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Back in the USA

Suddenly life changed gears for Paul and Sandy. They called Don in the middle of the night (they were very sorry about that but it had to sound real) and told him they had to leave for the United States in a hurry. He fully understood once he was awake and promised he would inform Professor Sams the next day.

In the morning Paul called Lester Sutherland and explained their predicament. He also said how they planned to solve the situation but that they would need some assistance in selling their apartment. Lester promised help, and only an hour later someone from the local outworlder group was at the door; a real estate agent who was very understanding and would take care of the sale for them. "The good thing is that there is a waiting list for these apartments, so the sale might be done quickly, " the man said. He had clearly done his homework at an astonishing speed.

Sandy had by then looked for aeroplane tickets and booked a flight for the three of them. It would leave in the afternoon of the next day, which left them some time to pack the bare necessities.

The real-estate agent offered to send more of their belongings over to the USA once they were there. "I can see how your problems add up, so if there is anything we can do, please let me know." He left them his card after most things concerning the house were arranged. "Once the house is sold, you will need to come back here to sign the official contracts, " he warned Paul. That should not be a problem, though. The hard part was to decide what things they wanted sent to the States. They had no idea when the outworlders would leave Earth so they would need some things. It ended up as a guessing game and Paul marked the selected items with post-it notes.

When the real-estate agent had left, Paul and Sandy looked at each other and found refuge and safety in each other's arms. "This was not supposed to happen, " Sandy mumbled into his shirt. "It's not fair, you know... we decided to leave this place, our home. And now we leave it to go somewhere else, and we have to leave that as well."

Paul sat down on the settee and pulled Sandy onto his lap. "I know. For some reason this is all going askew at the moment. But there has to be a reason, my darling."

Sandy sighed. "Nid oes dim yn digwydd heb reswm, huh? Nothing happens without a reason."

"It looks like it. Too bad that we don't always find out the reasons though." Paul stroked her cheek. "I don't like this either, but what we would have to face here is even less pleasurable."

Sandy nodded. "Yeah, and that sucks." She leaned into him, her head on his shoulder. Paul wrapped his arms around her and said that they would have to tell the people next door that they'd be away for a while, so no one would worry or wonder what had happened. "You're right. Can you do that? Later?" She did not want him to take his arms away from her just yet.

Later that day Paul visited a few of their neighbours to explain about their absence and also that there would be other people walking in and out due to the sale of the apartment. Most neighbours regretted their leaving but they understood or course, and so the rest of the day went by with packing suitcases and c

p, sweetheart, we're almost - home." It took him a moment to say the word home.

Sandy didn't seem to notice it. She stretched herself as well as possible in the car, wrapped her arms around Paul's neck and demanded to be carried inside. "I'm so tired, " she complained, "and I don't know why." She followed Paul out of the car and looked around in wonder. "Where are we?" Her Dad explained about the order of plans, so she sighed, looked where Angelo was (who was still in the very protective care of his grandmother) and with a big yawn that she didn't even try to hide grabbed a bag from the trunk of the car.

The apartment that Sandy's parents had found was only one flight of stairs up, surprisingly spacious and also furnished, so the little family was settled quite quickly once all the luggage had been moved in. The family in law offered to help unpack, which Paul and Sandy accepted happily. Soon most bags and suitcases were empty.

"Now the hunt for things will begin of course, " Paul grinned as he looked at their new living environment.

"Not at all, " Sandy commented as she emerged from the nursery with a cleaned up but not very happy Angelo. "It's all in place for a human being. But I'll help you, professor, " she grinned as she offered her cheek for a kiss.

Angelo loudly voiced his general unhappiness with the situation. Angela, Sandy's sister, suggested they should head over to their house. "Perhaps he's just sleepy, he'll nod off if he is."

"Good idea, " Timothy agreed. He rummaged in his pocket for a moment and pulled out a set of keys. "Here, these are yours too."

Paul took the keys. "What are those for?"

"We bought you a car, " Adele explained. "Nothing big or fancy, but you need one around here. It's the red Beetle out there."

"A Beetle!" Sandy exclaimed. Angelo was so surprised by his mother's outburst that he stared up at her and forgot to cry. "Come Angelo, we have to look at our new car! We have a car!" And with that she quickly left the apartment, her tiredness all gone.

Paul heard her go down the stairs and held up the keys. "I'd better follow her before she breaks into it."


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