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   Chapter 4 His Plan

The Game He Plays By makrisorpilla Characters: 8298

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Rob cannot stop thinking about that girl. When she left him at the staircase for the second time, he felt weirdly lost. Though it was probably a good thing she was in a hurry to leave and did not see him being slapped by that cheerleader. He felt himself wince at the memory of what happened.

"Robby baby, what took you so long? I thought you'll just be quick?" The new cheerleader looked appetizing after the game and during their make-out session earlier but when he looked at her, she looked like an over made up doll.

"I had an important meeting. Anyways, Donna, I don't think I'll be able to join you again tonight. I have an early training tomorrow morning." The look she gave him might have been an indication that what he said was wrong, but still he continued his spiel, like he used to.

"I had a lot of fun earlier. I wish I could stay longer but I really have to go. You can stay in the room for as long as you like. It's on me." He was reaching out of his pocket for his stash of envelope to give her but he ran out of one. He groaned out loud when he realized his grave mistake. In his haste to have a longer conversation with Sammy, he stupidly gave her the envelope. It was his Thank you for the night standard goodbye package for his one-night stands, with his fake number and tickets to his next game.

"Here is your key card. I won't be staying the night. This is for not remembering my name after I sucked your co*k!" The crazy cheerleader had the nerve to say that out loud as she slapped his face. So much for his speech! When she stormed out of the hall, he booked another room for the night. In all fairness to the cheerleader, he deserves the slap on his face. It was really seldom that he forgot the names of the girls he bedded as long as he has only one at a period of time. She simply lost her appeal on him.

Rob knew he had to stop what he's doing soon. It wasn't doing him any good anymore. For the past two years, a good fuck and good lay was what he needed as distraction to keep him sane with the pressure of his basketball career and his personal life but recently, he's craving for something more, something better. Perhaps it has something to do with his two best friend's wedding announcement. That was the reason why he was at a meeting with a record producer and composer. He wanted to surprise his friends Saphira and Franco on their wedding. It is still not due for the next six months but he was too busy and needed to plan ahead to ensure his plans are executed. Aside from being the Best Man, he is also requested by the bride to sing her bridal march at the church and at least one song at the reception. But because of his love for the two, he wants it to be extra special. He wants to compose and sing his own song for them. As his wedding gift, he plans to personally record the top ten favorite songs of his friends and make it into an album. Lance Montgomery thought it would be a hit despite the fact that he hasn't even heard Rob sing. Rob is confident that he can hit the high notes and everything that the song they would arrange requires.

Now, he just had to hit the sack so he won't be late on his early morning training. But he couldn't sleep. He kept on seeing her every time he close his eyes. Sammy, the girl who didn't even give him a second glance when he saw her for the first time, the same girl who looked at him like he is the most annoying person on earth.

Looking back at the first time he saw her made him feel like a maniac. When she almost fell, and in her attempt to balance herself, she raised her arms and her short sleeveless shirt rose up and exposed her perfectly toned abs with a slight peak on the underside of her breasts. It made his heart race just thinking about how she looked sexy and unfazed by what happened. It seemed like it was just a normal thing for her to independently steady herself and prevent herself from falling. When he saw her again during dinner, he felt strangely excited. It was weird for him to feel that since she didn't even acknowledged his presence. She ignored her during dinner. He c

ouldn't even concentrate on his meal as he watched her savor and eat her food. It gave him immense pleasure just seeing her close her eyes and see her satisfied. Her friends might have thought he was insane, just looking at Sammy and trying to make small talks with her.

It had been a long time since he felt that way, rejected and challenged. The first time was with his best friend Saphira when they were still in high school. Though it did not turn out well for him and it broke his heart, they became friends and have been treating each other like they are family ever since. But for Sammy, this time, he had to be sure. He will guard his heart until he has hers. He just had to do something to be close to her. She would be his next conquest, his next game. He will make sure she will fall hard and fast for him.

When he woke up he was already late. As fast as he could, he took a shower. He wore the spare shirt he got from his car and a pair of fresh boxers. He reused the pants he wore last night. At five thirty in the morning, he's already thirty minutes late and his coach will make sure he suffer because of this by doubling his drills. Just thinking about it made him groan. His pants are still unzipped as he put on his belt when he got out of his room. He was carrying his shoes and his socks were on his teeth. He planned to go to his car parked on the hotel basement and continue dressing up there. He waited for the elevator hoping that no one from the top floors will be up this early. When the elevator door opened. He cursed his luck. Looking at him from head to toe, Sammy rolled her eyes at him. She even turned around when he entered the lift.

"Good morning. I'm running late. Care to press B1 please?" He tried to make her notice him. Who wouldn't with his state of undress? But she's still Sammy and she didn't even look at him. He dropped his shoes and pushed the button himself. He crouched down and put on his socks when he noticed his unbuttoned fly. She might be thinking more awful things about him now.

"I slept alone if you're thinking otherwise." He looked up at her and saw her clench her fist. This is not going smoothly as planned.

"Ahm. . .Sammy, want to grab some breakfast before we head out?" She looked like she was going for a jog, with her rubber shoes, sweatshirt and track pants.

"I don't eat breakfast. Excuse me." He heard the elevator door open and she got out in a flash. As much as he would like to follow her, he need to go to his training. He needs to focus on one game at a time, and his game with Sammy has not even started yet.

He got out of the lift wearing only one shoe. When he's done dressing up, he got to his car and drove out of the hotel's basement parking. He was almost at the curb when he saw her again. She was browsing through her IPhone. He smiled when he remembered that she claimed not to have a cellphone last night. She started to jog at the pavement. Ignoring that fact that he's already late, he slowed down and matched her pace. She's wearing ear buds, streaming music while jogging.

"Sammy! Can I have your number?" He shouted as loud as he could to be sure she'd hear him. She did but she shook her head and run a little faster.

"Sammy! I see you have your phone." She ignored him. This is getting frustrating.

"Sammy! I'll give you my number. The real one." This time she stopped jogging and looked at him. He hit the brakes as her face and neck turned from porcelain white to a pinkish hew. She seemed mad.

"Will you stop talking to me and shouting my name like we know each other? Because we don't and I intend to keep it that way! This is so annoying and inappropriate! Just go to where the hell you are supposed to go and leave me alone!" She resumed her jog and he was frozen in place. Shocked and turned on at the same time.

"Fucking hell." Passive Sammy was hot, but blazing Sammy was ten times hotter. Now he just graduated from being a maniac to a pervert. When he resumed his drive, he could not see her anywhere. He decided to let her go for the day. Soon they will play.

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