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   Chapter 14 His Loss

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He felt something in him that he hadn't felt before. He wanted to make her happy, to hear her soft giggles and see her flash her white teeth into a sweet smile. He wanted to cook for her and make her proud of the things that he can do. No one knows that he is a talented in the kitchen except for his best friends. It was his secret, a secret that he was willing to share with her. The way she closed her eyes as she savored the food he made for her made him feel a sense of gratification like no other. It was a strange feeling, something that was both new and scary for him. He needs to see her smile to make him happy. He wanted her like no other. He realized how much her happiness meant to him and he understood why. He loves her.

"So? What do you think?" He felt nervous of what she thinks of his dish.

"Muy delicioso!" Very delicious

He only ate when he saw that she really enjoys the food he made for her. After dinner, she helped him clean up and they went back of to his room and watched TV. They were watching a replay of his team's game that day. All was going well until Sammy received a call on his own cellphone. When he saw the name, it was Cassie, her best friend. They really must be best friends if she knew that she was spending her nights at his place.

["Hey Rob, this is Cassie. I got your number from Lance. I can't reach Sammy's phone and she's not in her hotel either, do you happen to have her there with you?"] She sounded irritated and he wondered why.

"Yeah. For a moment. . . Sam, Cassie wants to talk to you." She looked surprised but took the phone and listened to her best friend. He couldn't hear what they were talking about but she took the TV remote from the side table and switched the channel to TMZ. Dread filled him when he saw the person being interviewed on screen and when he saw her reaction, for the fir

." He couldn't stay away from her, he had to at least try and convince her to stay. He only had one way on his mind. He caged her, placing his hands on the wall and kissed her, letting her feel his need for her. She momentarily forgot her anger and kissed him back, but after a while, she pushed him. She pushed him hard that he was thrown on the carpeted floor.

"Don't do that again. Just let me go Robert. Don't let me hate you more than I do now." Her trembling voice hurt him like a laceration on his heart. He hated himself for hurting her, for making her eyes lose its glow. He hated himself for being stupid and insensitive. He grieves for his loss, the loss that was a result of his past mistakes and wrong decisions in life.

"I'm sorry. I will get the car and take you back to the hotel." He said in defeat. He knows when to stop the offense, so he could strategize and prepare for the win. Even if she hated him now, once he cleared his name and figured out the truth, he would move heaven and earth so that she would accept him back into her life.

Rob might have lost his game with her now, but when he gets another chance, he will make sure he will stay the victor and she will accept his title and his name forever.

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