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   Chapter 23 His Hope

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Rob knew about Sammy's background. Part of his search for her was finding out everything about her that could help him. One thing he was not aware of was that she had a brother and it seems that she was not informed either.

"Mama, I don't have a brother...or do I?" Rob stroked her back, wanting her to know that he was there for her. He would have taken hold of her hand but she was holding her mom's.

"Before you left, he, your half brother, approached your father with some documents. Pictures of him and a woman your father met 28 years ago. He claimed that he was your father's son. Your father did not believe him but their...similarities in features were apparent..."

"What happened next?" He felt her hesitation as she looked at him.

"He refused to believe that he was a father before he had you and with another woman. Knowing your father, he was worried about us. He didn't want me to be upset so he asked him to leave. But I understood that it happened before he met me. I convinced him to meet with his...son... and suggested to have a DNA test just to be sure. was offended by the suggestion. He accused us of not recognizing him as a Rosello. We proceeded with the test and when it came out...he is your brother."

"But...why did he do this?" Sammy stood up and looked through the glass window that separates her and her father. Rob walked towards her and placed his arm on her shoulders, wanting her to feel his comfort.

"He was blinded with his rage. He was asking for more than your father could give him."


Everything happened in a blink of an eye, the heartrate monitor alarmed the hospital staff that the patient had flatlined due to cardiac arrest. Paddles of the defibrillator were pressed to his chest to revive

ou. I want to make you happy, just let me. Please love, it hurts me seeing you like this."

"Just leave me alone! I did not ask you to stay. If you're complaining and hurting, then by all means, leave!"

The old Rob would have shouted back in arrogance, but he lost all his pride when he realized that he loves her.

"That's the one request I cannot ever give you. I love you so much." He saw her eyes softened before she turned her back and plopped a pillow to cover her head. In that fraction of a minute, he saw some traces of hope that he would soon see the real Sammy. The strong willed Sammy that she truly is. He was about to leave the room when she spoke.


"Yes my love?"

He saw her tear streaked and pretty face looking at him. She felt lost and weak.

"Please hold me while I sleep."

He almost cried in relief.

"Gladly." He laid down beside her and hugged her waist. She covered his arm with hers as he intertwined their fingers.

"I love you. Thank you for staying with me."

"I love you more. Go to sleep...I'll be right here when you wake up..."

He kissed her cheek and smiled before he closed his eyes. Soon, he would see her smile.

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