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Buck did not take chances with the passengers. Everyone had actively called out to indicate they were ready and settled. Only then he told his crew to take the ship out and meet the others.

The space ship came to life. Its engines lit up a few indicators, the cloaking fell away and then the ship rose and jumped away from solid ground. The dot that indicated the ship on the line of their trajectory moved at a break-neck speed, racing around the planet in a very odd fashion, but it was the best way to stay as undetected as possible. Sandy saw a tiny blip where the International Space Station was and one that was the moon, and then they were at speed and racing towards the asteroid belt. She sensed how John and Carly, the local navigators, took over as they were on course. Sandy pulled her presence away from the controls and let them work it out. She was there to step in if that was necessary, but nothing of the kind proved necessary. Only as the ship reversed its thrust in whatever manner the ancient civilisation had built that, did she dare to open her eyes and look around. Paul was still engaged into the system, his eyes closed and his features calm.

Paul knew that Sandy was sitting up. He was almost done, assisting Jess to 'park' the Bristol space ship somewhere safe where the Annapolis ship could rest beside it. Jess was confident enough to guide the ship near a large lump of rock, at a safe distance from the cloud of other ships that had already assembled among the flying rocks. "You did fine, Jess. I am sure that transferring John to your ship will happen soon. I am pulling back now, but you can always call us." As he released his attention from the ship, the system released his awareness back to his body. It was a strange sensation but a gratifying one at the same time. He blinked and looked at his wife. "Hey beautiful, " he said. "I love you."

Sandy quickly turned her head and caught his smile. 'Hey stranger, I love you too, ' she said in their shared silent language. 'I am glad to see you back here.'

Around them people were still busy manoeuvring the ship next to the Bristol ship until Shiloh together with Samuel coordinated a semi-automatic docking.

"Welcome to space, friends, " said Samuel through the hidden speaker system. "It would be kind if Mister Jones can make his way over as we are ready to leave for our long journey. We'll have a few people waiting at the connection hatch to help him with his luggage."

Buck and Shiloh, the captains, were talking to many people at the same time, the captains of the other ships. To Paul and Sandy it sounded like an incomprehensible buzzing, like from a bee hive, but the two men seemed to know exactly what they were doing and didn't get a drop of sweat on their brows despite the pressure that had to be on them.

"We'll be here for about an hour, " Shiloh said to the crew on the bridge, "if you want to stretch your legs or see to something or someone, here's your chance. We'll only need the first shift back before we leave so please decide who will do the first shift before walking off." Then he engaged in the busy talking again.

Paul, Sandy and most of the others left their chairs and made their way to the elevator-circle to locate family and the occasional friend. Paul and Sandy went straight to the cabin of Timothy and Adele as that was where Angelo was as well. The little boy was sound asleep and they found grandma sitting next to the fold-up crib.

"He's been so sweet, " Timothy whispered, "sat on my knee the whole trip. We just tucked him in as he fell asleep during the flight."

Paul looked at the little boy and gently stroked his son's head. "Where's Travis?" he suddenly wondered, as he noticed Angela being there as well.

"We have no idea, " Adele shrugged. "He said he was needed somewhere and ran off. We gave up on trying to track or trace that boy. He's so much more than that."

"Do you have any idea where we are?" Angela asked as she pointed at the display near the door. It showed a few video-feeds from their surroundings, among others a cluster of nearby space ships. Sandy explained it to her sister, using her device to conjure up a map of the planets near Earth. As he watched his wife, Paul realised how much they had learnt in the last half year, from using their devices to piloting these immense space c

s of the hurting kind

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57. Quitting

58. Leaving


About the author

Paul Kater was born in the Netherlands in 1960. He quickly developed a feel for languages but did not pursue a career in those as his native language, Dutch, did not offer many options in that time.

After learning far too much about computers he started to make a living with them. During all that time he always wrote short stories; little things to entertain family and friends, but mostly himself with.

Since 2003 he's been writing more seriously, first posting his scribblings on an amateur writer's mailing list, and then publishing shorter and longer stories on the internet. Due to the international character of the Internet, all Paul's stories so far are written in English.

Paul currently lives in Cuijk, in the Netherlands, with two cats named Obsi and Grim, his books and the many characters he's developed in the past years, who claim he is a figment of their imagination.


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