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   Chapter 2 The Name

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Sammy was tired and jet lagged from her travel but she could not sleep. She kept on tossing and turning in bed. She worries about her parents. Though she gave them a lengthy letter telling them that she loves them and values them and an assurance that she will be back in six months time, she felt quite bad to have disappointed them once again. Her mom tried to call but she blocked her calls. She just sent a text message that she arrived safe on her new home.

She took her phone and re-reads her mother's reply We will wait for you. Keep safe. We love you and we understand but you also have to understand that we only want what's best for you and our company. Sammy sighed. Some things are better left unsaid.

"Sammy? It's almost lunch time." She smiled at Cassie who really took her time arranging the contents of her big suitcases on the Hotel Suite's closets.

"Are you done with my things?" Her friend nodded her head. She looked tired and laid down beside her.

"Si, senora." Yes ma'am.

"Gracias mi amiga, Muy buen trabajo!" Thank you my friend, Very good job! "I'll just change then we'll go out to meet Lance." Her best friend's eyes brightened up with the mention of her husband. This was something that always makes Sammy smile, knowing that Cassie is happy with her life and is very much in love with her husband.

"Go. . . I'll just rest for a while. . . Sammy? How come you brought lots of jeans and shirts? You seldom wear those when we were in Spain. Where are your designer dresses? I saw one luggage filled with them but where are the rest? Usually you have tons when you travel. Your gowns are also pretty few if you ask me. The bags and shoes are meager too considering that you seem to want to wear a different brand each time you go out and you wanted to have everything to match your outfit. When I saw you only have five luggage, I noticed you packed light but I figured maybe you'll be going out shopping. Are we going out shopping?"

"No. That's just about everything that I should use in the six months that I'm away. I want to change the way I dress while I'm here. I want to be more relaxed. I want to be interesting but uninteresting enough to be treated seriously. I vowed not to go shopping. I want to be off the radar and society pages. That's why I shouldn't really be seen with a celebrity like you. Please promise me we'll be low profile while I'm here." Her friend snorted and rolled her eyes.

"Lance can arrange that for us, don't worry. Me a celebrity your ass! You're the celebrity, all the society magazines in Spain has your face on its covers. Me, I'm just wife to a producer and a measly singer and composer. Ouch!" Sammy hit Cassie with a pillow.

"Stop downplaying your popularity and just cover for me. I don't want people to know who I really am. That's one of the reasons why I chose to go here, away from our life in Madrid."

"Fine. Go and wear whatever you want, be whomever you wish. Just hurry up because I'm hungry!" Sammy stood up and dressed up for their lunch and NBA game. She chose a royal blue tapered cut jeans and white cropped and fitted sleeveless shirt that exposed her slim waist, perfectly toned abs and arms. She wore a red cardigan over it and a pair of white loafers on her feet. She didn't wear make up like she used to. She just put a dab of powder on her face and lip balm on her lips. No contour, no baking, no mascara, just simple and natural. After blow-drying her long hair, she twisted it in a bun. She wanted the ends of her hair to curl naturally when she removed the hairclip later.

"Come on Bessie, I'm ready." Cassie fell asleep and when she saw Sammy, she smiled like a loon.

"You don't look uninteresting to me! You look gorgeous! I didn't know you can look as plain and normal as that! Okay, okay. Let's go." She hurriedly said when Sammy was about to hit her again with a pillow.

When they reached the elegant and classy Italian restaurant, Lance already ordered their food and was waiting with a friend. Sammy squealed in delight when she saw who Lance's companion is.

"Marco! Oh my gosh, you didn't tell me you'll be here!" They hugged and he pinched her nose like he used to.

"I didn't know you'd be here! What a surprise! I am on my way back t

o Italy after lunch. Lance forgot to tell me you guys will be here, I could have changed my plans if I have known." He assisted her with her seat as Lance did with his wife.

"Awww. . .that's fine. Maybe next time. I'll just try to squeeze in a few days in Italy before my vacation ends." Sammy did not miss Lance and Cassie's excited expression. They are still rooting for them to end up together. Marco is Lance's best friend. He and Sammy became close after he rescued her and Cassie from their kidnapper a few years back. They tried to date once but they figured they're better off as friends. They have been treating each other like siblings from then on.

"Guys, let's eat." They took on their hearty meal with smiles and laughter. Friendly discussion and banter with her good friends lifted up her feelings. She felt better just being with them. They said their goodbyes to Marco and then went to Staples Center to watch the game.

They were at Premiere Seats. It was complete with a restaurant set up with purple lighting and seat cushion. Though she preferred the lower bleachers, she liked the privacy of their seat. She was feeling sleepy because of her jetlag. The feel of the soft seats on her back made her want to take a nap. Lance and Cassie are engrossed in their own love bubble so she busied herself with the information booklet she saw at the table, a guide to the City and the Staples Center, including the roster of players for Los Angeles. She graduated in Stanford University in California so she knows a lot about the State and it's places. She's also a big fan of basketball. Looking at the roster of players for Los Angeles Lakers, she recognized a few names from her alma mater. She was about to toss the booklet when a name and photo caught her attention.

Robert Barron, Point Guard, Harvard University. She wondered why a Harvard University graduate would want to pursue a basketball career and in Los Angeles which is miles away from his home turf?

"Sammy, can we leave you here for a while? We just have to go to the. . . I mean, I just have to go to the bathroom." She knew her friends well. They always use their free time pleasuring each other even if they have been married for a few years. She just nodded. She was used to them being gone for thirty or more minutes whenever they were out. She could use that time to take a nap. The game already started. Though she love the game and often cheered her heart out for her favorite team, because of her jetlag, she was not interested in watching grown perspiring men chase each other for a ball and shoot some hoops. She just wanted to sleep.

When she woke up, the game was almost over. At fourth quarter, the heat is up between LA Lakers and Clippers with only four minutes game time left. She was instantly thrilled with the way the point guard drove the ball to the basket and scored a shot. The player from the other team caught the ball but the PG was quick and agile to steal and brought in play. The ball soared through the air and into his teammate who is in a better position to do a fast break down the court and score a layup. This sealed their team's victory, scoring 110 vs. Clipper's 99.

"Wow. He's really good." She heard Cassie comment.

"Who? The shooter?" Her throat felt parched so she took a swig of the Evian she had on her bag. She always brings water with her wherever she goes. Force of habit to always hydrate herself.

"No, the team captain, Number 11. You should have seen him play! You would have gushed with his assists and the number of points he scored. He's really good!" Lance glared jealously at his wife and she smiled sheepishly. He took her hand and kissed it.

"Please stop with the PDA, I just woke up and not in the mood for sugary sweetness." She looked at the court and at the large screen that focused the one wearing the numbered jersey Cassie was talking about. It was he, the point guard. Robert Barron. She would have enjoyed staring at his good looking and smiling face as he patted the backs of his team mates and shook hands with his coach, but one of the cheerleaders approached him and gave him an open mouthed kiss. Seeing him hug the girl in return made Sammy cringe. That man is definitely not her type.

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