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   Chapter 25 The Will

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"Hon, how did you convince my mother to let you stay here at our house and to sleep in my room? She's very conservative but it seems you used your charm on her." Sammy wore her underwear as she watched Rob put on his boxers before going back to lie down beside her. They are doing their daily routine, waking up and making love then talking about anything. Lovers and bestfriends.

"I told her how much I love you and that someday, I will marry you..."

Sammy's heartbeat drummed at her chest, beating twice as normal. She was surprised by his honesty but she felt his sincerity.

"What did she say?" She remembered the agreement she had with her parents.

"She said that I have to talk to you and convince you to say yes to me." His eyes twinkled in mischief and Sammy knew he was making that up.


He sighed before he replied.

"She told me you're engaged to someone that your father only knows about. She was not even aware that he pushed through with the deal. She wanted me to help find out who it was since it would be our future at stake."

"What? But we had a deal...they let me look for my one true love for six months...the one that I would marry..."

He looked at her expectantly and she couldn't help but melt with the love and adoration she saw reflected in his eyes.

"And? Did you...find him?"

Sammy was tongue tied. She knew the answer. Her heart shouts at her to say yes.

"Yes, I found're my one true love." He kissed her and she closed her eyes to savor his kisses. She felt his kisses down her neck to her chest to her navel before he asked her something that made her sweat even with the cold temperature of the room.

"I know and you are my only love, but, the question here is...will you marry me?"

Sammy didn't know what happened but when she opened her eyes, he was kneeling at the foot of the bed, and he was holding a ring, a gorgeous diamond ring. It was a 14 carat white gol

to my wife Savannah and my daughter Samantha Rosello. This includes all the shares in my company, the houses and cars in my possession not mentioned, and all my investments.

But if the following clauses were not adhered to by my daughter, her inheritance, the part of the residue after debts and gifts will be forfeited and transferred to Paco Del Mundo, her half-brother. She cannot claim the said inheritance without completing the following:

1. Samantha is to be married to her bethroted which is to be executed by my wife Savannah. A separate agreement for wedding and merger has been drafted for this purpose.

2. That Samantha will remain married to him for at least six months and manage the company with her husband.

Signed, Published and Declared by the said Testator, Rolando Rosello

As and for his last Will and Testament, in the presence of us, both present at the same

Time, who at his request, in his presence and in the presence of each other, have

Subscribed our names as witnesses.

Sammy, Savannah and Rob were all stunned by the clauses of the will.

Sammy, Savannah and Rob were all stunned by the clauses of the will.

Sammy felt like she was punched in the gut making her wake up from the beautiful dream she was in before she heard her worst nightmare.

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