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   Chapter 4 No.4

Bound By Julie Embleton Characters: 1881

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Nyah tilted her head towards the night sky. They couldn't have wished for a more perfect setting. The depthless, inky black sky was smattered with winking stars and not a single cloud dimmed the brilliant light of the full moon.

Closing her eyes, she welcomed the change into her body. Heat coursed through her, followed by a sharp flash of pain as her muscles and bones twisted into shape. Seconds later she was on all fours, shaking out her thick, black coat.

The ground was warm under her paws as she padded deeper into the forest. Ferns brushed against her fur and she breathed in the familiar scents of her pack as they moved through the forest around her. When she emerged into the bright, moon-lit clearing, Alan stood proudly on the jagged chunk of rock sitting alone in the centre of the mossy ground. He was a massive wolf, his ashy blonde fur glistening under the moon as he silently watched his pack gather at the foot of

his perch.

When the entire pack was before him he allowed a long moment of silence to pass before lowering his head towards them and let loose a snarling, vicious bark.

Immediately, the pack cowered low to the ground, symbolizing their acceptance of his supremacy and command. His snarls cut into the still air surrounding them, the pack continuing to remain pressed low against the ground, their eyes averted.

The ferocious barks came to a stop and he threw back his head to release a long, soulful howl.

The pack responded in like. Doleful howls soared towards the moon as each wolf arched its neck to cry out acceptance of the new Alpha.

Nyah felt the power of his domination rush through her as she howled her subservience, and within moments, the Alpha mind-link had been established.

'Do you vow to serve me?' Alan's voice rang out in her mind.

'Yes!' she and her pack responded. 'We serve you, Alpha Stenson!'

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