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   Chapter 12 The First

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Sammy stayed at Rob's house for two days and two nights. He didn't let her leave until he can drive her to the hotel himself. They just stayed holed up in his room as he recuperates. He asked one of their household members to purchase change of clothes for her. He didn't even want her to get her own things for fear that she will not come back if she leaves.

She took care of him as much as she can. They were inseparable and they became closer if not more dependent of each other. It was Friday night when she asked to go back to her hotel so he could rest properly for his game the following day. He missed two practices because of his flu and the team needed him to stay focused and well rested.

"Please just take me back." Rob was hesitant. They were lying in his bed, with a few inches between them.

"But what if I couldn't sleep because you're not here with me?" It was ridiculous that she thought the same. She slept more soundly when he's lying beside her.

"You will, you've been sleeping by yourself for several years and you can do that again tonight." She rolled her eyes at his clinginess.

"But I want to sleep with you." His eyes grew darker with the double meaning of his words.

"Really now?" He nodded his head as he moved closer, caging her in a tight embrace.

"Yes, I want to see your face before I close my eyes and again when I wake up." He kissed her nose and her forehead while he strokes her cheeks.

"I'll print a photo of myself then you could look at that before you sleep and after you wake up." He smiled and pulled her much closer. It was the closest they have been since their passionate kiss before he got ill. Rob didn't want her to catch his flue so they were contented in just staring at each other.

"That is not the same as the real thing. I can't do this to a photograph." He moved swiftly and covered her body with his, his elbows pressed on the bed as he balan

ammy. She felt something long and hard poke on her core. She lifted herself to meet him but he gently pinned her down with his knees.

"I'm going crazy here love. . . don't move. . . I don't want to hurt you." Her eyes were tightly closed and her mouth slightly parted as he slowly lowered himself inside her. The sensation was mindboggling for Sammy. When she felt him stop, she felt impatient and she wrapped her legs around his butt and pulled herself up so he could fully enter her. It was painful.

"Shit. . .Are you alright? Oh. . ." He was about to pull out as he was worried about her when she started to gyrate her hips for more friction. He could not contain the urgency he felt at that moment. He tried to be gentle but the need to be one with her was too intense. Their grunts and groans of satisfaction filled the room as he pounded hard and fast inside her. Rob waited for Sammy to finish before he released his seed inside her. Their union was not only magical but also mind blowing.

"Sam?" He was tracing circles at her back.

"Hmm?" She moved closer and pressed her face on his neck, inhaling his scent.

"Are you feeling sore?"

"No. . .why?" He didn't have to respond. He showed her that he couldn't get enough of her until the early hours of dawn.

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