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   Chapter 29 The Fear

The Game He Plays By magbmara Characters: 6252

Updated: 2018-02-26 19:02

Sammy wanted to scream in fury. She wanted to feel despair and desolation for the overpowering unfairness that has been happening in her life. But she has no time to feel those emotions. She cannot afford to lose her focus. She need to plan her escape without sacrificing the safety of the people around her.

Sammy felt her world stopped when she heard Rob and his parent's argument. She didn't mean to pry but she was on her way to the bathroom when she overheard them talking.

"Mom, what is it?"

"Who is she? Where did you meet her?"

"Why are you asking?"

"Because, you are not supposed to have a girlfriend!"

"What? And why is that?"

"Because you're arranged to be married!"

Upon hearing that, she wanted to barge in and contradict his parents. She will not allow Rob to be married to anyone but her. But she was not prepared for the message she received on her cellphone at that instant. It was from an unknown number. She felt like a bucket full of ice was poured on her when she saw the image on the screen. Dread and panic consumed her. Her first instict was to shout for Rob, but when she read the message, she knew then that she has no choice but to obey the sender of the message. The perpetrator is serious if not insane to send her an image of a bomb planted at the foyer and under Rob's car. She knew about bombs because Marco and Lance showed her and Cassie what real bombs look like. Aside from basic martial arts, it was part of their survival training after they were kidnapped. This is not a hoax and time is ticking. She only has 10 minutes to follow the instructions.

Do not tell anyone. I have the detonator. I will blow this house and everyone to bits if you do not cooperate. Leave the house calmly and quietly. Carry the black bag from the entrance hall. The bomb inside the bag is linked to the other bomb. A

couple of kilometers from Rob's house. She was ushered into a wine cellar inside a house situated in the middle of the grape vineyard.


When the man crouched in one of the wine barrels faced her, she almost lost her footing. It couldn't be.

"You?...But why?...who are you?"

"Hi little sister...don't you see our resemblance? It's funny how fate played its game on us. Imagine my surprise when the sister I was trying to find that day was the one I helped and saved at the airport. You saved me the trouble...but then your boyfriend showed up and ruined my plans...and you are."

"Jayden..." Sammy remembered what happened at the airport and hospital when she had her miscarriage. He was there. He helped her and comforted her.

"I'm Paco De Leon Rosello...well, technically not a Rosello since your father...oops...I mean, our father was not man enough to give me his name..."

"But...he didn't know..."

"Don't give me that same bullshit he kept on telling me!" She saw the change in his expression. Gone were the caring and kind friend she knew at the shortest time she was with him. Now, he was like a tiger ready to strike at its next meal. Her brother is mad, literally and figuratively mad.

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