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   Chapter 11 His Chance

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Rob felt his heart slowly break into tiny fragments as Sammy pushed him and then ran away from him. He felt weak and dizzy. He leaned on the wall for support. All he wanted was to show her how he feels. Maybe it was too sudden or too early and she really wasn't ready. But the way she responded to his kiss was a proof that she feels something for him. He knew from her concern and worry that she cares about him. He thought he was winning her heart but it seems that he was losing his.

"Sir Rob, your guest is at the swimming pool area. We asked her to stay there while she waits for her driver." The elderly lady who has been their house governess for years looked at him worriedly. He assured her by giving her a smile.

"Thank you Madam Bella. No need for that, I'll drive her home myself."

"But you look pale, Sir. The food has been served in the garden."

"I'll see if she still wants to eat." She just nodded then instructed something to the uniformed man who was with her. Rob felt weaker as he walked to the pool area. One of the guards followed him as advised by the house governess.

He saw Sammy sitting on one of the pool loungers beside the deep end of the swimming pool. Her head bowed as her hands covered her face. Rob signaled for the guard to give them some privacy. She must have felt his presence as she looked up at him. He saw her tear streaked face as she looked at him.

"Sam. . .what's wrong?" He wanted to punch himself for making her cry even though he didn't know what he did for her to get hurt. Seeing her cry was more painful than her rejection. He knelt in front of her, only one step near the edge of the pool. He wiped the tears in her cheeks and held her face in an attempt to console her.

"I'm sorry. . .I was just. . .scared. . .I don't know what came over me for kissing you back. . .I just can't do this anymore. I have to go. . . Please let me go?" Her eyes were pleading. He felt his heart constrict in pain from her words. He felt weaker when she removed his hand from her

ou sinking and helpless. . ."

"Shhh. . .I'm fine now. Calm down." She did some breathing exercise to calm herself.

"I realized when. . ." They heard a knock on the door.

"You may come in." Madam Bella, the house governess brought the food and handed Sammy a glass of water with a bottle of medicine. They smiled politely at each other before the older woman left the room.

Sammy fed Rob with small portions of every type of food on the tray. They have chicken soup and pancakes with eggs, bacon, ham, croissant and butter. Sammy lost her appetite but he insisted that she eat at least a slice of pancake or a serving of soup. Once they were done eating, she gave him a tablet for his fever and headache and a glass of water. She stretched out beside him on the bed, facing him as he sleepily tried to open his eyes to ensure she was still there.

"Please sleep. You have to regain your strength. Don't worry, I'll be here when you wake up. Promise, I won't leave you. Not anymore." She moved closer to him and caressed his nose and forehead, before giving him a peck on his lips. She's finally giving him a chance and he swore on his aching head that he would do everything to make her trust him and fall for him. He hoped that not only can she save him from a deep fall in a pool, but also in a deep love that started to grow in him.

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