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   Chapter 6 The Deal

The Game He Plays By magbmara Characters: 10192

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Sammy felt inebriated and dizzy. She made sure that the driver will not notice this as he dropped her off the front of the hotel. For sure, he will report this to Lance and Cassie. It was a serious effort on her part to walk with poise and elegance though her vision is not as clear as it should be. Fumbling with her purse, she searched for her key card when she reached her room.

"Damn it. . . where. . .are you. . .ugh!" She poured all the contents of her purse at the floor where she now sat as she searched for her key. All things seemed to be double. She started giggling as she held her lip balm and powder near her eyes. "Of all the days. . .I chose to drink. . .when I'm alone. . ." She stretched her legs and her back was pressed on the wall of the hallway. She closed her eyes, wishing her vision would stop spinning.

"Sammy? Are you alright?" The voice seemed familiar to her. When she looked up, she pointed at the person as he sat in front of her and helped replace her things back at the purse.

"You look. . . familiar. . .but I don't care. . .Leave me. . .alone. . ." She was losing it.

"Here, I got your key. Let me get the door first." The man stood up and slid the key to open the door. He tried to pull her up but she kept on swatting his hand.

"No. . .I like it here. . .cozy. . ." She started to slide and lie on the floor.

"Shit. Come on, I'll carry you inside." He looked worriedly at her. Her face and neck looked flushed.

"No! Leave. . .I got this. . ." She tried to stand up and he took this chance to help her. With his strong grip, he guided her inside her room. His right arm on her waist while the other one held her firmly by her arm.

"Get your hands off. . .me. . . I don't want. . .any help. . .all men are pigs. . .they're. . filthy. . .you. . .are you a pig? You don't. . .look like. . .one. . .why? Are you. . .a dif. . .ferent breed?" He paused for a moment to look at her. To save time, he lifted her up and carried her bridal style to the bedroom. She tried to get back on her feet but he held her firmly. When he deposited her on the bed, he removed her stilettos from her feet before pulling the sheets and covering her body.

"I'll get you some water." The moment he left her, she fell asleep.

When Sammy woke up the next morning, she remembered bits and pieces of what happened the previous night. She tried to recall who she was talking to before she fell asleep but she can't seem to remember. She kept on telling herself that it was just a dream, and it was not real, until her dream entered the room.

"Good morning! Breakfast is ready." He winked at her and all she could do was stare at the guy who was pushing a trolley laden with choices of ham, bacon, eggs, Caesar salad, pork chop, pancakes, hotdogs and toast. An espresso machine and teapot was also included.

"I didn't know I was having a party here this morning." She realized that she was more puzzled on why he was carrying a load of breakfast than the fact that he was on her bedroom. He

He was badly beaten up. It was dark but she surveyed the area if there are other men to look out for, thankfully, just the two men. She stealthily approached the two men by ducking in the dumpster as she set her mind into a tiger mindset of the Shaolin Kempo Karate System. She chose the tiger as it always went in one direction, always forward, towards the prey and in all offense. In situations like this, Sammy knew that every second count, there is no time to feel, no time to be scared.

The men did not hear her approach and was taken aback by her swift movement. She kicked the man on her right on the side of his ribs as she elbowed and punched the one on the left. She did this to disperse them so she could focus on one opponent at a time. She formed her hands as if gripping an imaginary ball and launched herself at the first opponent who was raising his arm to hit her, digging her fingers into his bicep and muscles while striking the forearm on the same side with the heel of her palm. She ripped into his face with her fingers set in like claws. With her other hand sneaking into his neck and grabbing his windpipe. Instead of pulling it to kill, she pushed it to block the windpipe and cut off his air. He dropped to the ground.

She then focused on her other opponent who was frozen in place, surprised by a woman beating up his buddy. Sammy, chambered both her hands, palm forward, the left one at shoulder level while the right one at her hip. She launched a double palm heel strike on his body, imagining both palms penetrating through him, making contact with his cheekbone and bladder. Both are acupuncture points or pathways for healing. Sammy blocked them and he also fell to the ground. She surveyed the two men writhing in pain. She went to each one and kicked their gut for extra measure before unblocking the windpipe of the first man. When she was sure that they are no longer a threat, she went to the victim and knelt beside him.

When she turned him over, she gasped in shock.

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