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The telephone call

Paul pulled his phone and looked at the caller's name. "It's Don, " he said. Not many names would have surprised him more. As Sandy looked puzzled as well, Paul answered the phone. "Don, what's so pressing that you call me in the weekend?"

"P.E., where are you? I've been moving heaven and earth to get in touch with you!" Don's voice sounded far too excited to mean something good. Before Paul could respond, Don said: "You have to come to the lab right now, you are not going to believe what I am seeing here on my monitor."

A silence fell, in which Sandy asked him, in their silent language, what was going on. 'I don't know but Don is very excited about something.'

"Don, I'm away with my family, " Paul said truthfully, "and it's a bit of a detour to come back now. What's all this about?"

"Damn, you are missing out on something huge, Paul!" Don said. "I just was sent a classified image from one of the high-orbit satellites. Do you remember these strange alien things coming to earth and then disappearing?" Paul's stomach tightened. He already knew he did not want to hear what was coming.

"One of those satellites orbits so wide out that it also surveys the back-side of the moon." Please don't, Paul thought. "It shows one of these space-ships, Paul. In its full glory. It is hanging behind the bloomin' moon! And that thing is huge! Wait, maybe I can scale it down and send it to your mobile..."

As Don trailed off, Paul explained to Sandy and everyone near what the call was about while he muted the microphone. Consternation reigned immediately and faces showed worried looks. This was not what they needed.

"Do we have to tell the others?" someone asked.

"We'll have to. But lets wait with that, no need to spoil everyone's fun already, " Buck suggested. It sounded like a smart thing.

"We'll have to be clever when we go back though, " Matilda said. "I am sure they are now on high alert again and will have their eyes out everywhere they can."

"And probably setting up more as we speak, " one of the American navigators nodded. "You'll have to be very careful going back. Thank heavens that these ships are so fast.

"Hey P.E., still there?" Paul barely heard Don's voice over the talking around him.

"Yes, I am still here, Don. It's a bit loud out here, let me get to where it's more quiet."

"Don't worry, hey, you deserve family time, I understand. I just sent the picture, take your time. We'll talk about it when you are back."

"Great idea, thank you, Don. Enjoy your weekend, don't spend it indoors all the time, " Paul warned his colleague. Don laughed and assured him that he would go home soon, which probably meant he'd be glued to his laptop in his apartment for the rest of the weekend.

"What did he say?" several people asked. The answer did not make them feel much better. The two crews left the ship and found back friends and family, after agreeing that they all would explain the new situation before the British contingency left.

"You look worried, " Timothy said as Paul and Sandy returned to the family. Sandy immediately picked their son from his grandma's arms, while Paul fidgeted with his telephone.

"We had a bit of an unnerving phone call just now." He then explained the situation and while he talked there was a short beep from his mobile phone. He switched it back on and found the image that Don had sent. It wasn't the best q

aybe you should go up there instead of me, Paul. I don't feel like it. I'll stay here and keep an eye on Angelo." She raised her face up to him and already knew he'd do that.

"Of course, darling." Paul was almost painfully aware of the pang of the separation from her family she suddenly underwent. He kissed her tenderly on the lips, making the moment linger.

"Sandy?" Matilda's voice coming from the ship's speaker conveyed surprise.

"Sandy's staying with Angelo, I'll be with you soon, " Paul interrupted the kiss for a moment.

"Oh, okay."

"You should go, " Sandy said. "Matilda's prone to getting antsy if people make her wait too long. Even when there's plenty of time."

After a last quick kiss Paul walked to the door. He turned and watched Sandy who was bent over the crib. "Oh, Mrs. Carmichael, " he said. Sandy looked back at him. "You look wonderful." He winked and then left the cabin. Quickly he made his way to the front of the ship, through the hustle and bustle of people locating their cabins, carrying all their belongings. Some people wanted to ask him questions, but he had to excuse himself as he was in a bit of a hurry. When he arrived on the bridge, Matilda let out a sigh of relief. He noticed that with a suppressed grin as he paid attention to the woman because of what Sandy had mentioned.

Samuel greeted him as he walked to his chair and made himself comfortable. "Everyone's inside now, " Samuel continued, "but not everyone has cleared the area so we should wait a bit before we close the hatch."

Paul sat up and turned to the two captains. "I suddenly have an idea. I'm not certain if it would work, but I would like to use the ship's instruments to see if I can locate the satellites that are nearest to us on the trajectory you are planning. If someone can give that to me, that would be very helpful."

Jess and Ben exchanged looks. "We are still working on that. Sorry."

Matilda asked what Paul was planning to do with the knowledge of the satellites.

"Perhaps there is a way to make them not see us while we're hanging there waiting, " Paul elaborated.

Samuel frowned. "I don't think we would need such a plan. We could easily wait a bit further away where there are none of these pesky satellites hanging around."


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