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   Chapter 16 The Emergency

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Updated: 2018-02-19 19:02

Sammy arrived at the airport on the day of the party. She wanted to surprise Cassie. Though she was not feeling well and had been experiencing back pain, stomach cramps, abdominal pain and fever that morning, she still went ahead with her travel. She thought it was all due to the weather and the toll it had on her health and immune system.

Travelling alone in a state she was in was a big mistake on her part. When she was on her way to the bag conveyor belt to retrieve her luggage, she felt strange. She felt cold and clammy, the abdominal pain she felt was at its worst.

"Miss, are you alright? Miss? Oh shit!" That was the last thing she heard before she passed out, a worried and panicked voice behind her.

When Sammy woke up, she was already at the hospital.

"Hey. . ." She was surprised to see a strikingly handsome man staring at her from the hospital room's couch. He stood up with a relieved smile on his face. His voice sounded familiar. It was him who was talking to her before she blacked out at the airport.

"Hi? What happened?" It was a strange question to ask considering that she was lying on a hospital bed with IV fluid on her arm.

"You collapsed and passed out at the airport. I brought you here. Actually, the airport's ambulance brought us here. I hope you don't mind but I checked your bag for identification. They needed it for the hospital records." He was scratching the back of his neck, looking nervous.

"Thank you for helping me." She still felt weak and as much as she wanted to smile at him she felt strange. It was like there was something missing from her. A feeling of loss and foreboding like no other.

"I will call the doctor so she could explai

im or to anyone is not on her list.

"I'm Jayden Gray and I am pleased to meet you Samantha Hernandez-Rosello." She just smiled and took his offered hand for a brief handshake.

"Nice to meet you too Jayden. Sorry for asking but did you contact anyone from my emergency list?"

"I'm afraid not. I did not see any list of contact person in case of emergency from your bag."

"Good. Thank you. You could just leave me now. I don't want to take your time. You must have important things to do." She noticed that he was still holding her hand. She gently removed her hand from his light grip and tried to sit up. She felt dizzy and had to refrain from moving.

"The doctor said to take it easy. Just relax and rest. I don't have anything important to do so I could stay here until you're clear to leave." He smiled as she closed her eyes. She wanted to grieve, to cry for her unborn child but she was too tired and weak to think about anything. She wanted to sleep and forget everything including her parents, Rob and their lost baby. Sleep pulled her into an inviting calmness, a calmness that refutes her distressed heart.

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