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As they were on the way to the hospital for Angela's resignation, Sandy looked at her husband. They both sat in the back of Angela's car, Angelo in Paul's lap. "You have to see, Paul, that the university is already doing without you. We've been here for quite a while already, and how many e-mails from Don did you get?"

"Four, " Paul admitted, suddenly admitting that he felt peeved over that low number. "Only four."

"Yes. And those came in the first two weeks. You're not in their viewfinder any more, darling. They are busy looking for us even when they don't know that. The less you are on their radar, the better it is for us because that gives them less to go on."

Paul noticed Angela nodding almost constantly while Sandy spoke. "Still it doesn't feel right, " he said.

"I know. It doesn't feel right for me either. I haven't finished my education there, you haven't done all you want to do there. So many of us have stopped dreaming of things to do on this world, Paul. We're not the only ones. Angela has done that too and she's finalising on that as we are driving - oh heck, we're almost there." Sandy sat back as Angela negotiated the entrance to the parking lot; there were a few small speed bumps to cross. "But my point is that you can wake them up again and perhaps make things difficult for us, or stay under cover and simply disappear."

"She's right, Paul, " said Angela as she pulled the car into a free spot. "People disappear often, for reasons that no one knows. I think that many of us are planning on doing something like that."

"But you're quitting, " Paul said, slipping the seatbelt off and waiting for Sandy to leave the car so she could pick up their son.

"I'm quitting because I'm still in the loop here. What I do after that is my own business, " his sister in law pointed out.

They walked to the main building. Angelo looked around curiously as they went through the long corridors and into the office where Angela announced her plan to someone official. It took a while before all the paperwork was done and even longer before the shock and surprise wore off with the people in the office. Angela agreed to stay on call for a few more days, until the work plan had been adjusted. Angela kept her mouth shut about her future plans despite the inquisitive questions of her colleagues, and about an hour later they were back in her car.

"Any plans to do or to go to?" the former nurse asked. "We could go to the zoo."

The zoo was a good plan. The weather was nice, they had no obligations and they had Angelo's stroller with them in the back, so they had an enjoyable day in the sun, watching the animals. Sandy took a lot of pictures of Paul holding their son with animals in the background. "I want those printed, " she stated, "so Angelo can see them when he grows up." Paul smiled at that, he hadn't even thought of making a tangible memory like real paper photographs.

In the evening Angelo was put into his little bed as he was already sleeping. Sandy kissed their little angel on the forehead and then tiptoed out of the room. She joined Paul on the couch. "What are you thinking about? Not still t

at time spoke with Jess Morris, the remaining navigator on the other ship. "Don't worry, Jess, we can do this. Is everything ready for departure there?" Jess confirmed that they were all ready and waiting for a good moment now Paul was there. She was obviously worried as they were the last ship still in Europe; they had waited for Paul or Sandy to connect to them. Paul probed the locations of the other ships that had already left. He nodded his approval when he found them hidden in the asteroid belt. It was where Sandy and he had suggested everyone should hide and wait for each other. Amazed how this communicating from ship to ship worked (it was as if he was there) he assisted Jess to project their course to the other ships.

"Can you stay here when we leave?" Jess asked. "Samuel says it's almost time."

"Don't worry. I'll stay with you until you are with the other ships. Sandy will take us up and we'll join you there. Once we're there they will figure out a way to get John on your ship."

"Here we go, " said Jess almost before Paul had finished. He went through the jump along with the others on the ship, seeing the ship's info over the trajectory-line as he had seen quite often before. Jess wanted to gasp for air, but there was no reason for it, and mere seconds later they were out of the atmosphere and picking up speed in an amazing way.

Sandy noticed the slight change in Paul. Carefully she tried to find him but he was entirely taken up by something so she suspected that the Bristol ship was underway. At that moment she sensed that their own ship's hull had closed and that preparations for taking off were underway. A thousand things shot through her mind in an instant as she felt how the navigators set a course. At first it looked like a sensible one, but she pulled information from the ship on the position of satellites and other Earthly flying wares and altered the course accordingly.

"Why? Isn't that a big detour?" asked John Jones. Sandy quickly showed him what Carly Wilson and he had forgotten to check, and then they sat waiting for the signal to leave.


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