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   Chapter 1 The Goal

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Samantha Hernandez Rosello was pacing her hotel room. She looked at the five suitcases and then opened the big closet of the Suite, thinking if she will transfer her things or she will just pull something to wear straight from the cases. Her phone rings and she knew who the caller is before even looking at the caller ID. Flicking a switch on to raise the curtain, the hotel room brightened as the sunlight bathed the glass paned windows. Answering her phone, she closed her eyes and heard that all too familiar voice.

["Are you all settled? I'm on the lobby. I'll see you in a few minutes."] Sammy has just arrived from a twelve-hour flight from her hometown Madrid, Spain to Los Angeles California to escape her duties and responsibilities. Only her best friend Cassandra Montgomery knows where she is. True to her word, few minutes after, she heard a buzz. When she opened the door, her best friend hugged her tight.

"Cassie, you didn't have to go all the way here for me. I know you and Lance are both busy. . ." Cassie just pouted at her and gently pushed her aside.

"Shut up and let me in. By the way, we have VIP tickets to the NBA game today. I know you're a fan so might as well tag along while you are still warming up here in LA. Don't worry about us, we freed our weekend to be with you. Liam is with Gran so you you'll just see him before you leave Cali."

"As much as I love to watch a basketball game, you know I'm on a tight schedule here. I came here with a purpose and I have to do it as soon as possible." Cassie rolled her eyes at her.

"I know. Can't you see, I am helping you?" Arching her eyebrow, she was not convinced. She sighed before hearing out her friend's next words.

"Sammy, explain to me how are you supposed to accomplish your mission if you will just stay here and mope? You have to get out and meet people. Bring your best smile out and dig out your cheery personality, if you have and show them to the whole world!" She even spread her arms wide to emphasize her point.

"I have to do this on my own." She knew her best friend will always run to her aid whenever she needs her but this time, she needs to solve her predicament by herself.

"I know you do and I will let you. Promise! Cross my heart." She looked tense all of a sudden.

"You're not telling me everything. Who else will be at this game?" She hates it each time Cassie plays the matchmaker. It did not go well for her each time she tried.

"Ahm. . .no one really. Well, his client gave him tickets and we are supposed to eat dinner with him after the game. It was at his invitation that we are actually here." She sheepishly smiled.

"And here I thought you came to LA to meet me." Sammy laughed at her friend's expression of outrage.

"Of course I did! It was really coincidence that this weekend was also Lance's appointment with his client. So, tell me, what's your plan and how do you really feel about coming here?" Her expression turned serious and they both walked to the couch to sit down.

"You know this is the last straw right? I have been fighting for my freedom for quite a long time because of their overprotectiveness. That's why I was always a rebel. They said they can't tolerate my recklessness anymore, but I've changed and you they know that. I have been smoothly managing their empire for two years only to find out that I have been doing it so that I could experience how to rule before they marry me off?" Sammy kept her tears at bay. She doesn't want to cry over something she still has control of.

"I have been there and I know how you feel. I feel like this is dejavu. But you still have time, your parents love you and still wanted you to be happy. They gave you time, it's re

ally long if you think about it. Hey, don't look at me like that, I'm just saying that you're still lucky your parents gave you six months to decide if you will proceed with their plans for you. You're still lucky but they're not, considering that you ran away, filed LOA then just flew out of the country without telling them where you are."

She hoped she could agree but she felt the opposite. She felt strangled by all the attention that she's getting back home. In Spain, she's the most eligible bachelorette as the sole heir of her parent's business. All her life she tried to escape that path, always not conforming to what was expected of her. She doesn't want to be looked at as a trophy because of her status in life. Her past relationships had been like that, always because of who she was. She is now on her last plight to freedom.

"Sammy, I know you changed a lot. You're more ugly, fat and boring now but I still love you." Sammy slapped her friend's arm playfully and their laughter echoed the room. She can always count on Cassie to make her smile whenever she feels bad or sad.

"Definitely not! I just act more mature now, since the. . ." They both became quiet. They tried to forget the horrific past that they shared when Cassie's obsessed suitor kidnapped both of them, but that was another story.

"I know and I'm proud of you for turning your life around from your wicked ways. . . to more wicked ways. . ." This earned another round of laughter from them both.

"I really missed you Cassie. I'm glad you have a great and happy life now and I hope soon enough I'll have mine too." She sighed.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you will in time. But right now, you need to prepare for the game later. I'll stay here while you shower and rest. Lance has a meeting this morning. We'll meet him for lunch at a restaurant near here before going to the Staples Center."

"As if I have a choice about all this."

"Of course you do, but I know what's best for you since I am your best friend. I get to bully you and order you around while you're here. That's my human right as Sammy's BFF." She rolled her eyes at Cassie while the latter stick her tongue out to tease her more.

"Are you sure this is simpler, I mean all this that I am planning to do, looking for my one true love here than just hiring a pretend boyfriend to introduce to my parents?"

"Are you positively sure that you could pull a stunt like that off? Pretending to like a person even though you don't?"

"Yeah. You're right. I'm too honest and transparent with my feelings. Just one look at me and they'll know that I'm faking it."

"Of course I'm always right! You're also too picky and too strong-willed and too loud and too bossy but I'm sure you can find someone to date permanently here. Someone who will not treat you as a prize, someone who will treat you best because of your personality and not because of your name."

"Really now? Sometimes I wonder if you're sarcastic by nature or you've learned all that from me." She smiled at her friend's priceless shocked expression.

"Of course I learned it all from you! Shoo. . . . go now, I'll wait here." Cassie pushed her gently to go stand up from the couch. Halfway to the shower, Sammy shouted out a favor.

"Would you mind putting everything in the racks while you're waiting? Just so you won't get bored." She laughed when she heard Cassie's groan.

Moving to LA for a month and booking several flights to other countries and cities around the globe until her six month deadline may seem like a crass decision, but for her, it's the only option to achieve her goal. Six months to find her one true love or face the consequence of losing her freedom to choose forever.

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