the street, you cooking tonight?"

"Maybe, I don't know I'm tired shit." She shrugged making me laugh. "Where Lee?"

"Upstairs with the diddy bops." I stated making her laugh.

Mrs.Kelly didn't like Alea or Malone, just like me, she said they were ditsy ass followers who couldn't think for their self, which was true. They also had an opinion about everything, always making us exchange words since I also was very mouthy.

"Here come the dummies now." She mumbled making me laugh as they all walked down the stairs.

"Hey ma, when you get here?" Lee spoke giving her a hug.

"Just now."

"Hey Ms.Kelly." They spoke in unison while she put on a fake smile and waved.

"Don't think you coming in this house at 12 something, it's a school night."

"Okay." Lee spoke giving her a hug again and walking out.

I walked out first after saying I'll see her later, I didn't even look back to see if they were walking. The court was literally down the street, so it took only three minutes to get there. When I got there it was a few girls and a lot of boys here.

The weather was breaking so I didn't expect anything less.

As soon as we walked through the gate I heard yelling before I saw fist being thrown, Lee and them ran over to see who was fighting along with the crowd. I took my time getting over there as some boys recorded gassing up everything.

I noticed it was these two girls from my school, most likely fighting over their baby daddy, as usual. I shook my head watching them continue yelling and fighting. Zaire broke up the fight between both of his baby mothers then yelling at them in their face, making me laugh. I shook my head going to sit on the bleachers by myself away from some people so they wouldn't come speak to me.

I watched the boys play basketball, they looked serious as hell playing like their life depended on this game. I paid more attention rolling my eyes at Zephyr, he clapped his hands yelling for the ball as Sef passed it to him. He crossed somebody then passed the ball to another boy and ran down the court receiving the ball and shot a three.

I was watching it for a while until Zeph took off his shirt throwing it to the side, I had to wipe the side of my mouth making sure there wasn't any drool. His body was the definition of perfect, abs were looking perfect and the sun wasn't making it any better as it shun on his toned stomach.

"He so damn fine, chocolate ass." Alea stated making me look over since I didn't even know they came to sit next to me.

"And I know y'all see that print." Malone added on making my attention go down there.

"That's Nobi man, y'all better chill." Lee spoke putting her arm over my shoulder smirking.

"What Nobi? She can't handle all of that." Malone spoke.

"Seriously, he need some grown ass woman, not no little ass girl that's still young minded." Alea stated.

"And you think that's you airhead?" I laughed getting off the bleacher.

I saw some little boys playing with the basketball on the other side and I walked to them making their attention go towards me. The tallest boy looked at me smirking, I smiled at him and stood in front of them.

"Can I play?" I asked.

"You a girl, girls don't play basketball. They stand to the side being the cheerleader." One boy stated making me raise a eyebrow.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, you were meant to cheer me on not be on my team." Another one said.

"I mean, I'm a girl but I bet you if I get one on one with any of y'all I'll win." I stated looking at the group of five boys.

"Well, you a girl so we not playing with you anyway." The first boy said.

"Why not? Scared this girl going to beat you?" I raised a eyebrow.

"Of course not, I just can't be your shoulder to cry on once you lose." The tall one spoke for the first time.

"Well ya team uneven anyway so let's get this three on three going, y'all three versus us three since y'all talking the most shit- oh wait y'all still young, the most stuff." I pettily corrected.

"Alright, your call." They shrugged.

They checked the ball and I caught it passing it to the boy on my team as he passed it back and I shot a three laughing at their faces.

"Oh you just got shot on by a girl!" My team member bragged to the tall boy.

"Shut up! I got this!" He glared at me crossing me over doing a layup.

I laughed to myself, these little ass boys don't even know I'm bout to kick their ass.

Score was up to thirty and surprisingly the other team kept up but we won by five points. I laughed at their faces, I should of bet on this game since these little niggas had so much to say.

"Oh so you a baller?" The deep voice behind me said making the back of my neck hairs stand up.

"I do a lil sumn sumn." I smiled tuning around looking up to Zeph.

"Hey Mitch!" "Look it's Mitch." "Wassup Mitch?" These little groupie ass boys said making our attention go on to them.

"Wassup y'all?" He smiled giving them all daps. "One of these ya little brothers?"

"No, I just wanted to play with them."

"Why you ain't come play with the big boys then? Sad manipulating these young ass boys." He shook his head making me laugh.

"Hey man, they talk like they big they could get they ass whooped like they big." We laughed together.

"Why I never saw you round here?"

"I told you, I don't come outside. I'm a house body."

"So come be a house body with me." He smirked as I playfully rolled my eyes.

"Aye Mitch, this my woman." The tall boy said before I could speak making me laugh.

"Oh for real?"

"Yeah, she all mine."

"And how you pull her? I been trying to since last week, shorty ain't been checking for me though."

"It's all about ya mouth piece, you gotta talk to her with confidence. Watch this, say baby what's ya favorite color?"

"Purple." I laughed.

"Mine too, see look already compatible." He stated making all of us roar in laughter.

"Yeah my man, I see ya game. I gotta try it." Zeph laughed holding his shirt in his hand.

"I'll see y'all later." I ruffled the tall boy hair and kissed his cheek going to sit on the bleachers.

"How you kissing other niggas in my face? Wow, thought we were getting somewhere this time." He held his heart standing above me as I sat down.

"Who lied to you?" I laughed.

"Why you keep playing this cat and mouse game?"

"It's not a game, I'm just not feeling it or you."

"You not feeling me? Tell that to the smile on your face." I touched my face instantly frowning.

"Doesn't count, I'm goofy. I laugh and smile at things."

"Alright, well why aren't you feeling me?"

"How can you forget that you fucked somebody while you were with me?"

"No you misjudged, I didn't fuck Redd."

"So what you go sit in the bathroom to tell her she looks nice?" I raised a eyebrow making him do a quick chuckle.

"Hey brotherrr." Lee smiled as he turned his attention on her giving her a smile.

"Wassup sis? I should of known you was close since Sef over there."

"Ain't nobody checking for Sef."

"So why you got on that smile? See y'all females stay lying like we can't see it in y'all faces."

"I'm goofy, that don't count." Lee frowned making Zeph and I laugh. "What's funny?"

"I literally just said that shit to him, he swear he the girl reader."

"I am."

"Oh word? Tell me what I'm thinking." Lee leaned on me as we looked at him.

"Damn I wish Sef would come over here so I could act like I don't give a fuck about him." He mocked her voice as we laughed.

"This not a act, I really don't give a fuck about him."

"You always lying." A voice said behind us making both Lee and I eyes widen in shock.

"Hello Yusef." Lee turned around rolling her eyes.

"I'mma ignore that, wassup No?" He gave me a hug making me instantly pull back.

"Ew, you sweaty."

"Lee love when I'm like this." He smirked.

"Stop lying on my name." She glared at him.

"You still mad? Damn it been like seven days already."

"So a week?" I asked laughing.

"Yo, y'all messing up my game. How y'all expect her to give me a chance if y'all acting like this? This is basically saying y'all our future." Zeph spoke making me laugh.

"My bad, Lee bring ya ass here." He yoked her up as they argued making me laugh.

"We finally could talk-"

"Nobi, your boyfriend said to call him. Oh hey Mitch, I seen you out there." Alea said as I raised a eyebrow.

"Boyfriend?" I asked.

"Izzy." She stated making me nod.

"Wassup?" He looked at her then back at me. "You got a boyfriend? That's why you not entertaining me?"

"If I had a boyfriend, you wouldn't even be in my face."

"Mitch, come get ya ass kicked in dice." Some boy yelled.

"You a busy man." I stated as he looked at me smirking.

"Nah, I'm good today." He yelled back. "Can we chill?"

"Chilling leads to children."

"I'm not on that for real, Lee and ya friends could even come."

"Where you see friends at? I know you see the way both of them looking at you."

He looked behind him seeing they were all in our faces and laughed. "Good thing I ain't really want them to come then."

"I can't just leave Lee."

"She'll most likely be going home with Sef anyway but let's go ask."

I rolled my eyes at his demanding ass then walked over to the picnic table Sef and Lee were arguing at. They both looked up at the same time looking aggravated.

"She coming with me, that's cool?" Zeph said making me look at him.

"That's not what we came over here for." I smacked his chest. "You cool with me going or you wanna go back home?"

"Yeah go head, she was coming home with me anyway." Sef spoke up as she looked at him scrunching her face up.

"Who the fuck says I was?" She asked as I tucked my lips in to keep from laughing. "Zo lemme talk to you for a minute."

"Yeah?" I asked once she pulled me to away from them.

"I don't care if you go, get that dick sisss."

"Bitch, I'm not fucking him." I laughed.

"You will eventually, might as well cut the holy act now. Unleash the hoeness."

"Who said I wanted to fuck with him?"

"Bitch he got a car and he get money and he older and I know you see his print, I think the fuck yes."

"Leee." I dragged out making me laugh.

"I'm serious as hell, if you don't want a relationship out of him at least finesse his fine self."

"It's sad how bad of an influence you are."

"Everybody need that hoe friend." She smiled as I rolled my eyes.

"You are definitely that friend."

"Sef and Zeph live together, we'll see each other again." She laughed as we walked back towards them.

"Y'all done having a power talk? Y'all gonna see each other again, we live in the same damn house." Sef said as soon as we got in front of them.

"Do you see why we always arguing? He talks when he don't even have to." She rolled her eyes looking at Zeph and I.

"I'm fucking tired of y'all arguing, come on No."

"Oh wait, Izzy said hit him back." Lee told me as I nodded my head.

"She won't." Zeph held his hand out for me to take it but I walked ahead going to the parking lot. He laughed opening my side of the door making me say thank you.

He pressed a button on the car making the car start as I looked in admiration, he laughed at my face about to say something but music loudly started playing. Keyshia Cole x Take me Away blasted making me laugh as he turned it down.

"You listen to Keyshia? Who broke ya heart?"

"Ha ha." He sarcastically said taking the CD out. "Actually-"

"And you got the CD? I have to tell Lee this." I laughed some more as he stopped and looked at me.

"I'm bout to drop you off home." He stated since he kept trying to explain his self but I was laughing harder.

"I'm sorry, explain yourself."

"This is my mom CD, every Sunday I take her and my sisters out."

"I don't believe you, it's okay you listen to Keyshia. I should have cheated." I sung laughing, he tried to keep a straight face but busted out laughing with me.

"You not even funny yo." He laughed shaking his head.

"I can't tell with you laughing like that." I mocked him.

"I'm goofy, this don't count." He said trying to mock me as I stopped laughing to glare at him.

"I don't sound like that."

"Yeah whatever, you hungry? What you wanna eat?"

"I'm good."

"Don't do that bullshit." He glanced at me then back at the road.

"What you mean?"

"You say you not hungry then I actually don't buy you food and you try to eat mine. I'm telling you now, I will not share with you. I don't play with my food." He said pulling into Taco Bell.

"Alright I want that new burrito taco, two of them." I told him making him laugh.

"You something else." He ordered our food getting us a lemonade. "Lemme ask a question."

"Shoot ya shot."

"So who Izzy?"

"He's something like my best friend." I told him.

"Best friend with benefits or strictly friends?"

"I guess you can say with benefits."

"You gon have to stop that shit."

"I don't do relationships, I don't believe in love and I don't want to."

"The fuck you mean? How don't you believe in love? You don't love ya mom? Lee?"

"Of course I love Lee but I'm talking about being in love, nothing last forever so what's the point in trying?"

"That's like saying everybody dies so what's the point of living." He looked at me bla

nkly. "Who said something about a relationship anyway? We could just chill and vibe."

"Why you and Sef come in different cars if y'all going to the same place?" I ignored him.

"I told you I took my mom and sisters out."

"Sisters with a s? How many?"

"I have four."

"So you, Sef and four of your sisters?"

"No, another two boys."

"That's a big ass family, who the oldest?"

"It's my sister Zariah, my brother Zurich, Yusef, Me, my sisters Amour, Mazori, brother Royal and lastly Nova."

"All of y'all names are really beautiful as hell, ya mom gotta name my future kids."

"Our." He corrected making me laugh.

"How old are all of y'all?"

"Zariah and Zurich are twins they 25, Sef 21, I'm 20, Amour and Mazori are twins too they 19, Royal 16 and my heart Nova is 3."

"Twins common in ya family?"

"My mom and the aunt you met at the restaurant are sextuplets." He said making my eyes go wide.

"Sextuplets? As in six babies at the same damn time? That's possible?"

"Yeah, its my uncle Algee, my mom Amori, Yvonne, Joelle, lastly my uncle's Ivo and Jamie."

"I'm so shocked."

"Yeah, they almost killed my grandma from all the complications she had during her pregnancy. And my youngest uncle Jamie almost died because he was getting squashed during the whole ten months. They were told to pull the plug on him but my pop said he was going to pull through and he did."

"That's amazing for real." I said not even noticing we were sitting in his driveway making me look over the house.

It was a binge and burgundy one story house with two garage doors. It looked liked a house a celebrity will have, I watched him enter a code to close the gates.

"It's like every time I think you can't amaze me some more, something like this happens." I spoke getting out the car.

He did a cute chuckle opening the front door. "What you mean? Little shit like this fascinate you?"

"Your house, car and interesting ass family is what you consider little stuff?" I asked making him shrug.

I walked down the long hallway as we heard laughing, we entered the living room to see Lee, Sef and some boy. I looked around the living room seeing the nice decorated room filled with pictures.

"The hell took y'all so long to get here? We left after y'all and got here before y'all." Sef spoke.

"Nigga and? Who said I had to come straight home?"

"I did bitch."

"Yeah whatever, remember uncle Jamie I was just telling you about? That's his son, our cousin, Roddy, Roddy this Nobi."

"Hi." I said looking at him.

"Wassup?" He smiled at me then directed his attention on Zeph. "Bitch why you talking bout my father?"

"Y'all both dick eating and making me mad, bye. Come on No."

"You know we can't play with that bitch, he always in his duffle." Sef said as we walked towards the back.

"They annoying as hell." He closed his room door locking it.

His room was all black with hints of white and grey. He had a California king bed in the middle with a mirror on the ceiling, a 65 inch t.v hung on the wall, a grey futon in the corner along with a walk in closet and a bathroom. His room was probably the size of my kitchen and living room put together.

"What the hell do you do? And are they hiring?" I asked making him laugh.

"Imma take a shower real quick, you could watch t.v, go talk to Sef and them, play Pandora on this, play the game or whatever you wanna do."

"Are these Versace sheets? I'm not sitting on these, I have on outside clothes, on my God." I said as he looked back.

"You want some shorts or something then?"

"You sleep with fucking Versace sheets? You know I get my sheets from family dollar or Walmart?"

"Nobi." He laughed.

"I'm sorry but wow, I'll sit on the couch. Can't afford to mess up ya sheets, literally."

"You really annoying." He laughed putting his phone on the charger. "If you gon go through my shit, wait til I get out so I could explain anything."

"Maybe you are a mind reader." I laughed.

He winked going into the bathroom connected in his room, he left the bathroom slightly open. I reached over to the iPad going to Pandora, I added the new station called 90s r&b.

After ten minutes, the water cut off then he walked out the bathroom. He dropped his towel then smirked knowing I was watching his every move, he put on some grey sweats staying shirtless. I rolled my eyes at him.

"You're childish." I laughed but he just ignored me singing to the song.

"Wait this my shit, hold up." He turned the volume up as New Edition x If This Isn't Love came on.

I started laughing as he did the dance from the video, he was on point though. I got up doing it with him but he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer once they started singing.

"I don't love her, I tried to tell myself but you can see it in my eyes." He sung spinning me around. "So don't deny, I can't fool no one else. The truth is in the tears I cry."

"If this isn't love, why do I feel this way? Why does he stay on my mind?" I sung with a big ass koolaid smile kissing his chest tattoo.

"Clown." He laughed. "Our food probably cold as hell now."

"I forgot all about that, come on."

He led me to the kitchen and we sat at the island as they stopped talking. I looked at them weird while Zeph ignored them going to the microwave.

"Well we ain't wanna know what y'all was talking about anyway." I grabbed my burrito from him immediately eating.

"Here sis." Lee handed me her phone as a unknown number was shown.

"Hello?" I answered confused on who could be calling for me.

"Fuck you at? You was supposed to be here a hour ago, if you gon stunt tell me so I won't be sitting here like a dummy." Izzy barked out as I scrunched my face up.

"Who the hell are you talking to?" I put my garbage in the trash and walked away from the table going to Zeph room. "I forgot about coming to see you so calm down."

"What you so busy doing?"

"Why? Do I question you? That's not what we do so don't start now."

"Imma just assume you at some nigga house."

"Assume then, I don't give a fuck Izzy." I stated watching Zeph walk towards me after closing the door.

"Who you talking to?" He asked childishly knowing he just heard me say his name.


"Well tell nobody bye then bring ya ass to bed." He smirked making me laugh at his attempt to be petty.


"So you ain't come see me because you got a new nigga? I hope your dirty ass using protection before hopping on his dick too."

Before I could say anything, he hung up. I was still staring at the phone then decided to call back. He didn't answer so I logged onto my messenger seeing he was blowing my messages up.

"Come here."

"I told you, I'm not getting on ya bed with my outside clothes on that's dirty."

"Look in my closet and get something then, I want you next to me."

I threw the phone on the bed deciding to raid his closet. I walked in amazed at his closet size, I ran my fingers through all the clothes on the hanger. I also seen a few girl clothes making me scrunch my face up, grabbing some black basketball shorts I walked out the closet.

"These cool?" I asked making him look up.

"Those gon be big as hell on you cause they big on me."

"Okay." I went back in the closet getting another pair. "These?"

"Yeah." I nodded taking off my pants while low-key pulling out my wedgie. "You do have an ass."

"Yeah, it's like an element of surprise once these jeans come off."

"You funny as hell." He laughed as I crawled towards him.

"Your bed so soft, I would never get up again."

"I don't be wanting to but it's money to be made."

"What you do?"

"I flip houses."

"What the hell is that?"

"Basically I buy houses, fix it up a little then sell the house again."

"That's legal?"


"That's dope as hell, I never heard of anything like this. How long you been doing this? You your own boss or work under somebody?"

"I've been doing this since high school, my uncle Ivo introduced me to it and I fell in love. I'm my own boss now."

"So you any good?"

"You tell me." He looked around.

"You did ya own house? Wow." I looked around in admiration.

"I didn't even show you around so you could see it, this house big ass hell. It just don't look like it is."

"You really amaze me, something has to be wrong with you, you're too perfect."

"No where near, we all have our skeletons and you'll find out eventually, well that's if you decide to fuck with me after today."

"Why me? Out of every girl you can have, you decide me? Why?"

"You seem worth it." He shrugged.

"You don't even know me though."

"I'm trying to if your mean ass ever give me a chance."

"I'm still childish, petty and I'm not the kiss ass type. I'll have a full blown out attitude over the littlest stuff, I don't take anything serious enough, I'll make big deals out of nothing, I have a nasty attitude, and I'm disrespectful as fuck. You still want this chance?"

"You thought listing shit was going to make me give up?" He laughed. "Really?"

"Yeah, I'm trying to warn you so when this fail I could say I told you so and we could go on with our lives."

"Why do you just think it's going to fail?"

"I told you I don't do relationships, I could have sex with you right now and I promise I'll walk past you next time I see you like I didn't take your soul before. It's just that easy to me."

"I'm guessing you speaking from experience?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Thanks for keeping it a hundred with me but nothing you just told me made me change my mind, I still want a chance to prove this can work."

"It's girl clothes in the closet, who's is it?"

"It's a mixture of clothes between my sisters, mom and Redd."

"The girl you had sex with in the bathroom?" I raised my eyebrow.

"How many times I gotta tell you I didn't fuck that girl while I was with you?"

Before I could speak somebody knocked on the door then opened it once Zeph said come in. Sef walked in scratching his head looking at us.

"Ain't this cute?" He smirked as Zeph sucked his teeth.

"What brah?"

"Lemme get a condom."

"No, I barely have any left because of you. How the fuck you use my condoms more than me?" Zeph asked leaning over digging in his nightstand.

"Every time I ask you give me the same damn speech, I hope you finally got the chance to use them. You always in ya Louie." He snatched the condoms from him.

"Bitch snatch from me again."

"Y'all act like kids." I stated.

"That's him." They said in unison then sucked their teeth.

"Bye, get out and lock my door behind you."

"No bitch, Nobi Lee said you done with her phone?"

"Forgot I even had it, it's right there." I pointed to the end of the bed.

"Alright." He grabbed the phone then locked the door leaving.

"Every time we talk about the girl you fucked in the bathroom, it get interrupted."

"You making me mad that it's not even funny no more, I didn't fuck her in the bathroom."

"So when we first get there, I turn my attention to talk to you and you ignored me so I see what you looking at, you basically eye fucking her. Thirty minutes later you go to the bathroom and two minutes later she go towards the bathroom. Lastly y'all come back at the same damn time, let's not forget her clothes in your closet."

"I feel like we skipped everything you just said and we in a relationship already, the way you giving me this much attitude."

"Because you keep lying, I really don't care if you did I just want you to be honest about it and you're making me mad by doing the opposite."

"Redd and I were in relationship for three years on and off, we permanently broke up around five months ago."


"She used to be insecure about herself, so once she got money she wasted no time working on herself. She got her boobs, nose, and ass done along with some lypo and other shit. I didn't understand why she went through all of that shit when she was perfect the way she was before."

"Being insecure can make you fix what isn't broken."

"I know and that's why I always tried my hardest to boost her ego, not only telling her she was perfect the way she was but showing her too."

"So the surgery was a no go for you?"

"It wasn't even the surgery, you can be the baddest female alive with a nasty ass personality. Personality is always the first thing I notice, looks just add on. That's why first impressions are everything to me."

"I could dig it."

"Yeah so after the surgery, she started getting more attention and started feeling herself more. She just changed, she wasn't the girl I fell in love with so I finally broke up with her. It ended badly and we haven't talked since, two weeks ago she popped back up talking the bullshit like we should get back together."

"So she wants you back now?"

"Yeah so when I saw her at the restaurant I wasn't eye fucking her, I was wondering why the fuck she was in my aunt restaurant knowing they don't get along-"

"Why?" I cut him off as he gave me a look. "I'm sorry, I like to ask questions."

"Von and Redd don't like each other because she always said Redd wasn't for me even before the surgery. Von is literally like another mom to me, I'm closer with her than I am with my mom so she knows everything. They exchanged words and it went as far as Von and my mom about to jump Redd."

"What?" I asked wide eyed.

"My mom don't play about her little sister, Redd put her hands on Von and before Von could react my mom was already dragging her. But you wanna know what's funny about the whole situation?"


"Even after that, my dumb ass still didn't break up with her until I caught her cheating."


"Aight anyways, I actually went to the bathroom to wash my hands but she came in. She was trying to suck my dick-"

"In the fucking bathroom? That's nasty as hell, she a different type of ho."

"I was actually considering doing it but that'll be disrespectful as hell with you there so I didn't. I listened to her plead her case about why we should get back together then walked out. So when I say I didn't fuck her, I mean it."

"That's another thing about me, I don't have trust for anybody. Even though your being honest, I'm still questioning it. I over think too much and it ruins everything."

"Then ask the questions you need to, we're going to eventually build our trust. I been fucked over so many times that it's hard to trust too but I'm willing to take the risk with you."

"You make it impossible to say no to you."

"Because you want to say yes, you're feeling me just like I'm feeling you."

I looked at him and smirked ignoring him. "So what movie we watching?"


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