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   Chapter 28 His Nightmare

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Updated: 2018-02-25 19:02

"What do you mean you can't find her?! She was right here a minute ago! If you don't find her soon, you'll all lose your jobs!" His thunderous voice made the six security guards flinch.

Rob came back to the dining room to fetch Sammy but she was not there. His grandparents told him that she followed them. He figured she must have heard their discussion and ran away, but it was only a few minutes and he looked for her the instant he knew she was missing. He wanted to punch himself for leaving her.

"Son, don't be too rash. The security team are doing their best..." His mother was very worried. She's blaming herself for what happened. She kept on saying that if only she didn't panic like she did, then they would be celebrating instead of looking for a missing fiancee. Rob ignored his mother, she had done enough damage in a day. Her drama antics were out of control.

"Mom! I can't find her... she was right here...and she can't walk that far...and she didn't take the means that someone might have taken her...she will not leave me intentionally. I'm sure she won't."

"I know son, I'm calling her mother maybe she knows where she is."

Rob was about to leave the room when he heard her whisper. He quicky retraced his steps to face her. His mom cannot look at him in the eye and he's about to find out why.

"Wait, what? How did you know her mother?"

"Ahm...Savannah... Ahm...Samantha's father is my godmother's son. Our families have been friends as long as I remember. Villena's and Rosellos were friends. I grew up with Rolando like he's my brother though not in blood. When I saw Sammy, I instantly recognized her. She looked just like him. I had to ask her name just


["Ah...maybe because you can't think well when you panic and I am the real genius?"]"

Rob's father approached him, holding a tablet that was linked to the house cameras.

"What if she was not kidnapped? What if she went with him on her own free will?"

"Dad, are you implying something?"

"Not really. But you saw the recordings from our own cctvs and she looked fine. She didn't even appeared to be distressed. We are missing something here. We have to retrieve the footage at the foyer. The tech team needs fifteen minutes more to extract the files from it. Of all the times to get corrupted..."

His father was right. She looked okay. No signs of tears or any indication of being upset. He was not sure if she heard anything from his discussion with his parents. He took his phone from his pocket and searched for her on the tracer. He saw a message on his phone inbox. When he read it, he almost lost his balance.

He doesn't want to believe what he saw and Rob knew that Sammy will never leave him again. She promised him that they would be together forever. But then, promises are meant to be broken.

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