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   Chapter 21 The New Life

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When Rob returned to their room, he was holding a food tray laden with truffles pasta and ceasar salad. He also have a slice of grilled smoked salmon and freshly squeezed orange juice. Sammy could still see the pulp of the oranges inside the glass. There are two forks and she couldn't help but smile that they would be sharing a plate.

"My Sam, here. . . taste this." Rob twirled the pasta with the fork and offered it to her. When she opened her mouth to taste, it was so good she closed her eyes and moaned.

"Who made this?" He was staring at her with a serious expression. She felt her face warmed with the way he was staring at her lips as she bit them.

"I did. . .for you. . .have some more. . ." He fed her without removing his gaze on her lips. She was feeling conscious with his intense gaze. It was like he was memorizing the way she chews and swallows her food.

"Honey, why aren't you eating? Here, try this." She lifted the other fork and sliced a piece of salmon and offered it to him. She moved closer and instead of putting the morsel of into his opened mouth, she kissed him, letting him taste the savory pasta he made for her. After a few seconds, she gave him the slice of salmon. Their breaths heaving as they stared at each other. It felt like their first kiss, technically it is their first since they got back together.

"Deliciously addicting." They continued to relish the food they are eating while feasting their eyes on each other. When they've finished their meal and their juice, Rob quickly went out of the room to return the empty dishes back to the kitchen. Sammy used her time alone to brush her teeth in the white marbled bathroom. A toothbrush was waiting for her, she knew it was hers based on the color, hers was pink and the other one was blue, she was sure it was Rob's. She looked at the large jacuzzi and the spacious shower closet equipped with water jets and a rain shower. She contemplated which one to use. Her last bath was in Canada

He laid her down on their bed and he walked to the closet to get their clothes. He returned a few seconds later wearing a matching pajama set. Sammy laughed when she saw what he was holding. It was identical to what he was wearing. He smiled sheepishly as he helped her dress up.

"Do we have to wear matching outfits now?" She teased her and he blushed. She felt giddy that he was willing to wear couple outfits just to make her smile.

"I saw this while browsing the internet and couldn't help myself."

"I didn't know you have it in you Mr. Barron. Buying pyjama couple sets in heart shaped prints is not something to be expected from an NBA superstar." She was grinning adoringly at him. All the sexual tension from their make out session have been forgotten.

"I wanted to make you smile. I guess it worked." He pulled up the comforter to cover them as he settled to lie down beside her. She moved closer and snuggled up to him.

"You always know how to make me smile. Thank you. This is comfy. I loved it." She caressed the soft blue and white ensemble they are wearing.

"I love you. Good night, my love."

"I love you too. Sweet dreams."

That night was the start of their new life together and Sammy would be eternally grateful for having been given that chance to be happy with the one she loves.

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