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   Chapter 5 The Reunion

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When Samantha returned to her hotel suite after her jog, her best friend was already waiting for her.

"How did you get in?" She took her water and drank a few gulps before looking at Cassie who was setting up their breakfast.

"Good morning to you too. I used my key card. I asked one from the concierge. We stayed at the room beside yours. Lance have another appointment this morning and I wanted us to eat breakfast together."

"Is that even allowed? Giving keys to strangers?" She was letting off her steam on Cassie, her clingy friend that she loved dearly.

"Of course not! But, I used my charm and I showed them our pictures from when we were young up to the one I took of us last night." Sammy couldn't help but smile. Her best friend is really crazy.

"Silly! How would they even know if it was I! The hotel has no photo of their guests. So what's for breakfast? Though I can't eat much. I don't think I've burned all the calories I ate yesterday."

"These are all healthy. Look!" When Sammy saw the food delivered, she had to agree. Salad, granola bars and oatmeal.

"That I can eat. Where's Lance?"

"He already left. You were gone for more than an hour!"

"Yeah. I wanted to burn everything from last night. Everything!" She wanted to add, including that man whore you call client. She wanted to burn him from her memory.

"Sammy, you know what I saw last night?" Cassie's eyes twinkled with excitement. It's like she's sharing the latest gossip in Hollywood, not that they care.

"What?" She started eating some salad and granola bar.

"Rob was slapped by a woman last night! I didn't hear what he said to the girl but she was very livid! Then she shouted for all of us to hear that she will be leaving and she won't stay the night and then she slapped him!" Cassie was laughing uncontrollably by that time.

"Why did she slap him? And why are you laughing?"

"Because. . .she slapped him. . .she said. . .Ouch! Why did you pinch my arm!"

"Tell me the story first before you laugh! So that I can decide whether I will laugh with you or not!"

"Fine! She slapped him because. . . according to her, he forgot her name even after she sucked her cock." Sammy was drinking water and she coughed so hard that Cassie started laughing again.

"You should have seen his face when she left. I didn't know that he's such a player."

"He's a basketball player, what do you expect? Why are we even talking about him? He's a waste of our time." She rolled her eyes.

"It's just that, he seemed quite interested at you last night. And from his stories and the reason for the meeting. . . Fine, I'll zip my mouth. . . Anyways, what do you plan to do today?" She glared at Cassie at the mention of Rob's interest on her.

"I'll be meeting my Stanford batch mates tonight at a party. It's actually a good timing for me to be here now. Maybe fate is giving me more chances to explore some options."

"Oh. Great! Maybe your college crush will be there." Trust Cassie to remember even the oldest and minutest detail of her past.

"Who? I don't even remember I told you about anyone."

"The guy you tried to ask out but he was seeing someone else at the moment! You even called me to tell me about it. Wait, I'll try to remember his name. . ."

"Cassie, I don't remember and even if I do, it wouldn't matter. I don't intend to date anyone who knows who I am."

"Stop being overly dramatic! You're not even a royalty or a celebrity here! They won't even recognize you! Just have fun and try to date as many men as you can so you can choose the right person for you." Sammy rolled her eyes.

"Should I believe that? Coming from a girl who dated only one guy and married that same guy in just a span of what? One month?" Cassie smiled and she smirked in response.

"Yeah. I know. Because, when you fall in love, you can't escape it. It just happens. It just comes to you even if you don't look for it. But in your case, you have to hurry since you have set your deadline."

"Sometimes, when I'm talking to you, I get so confused on what you really want me to do." They both laughed at this.

"You haven't told me yet, Sammy." She was about to go to her room when Cassie stopped her.


"Why were you so annoyed when you arrived from your jog?" She just shrugged and continued her way to the shower. Nothing could escape her friend. They know each other too well.

"Sammy? Tell me!" With her tone of voice, she knew she can't escape her interrogation.

"I saw Rob at the elevator and then he tried to talk to me and he asked me to breakfast. He even tried to ask my number then when I didn't give it to him he tried to give me his. Which by the way, he also did in the cheapest possible way last night. He's so infuriating! He's feeling like everyone will just fall at his feet and beg for his attention! Well, I am not one of his groupie or whatever you call them!" She was in a roll. She was really pissed off and has been keeping her emotions at bay since last night. It felt good to let it out. She didn't even notice that Cassie was looking at her with a smile on her face.

"Why the hell are you smiling like that?"

"You like him."

"What?! Didn't you even hear a word I said! No! Definitely not! Take it back! Take b

ack what you said, that I. . . like him!" Sammy was enraged. Her eyes were all wide as she raced back and tried to catch Cassie.

"No, I won't! Because you do! Believe me you do. You just haven't realized it yet." Cassie tried to outrun her but they ended up wrestling each other.

"That's the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my entire life! If you want to stay friends with me until Liam is all grown up, then don't ever mention that I like that barbarian ever again!"

"Fine. . .I tap out. . . Sammy, are we fighting?" They both laugh at their silliness as they stood up from the carpet.

"Of course not! Stay there while I go shower then we'll chose my dress for tonight."

The day passed by with their unending banter. When Lance and Cassie bid their farewell in the afternoon, she felt sad but also invigorated. A day or two with her best friend really does something good to her soul. She's her inspiration and motivation to succeed in everything she does in life.

Sammy felt positive about meeting her University batch mates. They will be meeting at a nearby hotel. She was part of their FB group and was thrilled to know that someone arranged a meet up during the time she's in LA. One of them will be celebrating his birthday and he decided to use that as a mini reunion. Most of them are all successful in their own businesses. Business tycoons and some, wives of tycoons.

Wearing a halter cut full-length red dress with a sexy back that molds her perfect shape, a gold stiletto and clutch, she made her way to the venue. She donned a light make up to accentuate her features but she made sure that she will still look as natural as possible. When she arrived at the party, she was surprised to see half of her classmates.

"Oh my Gosh Samantha! You look stunning! Where is your date?" She just smiled whenever someone approached her with almost the same dialogue. Eventually, she got tired of dodging up their questions and just plain admitted that she's single.

"Samantha, have you greeted the man of the party?" She forgot the name of their host.

"Lily, no, I haven't actually. Who is he again?" She asked one of her closest buddy in college.

"You're really not aware who threw this party?" Her friend looked at her like it was the most absurd thing in the planet.

"No, really, I don't. Care to tell me?"

"It's Logan Price! You remember? You used to look at him all through Economics!" She had to cover Lily's mouth.

"Shut it. I don't even remember." Though she does since it was one of the few times she had a thing for someone. She wondered how he looks like now and if he has his own family.

"I know you're wondering if he has a family, you're in luck because he's single and ready to mingle. Let's go and find him! I'll reintroduce him to you."

"Lily!" But it was too late, her friend was dragging her towards the dance floor looking for the birthday celebrant. And when they saw him at the bar, she instantly recognized him. He still looked the same, slightly older but still handsome like a Greek God with all his manly features.

"Logan! Hey, Samantha here would like to greet you." As true friends do, Lily left her standing in front of Logan near the hotel's bar. He stood up and held up his hand.

"Hi Samantha. Nice to see you again." They shook hands and she just smiled. She was thinking whether he remembered that one time she asked him for coffee only to find out that he's dating someone from his hometown.

"Happy Birthday by the way." He offered her a seat and she obliged. She felt his gaze on her and she forced herself not to blush at the attention.

"Thank you. Would you like some wine?" He was looking so intently at her that she just nodded her head. She was on her fourth refill when she realized what she was drinking. She knew the effect of alcohol on her and she had to act fast. As much as she loved to stay and chat as they have been talking non-stop, well, he, Logan was talking non-stop about himself and his business and how successful he is, she excused herself and went out of the hotel.

"I have to go. Thank you for the evening." She was not aware that Logan followed her all the way outside the hotel. She called the driver Lance insisted to loan her when the guy hooked his arm on her shoulders.

"Samantha, where are you staying? I could accompany you to your hotel. It's not safe this time of night. We're having fun earlier aren't we? Did you forget on our college days when you used to like me?" She felt dizzy but she's still sober. She's trying to control herself even though she had this urge to punch the one who was trying to manipulate her. She's on defensive mode.

"Logan, please get your arm off me." She tried to stay calm but when the man ignored her request and tried to whisper something on her ear, she moved. She took his hand, stepped forward while slightly bowing to remove his arm from her, then she stepped back and twisted it at his back. Finally, she let go. He was still clutching his arm when her car arrived. She felt proud of herself that she could do the maneuver cleanly even in her alcohol-induced state.

Just two days in Los Angeles and she already encountered two maniacs hiding in a gentleman's coat. How much worse can her stay be?

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