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   Chapter 22 The Homecoming

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A month of living together in one roof made their love for each more solid. True to their words, they took everything slow. They became more comfortable with each other. Friendship is the strongest foundation of a relationship and they became best of friends.

"Hon, you haven't told me why you took a break from your basketball career?" Sammy asked one morning where they cuddle in bed and talk to each other before they start their day.

"I wanted to search for you. I figured I have to at least try."

She hugged him tighter with his answer and he kissed the top of her head in response. Sammy knew how passionate Rob was when it comes to his team and playing his game.

"And now that you have me, what's your plan?"

"I plan to woo you and sweep you off your feet everyday of our lives."

"Frankly, for a player, you're doing a great job." She looked up at him as he laughed at her teasing.

"You know I don't play when it comes to you. You're the real deal."

"Seriously, we can't be all holed up in here everyday. We have to go back to the real world."

"I was thinking of officially retiring from basketball and just focus on our business. My parents wanted me to go to Spain for a business merger proposal. The day I found you, I went to Spain. I was desperate to use my parent's connection in Madrid to find your family. I wanted to meet them, hoping that they would know where to find you."

Sammy was distracted by all that has happened and neglected to tell Rob about her family. She's still contemplating if she should tell Rob the truth about her, that she ran away from home in search of someone to replace the one bethroted to her by her parents.

"It doesn't matter. I'm here now. Whatever it is you want to do, I'll support you. You took up Engineering in University?"

"Yes, but I took up some Business subjects too. Our business is more on building hotels, casinos and resorts. Love, tell me something about yourself."

"I have a degree in business and used to manage my parent's hotel chains at home."

She waited for his response but he remained silent.

"You can tell me anything."

"I know...I am..."

She was a

you found out about his heart condition?"

"He didn't want you to worry and we wanted to give you time to think about...your future." Sammy noticed how her mother glanced at Rob before she continued speaking.

"I would have came back if I'd known." She took her mother's hand.

"Your father was taken hostage by a robber, a man in a mask on Sunday when he went to the hotel to get some reports."

"What?! Where's his security team when this happened?" Sammy glanced at Rob whose expression reflected hers. Worry and fear. It was automatic, Rob wound his arm behind Sammy's back as if readying himself in case he sensed danger.

"He instructed his security team to stay at the lobby. He said he will just grab some folders then they would leave. But your father was held up at gunpoint while the robber asked him about passwords and codes to open the vaults. He did not give up the codes. He told me he intentionally delayed his response as he waited to be rescued. He was with the robber for fifteen minutes before the security team was able to extract him from the robber."

"Did they catch that bastard?"

"No. He's still on the loose. But your father obtained information about his attacker's identity, and this set off the heart attack."

"Who is the attacker?"

This time, her mother's worried face turned colder. She saw how she refrains himself from sobbing more than she was doing at that moment.

"Your brother."

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