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   Chapter 8 -The Friendship

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Two weeks passed from the day Sammy saved Rob from his attackers. Sammy received an instant message from Rob. Recently, they have been exchanging series of messages when they're not together.

R: Where do you want to go to dinner later? Do you want to go out or stay at the hotel?

S: Stay at the hotel.

R: You've been saying that for a week now. Are you still thinking about what happened the last time we went out?

S: Being mistaken as one of your sluts is not in my bucket list. So, yeah, let's just stay at my hotel.

R: Sam

S: Sammy.

R: I know, Sammy. I'll be there at seven. I'm bringing dinner. Coach is calling me. See you!

S: Vale. Okay

There are days when she wonders what she's doing, being friendly with a guy like Rob especially whenever there is something reminds her of his man whoring businesses in the past. At least he said he's not like that anymore. She just had to trust his word. So far, he always stayed true to what he's saying, aside from the fact that he spent most of his free time with her and he's always messaging her whenever they're apart.

Cassie went back to their home in San Francisco but she and Sammy always call each other at least once a day. She knew what has been going on between her and Rob including Sammy's plan to still check out Canada's dating sites for her next travel adventure.

["Hey best friend, how are you? Have you checked out the dating site I sent?"]

"Cassie, no I haven't but I will before I go to sleep. Why do you keep on asking me?"

["You know why. I don't want you to check those sites out. I only sent them because you asked me to. Friend, you're only going to be here in the US for two more weeks and I haven't spent another weekend with you. I was thinking if you'll be seeing someone from around here, we get to see each other more often."] Sammy just laughed in response.

"You know what I think about that." She heard her friend's sigh at the other end of the line.

["Sammy, he's obviously so into you. He spends every frigging night at your hotel room, doing what? Having dinner and endless conversations. . .why can't you at least give him a chance?"]

"No. He's just a friend. I'll be looking for my one true love on my next destination." Cassie groaned out loud.

["Really?! You're so stubborn and hardheaded and. . ."]

"But you love me."

["Of course. I don't have a choice! You're Liam's godmother! Seriously, Sammy please gives Rob a chance if he asks you. I don't think he wants to be just friends with you."] Sammy keeps on ignoring the signs. She still wanted to believe that they are only friends. Two weeks of getting to know each other and being simply at ease with their mood swings. They talk about anything under the sun.

"Cassie, I don't want to be one of his games. You know how it is. I Googled him and learned that he used women as trophy. He dated at least thirty models in the past year and some other celebrities. It doesn't even include his other flings that are not in the news or society pages. So, how am I supposed to trust a person like that? I am dealing with my heart here


"It would really mean a lot to me if you could watch me."

"Rob." He nodded his head when he heard the warning on her voice.

"I know. I think I'll go home now." She looked at him and he seemed flushed. It was also too early for him to leave. He usually leaves around 10 pm but it was only 6 in the evening.

"Do you feel sick?"

"I feel heartbroken." It was just a whisper but she heard it.


"I feel bad." She touched his forehead.

"You're burning up! Why didn't you tell me you're not feeling well? Wait here, I'll get some Paracetamol." When she returned, she gave him the medicine and a glass of water.

"Rob, let's go. Lie on the bed so you could rest properly." She took hold of his arm and guided him to her room. She helped him remove his shoes before assisting him to lie on the bed. She went to the other side and laid down beside him.

"I feel hot because you look hot." She smiled at his bat attempt at a joke.

"Silly! Stop talking and just rest. I'll stay here beside you." They were facing each other, lying on their sides with a safe distance between them.

"I really like you Sam and I like that you're not mad at me for calling you Sam." She touched his left cheek before stroking his forehead, making him close his eyes.

"There's no point in arguing if you just keep on saying what you want. Just close your eyes and sleep so you'll get better." She pulled the comforter and covered them.

"Are we sleeping together?" She hit his arm lightly and he smiled.

"Don't hurt me, I'm sick. . .But we are sleeping together now aren't we? This is the best illness I've ever had."

"Just shut up and sleep." He looked as if he was still thinking of some smart retort but she held her finger on his lips so he would stop talking. He smiled sweetly before closing his eyes.

"Good night." When they bid each other good night, Sammy pressed the remote and closed the windows of the room to block of the city lights. If only she could use that same remote to block her inexplicable feelings for the man lying beside her, she would.

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