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   Chapter 32 Their Game

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"Sammy, you have to eat. You and your baby needs enough nutrition." She ignored Cassie's scolding. Sammy misses Rob. This is the sixth month since they met and her life has never been the same especially now that he's gone.

"I still couldn't believe that he left me..." She felt her tears flow like it always does whenever she thought about him and what happened.

"You'll get over it in time. Time heals all wounds, Sammy. You'll be fine." Lance said.

"Baby, don't encourage her! She's moping for nothing!" Cassie slapped Lance who was trying to control his laughter. They were teasing her again.

"Cassandra! You don't even recognize the pain I am feeling! What kind of best friend are you?" Sammy wailed. She couldn't control her tears. It must be the pregnancy hormones.

"The kind of best friend who tells you the truth no matter how painful it is. The kind of best friend who tells you that you're stupid for being a drama queen when your husband just went to buy a suit for a wedding that you will both be attending tomorrow!"

"So what are you implying huh? That I am irrational and overly sensitive? That I don't let Rob leave my side?!"

Lance quickly left the room as he could not contain his laughter upon seeing his wife's exasperated face as she looked at Sammy.

"Sammy...I'm sorry...look, I just want you to eat. Okay? He'll be back in an hour. He couldn't wake you up since you've been feeling sick a lot lately. That's why he sent us here to look after you while he's gone."

"You of all people should understand how I am feeling...I miss him."

"Aaargh!!! You're only a month pregnant but your hormones are soooo...." Cassie whispered but Sammy heard.

"Now you're blaming me..."

"No...of course not...he'll be back soon okay? He just needed to pick up his suit for tomorrow. Your dress already arrived earlier."

With that, she cried louder.

"What's the prob

Denaris came for a visit. It could have been tragic..." Sammy shivered as she recalled the day she was kidnapped and Rob came to her rescue. They found out that the security team Rob was with were all Paco's accomplices except for the head of security. Denaris and his group shot only the arms and legs of their captors making sure that they will all be arrested by the authorities. Her brother will surely rot in prison.

"Don't think about that. Now that we are having our own family, we'll never be apart again. Our office here at home is already set up. If I need to go to the hotels, you will come with me." He moved his hand lower to the band of her shorts. He teased her relentlessly with his talented hands.

"I know. Thank you for always doing what I want."

"Anything for my wife. I love you. I want you."

"I love you my MVP. My favorite player. I want you toto." She straddled him. Her hormones getting the best of her.

"Let's play bounce or basketball?" Their eyes turned dark with desire as they removed their clothing, sharing a passionate game that they could only do together. With moans replacing cheers, their pleasurable climax as the score and their love for each other the a game that they will be playing for eternity.

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