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   Chapter 20 The Beginning

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Updated: 2018-02-21 19:02

When they reached the house, Madam Belle waited for them at the front porch. When she saw Sammy and Rob, she looked pleased.

"Sir Rob, Ms. Sammy, welcome back." Sammy smiled in response to the warm greetings.

"Madam Belle, is the room ready?" She smiled and nodded. She motioned for them to follow her.

"Love, we transferred to the Master's Bedroom. It's bigger and more spacious. My parents gave me this house as they decided to settle in Madrid to be with my grandparents. Now, this is ours." She thought he was putting her in another room but it seemed that Rob was thinking of a more permanent setup for the two of them.

"Is that really necessary? I mean, your room is spacious enough and why would they give you this house?" Rob just squeezed her hand as they walked farther into the second floor of the mansion. Sammy waited for his answer. He sighed before he finally responded.

"I was planning to buy a house for us and they found out. They offered to give this to me instead and in advance as part of my inheritance. I realized that I have so many good memories here so I said yes. But if you are not comfortable living here, we could look for something in the market, just tell me okay? Love, are you hungry? Do you want me to cook for you?" Sammy felt overwhelmed. Her tears started to renew their travel down to her cheeks. He stopped walking and faced her when he noticed that she was sniffing and crying.

"Hey. . .did I say something wrong?" He pulled her into a warm embrace.

"No. . .I guess I'm just emotional. I feel overwhelmed." She felt his hand stroke her back to calm her. She can feel the scent of his cologne, the one she had been missing for

to respond now since we've only got back together today. . ."

"I love you too." He was babbling and she found his anxious face very appealing.

". . .and I have not been able to. . . what?" Rob finally asked as she laughed at his shocked expression.

"I said I love you too." He pinched himself and Sammy laughed out louder.

"Why are you hurting my boyfriend?" His expression changed from surprise to a crazy smile. The muscles of his face stretched out strikingly as he gave her a toothy grin.

"Love, do you want to go out tonight? I want to celebrate." She shook her head.

"I want to just lie here with you."

"Aren't you hungry?"

"I am but I don't want to go out. You? You're famished?"

"Yes. Famished for you, but that can wait. I'll just go down for a while to get something edible to eat. Stay here my love, I'll be right back." He kissed the top of her head before he stood up and walked downstairs towards the kitchen. Sammy lost something but fortunately she gained something back. It's true that when a door closes, windows will open, and in her case, he accepted her back with open arms.

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