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   Chapter 18 The Grieving

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Updated: 2018-02-20 19:02

Sammy was discharged 27 hours after she was admitted. Her new friend and savior stayed with her until she was feeling better. She learned that he has a real estate business in California and owns condominiums in the area. He offered her a place to stay just in case she needs it. She had no choice but to call Cassie since Jayden wouldn't want to leave her without knowing where she'll be staying. She's not comfortable being with anyone else at the moment so she rejected his offer.

"Cassie, I'm here at. . .what the hell!" She decided to call Cassie after she was cleared from the hospital. She was waiting for Jayden outside the hospital when someone grabbed her from behind and hugged her.

["Sammy. . . "] She dropped her phone and tried to wrestle free from her attacker but he was strong. She lost her fight when she heard his voice.

"I'm sorry. I'm here now. I'm so sorry. . ." She felt hot tears drop from his eyes to her neck. The thunderous beating of her heart reflected his own as he pressed his chest on her back.

"Rob? How did you. . ." He gently released his hold on her and turned her so he could look straight into her eyes. His teary eyes reflecting anguish and pain.

"I was looking for you. Sorry it took me too long to get here. . . I was in Spain and I. . . shit Sam. . . it was you. . . Oh God it was you. . .I was so stupid. . . I should have followed you. . ." Sammy was conflicted on why Rob was acting so strange. His shoulders shook as he cried. She couldn't bear seeing him hurting even though her heart is aching as well. She hugged him back, trying to console him.

"Shhhh. . .why are you crying?" It was a stupid question to ask but she had to know. She hasn't told anyone that she's in California especially about the miscarriage.

"I saw you at the airport. . .I didn't know it was you. . .some guy was ca

wanted to grieve for her baby but she avoided the thought. But seeing Rob's distraught and haggard face, she couldn't help but let the dam of tears flow.

"I'm sorry. . . I lost our baby. . .I didn't know that I was pregnant. . . if I had known, I could have. . . I should have. . .I'm sorry. . .it's my fault. . . ." He pulled her to his chest, caressing her back to console her, kissing the top of her head to make her feel better.

"No Sam. . . it was not your fault. . .I'm so sorry that you went through all that alone. I'm here now. . . shhhh. . .we're together now. . ." She hanged on to him as they both grieved for their loss. Not only the loss of their first baby, but the wasted time and chances of being together. Regret and remorse filled her as she thought about what could have happened if Rob was with her all through out the months she was carrying their child, what could have happened if she chose to listen.

Sammy felt relieved to be sharing her pain with him. For the first time in her life, she wanted to be dependent on others. She felt the need to want support and love from someone and she had to admit that her heart craves for only one person, the one holding her now, and this time, she will not let go.

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