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   Chapter 3 The Client

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Cassie insisted that they change their clothes before going to dinner, to give a good impression to her husband's client, but Sammy did not agree. It was just dinner and she doesn't want to conform to her friend's definition of a business dinner which means wearing a cocktail gown just to eat a Rib eye steak and Greek salad with feta cheese. In the end, being the grown ups that they were, they resorted to rock-paper-scissors to determine who will prevail. Sammy won. They went straight to the hotel where she was staying. Incidentally, the dinner meeting will be on the first class restaurant of the hotel.

"Honey, don't be surprised who our client is tonight. Please just act normal. He'll be a few minutes late by the way."

"Who is this client? You haven't even told me what this deal is about." Lance sighed and just looked at the menu, trying to ignore his wife.

"Lance, if you don't tell her who it is, then you shouldn't have brought it up. You know she gets all wired up whenever you give a hint. . .Cassie! Stop kicking my shin!"

"Shut up Sammy! Babe, if you don't tell me. . . then I won't eat dinner."

"Real classy and mature best friend! Can you guys wait up for me, I'll just go up to my room and charge my phone." She shook her head when all she received was a pout from Cassie.

"Hurry up so you won't miss your Greek salad and steak!" She smiled. Her friend knew just what to order for her.

"I'll be right back." Sammy needs her phone charged so she could use it before going to sleep. She did not bring her laptop with her. She also doesn't want to talk to some old guy. She's simply tired and grumpy and wants to have a good night sleep after dinner.

From the restaurant, she has to take a flight of stairs with wooden balusters and red-carpeted floor to go up the lobby where the elevator is located. Deep in thought, she missed a step and almost fell. With her quick reflexes, she was able to balance herself and grab hold to the baluster on her right.

"Are you okay, Miss?" A voice from her left asked.

"Yeah. Fine." When she spoke, she was still fixing her top that hiked a little higher and might have displayed more than her waist, abs and navel piercing. Completely ignoring the guy who witnessed her almost fall, she headed up to the lobby and went straight to her room to charge her phone like she intended to do. When she got back at their table, she was right. An old man was seated beside Lance and discussing something while Cassie was silently eating some toast dipped in olive oil.

"I thought you'll just be quick?"

"Yeah. I had to change my shoes, I almost tripped because of it. Where's our food? I'm famished! Are they almost done?" She looked at Lance and his companion.

"Wait, I'll introduce you. . . Mr. Fallon, this is my best friend Sammy Rosello, Sammy, this is Mr. Fallon, one of our generous benefactors on one of our charitable institutions. It's a surprise to have met him here of all places." They shook hands and said a few polite words.

"Oh. I thought your client has arrived." She was feeling irritated that the guy they will be meeting is almost 30 minutes late.

"He's already here! He just had to go to the bathroom." Hearing the excited voice of her friend, she wondered who that client is. The server arrived with their food and Mr. Fallon bid his farewell.

"Great! The food is here. I guess I just arrived on time." She thought his voice was familiar. Sammy was about to look at the owner of the familiar voice when he turned his back and rudely walked away from them.

"Now, can we eat?" Her irritation was a notch higher because of her hunger.

"Sammy, that call might be important. Let's just wait a little longer." Cassie knew how grumpy her friend could be when tired, hungry and sleepy, which is exactly how Sammy is at the moment.

"Sorry, I just had to take that call. Buen provecho!" Enjoy your meal. The guy sat beside her. She was too pissed off to even give him a glance and her friends knew better than to mention it to her. They ate in silence for a while before the client moved his chair closer and whispered to her. She could smell his aftershave and cologne with the way he was leaning into her. Now she felt more irritated as the scent is distracting her from her sumptuous food.

"Are you really sure you're okay, Miss? Because I think you're not. You look a little cranky." Now she knew where she heard the voice. It was the guy at the staircase. Fighting her stubbornness of not looking at the person she dislike at that moment, she moved her chair farther before turning at her right where the man was seated. She was about to give a smart retort to shut the person up but she was caught off guard by who she saw.

"Care for some introductions now, Lance?" The man said and Sammy tried to control her shock. She didn't even realize her mouth was agape as she stared at her friends' client.

"Oh, right. Sorry! Sammy, this is Robert Barron, from the game earlier he might be familiar to you. Rob, this is Sammy, our good friend." She collected herself, feeling all eyes at her, she offered her hand for a handshake, which Rob took. It was weird how his hands felt smooth and soft even though he's holding a rough basketball most of the time.

"Nice to meet you." He was all smiles at her. She nodded and tried to smile but it didn't even reached her eyes. She still doesn't like him.

"Vamos a seguir comiendo." Let's continue eating. And so they did.

"So, Rob, you speak Spanish?" Cassie asked the question Sammy was thinking about earlier.

"Si, porque mis abuelos son espanoles." Yes, because my grandparents are Spanish. He sounds fluent but not native enough.

"That's great! All of us here are Spanish speakers. Que interesante!" It's interesting! Cassie was looking at her husband and they were smiling at each other. She rolled her eyes at their PDA. She was simply not in the mood for anything positive. She needs a sugar boost.

"Yeah. I think so too. Very interestin

g indeed." Sammy thought Rob glanced at her when he answered. But maybe that was just her imagination. She kept on ignoring him and avoided looking at him. She concentrated on slicing the steak evenly before putting each sliced pieces on her mouth. It tastes like heaven! With her hunger and the succulent meat, she couldn't control herself from closing her eyes as she savor her food.

After dinner, she and Cassie had desert and she ordered chocolate cake, her favorite.

"I know how to make chocolate ganache." He whispered to her as she ran her fork at the chocolate icing.

"Good for you." Her response earned a laugh from him. She just looked at him with raised eyebrows and resumed eating her desert. She was rewarded with peace and quiet when Rob and Lance started discussing about their project. She tuned out their voice to enjoy her sugar supply for the day. She reminded herself to burn all of the calories the next day if she wants to stay fit and toned.

"Are you feeling better now? You are too grumpy earlier. It's a good thing, Rob thinks you're cute." Cassie sounded thrilled as she whispered at her ear.

"Nothing beats a good meal and chocolate cake in cheering up good old me."

"I know something that could beat those. . .you really should have se. . ." She covered her best friend's mouth before she could say the word.

"Cassandra!" She half whispered half shouted at her friend who was trying to remove her hand as she giggled. When she finally let go, they left the table to go to the powder room.

"He was looking at you the entire time during dinner. You should have seen his face. It was hilarious!" She ignored her seemingly drunk friend. Cassie looked flushed with all the champagne she drank. Sammy doesn't like to drink. She's a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. If she's honest and grumpy when she's hungry, she strange and says the worst things when she's drunk.

"I think you've had too much to drink. Are you and Lance going home tonight or you want to stay at my room? There are two rooms inside my Suite." She knew her friends have a house in LA. They were asking her to stay there but she declined. She needed to prove her independence, and seeking shelter from her friends is out of the question.

"We'll go home. I think. Come. . .Let's go back. I miss my hubby." She just rolled her eyes at her friend and they walked back to their table. The two men were just drinking scotch and were done talking about their business. She thought it was a good time to say goodbye.

"Lance, I have to head back. Thank you for dinner. Better take Cassie home once you're done. You know how she is."

"Okay. We're just finishing this up. Rob still has his training early tomorrow. Wait, you said you're staying here too right? That's why you asked to have the meeting here?" She saw Rob almost spilled his drink before he answered Lance's question.

"Yeah. But maybe I'll just book another room." Sammy just nodded at him as he looked at her.

"Good night you guys. See you again soon Cassie!" She hugged her best friend, which was now leaning at her husband's shoulder. Sammy walked up to the lobby, being extra careful not to trip.

"Hey Sammy! Wait up!" Being the kind human being that she is, she stopped and waited for Rob.

"Hi again. . .whew! We should stop seeing each other here." It was a lame attempt on his part at conversation, seeing that the exact spot they were in was the area where she almost fell from earlier.

"Yeah. Maybe we should stop talking too. I have to go. Goodnight."

"Woah! Did I do something wrong to piss you off? If I did, I'm regretfully sorry." He looked sincere but she knew his type. The ones who will say the right things to get into bed with their next victim.

"Nope. Nothing. Just tired. So please excuse me." She started to leave but he took hold of her arm that was not a good thing. She hated being touched by anyone. She was about to twist his arm when he let go.

"Sorry. I was just. . .well, can I have your number?" She turned and looked at him. He looked flushed. Maybe he had too much to drink too just like Cassie.

"I don't have a cellphone. See? I really don't." She emptied her pockets and showed him her bare hands.

"Ah. . .how long are you staying here? Can I invite you to our next game this Saturday?"

"I won't stay long. I'll try if I'm not busy." She's not good at lying and he might have noticed that because he took something from his pockets and gave it to her.

"That's great. . . I'll walk you up to your room if it's okay?" He's too persistent and she hates it.

"I don't think your girlfriend would like that." She saw a woman dressed in a revealing black cocktail dress walk towards them. It was the same one she saw at the game. The one he exchanged saliva with.

"I don't have a girlfriend. . .Oh shit. . ." That's when he noticed the woman approaching. She took that opportunity to escape. Seeing that he would be busy for the night.

When she reached her room, she noticed she was still holding the envelope that Rob gave her. She looked inside and saw his calling card with two tickets to the Saturday game. The card has a message on it. I had a great night! Call me. See you at the game!

What is she to him? A fan? A groupie? Some teen that wants to watch his games and cheer for him? Then what? Sleep with him afterwards? No! Definitely not! She threw the envelope inside the bathroom's trash bin. Fuming with renewed irritation, she took a bath to cool herself. When she passed by the bin and saw the envelope still protruding in its lid, she took it and angrily tore it into tiny pieces. She felt a lot better but still cannot avoid thinking about the guy who made her blood boil. He had the nerve to give her something as cheap as that? Perhaps it was one of the envelopes he gives out each time he would hook up with someone. It was too inappropriate and vulgar of him!

Robert Barron just earned himself the top spot on her most hated men list.

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