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   Chapter 17 His Pain

The Game He Plays By magbmara Characters: 5978

Updated: 2018-02-20 19:02

Rob's best friends Saphira and Franco spent a week with him when they learned that he's suffering from heartbreak. News of him getting drunk and being involved in brawls alerted them that he needs help. It was the second week after Sammy left Rob when they went to his aid.

"Man up Rob, stop drinking and look for her! Tell her how you feel! Don't waste your time holing up in this hotel room. Look at what you're doing to yourself!" Rob was scolded by his friend Saphira after they found him sitting on his hotel room with vomit all over him.

"I can't find her. . . I already tried. She left me. . .and the actress bitch who did all this mess is still claiming. . .that I'm the fucking father of her child! The DNA test is taking too long! I don't know why she's doing this to me. Come to think of it, I don't even remember when we had sex. Of all the people and of all the times, why is this happening to me now?" Franco helped him to the shower while Saphira cleaned the room.

"Look, I won't scold you for your previous sex life since it was the reason why you are in this shit hole in the first place, but please, you need to get yourself together! You're one step away from earning your team's championship cup but you're ruining your game! In the past, it's all you've ever talked about. How you want to bring them glory before you. . ."

"Shut up Franco. What a way to not scold me huh?" Rob felt Saphira and Franco's concern. But he could not get over the feeling of misery over Sammy's disappearance. She changed her number, she's untraceable, even hired hackers couldn't find her. He even hired a private investigator to look for her but they couldn't find her. Lance and Cassie doesn't want to interfere and he has no other way of knowing where she is.


o to Spain. Though he was still hoping that Sammy will be at the Anniversary party, on the last minute, Rob pushed through with his trip. He had that sudden urge to rush to the airport. In his haste to catch his flight, he collided with a man carrying a woman and asking for help. He did not see the unconscious woman because the man who was carrying her was covering her face, possibly for privacy, but he saw that she was bleeding. He felt scared and sorry for her and her husband who seemed to panic as he shouted for someone to help them. Security officers were quick to action. Rob followed them, wanting to help, but it was too quick, they were assisted to an ambulance. That scene kept on replaying in his mind even after he boarded his plane. He thought that if it was Sammy and him that were in the place of the couple in distress, he can't imagine how he could have reacted. Seeing the love of his life unconscious and bleeding terrifies him. He couldn't bear to see Sammy hurting. Just thinking about it makes his heart constrict with pain. He always hopes and prays that wherever she is, she's safe and healthy until such time that he finds her to take care of her again.

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