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   Chapter 30 His Death

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Updated: 2018-02-26 19:02

Rob paced the foyer. He didn't believe the lies he received on his phone. Sam will not deliberately hurt him. His friend Jamil, the hacker called him back.

["Dude, I can't find the man, his face is hidden from the camera, but I found out something else. I'll send over an address. You might want to check that out. That estate was bought only recently and might be the one you're looking for. What about your tracker?"]

He looked at the address his friend sent him and then compared it with the location that the GPS was pointing. It matched!

"It's the same address. The one you sent, Sam is in there. Thanks Jamil!"

"Son, shall we call the police?" His father asked. They were all worried for Sam.

"Yes but after me and the team leave to go to this address. I can't risk her safety Dad. Her captor might hear the police sirens then harm her." Rob sent the address to his father's cellphone and he gathered the security team that they employ. The instruction was simple. Retrieve Sam unharmed and in one piece.

Rob used his car and the head of the security team was with him.

"Sir, don't worry. We'll find her."

"Finding her is not my biggest concern here Donald, I am worried that she's hurt."

"Do you have an idea who took her?"

"Her half-brother is my only guess."

He could only hope and pray that Sam is safe. He received the footage of the foyer on the tablet his father gave him before they left the house. He saw his Sam lift something near the dragon statue before she exits the house. He zoomed the video hoping to see the contents of the bag but she was covering the view. His phone vibrated and he answered the call.

["Rob, I'm trying to call Sammy but she's out of reach, are you with her? I need to talk to her."]

"Cassie...Sammy...she's been kidnapped. I don't know yet how it happened but I am on my way to where she is right now."

["What?! Why do we keep having all this drama in life... Listen, our family friend Denaris is there in Spain right now. He's supposed to visi

ted and treated me as his son, they perhaps we are not in this situation."

If other people could hear the mad man's story, they may feel some kind of pity. But Rob's anger for the man who took Sam is raging in his heart and he can't feel even an ounce of compassion.

"Going back, I already killed your beloved Samantha. The Samantha who had everything in life. Do you know about that stipulation for her to marry someone and then I will receive the inheritance that was supposed to be for her? My father, even on his death made a fool of me. You are already engaged! I knew it was you all along! I saw him meet your parents. I am good with research but I guess my sister isn't. Now, do you understand where I'm coming from here? How would I even get my share?! Good thing she's dead and you'll be next. What?! You don't believe me? Come out and look yourself! Sergio, get my sister's body so we can bury her with her boyfriend!"

He heard the main house's door opened and closed. Rob felt dread and fear like no other. His chest heaved as he breathed, his heart beats thrice as fast. A distant part of him wanted to scream and empty the barrel of his gun, to use up all his bullets on the demon that's spewing all those lies. Lies. They are all lies. Sammy is not dead. She can't be...because if she is, then he will embrace his own death.

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